Chapter 246: Mo Clan

Under the numerous dull gazes in the hall, Xiao Yan randomly drew a chair and sat down with a big action. He glanced at the pale faced Luo Bu, gently picked at his fingernail and said indifferently, “Tell me. What happened to you recently? With your character, you don’t appear to have the boldness to sweep away all the strengths in Rock Desert City.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s slightly belittling words, Luo Bu could only smile awkwardly. He was quiet for a moment before laughing bitterly, “Indeed, I have never thought of dominating the territory of Rock Desert City. Moreover, the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ does not possess the strength to remove all the other groups within the Rock Desert City.”

“All of this may have started because of the little girl called Qing Lin from the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’.” Luo Bu’s expression was somewhat regretful.

“Luo Bu, you better be careful about what you are saying! Our clan can help you dominate the Rock Desert City, but it can also destroy all of you instantly!” Just as Luo Bu was preparing to reveal everything, the man who was the leader of the few people at the side suddenly warned.

Hearing this warning, Luo Bu’s expression changed. A moment later, he viciously turned around and angrily said to the man, “Dammit, were it not for all of you, I would not have today’s ending.”

“Who are they?” Xiao Yan tilted his head, stared at the few men who were not from the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ and asked softly.

Seeing Xiao Yan glancing over, the few men hurriedly took a few steps back. The Dou Qi in their bodies swiftly circulated and their faces were filled with fear. Their eyes could not help but glance at their feet, worried that the weird ice layer would suddenly appear and rise from beneath their feet. Clearly, the actions of Xiao Yan just now had already caused terror to rise within these people’s hearts.

“They are members of the Mo clan. The little girl called Qing Lin was captured personally by their First Elder. Not long after they captured her, the Mo clan contacted us the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’, telling us that they can lend us some people and help us dominate the Rock Desert City. However, their condition wasthat we must kill off all the people in the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’!” Luo Bu’s gaze swept over Xiao Ding and the others behind Xiao Yan as he talked.

“Mo clan?” Hearing this, Xiao Ding’s expression changed as he cried out involuntarily.

“What is their background?” Xiao Yan tilted his head over, eyeing Xiao Ding’s somewhat ugly expression and asked.

“The Mo clan is one of the four large clans in the north-eastern province of the Jia Ma Empire. Although their strength cannot be compared with the huge fellows like the Nalan clan, they cannot be underestimated. Having been entrenched in the north-east for a long time, they can be said to be deeply ingrained there. They act just like a lord of the land and there are very few people who dare to offend them. How unexpected. This time they actually want to act against us.” Xiao Ding frowned tightly and said.

“Mo clan! What is their strength like?” Xiao Yan gently knocked against the table and asked softly.

“The strongest in the Mo clan is that First Elder that they had mentioned earlier. I have heard of his name. He should be called Mo Cheng? His name is quite renowned in the eastern region of the empire. Back then, he alone killed off everyone in the most rampant and vicious ‘Black Rotary Bandit Troop’. It should be known that the strength of the ‘Black Rotary Bandit Troop’ cannot be underestimated. Within it, there were three Da Dou Shi and over ten Dou Shi. Adding this on top of their naturally vicious characters, there was little progress made during the few times that the empire sent troops to siege them. Instead, the empire ended up losing quite a number of people. That Mo Cheng massacre can be said to have formed rivers of blood. Therefore, it created his nickname, Executioner Mo!” Xiao Ding said in a deep voice.

“He seems like another vicious person!” Xiao Yan laughed softly.

“Of course, although he is only a Dou Ling, his strength is indeed very great. However, the main reason which helped the Mo Cheng to possess today’s reputation and position is his other identity.” When he said till this point, Xiao Ding’s expression became slightly strange.

“What identity?”

“When that guy was young, he had once joined the Misty Cloud Sect. After that, he left the Misty Cloud Sect in order to manage the matters in the clan. However, that guy can be considered to be intelligent. Although he had left the Misty Cloud Sect, each year, he would pay an extremely large tribute to the Misty Cloud Sect. Additionally, each time the Misty Cloud Sect’s upper echelons had some joyous occasions etc, he would personally go and congratulate them. His personality is extremely sleek. According to rumors, when the Misty Cloud Sect Leader accepted a disciple over ten plus years ago, that guy was also invited. After returning from the Misty Cloud Sect, that guy had continued to talk about it, flaunting it everywhere. Of course, being able to participate in the Misty Cloud Sect Leader accepting disciple ceremony is indeed something that others would be envious about!” Although he tried to be as neutral as possible, Xiao Ding still shook his head gently. His heart was in contempt of the character of Mo Cheng.

“Oh, that’s right! The Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect has only accepted a female disciple after so many years. You should know who she is!” Xiao Ding waved his hand and said.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan smiled faintly and nodded. Other than Nalan Yanran, who else could the female disciple be?

“Therefore, although this guy had left the Misty Cloud Sect, not only was he not chased after by the enforcement team of the Misty Cloud Sect, but also managed to obtain an ‘External Deacon’ title. In all these years, the reason why no one had come into conflict with him while many strong people come to this north-eastern region, was because they feared the Misty Cloud Sect behind them! Ha ha, after all, that is really a truly enormous monster.” Xiao Ding sighed as he said with a smile.

“Brat, since you know the Misty Cloud Sect is the one supporting our Mo clan, you better be sensible and obediently follow us back to the Mo clan. If that…” Hearing Xiao Ding explanation, the face of a man who was slightly younger amongst the group could not help but become a little proud. Looking at the degree of proficiency he had for the expression, it was clear that it was not the first time he had swaggered around. However, before he could complete his prideful words, Xiao Yan who was seated on the chair randomly waved his hand. An ice layer instantly spread out from the man’s feet and wrapped him within it. At the same time, it also stifled the words that had yet to be completely said.

“Today, even if the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect were to come, she would not be able to bring all of you away. Therefore, don’t say these moronic words. If anyone says another word, there will be another ice sculpture.” Xiao Yan did not even look at the ice sculpture as he said indifferently.

Hearing these arrogant words of Xiao Yan, a fury swarmed onto the remaining four people’s faces. However, with the ice sculpture beside them standing guard, they could only violently clench their teeth. None of them dared to open their mouths.

“But these guys are really strange. After capturing one of our people, they still want to turn around and kill all of us? Are they ill? Or are they afraid that we know something?” Xiao Ding knit his eyebrows together and muttered doubtfully.

“Do you know the reason for them capturing Qing Lin?” Xiao Yan eyed Luo Bu and inquired.

“This, I don’t know.” The corner of Luo Bu eye glanced at the additional ice sculpture that appeared and swallowed his saliva. He shook his head awkwardly. Seeming to be afraid that Xiao Yan did not believe him, he quickly and hurriedly added, “I barely have any contact with them. The highest ranking person that I have seen from the Mo clan is that Mo Ran.”

Xiao Yan stared intently at Luo Bu in front of him. After a long while, he then nodded his head. His finger pointed at the few men of unknown origin and said, “These people should be members of the Mo clan, right?”

“Yes.” Luo Bu hurriedly nodded his head.

WIth a smile, Xiao Yan shifted his gaze towards the few men whose expressions had become ugly and said with a smile, “Why don’t the few of you tell me what is the intention behind capturing Qing Lin?”

The man who was standing at the leader’s position shivered slightly as his gaze swept across the ice sculpture that was standing by his side. His throat rolled a little and spoke with a quivering voice, “We are only following orders and are ignorant of the details.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. He flicked his finger and the monstrous and strange ice layer once again spread upwards from the bottom of the man’s leg. In an instant, it transformed that man into a human shaped ice rod.

“I want to hear the truth!” Xiao Yan smiling manner was as terrifying as a devil in the eyes of the few members of the Mo clan.

“We really don’t know!” The bottom of a man’s feet trembled slightly as his face became somewhat green from the fear. His voice had also become slightly hoarse as a result.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s face remained indifferent. He was about to wave his hand again when Hai Bo Dong by the side suddenly said, “Stop asking them. They really don’t know anything. The Mo clan is extremely strict when keeping their secrets. They would never tell them some of the important information.”

With his palm paused, Xiao Yan turned his head around and eyed Hai Bo Dong. He smiled and said, “You do know something, don’t you?”

Hai Bo Dong’s gaze looked directly at the dark black ink like eyes. A long while later, he took the initiative to shift it away and voiced his thoughts, “Back then, I had been in contact with the Mo clan so I do know some secrets! Among the Mo clan ancestors, there was once an alchemist. However, he did not have much interest in orthodox refining of medicine. Instead, he focused on studying some strange and mysterious things. For example, taking strong claws or bones etc from some Magic Beast and transplanting them onto the human body.”

“That’s quite perverted.” Xiao Yan said softly.

“Hee hee, indeed it is very perverted. However, that guy did indeed have some ability. Later on, he actually began to fiddle some products. Back then, many people in the Mo Clan had these things transplanted. Although their strength had become much greater, they had made themselves into neither humans nor ghosts! After researching on the Magic Beast, the alchemist shifted his attention onto some humans which possessed strange organs! You should also know that there are some people who posses things that are unique. This Mo clan ancestor thought of all ways to capture these people and extract these unique organs from their bodies before finally transplanting them onto his people, allowing their strength to rise greatly.” Disgust flashed over Hai Bo Dong’s face after saying everything up to this point. Clearly, he was not interested in these perverted things.

“I think that little girl called Qing Lin should have something that is unique, no? Otherwise, I cannot think of any reason for them to spend so much effort to capture a little girl.”

Hearing Hai Bo Dong’s words, Xiao Yan’s expression became extremely ugly. Naturally, he knew what kind of unique things Qing Lin had on her. Those ‘Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils’ were something that even Yao Lao gave a high evaluation of. If those people of the Mo clan discovered Qing Lin’s secret, they would naturally think of every way to capture her given their perverted characters.

“Dammit. These bastards were actually targeting Qing Lin’s eyes!” Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and deep like water. He clenched his fist tensely and abruptly waved his sleeves. A thick white flame surged out and other than the person who replied just now, the remainder of the Mo clan males by the side were incinerated into nothingness before they even had time to let out cries

Beside him, Hai Bo Dong stilled slightly when he saw Xiao Yan suddenly become furious. Immediately, he made sense of the situation in his heart and muttered, “Looks like that little girl called Qing Lin has really been targeted by the Mo clan because of this reason.”