Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 239 – Hiding One’s Ability

Chapter 239: Hiding One’s Ability

TL: Title: 深藏不露 – Hiding One’s Ability – idiom meaning that one usually hides one’s skill so that others are ignorant of their strength (only using one’s strength when necessary for max impact)

Perhaps, it was because it was the first time Yao Lao refined the ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’, but Yao Lao, despite his outstanding alchemy skills, failed the first refining attempt due to an imbalance in the proportions of the prepared medicinal ingredients.

However, the first failed attempt did not cause Yao Lao to show a different expression. Failing during refining was so common in the alchemy world that it could be compared with eating and drinking. Even though Yao Lao was very adept at refining, he could not guarantee that he would maintain a hundred percent success for refining any medicinal pills.

Although the first attempt resulted in a failure, it was fortunate that only a small portion of the medicinal ingredients were lost and thus would not affect the refining that was to follow. As Yao Lao, who had a warm-up experience, once again raised the flames to refine the pill. He methodically, perfectly, and successfully completed all the remaining medicinal refining process.

In the neat and clean room, the black-colored medicinal cauldron slowly rotated in midair. The thick white flame writhed intensely within it. As the black cauldron rotated, the surrounding air also repeatedly released waves of unceasing tiny energy ripples. These energy ripples were circular in shape with the medicinal cauldron at its center and they gradually began expanding out in all directions. When they were about to make contact with the walls, they quietly vanished…

The flame writhed in the medicinal cauldron. A thumb sized pale purple-colored medicinal pill rudiment was slowly being formed in the burning flame. Finally, the dark purple-colored pill’s scent was suddenly emitted from within the cauldron and filled the inside of the room. This scent was thick and stayed within the room for quite a while.

“Is it going to be formed into a pill?” Sniffing the pill’s scent that was accompanied by a purple color, Xiao Yan rubbed his tired eyes and raised his spirit as he asked with a smile. He had personally witnessed Yao Lao refine a tier five medicinal pill the last time. Thus, he also knew that the drifting of pill scent was basically the omen before the formation of a high tier medicinal pill.

“Yes, although this ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ has a strange and unique medicinal effect, the difficulty involved in order to refine it is not very great. Additionally, I have the help from the ‘Black Demon’ so the time needed for refining it was reduced by at least half.” Yao Lao smiled as he nodded his head and replied.

“Haha, no wonder. The last time you took over two days when you refined the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’. This time you actually only used a day to refine a tier six medicinal pill. It looks like this medicinal cauldron of Teacher’s is really extraordinary.” Xiao Yan said with a grin. His gaze carried some shock as he observed the black-colored medicinal cauldron in midair. An ordinary medicinal cauldron may give a boost to an alchemist but the effect was extremely tiny. If a cauldron could reduce the time needed to refine a medicinal pill that would normally require a day by two hours, it could be considered top grade amongst medicinal cauldrons. By using the dark red medicinal cauldron that Xiao Yan had used, it could at most save an hour of refining time. By comparing the two, Xiao Yan could increasingly see how the black-colored medicinal cauldron was extraordinary.

Yao Lao smiled and nodded his head. As his shriveled palm tensed and relaxed, the thick white flame in the medicinal cauldron also became much richer.

“*Cough*, Teacher… don’t forget to add something extra…” Seeing the medicinal pill gradually become round, Xiao Yan let out a dry cough and hurriedly reminded.

“I know.” Yao Lao gave Xiao Yan a somewhat irritated glance before nodding his head. He flipped his left hand and a thick white-colored flame suddenly surfaced. After which, he began to swiftly compress it and the thick white flame, which was originally the size of a person’s head became the size of one’s thumb in an instant.

The ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ which was compressed to this extent had already escaped it’s base flame nature. It had instead transformed into a tiny white-colored crystal. At one glance, the interior of the crystal seemed to have a demonic thick white flame that writhed faintly.

Yao Lao molded the white-colored crystals with the tip of his finger before flicking his finger gently. The crystal immediately turned into a white light that was shot into the medicinal cauldron. After which, it directly went into the medicinal pill.

Once the crystal entered the medicinal pill, it suddenly transformed into drops of extremely tiny white glow that were distributed into every part of the medicinal pill.

Yao Lao watched the small holes formed on the medicinal pill rudiment gradually being refilled and nodded his head. After musing for a moment, he waved his palm and the thick white flame in the medicinal cauldron suddenly surged. In an instant, it covered the entire purple-colored medicinal pill rudiment and began the final intense burning.

The thick white flame only soared for a moment before it was swiftly extinguished. Following the disappearance of the flame, a thumb sized, pale purple round medicinal pill that was emitting a faint luster rolled and rotated as it appeared in the medicinal cauldron.

The moment the purple-colored medicinal pill appeared, a ferocious energy fluctuation ripple suddenly surged from within the medicinal pill. When this energy ripple passed through the black cauldron, a portion of it was blocked but the remainder still seeped out. It then violently shot in all directions. From observing its stance, if it was allowed to spread as it pleased, this room would immediately collapse.

Yao Lao glanced indifferently at the swiftly spreading energy ripple. His shriveled hand waved randomly and a shapeless Spiritual Energy formed a transparent energy cover within the interior of the room in the blink of an eye.

When the energy ripple came into contact with the Spiritual Cover, the two collided with each other. Instantly, waves of energy ripples began to appear on the shapeless energy cover much like a rock being thrown into a lake surface.

The ripples gradually transformed from intense to subtle. A moment later, they finally completely disappeared.

When the last energy ripple finally disappeared, Yao Lao removed the Spiritual Cover. His palm beckoned at the black cauldron. The pale purple-colored medicinal pill was thrown out by the black cauldron and obediently landed on Yao Lao’s palm.

Yao Lao held this pale purple-colored medicinal pill. He looked it over repeatedly and nodded his head. After giving an indifferent appraisal that it was not bad, he carelessly threw it towards Xiao Yan by the side.

Xiao Yan received the medicinal pill and curiously observed this purple-colored medicinal pill in his hand. This was the first time he had seen a tier six medicinal pill.

The surface of this medicinal pill was a pale purple color. Its body was round and had a great amount of luster. Moreover, on the surface of the medicinal pill, there appeared to be some strange lines, that were not man-made, drawn onto it. These lines went around one after another, appearing like a special drawing that had an abstract meaning. Observing this ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ at close distance, Xiao Yan could even roughly sense the strange energy contained within it. Perhaps these lines werethe main ingredient that could break a seal…

“I added some ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ into the medicinal pill. This kind of crystal body will conceal itself deep within a human body once it is consumed by someone. Usually, it will not have even the slightest unusual action. However, if I, who possesses the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ was to activate it, these icy bodies would swiftly transform into an extremely destructive ‘Bone Chilling Flame’. When that time comes, if the other party has any ill intentions, I’m afraid that he or she will suffer terribly.” Yao Lao stored the black cauldron into the ring, turned around, and laughed while facing Xiao Yan.

“Won’t he discover it?” Xiao Yan played with the ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ as he asked cautiously.

“He shouldn’t, of course… I cannot guarantee it. After all, there is nothing absolute in this world. I can only guarantee that the chances of it being discovered are very tiny.” Yao Lao shook his head and replied with a smile.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly and took out a jade bottle which was of quite a good grade from his storage ring. He then put the ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ within it. After which, he glanced at the large amount of remaining medicinal ingredients, parted his mouth slightly and unceremoniously swept all these rare medicinal plants into his storage ring.

“Hehe. This will be the extra reward for refining the pill.” Xiao Yan did not intend to return these rare herbs, which could easily fetch over a million gold coins through an auction, to Hai Bo Dong.

“I’ve finally finished it…” Xiao Yan kept everything and patted his storage ring with satisfaction. He faced Yao Lao and said, “Hehe, now we should see whether the guy outside will keep his word.”

“I hope he will not disappoint us.” Yao Lao laughed softly. His body swayed slightly and immediately turned into a flowing light which entered into the black-colored ring.

Xiao Yan placed the black-colored ring that was suspended in front of him onto his finger and tossed the jade bottle in his hand. After arranging his clothes properly, he walked toward the door leading outside of the room.

In a bend of the corridor that was slightly dark, Hai Bo Dong leaned against the wall. His old face may appear rather calm but his finger which was knocking on the wall repeatedly revealed just how anxious and impatient he was in his heart.

Feeling the time slowly flowing, Hai Bo Dong eyed the room that was tightly shut at the end of the corridor. His eyebrows involuntarily knit together. A moment later, he sighed. The medicinal ingredients needed to refine ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ were not easy to find. He had spent a few years in order to gather all these medicinal ingredients. If Xiao Yan was to fail in the refinement, his hope of regaining his strength might have to be delayed…

Hai Bo Dong rubbed his palm. The calmness on his face finally began to reveal some anxiety. He softly muttered, “Don’t tell me he failed? Hmm, looks like I was a little reckless. That guy’s strength may be something that I cannot see through but he is far too young after all… Even if he started practicing his alchemy skills while he was still in his mother’s womb, that would merely be over ten years worth of time… In just ten years, how great of an accomplishment can he attain in alchemy skills?”

With his fist and palm heavily smashing into each other, Hai Bo Dong’s expression fluctuated. A moment later, he shook his head despondently and smiled bitterly. “Having reached this point, I can only hope that this guy can bring some miracle. After all, he possesses that extremely terrifying ‘Heavenly Flame’…”

Time ticked by. The atmosphere in the corridor had a layer of impatience gradually lingering over it as time flowed by.

A finger impatiently tapped against the wall. At one instance, Dou Qi shrouded the finger and it pressed down violently, creating a hole within the wall.

“I’ll go and take a look!” Hai Bo Dong shriveled face twitched. He was finally unable to withstand the torment of waiting like this. Taking in a violent breath, he suddenly turned his body and had a desire to walk into the corridor.

At the moment when Hai Bo Dong turned around, his body suddenly stilled. A stunned expression appeared on his face as he stared blankly at the corridor. A young man in black clothes was leaning on the wall and smiling at him. A moment later, he swallowed his saliva and hurriedly took a few steps forward as he anxiously asked, “Little Brother, did you succeed?”

Xiao Yan spread his hand and faced Hai Bo Dong who was slowly walking over with an anxious face. He then waved it and threw a jade bottle towards Hai Bo Dong. “I was a little lucky and barely succeeded.”

Eyeing the jade bottle that was thrown over, Hai Bo Dong seemed to awkwardly use both his hands and feet to try to catch it. He carefully caught it in his palms as though it was his son. When his eyes saw the purple-colored medicinal pill in the jade bottle, an unrestrained expression of joy and shock appeared on his old face simultaneously.

The unrestrained joy was naturally because he received his wish of obtaining this ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’. The shock on the other hand was because he still had difficulty believing that within a short day, this little boy in front of him who was not even over twenty had actually managed to perfectly create this tier six medicinal pill that even Pill-King Gu He couldn’t refine…

“He really hid his ability…” At this moment, an evaluating phrase for Xiao Yan surfaced in Hai Bo Dong’s heart.

TL: Refer to title for – He really hid his ability