Chapter 189: Qing Lin’s Discovery

Seeing that within a few minutes, the fight within the battleground had suddenly changed, everybody around the battleground widened their eyes, clearly stunned. It was difficult to imagine that Xiao Li, someone who almost no one could match in the company, would actually be mysteriously defeated by Xiao Yan, who was younger than him by seven or eight years.

Within the battleground, Xiao Li stared at the tip of the spear and was stunned for a long while before he finally recovered. His gaze swept across the smiling Xiao Yan in front of him and clicked his tongue as he shook his head. He sighed, “Little boy, how unexpected. You have hid so well. The strength that you had displayed does not appear to be merely that of a normal one star Dou Shi.”

“Ke ke, I was merely lucky.” Shaking his head while laughing, Xiao Yan inserted the spear into the ground and then headed to where the Heavy Xuan Ruler was a short distance away. He was about to lift it up when Xiao Li beside him stopped him with a smile.

“Let me try. This ruler… seems a little strange.” Xiao Li curiously stared at the huge ruler on the ground and laughed as he said.

“Uh?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was slightly at a loss, but he quickly smiled at nodded his head. He took a step back while his gaze somewhat mocking.

Xiao Li rubbed his hands and gradually stood by the Heavy Xuan Ruler’s side. His hand gripped the ruler, then tightly grabbed it. After letting out a breath, he carelessly pulled with his hand. When his hand pulled, Xiao Li’s expression changed and he let out a shocked cry. He realized that ever since the Heavy Xuan Ruler entered his hand, the swift surging lightning Dou Qi in his body had suddenly been reduced to the speed of a turtle’s jog…

“Wow, there really is something strange…” Mumbling in a stunned voice, Xiao Li tightened his arm. Numerous veins began pulsing on the crook of his arm.

Tightly holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler, Xiao Li’s face gradually turned red as he let out a soft cry, “Up!”

As the cry fell, Xiao Li’s arm trembled as it slowly lifted up. After which, his two hands firmly grasped the ruler in front of him and waved it left and right with all his strength. Afterwards, the gaze Xiao Li used to look at Xiao Yan had some faint shock.

“You… you were actually carrying this just now to fight with me?” Seeing the smile on the delicate and handsome face of Xiao Yan, Xiao Li’s mouth was dry as he said. God, it was already very amazing that one can even carry this and move around smoothly. Yet, Xiao Yan actually carried this and exchanged quite a number of blows with Xiao Li during their fight. How could this not cause Xiao Li to be astonished and stunned?

Eyeing Xiao Li’s astonished manner, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His palm received the Heavy Xuan Ruler and easily placed it onto his back.

With his eyes staring intently at Xiao Yan’s action, Xiao Li realized that when Xiao Yan received the Heavy Xuan Ruler, his hand had merely sunk a little. The instant after it sunk, the small dop was once again perfectly adjusted.

Seeing the relaxed manner of Xiao Yan, Xiao Li’s mouth opened. It was a long while later before he sighed in shock and shook his head. “Little boy, how outstanding… have those eyes of Nalan Yanran been blinded? How many in the Jia Ma Empire can be considered as outstanding as my brother? She actually thinks you aren’t good enough?”

Xiao Yan smiled, waved his hand and said, “At the very least, Xun Er will not be weaker than me.”

“Xun Er? Haha. That girl. I haven’t been back for so many years, but that girl must have become very charming, no? It should be known that when she was small, those young masters in Wu Tan City came to the walls of the Xiao Clan to take a look at her. But she seemed to stick to you. Hee hee.” Hearing the elegant name, Xiao Li stilled momentarily before he smiled and said yearningly.

Recalling the young lady’s beautiful face and moving figure, Xiao Yan also gently smiled emotionally. His hand lightly patted the Heavy Xuan Ruler and smiled, “If there is a chance in the future, I will bring her to visit you. Ah… but now, I have some important matters that need both Big Brother’s and Second Brother’s help.”

“Oh? There’s something? No problem! Just tell us. Even if it is beyond our ability, Big Brother and Second Brother will do our best to help.” When Xiao Li heard Xiao Yan, he immediately waved his hand and smiled.

“Yes.” With a smile, Xiao Yan nodded his head.


The three of them sat within a spacious room while Qing Li carefully carried three cups of tea to distribute to each of them before obediently standing behind Xiao Yan.

“Haha, Xiao-Yan-Zi, you have some problem? Just say it out and let Big Brother analyze it for you.” Xiao Ding smiled and said to Xiao Yan as he lifted his teacup to take a sip.

Xiao Yan nodded with a smile before musing for awhile. In a soft voice, he said, ‘The reason for me coming to the Tager Desert is to search for something.”

“Something? What thing?” Hearing this, Xiao Li asked curiously with a smile.

“Heavenly Flame…” Xiao Yan whispered as his finger lightly tapped on the table.

“Uh…” When the words ‘Heavenly Flame’ were said, the room immediately became much quieter. Xiao Ding and Xiao Li exchanged gazes before asking in a puzzled voice, “‘Heavenly Flame’? That kind of thing seems to be something only an Alchemist would need. What do you need it for?”

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and smiled indifferently, “Because I am an Alchemist.”

“Huh?” Hearing this, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li’s faces stiffened. A moment later, an unrestrained joy surfaced, “You are an Alchemist?”

“Haha, I was lucky to possess the talent for becoming an alchemist and when I was at Wu Tan City, I also met a teacher, so…” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“Tsk tsk… incredible. I never expected that our Xiao Clan would also produce an alchemist. Ha ha.” Seeing that Xiao Yan nodded his head and admitting, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li immediately laughed out loud. Their laughter contained both envy and satisfaction.

“The ‘Heavenly Flame’s’ rarity is so great that it is a little frightening. Although we have muddled along in the Rock Desert City for a long time, we have really not heard anyone mentioning anything about where there are traces of the ‘Heavenly Flame’.” After rejoicing, Xiao Ding frowned and helplessly said.

Shaking his head with a smile, Xiao Yan tapped his finger on the storage ring, withdrew a piece of an old goatskin scroll and placed it on the table. His finger pointed at a flame symbol on it and said softly, “This is a map that I managed to obtain. At this region marked by the flame symbol, there should be a higher chance of finding traces of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. However, I am unfamiliar with the surrounding terrain of the Rock Desert City, thus… I cannot find the exact place marked by the Flame Symbol. Big Brother, the two of you been around here for quite some time. Do you know of any strange places around the Rock Desert City?”

Hearing this, Xiao Ding pulled over the map. His gaze roughly swept over the map before he said with surprise, “What a detailed map. This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a map.”

“Yes, it’s so detailed it is a little overboard.” Xiao Li nodded his head. He frowned and studied the map in detail before saying softly, “The place marked by the flame symbol seems to be at to the east of Rock Desert City.”

“Yes. More accurately speaking, it should be a little south-east of Rock Desert City.” Xiao Ding nodded his head. He voiced his thoughts, “But the east side of the Rock Desert City does not seem to have any strange places.”

“There’s indeed nothing. I have once brought people to search that place for a few days during one of our missions but I did not find any strange places.” Xiao Li also shook his head and said helplessly.

Seeing the two of them shake their head, disappointment rose on Xiao Yan’s face. It appeared that there was no trace of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ there…

However, just as Xiao Yan was filled with disappointment, a gentle voice suddenly sounded within the room.

“That…Young Master, the east side of the Rock Desert City… seems to have something strange.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan stilled. He quickly turned around and stared at Qing Lin who was twisting her small hands under his searing gaze. He hurriedly said, “Do you know something?”

To the side, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li also shifted their stunned gaze toward Qing Lin. Clearly, they were not informed.

Being the center of attention of the three gazes in the room, the timidness on Qing Lin’s small face grew. She said haltingly, “I am also unsure if my senses are accurate… but half a year ago, I really sensed that there was some unusual movement at a region to the east of the Rock Desert City.”

“How do you know about it? You don’t seem to possess such a strength.” Xiao Ding’s palm rubbed his tea cup as he said with suspicion.

“I… I don’t know. Half a year ago, I sensed a very strong Qi that appeared outside Rock Desert City. That Qi… and the blood in my body, seemed to be a little similar. Even the Company Leader of the Sand Mercenary Company is very weak compared to that Qi.” Qing Lin carefully stuck herself tightly to Xiao Yan as she whispered.

“Oh?” Hearing this, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li were a little uneasy. The Company Leader of the Sand Mercenary Company was a Da Dou Shi. If even he was much weaker than the mysterious person. That… Did that mean that the other party was at least at the Dou Huang level?

“A Qi that is similar to your bloodline? Don’t tell me it is Queen Medusa?” After musing for a while, Xiao Li suddenly said in a shocked voice. With Queen Medusa’s strength, it should not be too hard for her to turn the Rock Desert City into ashes. This kind of extremely terrifying person had actually roamed the area surrounding Rock Desert City without anyone knowing?

When the name ‘Queen Medusa’ entered his ears, Xiao Ding’s expression also changed slightly. Around the Tager Desert, this name was as renowned as Pill-King Gu He was within the Jia Ma Empire.

“I don’t know…” Qing Lin shook her head. She whispered, “I could only vaguely sense it. Half a year ago, she had suddenly arrived somewhere to the east of Rock Desert City. There, she seemed to have stayed for a night. During the night, the Qi to the east was extremely irritable. I also know that when she left, she seemed to have been injured…”

Hearing Qing Lin narrating the tale, Xiao Yan sighed lightly. His eyes narrowed as he said softly, “Can you be certain of the exact location where she stayed?”

“I should be. Although half a year has passed, the Qi that she had left behind is pretty dense. I… I can rely on the bloodline in me… I should be able to find that place.” When she mentioned her bloodline, Qing Lin’s face clearly became a little dejected. However, she maintained a forceful smile as she said.

“If Young Master wants to go, Qing Lin will try her best to bring you there!”

“Haha, thank you very much Qing Lin… Let’s go and take a look tomorrow. I hope the results won’t disappoint me.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded as he said softly.