Chapter 197: Yao Lao Taking Action

In the enormous magma crypt world, a deep red flame was permeating in midair. The air carried a poisonous vapor. This world was one where an ordinary human would die the moment he came into the slightest contact with it.

At the spot in midair where the dark red colored flame was hovering, a young man’s figure gradually appeared. As the human figure appeared, the surrounding permeating red colored flame also suddenly swarmed toward his body.

At that moment, the young man’s figure had turned into something like a black hole. The surrounding red colored flame wildly poured into his body, resulting in the formation of an enormous flame vortex in the air of the crypt. At the middle of the vortex was the young man’s figure.

Following this greedy consumption, the surrounding permeating red colored flame grew increasingly faint. In the end, the flames were completely consumed into Xiao Yan’s body.

When the final thread of flame gradually disappeared, the human figure in the middle was finally revealed…

Xiao Yan was standing indifferently in midair. There was a thin layer of dense white colored flame pasted on the surface of his body and the dark red flames were completely consumed by these white flames.

“Not bad, it has been a long time since I have tasted such a delicious treat…” ‘Xiao Yan’ stretched his lazy back as he smiled and said to the Two-Headed Flame Spirit Serpent under him.

TL: The ‘Xiao Yan’ in this case refers to Yao Lao controlling Xiao Yan’s body

“Hiss…” Seeing that the flame it emitted was completely swallowed by the human in midair, there was an extremely human-like shock that flashed across the huge eyes of the Flame Spirit Serpent.

“It’s over…” ‘Xiao Yan’ smiled as he slowly extended his arm to the Flame Spirit Serpent under him. He then slammed his palm down.

Following ‘Xiao Yan’s’ palm, a shapeless terrifying force passed through the obstacles in the air and in a lightning like manner, violently smashed onto the huge body of the Flame Spirit Serpent. Instantly, the enormous force smashed open some of the fiery red scales on the Flame Spirit Serpent, cracking them. Moreover, with the amount of force behind the attack, the Flame Spirit Serpent’s body was violently smashed into the magma lake.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…” The sudden intense pain caused the Flame Spirit Serpent to raise its head and emit a sharp hissing sound. Its enormous eyes had once again turned blood red as it opened and closed its huge mouth repeatedly. Numerous hot magma columns were shot toward ‘Xiao Yan’ from all directions.

Eyeing the countless magma columns that shot out from below, ‘Xiao Yan’ twitched his eyebrows. The thick white flame on his body grew denser. The wings on his back flapped and he shot directly toward a magma column.

“Chi. Chi…”

Xiao Yan’s body did not show the slightest sign of dodging. He chose the most reckless posture as he charged directly down. However, any part of his body that came into contact with the magma column would make the magma instantly turn into nothingness as thick white flame burned ever more brightly…

Within the tunnel, Xiao Ding and Qing Lin stared at the formidable ‘Xiao Yan’. They were shocked till they were numbed and could only stay and stare blankly at the solo performance.

In a lightning like manner, ‘Xiao Yan’ broke through the magma columns and appeared on top of the Flame Spirit Serpent. The heavy ruler that was covered by a thick white flame repeatedly smashed ferociously on its huge body. Each time the heavy ruler was swung downwards, the fiery red scales on the Flame Spirit Serpent that could withstand the high temperature of the magma would break open…

With all its attacks being ineffective, the Flame Spirit Serpent could only twist and turn its huge body as it was randomly smashed by the heavy ruler ‘Xiao Yan’ wielded. Waves of somewhat dreary screams sounded throughout the entire crypt.

The heavy ruler swung and smashed repeatedly. Finally, the Flame Spirit Serpent was unable to resist this kind of intense pain. It dove into the magma lake, bringing its body that was covered with wounded scales with it.

“Hu…” Seeing that the Flame Spirit Serpent chose to retreat, ‘Xiao Yan’ also sighed in relief. Although he could indeed kill it, he would need to use a Dou Technique with great power. By that time, some of the strong people in the surrounding desert might take notice. After all, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ represented an extremely destructive force. In this world, there was no one who did not want to possess such a strength…

Following the Flame Spirit Serpent’s withdraw, the violent movements in the magma crypt also gradually became calm. However, as a precaution, ‘Xiao Yan’ did not immediately make a move in search for traces of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Instead, he waited patiently in midair for over ten minutes. Once he had confirmed that the Flame Spirit Serpent had really withdrawn, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He waved to the two people in the tunnel, flapped his wings and began to slowly search the magma crypt.


“Teacher, will there be traces of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ here?” After forcing the Flame Spirit Serpent to withdraw, Xiao Yan also gradually regained control of his body. Immediately, he inquired softly.

“Looking at the environment, the extent of irritable energy, and the strange beast, the Flame Spirit Serpent from before, there is a very high chance of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ existing here…” Yao Lao replied happily.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan heaved a sigh of relief. He licked his lips excitedly as he swept his gaze inch by inch across the magma lake. Anything that was different would be carefully studied by him before he disappointingly continued the search.

The time taken for the search lasted for half an hour. However, he was still unable to find anything that was related to the ‘Heavenly Flame’. At that moment, Xiao Yan’s heart began to feel a little impatient.

“Teacher, we have searched over half of the crypt. Why have we not noticed the ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Slowly stopping his circling body, Xiao Yan finally could not withstand it as he inquired aloud.

“This… I don’t know either. Back then, I never came here before…” Yao Lao could only helplessly shake his head at this question.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan bitterly laughed and sighed. He was just about to continue the search when Qing Lin’s sharp scream suddenly sounded within the crypt.

Hearing this sharp scream, Xiao Yan was shocked. He hurriedly turned his head toward where the tunnel was and his eyes suddenly shrunk…

At the tunnel area quite a distance away, the Flame Spirit Serpent which had originally fled suddenly came out of the magma. Moreover, it continued to swim at a fast speed toward the tunnel where Xiao Ding and Qing Lin were.

“Dammit!” Eyeing that Flame Spirit Serpent that was swiftly swimming toward the tunnel, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly became extremely ugly. He let out an angry curse and turned his body around abruptly. Flapping his wings, he used all his might and shot explosively over.

“Cunning beast.” The Flame Spirit Serpent springing up suddenly also caused Yao Lao to scold furiously. A wave of pure energy entered Xiao Yan’s Purple Cloud Wings. Instantly, his flight speed increased tremendously.

Xiao Yan shot through the crypt in a rabid fashion. As his flying speed was too wild, a long scar caused by the pressure of the violent wind appeared on the magma below.

Xiao Yan used all his might to hurry back but his distance was too far from the tunnel. Thus, he could only see with his own eyes the distance between the Flame Spirit Serpent and the tunnel exit grow increasingly near. The huge Two-Headed Flame Spirit Serpent emitted a sound as it opened its menacing huge mouth and gradually appeared outside the tunnel. Its two pairs of eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness as it stared savagely at Qing Lin and Xiao Ding in the tunnel.

“Go, Qing Lin!” Seeing the appearance of the Flame Spirit Serpent, Xiao Ding was the first to regain his composure. He grabbed Qing Lin and immediately retreated quickly. A sneer that held ridicule flashed across the Flame Spirit Serpent’s huge eyes as it watched the two flee. With its huge mouth opened, it suddenly pulled back its head. A terrifying suction force suddenly appeared. Instantly, Xiao Ding and Qing Lin fell backwards and were slowly dragged by this suction force toward the Flame Spirit Serpent…

When the suction force reached its peak, the Flame Spirit Serpent widened its mouth further. A terrifying pushing force explosively surged outwards, smashing Xiao Ding and Qing Lin heavily onto the wall.

“Pu Chi.” With his body slamming heavily onto the wall, Xiao Ding threw up a mouth full of blood. Qing Lin, on the other hand, did not receive much injury with Xiao Ding as a cushion. However, as she watched the savage serpent head closing in, her small face was frightened till it became completely white.

Perhaps it was due to the Snake-People bloodline in Qing Lin’s body but the Flame Spirit Serpent seemed to be somewhat interested in her. Its eyes swept across her. Opening its huge mouth, a violent suction force pulled her, causing her to flip in midair before rolling down to where the tunnel was.

“Don’t come over…” Seeing the increasingly close enormous savage snake head, Qing Lin continued to move backwards with her pale exquisite face.

“Hiss…” The Flame Spirit Serpent extended its scarlet snake tongue and hovered over Qing Lin’s small body. The stench from the snake tongue nearly caused Qing Lin to faint.

In the interior of the tunnel, Xiao Ding watched Qing Lin who was about to be swallowed by the Flame Spirit Serpent. He wanted to rescue her but the attack from the Flame Spirit Serpent before had caused him to temporarily lose his ability to move. At that moment, he could only watch with his own eyes as the Flame Spirit Serpent’s tongue continued to move slowly over Qing Lin’s body. Its snake tongue licked Qing Lin’s small hand before one of the heads of the Flame Spirit Serpent suddenly turned around and saw Xiao Yan swiftly rushing over. A savageness appeared in its eyes. The soft snake tongue instantly turned as hard as steel. Immediately, it pierced ruthlessly toward Qing Lin’s chest.

From a distant, Xiao Yan who was flying swiftly over saw the Flame Spirit Serpent’s action. His eyes involuntarily shrunk. A fury and killing intent appeared on his face…


In the dark green eyes of Qing Lin that appeared to be carved from a green jade crystal, the scarlet snake’s tongue continued to expand. Due to the increasing terror in her heart, Qing Lin tore open her throat and unleashed a loud and sharp resounding screech.

Following this resounding screech, three dark green colored tiny spots beside the side of her pair of dark green eyes suddenly surfaced…

The three green colored spots that appeared this time around were much clearer than any other time. If one took a closer look, one would discover that these three green colored tiny spots were like three flower buds.