Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 210 – Queen Medusa

Chapter 210: Queen Medusa

In the spacious and luxurious large palace, a beautiful figure appeared a little tired as she gently leaned against the back of her chair. Occasionally, she would lazily sweep her gaze over an empty purple-colored crystal throne on a tall platform and could not resist shaking her head.

The woman lifted her delicate hand to rub her smooth forehead when a sudden joy appeared on her pretty face. She lifted her hand toward the exterior of the palace and saw an ink black-colored figure shoot into the place in a lightning like manner.

“You have finally rushed over…” Seeing the ink black figure enter the palace, the woman involuntarily sighed in relief.

“Yue Mei, what exactly happened? The order for Martial Law was sent three times. Are those humans very strong?” The figure which entered the large palace was obviously a male Snake-Person. The figure of the man was somewhat sturdy with flimsy clothes randomly placed onto his body. His arms were completely covered with strange looking black-colored tattoos. At the point where the tattoos reached his palm, they formed into two savage looking black-colored snake heads. The snake heads were slightly lifted, appearing as though they would break out from his body and leave at any moment which lead to a ferocious force faintly seeped from them.

Glancing at this male Snake-Person who held the same position within their race as she did, Yue Mei gently sighed. She straightened her waist slightly and her well endowed body protruded into forming a seductive outline. She said lazily, “Very strong… I met them yesterday night and fled, Ah… I think they should be around the surroundings of the shrine.”

“Oh? Do you know their exact strength?” Hearing this, the male Snake-Person’s eyes strunk. He walked into the palace and sat in front of a large table. There was a coldness that could not be hidden in his voice.

“A Dou Huang, three Dou Wangs and four Dou Lings.” Yue Mei pursed up her sexy red lips and said softly, “Mo Basi, looks like there seems to be some trouble this time.”

“These guys, why have they suddenly gathered so many strong people?” With a serious expression, the male Snake-Person who was addressed as Mo Basi said gravely, “Have you informed Her Majesty? What did she say?”

“I have informed her, but Her Majesty appears very calm. She only asked me to send out the intelligence and call all of you here.” Yue Mei nodded her head as she helplessly said.

“Those people should have a motive for suddenly coming into the desert, right?” Mo Basi mused for awhile before saying uncertainly.

“I crossed words with them last night. From their words, it appears that they are looking for Her Majesty…” Yue Mei delicate fingers played with a thread of black hair and said with interest.

“Looking for Her Majesty?” Hearing this, Mo Basi was a little stunned. Weren’t those strong humans usually the ones most afraid of Her Majesty? Why have they come now?

“I am also not sure what exactly they want to do… they would rush to hide when hearing about Her Majesty in the past. But now, they are planning to force their way in… have these people’s heads been clipped by the door?” Yue Mei softly ridiculed.

Mo Basi pressed his eyebrows tightly together and suddenly stood up. He said, “I want to seek an audience with Her Majesty. I think that we should get a clear picture of the whole matter.”

“Don’t go, Her Majesty is not going to see anyone now. I did not even get to see her earlier. All the orders were delivered by the leader of the Medusa Snake Guard Unit, Hua She Er.” Yue Mei skimmed her lips and her weak seemingly boneless pretty body slumped in the chair, much like a lazy beautiful female snake.

“Her Majesty has not appeared? How can this be? This does not appear to be the style she usually has when dealing with problems.” Mo Basi knitted his eyebrows tightly together and doubtfully said, “I will go and try.”

Seeing Mo Basi’s disbelief, Yue Mei unconcernedly gave a response. She had just closed her eyes when her pretty face suddenly changed. Her body suddenly sat up on the chair. Her long eyes icily looked at the sky outside the palace and coldly said, “They are here!”

When Yue Mei sensed the few Qis that had suddenly appeared outside the city, Mo Basi also sensed them. Immediately, his expression became serious. He exchanged glances with Yue Mei and the two of them instantly left the large palace. Their bodies hurried quickly into the sky. A moment later, they arrived at the city wall which had entered into a state of high alert.

At this moment, there was a huge Magic Beast floating in midair a few hundred meters from the city wall. A few human figures also floated a short distance in front of the Magic Beast. The frightening Qis they had sensed earlier were emitted from within the bodies of these few people.

The human figures stepped through the air and headed for the city at a relaxed pace. A moment later, they stopped just outside the attacking range of those flying spears.

Eyeing the group of humans who stopped just outside the attack range, two glowing figures on the city wall began to gradually ascend into the air. The cold cry of Mo Basi which contained a chilling intent reverberated throughout the sky, “Humans. Why have you trespassed into our race’s territory without permission? If you do not want to cause a war between the Jia Ma Empire and the Snake-People, I urge all of you to return to where you have come from!”

“Haha, this must be Leader Mo Basi of the Mo Snake Tribe.” From within the group of humans in the distant midair, a middle aged man with extraordinary temperament slowly walked forward and said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Mo Basi flapped the energy wings on his back slightly. His icy gaze swept across the middle aged man as he said coldly.

“Haha, I’m Gu He!” Ignoring Mo Basi’s gaze, the middle aged man smiled and replied softly.

“Gu He? Che… it really is him.” Hearing the clear voice in the sky, Xiao Yan who had hid himself in the gap of the rocks immediately let out a long breath. The corner of his eyes gazed upwards and watched the middle aged man who kept his faint smile even when facing the thousands of opponents in front of him. Xiao Yan shook his head. He had to admit that this guy had the style and unyielding character of the strong.

“Jia Ma Empire’s Pill-King Gu He? Hei, this name is indeed very familiar.” The two words ‘Gu He’ had caused both Yue Mei and Mo Basi to feel surprise. Although the Snake-People seldomly officially recognized strong humans, they had to give sufficient importance to alchemist grandmasters like Gu He. This was because they knew very well what kind of gathering ability the alchemist grandmasters that were similar to Gu He’s level had.

“Haha, two leaders, we have rudely come to the territory of your race because we have something we would like to discuss with Queen Medusa. Can we request for Her Majesty to appear and talk?” Gu He politely smiled and said.

“Seeing Her Majesty? I’m sorry, we cannot relay this request for you.” Mo Basi shook his head and did not hesitate in voicing his rejection. He lifted his eyelids gently and blandly said, “Gu He, you should quickly take your people along and leave as quickly as possible. The people from our Eight Large Tribes are rushing over to the shrine. You should know what kind of hatred some of them have for humans. Thus, when that time comes, it may no longer be possible to leave even if you want to.”

“Hee hee, Old He, your character is always like this. Why waste your breath on them? Just directly smash the city and see if that woman will appear…” When Yan Shi by the side heard Mo Basi’s words, he could not help but step forward and mock them with a laugh.

“Hmm, I wondered who it was. It actually is the stupid muscle filled brain lion…” Mo Basi coldly sneered as his icy gaze glanced at Yan Shi. From his eyes, it appeared that he was acquainted with Yan Shi.

“Hey hey, you oily black lousy snake does not appear to be any better. Back then, if you had not fled quickly, the Mo Snake Tribe leader would be someone else now!” Yao Shi opened his mouth and laughed out loud, “I wonder if you have improved after so many years.”

“You can come and try…” A cold glint flashed across Mo Basi’s sharp eyes as he said thickly.

“Alright, Old Shi, stop arguing with them.” Seeing these two enemies who had become furious upon sight, Gu He helplessly shook his head. He waved his head to stop Yan Shi from continuing his provocation. After which, his gaze swept across the city and let out a gentle sigh. Immediately, a loud shout was carried by Dou Qi rolled over the entire city.

“Queen Medusa, I am Jia Ma Empire’s Gu He. My motive for coming here is not to start a war with your race. I only have something to discuss. Please reveal yourself!”

Seeing Gu He’s action, Yue Mei and Mo Basi’s eyebrows were pressed together. However, they did not say anything to stop it. Under this kind of situation, it would be better if Her Majesty would appear. With her strength, their opponents would suffer a terrible ending if they tried to use force.

The rolling shout continued to billow through the city and it was a long while later before it gradually ceased.

Following the subsided shout, it was quiet both inside and outside the city. A long while later, there was still no response. Gu He frowned slightly when he saw the situation. He was planning to shout again when the space in the air above the city wall suddenly became strangely distorted.

Seeing this scene, Gu He’s group was slightly shocked. Other than the silent black-robed person, the others took a small step back and gravely watched the distorted space.

On the sky, the setting sun’s sunlight spilled downwards, shining on the distorted space. In the next instant, a graceful, sexy and all around lovely body gradually appeared in front of everyone.

The suddenly appearing beautiful woman was wearing a graceful purple-colored gorgeous robe. The pretty figure under the gorgeous robe was voluminous and exquisite, much like a matured juicy peach, with a faint luring sense seeping out. Her long black hair was randomly scattered from her fragrant shoulders and extended vertically to her delicate and narrow waist. Below the gorgeous robe was a purple-colored snake tail. The snake tail swung slightly and a wild enchanting allure caused people to feel that their bodies had become somewhat hot.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across the nearly perfect pretty figure and finally paused at that beautiful face. His heart instantly trembled violently. Seeing the woman with his own eyes allowed Xiao Yan to finally understand why so many people around the Desert would say that Queen Medusa’s renowned beauty was comparable to her renowned ferociousness.

For this kind of woman, one could only use ‘coquettish’ to describe her. However, under that coquettishness, there was a queen like nobleness and gracefulness. This attractive temperament caused Xiao Yan to suddenly recall the beautiful woman who had dared to fight with the Amethyst Winged Lion in the Magical Beast Mountain Range… there was a graceful disposition of someone with a high position apparent on both of their bodies.

Compared to her, Yue Mei, who had once caused Xiao Yan to feel amazed, appeared a little faint.

“Your Majesty!”

After the bewitching woman appeared, the group of black and pressuring Snake-People on the wall under her immediately knelt. Their respectful voices broke through the clouds.

Eyeing Queen Medusa who had appeared in the sky, an intoxicated and hidden admiration appeared in that icy faced Mo Basi’s eyes.

“She is that Queen Medusa whose fierce reputation has frightened the large and small empires near the desert?” Watching the bewitching and moving purple robed beauty, Xiao Yan let out a quiet sigh and softly mumbled.