Chapter 221: Fleeing for Thousands of Kilometers

“This is bad, that Dou Huang is catching up. Isn’t that person’s speed too terrifying?” Seeing that the Dou Huang had managed to quickly escape from the obstruction of the Snake-People and successfully chase after him, Xiao Yan felt the skin on his head turn numb. He hurriedly shouted in his heart, “Teacher!”

“I know, for the remaining journey, allow me to support your escape. The other side has too many people so we cannot be delayed by them. Otherwise, even if I can bring you to escape, that ‘Heavenly Flame’ will be stolen away by them!” At the moment, Yao Lao’s voice had an additional seriousness. A lineup formed by a Dou Huang and three Dou Wangs was something that even he could not look down upon right now.

“Ok. I’ll leave it to you. Regardless of what happens, we cannot lose the ‘Heavenly Flame’ again.” Xiao Yan nodded his head heavily and earnestly requested with a bitter smile.

“Ke ke, I know!”

After agreeing with a smile, Yao Lao gradually descended into silence. An incomparably ferocious Spiritual Strength violently surged out from Xiao Yan’s body. In the blink of an eye, it gained control of Xiao Yan’s body.

As Yao Lao’s Spiritual Strength surged out, Xiao Yan’s body trembled slightly. A faint purple-colored cloud tattoo formed on the back of the Purple Cloud Wings as light purple lines gradually surfaced. The slow swimming light within the lines made it seem like a living thing which was both mystical and mysterious.

This kind of strange phenomenon would only appear when the Purple Cloud Wings were pushed to its limits. With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he did not have the ability to achieve this. However, this was something very simple for Yao Lao.

After the purple cloud lines surfaced on the Purple Cloud Wings, Xiao Yan’s flying speed appeared to instantly skyrocket to over double its original speed. The insane flying speed released a sonic boom as it passed through the air. From this, it could be seen just how frightening Xiao Yan’s current speed was.

Following the surge in Xiao Yan’s speed, the gap between him and Gu He’s group, which had been gradually narrowing, was immediately widened.

Gu He and the two others adopted stunned expressions as they watched the human figure a great distance in front of them who appeared to be teleporting. A powerlessness rose in their hearts. This kind of speed was far too fast. It could be compared to the speed of a Dou Huang of the wind affinity.

“Don’t tell me that guy is also a Dou Huang?”

The thought flashed quickly in Gu He’s heart, prompting his face to change slightly. However,, he quickly tightened his fist violently. Even if the opponent was a Dou Huang, Gu He would never allow him to successfully take the ‘Heavenly Flame’ away. He had offered extremely generous rewards in order to invite Yan Shi and Feng Li of the Ten Strongest people in Jia Ma Empire, to take the risk of entering the inner desert and accompany him to steal the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Thus, no matter what happened, he would not give up on this ‘Heavenly Flame’! Even if the other person was a Dou Huang, it was impossible for him to give up!

When Xiao Yan’s speed rose drastically, the expressions of both Yan Shi and Feng Li by Gu He’s side became extremely ugly. Clearly, they had thought along the same lines as Gu He.

The two of them exchanged glances and shook their heads with bitter smiles. Wanting to obtain the generous reward that Gu He had mentioned was expectedly not easy. Originally they had rejoiced at Queen Medusa’s disappearance but they did not expect that another mysterious and strong person of unknown origin would once again appear. These continuous twists and turns of events had caused the two strong people renowned in the Jia Ma Empire to feel helpless and bitter.

“The ‘Heavenly Flame’ was indeed something that would cause many strong people to become crazy…” After muttering with a bitter smile, Feng Li tilted his head around and watched the somber and furious face of Gu He. He did not expect this usually relaxed and easygoing alchemist grandmaster would have difficulty maintaining his usual demeanor in front of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. This allowed Feng Li to personally experience the temptation of a ‘Heavenly Flame’.

“Chase! I want to see just where this strong person comes from. As long as we know his identity, I don’t believe that there is someone in the Jia Ma Empire that I, Gu He, cannot offend!” Gu He suppressed his anger and snorted. The pair of Dou Qi wings on his back flapped and his speed suddenly increased by quite a bit as he swiftly chased after the small black dot in the far distance.

“Hee hee, Old He seems to have really become furious. I wonder where that strong guy originates from? If it is the Jia Ma Empire, I’m afraid he will be very unlucky… Offending a tier six alchemist. That is not something fun to do.” Looking at Gu He whose anger had already surfaced, Yan Shi could not help but part his mouth and laugh.

Feng Li nodded his head. Indeed, a tier six alchemist was someone that even a Dou Huang would not easily dare to offend. After all, the nepotism of an alchemist was really a little frightening. As long as he knew your identity, he could invite a large number of good friends daily and take turns to attack. Even if he couldn’t beat you, he might tire you to death.

However, even with the increased speed of Gu He and the two others, they continued to remain far behind Xiao Yan. The distance between them was also growing. This situation caused Gu He to be so furious that his face turned livid but he remained helpless. After all, they had already pushed their speed to their peak. It was already impossible for them to go any faster.

Just as Gu He was gritting his teeth with anger at the increasing distance, a black shadow caught up with them in a lightning like manner from far behind them. In an instant, she appeared in front of them.

Seeing the black-robed person that had appeared in a flash just a short distance away, a joy immediately surged onto Gu He’s face. At the same time he let out a sigh as he hurriedly shouted, “Quick, stop that guy.”

“Ok.” A faint voice was emitted from under the black robe. However, the black-robed person did not immediately speed up. Instead, her speed slowed slightly. She turned her body around, raised her head and exposed her snow white elegant chin under the blazing sun before whispering, “I will chase after him. You should all separate immediately and fly out of the Tager Desert on your own. After that, we will gather at Yan City outside the Tager Desert! If I manage to catch up to that person, I will take the ‘Heavenly Flame’ back!”

“Why do we need to separate?” Hearing the words, Gu He was at a loss and asked in a stunned manner.

“The strongest among the Snake-People are catching up. Their speed is extremely quick in the desert. Moreover, they have already gathered five Dou Wangs. If I continue to protect you, I can safely send all of you out of the desert. However, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to chase the person ahead…” The black-robed person said blandly.

“Already?” Gu He’s heart was slightly shocked. He mused for an instant, and decisively called out, “Alright, let’s split up. I’ll leave the person in front to you. You need not worry about the rest of us. Although we cannot face the strong Snake-People head on, it should not be too difficult for us to leave the desert!”

“Ok.” The black-robed person nodded slightly. After some reminders, she flapped her green-colored pair of Dou Qi wings and chased toward the place where Xiao Yan disappeared in a lightning like manner.

“I’ll leave it to you. You must take the ‘Heavenly Flame’ back!” Watching the black-robed person, Gu He shouted. He waited for the former to disappear from sight before he frowned and turned around to glance at the horizon. He said gravely, “Old Shi, Feng Li, let’s split up, Remember, we’ll meet at Yan City. Be careful!”

“Hehe, alright. It’s a pity. I had originally wanted to have a big fight with the Snake-People. But from the looks of it, it seems we won’t have the chance.” Yan Shi nodded his head and smiled.

“There will be plenty of opportunities. Now, they are superior in numbers, let’s withdraw first.” Gu He gave a forceful smile as he said.

“Haha, you don’t need to be too worried. You should know Sect Leader Yun’s strength well. She should be able to catch up to the guy in front.” Seeing Gu He’s face, Feng Li smiled and comforted Gu He.

“Ugh, hopefully. If she still fails, then it may be that I am not fated to have the ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Gu He let out a soft sigh. He placed his hands together and shook it toward the other two before saying seriously, “The two of you, be careful. I will take my leave!”

After saying this, the pair of wings on his back flapped. He then turned around and shot toward the edge of the desert.

“Ke ke, let us leave too.” Seeing Gu He’s back disappear, Yan Shi and Feng Li also smiled. The wings on their back flapped and they turned around before flying in different directions.

A short while after the three of them disappeared, five glows flashed over like falling stars. A moment later, they stopped at the place where Gu He and the other two had stood.

“They have separated!” After sensing for a moment, Yue Mei frowned and faced the other four, “What do we do now?”

“Let’s split up and give chase. Yue Mei, the three of you will go and chase Gu He and the other two. Yan Ci and I will go after the Dou Huang.” A Snake-Person wearing gray robes said. This Snake-Person was fairly old with a face full of wrinkles. It was clear that he had quite a high reputation among these people. Thus, when they heard his arrangement, even the bad tempered Yan Ci did not say anything to oppose him.

“Elder Yin, you and Yan Ci are no match for the Dou Huang. In the sacred city, she easily managed to escape even when the three of us attacked together.” Mo BaSi said with a frown.

“Relax. We will not confront her head on. I have been leaving some markings along the way here. If Nan She and the others were to arrive and follow the markings to catch up to us, WE will attack together. That Dou Huang would not have an easy time. On the other hand, if the few of you manage to catch up to the opponent, you must give them a memorable lesson. They had haughtily charged into our Snake-People race’s territory. If they leave without any losses, won’t that cause our Snake-People race to lose face?” The gray clothed old man’s voice was somewhat hoarse and cold.

“Yes!” Yue Mei’s pretty face was completely icy. She nodded and did not say any other unnecessary things. After the three of them exchanged glances, the Dou Qi wings on their back flapped and three of them flew in the direction of Gu He and the other two in a lightning like manner.

“Let’s go, Yan Ci! I had once exchanged blows with the three Dou Huangs of the Jia Ma Empire. If I can come into contact with the black-robed person, I should be able to identify him. Even if he escapes, our Snake-People race will be able to take revenge for this wrong.” Seeing Yue Mei and the two others swiftly disappear, the gray clothed old man narrowed his muddy old eyes and said faintly.

“Yes.” Yan Ci nodded his head. A ferocious glint danced in his eyes. With a flap from the wings on his back, he and the gray clothed old man turned into two light rays and shot in the same direction as the black-robed person from before.