Chapter 204: Snake-Woman Yue Mei

Among the women that Xiao Yan knew, if one were to discuss about being enchanting and glamorous, only Ya Fei from Wu Tan City would be able to compare to this woman.

“Cluck…” Staring at this enchanting woman, Xiao Yan’s throat rolled a little. His palm gradually moved toward his thigh and gave it a hard pinch. The intense pain allowed him to recover some of his consciousness. Sweeping his gaze toward the lady’s side, he found a green colored snake tail under the transparent lake water. It swayed around, releasing a wild seductive feel.

“Snake-People…” Xiao Yan softly mumbled. His eyes narrowed and an instant later, shock covered his face. He realized that even with his Spiritual Perception, he was unable to discover what level this naked woman had reached.

“This is quite troublesome… this woman is at least at the Dou Ling or Dou Wang level.” Swallowing his saliva, Xiao Yan, who had roughly guessed the woman’s strength, was about to choose to withdraw when the naked woman in the lake suddenly shifted her bright eyes over to Xiao Yan’s position. He immediately said with shock in his heart, “How could she discover me with Yao Lao helping me hide my Qi?”

The spring-water like eyes of the mesmerizing Snake-Woman stared intently at the the place where Xiao Yan was hiding. A moment later, her narrow hand covered her red lips as she laughed, “Human boy, you want to leave after seeing this sister’s body?”

As those words fell, the Snake-Woman’s delicate hand suddenly slammed onto the lake’s surface. A water arrow was formed. Her red lips parted slightly and a mouthful of green-colored poisonous liquid was spat into the arrow. After which, she shot this water arrow that was mixed with a potent poison toward Xiao Yan’s hiding place.

Although the Snake-Woman’s voice was gentle, much like that of a lover flirting, her attack was exceedingly vicious. If Xiao Yan was hit by the poison arrow, he would definitely be hurt badly, if he was not killed.

Luckily, Xiao Yan had been focusing his attention on her when he discovered the Snake-Woman’s frightening strength. Seeing that she struck viciously in an instant, he immediately stomped on the ground and his body shot out horizontally.

“Chi…” The water arrow missed and landed within the forest. In the blink of an eye, the trees located around where the arrow had landed swiftly withered into dry wood.

Glancing at the large number of withering trees at the spot he had stood on before, Xiao Yan could not resist inhaling a cold breath. Wasn’t this woman’s poison a little too potent?

“Hee hee, I did not expect that you are actually quite a handsome little boy…” Seeing Xiao Yan who had charged out of the woods, the eyes of the Snake-Woman in the lake brightened. She did not mind that the upper half of her naked body was exposed to Xiao Yan’s sight as she laughed.

“Ke ke, elder sister, you can slowly bathe… I am only passing through.” Giving the Snake-Woman a dry laugh, Xiao Yan faced the lake and quickly stepped backwards.

Noticing that Xiao Yan was swiftly retreating, the Snake-Woman lifted her lips. Her narrow and long finger was slowly lifted and suddenly moved around like it was dancing.

As the delicate finger danced, a cold force suddenly shot toward Xiao Yan’s back from the thick woods.

Feeling the cold force from his back, Xiao Yan was slightly shocked. His body trembled slightly and a purple colored flame Dou Qi cloak quickly covered his body. He flicked his body and a thread of purple colored flame shot behind him and knocked against the cold force. A soft sound followed and the Purple Flame gradually disappeared. The cold force transformed into a colorful small snake. However this small snake had already become a grilled snake…

Sweeping his eyes over that multicolored small snake, Xiao Yan’s eyes twitched involuntarily. This thing may appear small but its poison was very potent. Even if a Dou Shi were to be struck by it, his life would be threatened if he did not have time to expel the poison.

“You little boy does have some skills. However, there are thousands of poisonous snakes hiding in this forest. Are you planning to kill all of them one by one?” The Snake-Woman indifferently glanced at the small snake that had been killed. She then opened her mouth and a strange sound wave was emitted from it.

Following the sound wave being emitted, the forest suddenly emitted many rustling sounds. In only a moment, the trees surrounding Xiao Yan were completely covered with different types of poisonous snakes. The cold, triangle shaped eyes of these poisonous snakes stared thickly at Xiao Yan below them. Once the Snake-Woman gave them the order, they would spit out lethal poison from all directions.

Xiao Yan watched the poisonous snakes that completely surrounded him and felt the skin on his head grow involuntarily numb. At the same time, he also realized something. It was no wonder the woman from before could sense traces of him. He had actually forgotten that they had the ability to control poisonous snakes; that was equivalent to placing countless eyes within this dense forest. It was likely that they had locked onto him the moment he had entered the oasis.

“Lady Yue Mei, shall we kill him?” Human figures flashed within the forest and the few Snake-Women who were guarding the road earlier suddenly appeared on the surrounding three branches. They stared icily at Xiao Yan and inquired softly.

“Ke ke, don’t rush… I haven’t seen any human who dared to come into this place for a long time.” That Snake-Woman who was addressed as Yue Mei smiled enchantingly. She swung her snake tail and swam toward the shore in an elegant and unhurried manner. After which, her naked beautiful body stood by the lakeside.

Two figures appeared in a flash behind Yue Mei and covered her body with a black colored robe, hiding the nakedness that could make any man’s blood boil.

Letting her subordinates help her put on the robe, Yue Mei pulled aside her wet black hair from her forehead and laughed toward Xiao Yan, “Little boy, can you tell elder sister why you appeared here. You should know that humans rarely come to the inner regions of the Tager Desert, much less appear in an oasis near the tribe… Don’t tell me you are a spy for the Jia Ma Empire? Are you all planning to start another war?”

From her last few words, Xiao Yan could clearly feel that there was an iciness in Yue Mei’s enchanting smile.

“*Cough*… I am only passing by here to get some water to drink. As for a spy, do I look like one?” Xiao Yan waved his head and said innocently. As he said those words, his gaze swept around without anyone noticing, planning to find a place to escape his predicament.

“Ha ha, you don’t really look like one…” Yue Mei’s attractive eyes roamed around Xiao Yan’s body before she suddenly smiled and said. Her smile was extremely beautiful.

“Hee hee, since I don’t look like one, big sister, you can continue bathing. I bid you farewell.” Saying the words with a smile, Xiao Yan’s feet stomped onto the surface. An energy explosion sounded and his figure shot from the lake into the forest by his side.

“Go back!” Xiao Yan’s body had just moved when a Snake-Woman on a tree branch at his side appeared in front of the route he was taking in a lightning like manner. The narrow snake spear in her hand shot explosively toward Xiao Yan’s head.

“Da Dou Shi…” Feeling the rich Dou Qi movement in the other person’s body, the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched involuntarily. His palm drew the Heavy Xuan Ruler and violently smashed forward.

The Heavy Xuan Ruler fizzled past. The force of the pressure pressed the small plants nearby onto the ground.

“Ding!” Following a clear sound that sounded in the forest, Xiao Yan’s body was immediately forced back. His feet took over ten steps before he gradually turned around and eliminated the frightening force.

Compared to Xiao Yan who was forced back, that Snake-Woman Da Dou Shi appeared much more at ease. Her pretty body shook and strangely resolved the strength from the heavy ruler. She then raised her eyes and coldly stared at Xiao Yan.

“Hu… as expected of a Da Dou Shi. This gap…” Shaking his somewhat numb hand, Xiao Yan licked his lips and bitterly said with a smile.

“Ka ka. Little boy, since you are already here, why do you want to leave? Follow elder sister into the tribe to play. I assure you that you will like it so much you will forget you are a human.” Seeing how Xiao Yan had managed to forcefully receive one of her best subordinate’s blows, a glint of surprise appeared in Yue Mei’s eyes and she immediately said with a smile.

“Forget it. Compared to becoming a Snake-Person, I prefer to be a human. After all, with that tail, it won’t be easy to walk…” Xiao Yan gradually let out his breath. The heavy ruler rotated in his hand and was stored into his storage ring. Tilting his head, he eyed the enchanting woman who was covered with a huge black luxurious robe and smiled.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words which carried a mocking tone, Yue Mei’s pretty face became cold. Her smile was gradually withdrawn and she said blandly, “Since it’s like this, then we’ll leave you here in this oasis as fertilizer…”

“Kill him!” Yue Mei waved her hand gently. Her indifferent words were filled with a thick killing intent.

Hearing Yue Mei’s order, the surrounding Snake-Women immediately ceased suppressing their killing intent toward the human. Their bodies immediately flashed forward. The poison spears in their hands possessed a deep luster under the moonlight as they viciously shot toward Xiao Yan below.

“Hu…” Feeling the killing intent from all directions, Xiao Yan lightly exhaled. His back trembled slightly and the huge Purple Cloud Wings suddenly shot out. He stepped his feet violently off the ground and his body shot toward the clouds with an explosive sound.

After his body reached midair, Xiao Yan flapped his wings and waved toward the stunned faces of the Snake-Women below. He laughed, “Goodbye. Everyone, please continue bathing. I was only passing by…”

“Dou Qi wings?” Seeing the pair of wings on Xiao Yan’s back, shock involuntarily surfaced on Yue Mei’s face. A moment later, however, she knit her eyebrows together and shook her head. “No… it isn’t Dou Qi wings. Little boy… you appear more and more interesting. Why would elder sister let you off?”

While Yue Mei covered her red lips and laughed, there was an icy killing intent on her smile filled face. She lifted her head to look at Xiao Yan swiftly flying out of the oasis. She then waved to her subordinates around her and said blandly, “You should all return to the tribe first. I want to see if this little boy can escape from my hands.”

“Yes, madam!” Hearing the order, the few Snake-Woman who were about to give chase immediately halted their steps. They bowed respectfully to Yue Mei and did not hesitate as they quickly leaped into the forest and swiftly disappeared.

When all the Snake-People withdrew, Yue Mei slowly lifted her pretty face and stared at that little black spot in the sky. She smiled enchantingly.

Her body trembled and a pair of huge wings gradually formed behind Yue Mei’s back. An instant later, they agglomerated into a pale green colored energy wings.

The pair of wings flapped and Yue Mei’s body was swiftly lifted into the air. After which, she rushed toward the direction where Xiao Yan fled.

“Ha ha, little boy. If other people were to learn that a small Dou Shi managed to escape from Yue Mei, then wouldn’t I be mocked to death?” Following the gradual disappearance of Yue Mei’s lovable laughter, the dark and cool oasis once again returned to its usual calm.