Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 242 – The Change in Rock Desert City

Chapter 242: The Change in Rock Desert City

As he did not want to continue to live in the Desert City as the owner of a shop selling maps, Hai Bo Dong followed Xiao Yan and left the city the next day after their discussion had been completed.

None of the things in the small shop where he had stayed were brought along by Hai Bo Dong. According to what he said, there might be a day in the future where the him who was tired of disputes would return back to this place and be at complete ease as he spent the remainder of his days.

Standing on a towering sand dune, Hai Bo Dong took one last glance at the huge city that stood connecting the edge of the desert and the edge of plain land. He sighed softly and his expression was slightly desolate. Having lived in seclusion for a few decades, some feelings toward this place grew in his heart despite his indifferent character.

Slowly turning around, Hai Bo Dong eyed the black clothed young man by his side and asked, “Where do we go next?”

“I wish to first make a trip to Rock Desert City. My two elder brothers are there.” Xiao Yan turned his gaze towards the north-western direction. That was where the Rock Desert City was located. He smiled and said, “The last time I left in a rush and had not settled some things properly. Now that I have two months of free time remaining, I wish to settle the things appropriately. What about you?”

“As you wish. I don’t have anywhere to go to during this period of time, so I will first wander around with you.” Hai Bo Dong thought quietly for a while before he immediately replied and smiled.

“Hehe, that is naturally good.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. He would naturally not reject to having a free Dou Huang level fighter by his side.

“Then let’s go. With our speed, I think that we should be able to rush to Rock Desert City within a day.” Hai Bo Dong smiled as a faint cold fog was emitted from his body. Finally, the fog agglomerated into a clear crystal icy pair of wings.

“Okay.” Xiao Yan nodded his head. His back trembled slightly and the Purple Cloud Wings that were pasted on his back like a blob of dark black tattoos, gradually stretched and opened. A moment later, they transformed into a pair of wings with a size that was slightly larger than Hai Bo Dong’s icy pair of wings.

With his gaze containing some strangeness, Hai Bo Dong swept across the purple colored wings on Xiao Yan’s back. Even though Hai Bo Dong had seen it once in the past, he was still unable to resist clicking his tongue and praising, “I Flying Dou Technique , this kind of thing is something that even I have only heard about and never seen it. You are really lucky to actually get hold of one.”

“Ke ke, the speed of this is inferior compared to the icy wings of Old Sir. What is there to be envious of?” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He patted the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back and suddenly flapped his pair of wings. His body instantly rose into the air.

“Let’s go. It’s time to leave!” Xiao Yan softly cried as he swiftly flapped his wings. With the help of the lift created, his feet stepped on empty air. His body turned into a flowing light and shot toward the distant horizon.

Seeing Xiao Yan flying in front of him, Hai Bo Dong smiled. He also flapped his Dou Qi wings and swiftly chased after him.

Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong’s flying speed was naturally something that walking or riding could not compare with. Back then, when he was training, Xiao Yan had nearly taken ten days to travel. With the two of them rushing to cover the distance without stopping, it only took a day before they gradually arrived at their destination.

When the hot sun in the sky gradually set, the outline of a city that was smaller than the Desert City by a few times finally and slowly appeared at the edge of their sight.

Looking at the yellow mud city that stood within a sandstorm in the distance, Xiao Yan let out a sigh of relief. He gestured to Hai Bo Dong behind him and their speed suddenly soared.

The two flowing lights were like two meteors that flew directly toward the sky of the Rock Desert City.

On a towering building in the Rock Desert City, two human figures suddenly appeared as they condescendingly overlooked the city, which was full of the flavor of the desert.

Standing on the top of a dam wall, Xiao Yan gently patted the yellow dust off his clothes. Although the entire journey was dusty, there was a joyful expression on his face. After this long period of rushing through their journey, Xiao Yan finally and precisely felt the benefits an evolved Qi Method brought him. If this was in the past, he would not only need to make frequent stops to rest during the flight from the Desert City to the Rock Desert City but would also need to occasionally consume ‘Energy Recovery Pills’ in order to successfully arrive at the Rock Desert City…

However now, with his evolved ‘Flame Mantra’, other than panting during the flight journey, the Dou Qi in his body did not show any feeling of deficiency. This condition of having a surplus caused Xiao Yan to be extremely delighted in his heart.

“A Xuan Class Qi Method and a Huang Class Qi Method are indeed two things belonging to different classes…” Xiao Yan sighed emotionally on the difference between the two types of Qi Method . At the same time, the desire for a high class Qi Method once again rose in his heart. A Xuan Class Qi Method was already so strong. What about Di Class? Tian Class? When that time comes, he might well possess the ability to destroy the skies and lands.

“Ke ke, let’s go Old Mister Hai.” After sighing emotionally in his heart, Xiao Yan smiled at Hai Bo Dong behind him, still carrying the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back he leaped down from this towering building. He led Hai Bo Dong as they passed through a few streets before they slowly walked toward the city corner that belonged to the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company.

Walking in the desert, Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across this street that should have many mercenaries gathering. He frowned slightly. Without a reason, he felt that the street had currently become more desolate…

The mercenaries that were walking up and down had decreased tremendously and most of the mercenaries wore the same kind of badge on their chest. Having stayed in the Rock Desert City for a period of time, Xiao Yan naturally knew that this badge belonged to the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’.

“There is something wrong… when has the number of members of the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ increased to this many?” Xiao Yan muttered softly as he narrowed his eyes. He slowly passed through this street, raised his chin and eyed the huge compound located at the end of the street. This place was the headquarters of the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’. In the past, this place was noisy and crowded, bustling with activity. However, now the street was in chaos and the stores around seemed to have closed a long time ago. A gentle breeze blew over, carrying a desolate feeling.

“Has something happened?”

With his palm gently fondling the side of his face, Xiao Yan suddenly laughed softly. The killing intent that was contained in the laughter caused Hai Bo Dong behind him to give him a sidelong glance. Since he had known Xiao Yan, this was the first time he saw this young man, who had remained indifferent even after being fooled around by him a couple of times, reveal this kind of stance. Looks like these elder brothers of his possessed quite a high position in his heart.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently rubbed the heavy ruler behind him as he slowly walked to the end of the street without any expression. A long while later, he arrived just outside the door of the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’. He tilted his head slightly. Outside the main door, the tall fluttering banner of the mercenary troop had already weakly fallen to the ground. On top of the banner were countless obvious footprints, piercing painful into Xiao Yan’s eyes.

Inhaling a deep breath, Xiao Yan suddenly tilted his head and quickly walked towards the main door. His palm slowly pushed open the main door. A ‘Ka Cha’ sound gradually sounded. Following which, the door gap also widened. When the door was nearly halfway opened, a long spear that was covered with fresh blood suddenly shot out from behind the door and violently pierced at Xiao Yan’s throat.

The sudden attack did not cause Xiao Yan’s expression to have any change. His gaze coldly eyed the swiftly enlarging tip of a spear. His body did not even move.

When the sharp long lance had reached about half a foot from Xiao Yan’s body, the tip of the lance began to strangely melt. In an instant, that long lance had turned into a pile of hot metal slurry.

With a gloomy expression, a green colored flame instantly emerged out from Xiao Yan’s right fist. He violently smashed it at the thick door. Instantly, a soft muffled noise sounded and a hole the size of a human head swiftly appeared. Xiao Yan’s fist was extended into it. He opened his fist and grabbed forward in a lightning like manner. Immediately, a human figure was violently pulled out. His head, which was covered with fresh blood, just fit the hole that Xiao Yan had just created.

“Young Master Xiao Yan?” The human figure who was caught had a face that was vicious and fierce. However, when his gaze swept across Xiao Yan’s indifferent expression, he suddenly stilled momentarily and immediately let out an involuntary cry that was filled with unrestrained joy.

The sharp cry by the human figure stopped Xiao Yan’s action which was about to smash the former’s head into pieces. The cold glint in his eyes gradually withdrew as he lowered his head and eyed this person whose face was covered with fresh blood. He frowned and asked, “Are you a member of the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’?”

“*Cough*, *Cough*, Young Master Xiao Yan, I am the group leader of one of the eight groups in the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’, Fei Li. The last time, the Company Leader even ordered us to help check out the underground cavern in the desert…” After coughing intensely for a few times, fresh blood flowed out from the man’s mouth. He parted his mouth and revealed the white teeth stained by fresh blood as he laughed in a silly manner.

With his gaze gradually becoming gentle, Xiao Yan carefully pulled the man out from the hole and swiftly stuffed a healing medicinal pill into his mouth. Xiao Yan’s eyes swept the body that was completely covered in wounds and was about to help him apply medicine when he was stopped by the latter.

“Young Master Xiao Yan, you should hurry to the training ground. I’m afraid Company Leader and the others won’t be able to withstand any longer. There are far too many ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ members that have come this time around.” After consuming the healing medicine, Fei Li’s expression was much better. He pointed at the direction of the training ground in the troop and said with a hoarse voice.

“‘Sand Mercenary Company? That bastard Luo Bu is really bold!” Hearing this, the jade bottle containing healing medicine that he held in his hand was suddenly molded into powder in his anger. His thick voice contained a killing intention that was difficult to hide.

“For some reason, the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ began to suddenly clear up all the rest of the mercenary companies in the Rock Desert City some time ago. Luo Bu relied on his strength as a Da Dou Shi and quickly recruited up some of the small mercenary companies. Originally, with our ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ strength, we needed not fear them. After all, we may not have a Da Dou Shi but the number of Dou Shis we have far exceeded the ‘Desert Mercenary Company’…” Fei Li appeared to worry that there was not enough time, thus his tone was fast and hurried, “But during the last few days, the number of Dou Shis within the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ suddenly increased by seven or eight. Moreover, another Da Dou Shi also appeared! With their strength surging to this point, the other middle sized Mercenary Companies in the ‘Rock Desert City’ seemed to have been completely cleared up within a few days. And today is the day which the ultimatum they gave our ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ expires.”

“An increase in seven or eight Dou Shis and a Da Dou Shi?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was stunned. He frowned and said, “The ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ should not possess this kind of great strength!”

“Where’s Qing Lin? Isn’t she in possession of a Dou Ling level pet?” Xiao Yan suddenly remembered that little girl who possessed the Triple Jade-Green Flower Pupils and hurriedly asked.

“Some time ago, before the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’s’ roundup, Qing Lin didn’t return after venturing out once. When the Company Leader sent someone to check it out, it seems that Qing Lin was captured by someone…” Fei Li smiled bitterly and answered.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes swiftly twitched as he slowly exhaled a breath. He did not expect that in the three months since he left, so many things would have happened here.

Patting Fei Li’s shoulders, Xiao Yan softly said, “Alright. Leave everything to me next. With me around, the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ will be alright…”

Fei Li nodded his head heavily. Being influenced by the two company leaders, he also possessed a confidence of unknown origin toward this mysterious young man.

Xiao Yan slowly stood up and pursed up his lips. A savageness flashed across his face…

On the spacious training ground, the black mess of a human heads was divided into two clusters. The gazes that they shot at each other were filled with a killing intent that was difficult to hide.

In the battleground, two human figures were fighting a desperate battle. The attacks by the two people were extremely aggressive. Any slight negligence would lead one to receive a fatal attack.

One of the human figures was entirely covered in lightning. Tiny silver snakes were leaping around his body. When the long lance in his hand slashed and pierced, rolling thunder would repeatedly sound out. Despite his fierce attacks, however, it did not appear to pose much of an obstruction to his opponent. Each time his attack was about to reach the other person’s body, the latter would easily be able to dodge the sweeps and pierces of the silver colored long lance.

Looking at this person easily dodging, it was clear that the the class of the two people were not on the same level. However, the yellow colored human figure did not choose to swiftly end the fight. This playful manner of his was like a cat toying with a mouse.

On the side of the empty space, a large group of ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company members were staring at the fight in the battleground with furious eyes. They clearly knew that that the action of the yellow colored figure meant that he was making fun of and ridiculing them.

Among these people, Xiao Ding stood expressionlessly. However, a mad fury shrouded his eyes.

“Company Leader. The back door has also been surrounded by them. We have nowhere to escape.” A mercenary in a somewhat dire state squeezed in from the back and softly said.

“As expected… they’ve really left no room for us!” Xiao Ding tightened his fist and inhaled a deep breath of icy air. He did his best to ensure that his rational would not be swallowed by his fury as he said blandly, “Since we cannot flee, then let us fight to the death. If they want to remove our ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’, how can we not let them pay the price with their blood?”

With a dark and cold laughter, Xiao Ding suddenly turned around and said, “Oh yes, the thing that I asked you to hide. Is it done?”

“Yes, it’s done!”

“That’s good. Even if our ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ was to be destroyed today. As long as Xiao-Yan-Zi comes here in the future, he will definitely find those things. After which, he would help us begin a wild revenge. Ke ke…” Xiao Ding laughed softly. In his smile, there was a dark viciousness that had frequently appeared on Xiao Ding’s face.

“Second Brother is about to lose. Although his lightning type Dou Qi attacks are very strong, it’s just that the opponent is after all a Da Dou Shi…” Lifting his head to watch the fight in the battleground that was fast approaching the end, Xiao Ding’s body trembled slightly. The fury in his heart was gradually eroding into his reasoning.

“Triple Lightning Arc Dance.”

On the battleground, the silver colored human figure suddenly let out a soft cry. Heavy electric arcs leaped strangely from the long lance in his hands. After which, they madly shot toward the yellow colored human figure.

“Ha ha, trash is just trash. What nonsense ‘Triple Lightning Arc Dance’. In front of absolute strength, it doesn’t matter if it is the lightning type Dou Qi that is renowned for having the strongest offensive strength. All of you just go and die!” Facing the lightning arc that shot forward, the yellow colored human figure laughed unrestrainedly with disdain. His huge fist abruptly tightened and yellow colored Dou Qi wildly agglomerated on it. An instant later, it actually formed a fist glove that was created from the agglomeration of energy.

The tightened fist abruptly shot out. An intense wind that was accompanied by a ferocious force smashed together with the electric arc.

As the two clashed against each other, the fist of the yellow colored human figure destroyed the three electric arc with great ease. After destroying it, its strength was not reduced as it heavily smashed into Xiao Li’s chest.


Receiving the heavy blow, Xiao Li’s face became white as a mouthful of blood was thrown up. His body was dragged across the ground and was thrown back for over ten meters before he heavily knocked into a huge rock at the edge of the training ground.

“Ha ha. With such little strength, you dare to be arrogant to me?” The middle aged man whose entire body was shrouded with a yellow colored Dou Qi coldly laughed. His feet stepped on the ground and his body, like a tank on a rampage shot toward Xiao Li, who had lost his fighting strength. On his fist, there was an unmatched ferocious force that was swiftly gathering. Looking at his stance, it was clear that he had no intention of leaving anyone alive.

“Ha ha, die!” Eyeing Xiao Li who was in his immediate vicinity, a cruelty surfaced on the middle aged man. His fist violently smashed forward.


Just as the pair of huge fist was not even a meter from Xiao Li, a black shadow appeared in front of Xiao Li in a lightning like manner. The huge black ruler in his hand was inserted into the ground and those pair of fists delivering a critical strike were heavily knocked into the black ruler. Immediately, a clear noise rang throughout the battleground.

With his feet fixed onto the ground, the middle aged man was quickly forced back by a few steps due to the enormous force. With a dark face, he eyed the huge black ruler and coldly called, “Who is it?”

The black ruler shook slightly and was immediately lifted up. The black clothed young man’s skinny body appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Carrying the black ruler on his shoulders, Xiao Yan lifted his head slightly and watched the middle aged man in front of him indifferently. The black ruler was suddenly pointed towards the latter as an icy bone piercing thick voice resounded continuously within the open ground.

“I will take your life today…”