Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 219 – Chaotic Situation

Chapter 219: Chaotic Situation

“What happened?”Gu He, who had retreated some distance back, uneasily returned to the side of the black-robed person after the frightening Qi disappeared.

“Something must have gone wrong during the evolution. That breath Qi completely disappeared.” The black-robed person shook her head and said softly.

“Did she fail?” Hearing the black-robed person’s words, Gu He, stilled and with both regret and secret delight, sighed immediately. His gaze stared intently at the shrine where the green-colored fog was gradually disappearing. He suddenly frowned and said, “The presence of the ‘Heavenly Flame… why has it disappeared?”

“The energy ripple inside has already calmed down. As for the ‘Heavenly Flame’, has it been destroyed by Queen Medusa?” The black-robed person replied in a somewhat hesitant manner.

“That should not be possible. Although Queen Medusa is very strong, she is still an entire level too weak to destroy the ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Gu He shook his head. As an alchemist, he was naturally clear about the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’.

“Wait until the fog scatters before we conduct a thorough search.” Gu He knit his eyebrows together and helplessly said.

“Old He, how is it?” Two glowing lights flew in from outside the city wall and finally stopped beside Gu He and the black-robed person. Their gazes swept over the shrine below them before Yan Shi asked in a deep voice, “What about the Qi from just now?”

“It should be Queen Medusa’s Qi. Although it appears that a slight problem occurred with the evolution. Perhaps… she has already completely vanished.” Gu He voiced his thoughts.

“Hu… “ Hearing this, Yao Shi and Feng Li both let out a long breath. The frightening Qi from before had resulted in them not having the slightest fighting spirit in their heart. Strong people of that class were already a level that they could not touch let alone even consider fighting with.

“What do we do now?”

Feng Li’s gaze swept across the city. The countless number of stares that were filled with hatred caused him to frown. He raised his head and watched the sky in the distance. Yue Mei and Mo Basi were coldly glaring at them. However, the occasional gaze they threw toward the shrine carried some anxiety.

While Yue Mei and Mo Basi were filled with killing intent, they did not forcefully charge over. Under their lead, countless number of strong Snake-People carried snake spears and rushed to the roof tops. They coldly focused their eyes on the few people floating in midair.

In this city that was regarded as sacred in the hearts of the Snake-People, there were quite a number of strong Snake-People. If one were to count the number of strong people of the Dou Wang class, there were more Dou Wang inhabitants than Dou Wangs in Gu He’s group. However, they didn’t have a Dou Huang who could contend with the black-robed person. If they weren’t afraid of the enemy Dou Huang going crazy and causing a large numbers of deaths, they would have attacked Gu He’s group and killed them a long time ago.

Thus, the current Yue Mei and the other Snake-People did not forcefully attack. She merely ordered the strong people to gradually surround Gu He’s group. It appeared that they seemed to be planning to hold them back within the city.

“They are waiting for the other leaders of the remaining tribes to arrive. Once all of the leaders of the eight large tribes are gathered, we will be at a disadvantage even though we have Sect Leader Yun here. After all, setting aside the three of us, the remaining five Dou Wangs would be sufficient to cause a Dou Huang to feel troubled. When that time comes, our situation will not be too good. This is their territory after all. In addition, Medusa’s Snake Guards are not just for display. Although they cannot stop us, it will not be difficult for them to create some small trouble.” Yan Shi said gravely as he swept his gaze toward the densely packed strong Snake-People on the roofs. Although his character was a little rough, he was not stupid. After thinking a little, he knew the other side’s intention.

Gu He nodded his head. He naturally knew the intention of the other side but he had yet to obtain the most important thing. If they simply left like this, he would really feel dissatisfied in his heart. He immediately thought quietly before replying softly, “Let’s wait first. The purple-colored light curtain is about to disappear. After it disappears, we will immediately enter into the vicinity of it and conduct a quick search. If we discover the ‘Heavenly Flame’, we will leave immediately. If we cannot find it… then let’s also leave.”

Seeing Gu He’s persistence and the lack of any objections from the black-robed person by his side, Yan Shi and Feng Li exchanged a glance before nodding their heads helplessly.

When he noticed that these two people did not intend to object, Gu He sighed gently. He tilted his head and glanced at the icy faced Yue Mei and Mo Basi in the distance before staring intently at the light curtain which had began to become indistinct. The Dou Qi in his body began to quickly flow.

The atmosphere in the enormous city was somewhat quiet. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the purple-colored light curtain which was about to collapse. Their emotions were like tightly wound springs, not daring to even relax a little.

The purple-colored light curtain that had covered a large space gradually became illusionary.

After this kind of quiet atmosphere persisted for a few minutes, the black-robed person suddenly turned around. Her eyes stared at the western horizon and said blandly, “Another strong Snake-Person had arrived. From his Qi, it appears to be one of the tribe leaders of the eight large tribes.”

Hearing her words, Gu He’s expression changed slightly. He turned his head around and found a red-colored figure flying toward the city in a lightning like manner. After around a minute, a male Snake-Person whose body was entirely covered in a red-colored Dou Qi appeared in the city sky in a flash. His gaze swept through the air and finally landed on Gu He’s group with a dark face.

“Damn humans. You actually dared to enter our race’s sacred city!” The person who arrived appeared to have an explosive temper. When he saw Gu He’s group, his furious roar immediately sounded in the sky above the city. At the same time, the red-colored Dou Qi on his body soared intensely by nearly a meter. Looking from over a distance, he seemed as if a ball of flame in the shape of a person.

“This guy is the leader of the Yan Snake Tribe of the eight large tribes, Yan Ci. Although his temper is very bad, his strength is among the strongest of the eight tribe leader. During the war between the Snake-People race and the Jia Ma Empire back then, many strong people of the Jia Ma Empire died to his hands. He is a very troublesome opponent.” Feng Li frowned as he watched the Snake-Person who had suddenly appeared before he said somewhat helplessly.

Hearing this, Gu He pressed his eyebrows together. His gaze swept to the other side and said, “Counting it out, they already have three Dou Wangs. But luckily, the commander of the Medusa Snake Guards, Hua She Er has temporarily lost her combat ability.”

“The light covering is about to break.”

The black-robed person stared at the purple colored light covering in front of her as she said softly. This light covering was the light curtain enchantment that Queen Medusa had used all her might to release after transforming into a snake body. Thus, even with her Dou Huang strength, she had difficulty breaking it from the outside. The only choice was to wait for it to disappear by itself.

Hearing the black-robed person’s words, Gu He’s expression tightened. He could not be bothered about Yan Ci whose whole body was emitting fire. Instead, he quickly turned around and focused on the increasingly translucent purple-colored light curtain.

In the sky, Yue Mei and Mo Basi faces revealed their happiness at seeing Yan Ci suddenly arrive. They hurriedly moved their bodies and appeared by the latter’s side. After which, they broke into whispers as they related all that happened in the city to him in detail.

Yan Ci’s face was filled with anger as he listened to Yue Mei and Mo Basi’s words. The fiery red Dou Qi on his body grew increasingly intense. At the end, it was as though the flame Dou Qi was an actual real flame. He tightened his fist and numerous green veins pulsed on his thick strong arms. His eyes were blood red as he stared at Gu He’s group. The low roar of his was suppressing an uncomparable wildness and killing intent, “A group of human bastards. I must use your fresh blood to wash off today’s humiliation.”

Gu He’s group chose to ignore the Yan Ci who was so wild with anger that he wanted to bite someone. Their gazes stared intently at the light curtain. In a clear moment, the purple-colored glow brightened slightly and instantly cracked, filling the sky with tiny energy pieces which showered down from the sky.

The instant the purple-colored light curtain broke, Gu He’s group in midair simultaneously flew down in a lightning like manner. They charged into shrine where the green-colored fog had yet to completely disperse.

Following the action of Gu He’s group, countless of Snake-People released furious roars. Numerous figures leaped and appeared on the roofs before charging into the shine from all directions. The cries for Her Majesty sounded throughout the city.

At this moment, the sacred city of the Snake-People had basically turned into complete chaos.

Relying on his memory from before, Gu He’s group swiftly entered the shrine and appeared in the sky above the small island. Perhaps it was due to Queen Medusa’s disappearance but the flying restriction that was originally present had completely disappeared. Therefore, Gu He’s group did not meet any resistance as they landed on the center of the small island.

After their feet touched down on the ground, the gazes of everyone in Gu He’s group swept in all directions. However, they did not discover the slightest trace of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ or Queen Medusa.

The eyes under the black robe swept across her surroundings. The black robed person suddenly squatted down and picked up a piece of a charred black scale. With a slight frown, she muttered, “Was she really incinerated by the ‘Heavenly Flame’ until nothing remained?”

“Dammit. Where’s the ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Gu He’s Spiritual Perception covered the entire small island but was still unable to discover any presence of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Fury immediately surfaced on his calm face.

The black-robed person stood up and waved her sleeves. An intense violent wind suddenly surged out from the spot she was at. The surrounding green-colored fog was also completely lifted. Instantly, their sight swiftly became clear.

As the green-colored fog scattered, the totally empty small island completely revealed itself to everyone’s eyes. When they looked at some of the smooth deep holes, everyone could imagine just what kind of damage this place had experienced.

“There’s no ‘Heavenly Flame’!” Yan Shi said gravely as his gaze swept across the empty small island.

Between Feng Li’s palms, numerous tiny wind blades appeared and flew in all directions, sending the Snake-People who were crazily pouncing toward the small island flying. He turned his head around and urged, “Let’s quickly leave. If we do not go now, we might not make it! According to my senses, there is another strong Snake-Person who is rushing over!”

Hearing this, Gu He clenched his teeth. A moment later, he sighed and said with a face filled with unwillingness, “Go!”

When Yan Shi and Feng Li heard Gu He’s order, they sighed in relief. However, just as they were preparing to retreat, the Snake-People who were surrounding them and slowly moving in, suddenly became chaotic.

Gu He’s gaze carelessly glanced over and his eyes suddenly shrank. In the distant sky, a human figure carrying a Green Lotus Seat was crazily flying. On that Green Lotus, there was a strange green flame that soared repeatedly.

“Heavenly Flame!”

Staring intently at the increasingly small human figure, Gu He suddenly let out a furious cry. He and his team had risked their lives to keep the strong Snake-People in check but he did not expect to have benefited another. He was instantly extremely angry as he roared, “That damn guy! How dare he make use of me!”

“Chase!” Gu He violently waved his head. Dou Qi violently surged from his entire body. The Dou Qi wings on his back flapped furiously and he madly chased after the human figure. Behind him, the black-robed person, Yan Shi and Feng Li also followed closely.