Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 188 – A Competition Between Brothers

Chapter 188: A Competition Between Brothers

On the huge empty yard, a silver and a purple human figure appeared to have torn out two pathways in the messy battleground. A long, empty space was left where the both of them passed.

“Bang!” Following the clear sound of metals coming into contact with each other, a ferocious energy wave violently flowed out from the center of the battleground. Instantly, the messy fighting that was going on within a ten meter radius of them both was cleared into an empty circle was formed.

Tightly holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler, Xiao Yan lifted his eyes and stared at the long spear that was trickily stabbing at him like a poisonous snake. At the top of the spear was a silver electric arc that jumped repeatedly. Taking in a light breath, Xiao Yan violently swung the heavy ruler in his hand.

“Clang!” The tip of the spear struck against the huge body of the ruler. Under the pressure of the strength the heavy ruler carried, the narrow and weak long spear was crushed into a alarming arc with the tip closing in on the spear handle where Xiao Li was holding.

“Hee hee, boy, you are quite strong.” Seeing that he was at a slight disadvantage after the first exchange, Xiao Li could not help but smile. On his palm, Dou Qi began to agglomerate and knocked violently into the spear handle. A wave of electric energy flowed through the spear and swiftly entered the heavy ruler.

As the electrical flow entered the heavy ruler, Xiao Yan’s palm, which was tightly holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler immediately trembled slightly. The Purple Flame Dou Qi in his body continued to flow, quickly expelling the paralyzing energy from his body.

“Xiao-Yan-Zi, when your Second Brother fights with people, there will be no warm-ups. Since we are going to fight, then I will put in all my effort. You better be careful!”

In the instant Xiao Yan’s palm trembled, Xiao Li let out a ‘hee hee’ laughter. The long spear strangely turned and scratched across the heavy ruler, leaving a burst of sparks. After which, it stabbed out explosively.

“Triple Lightning Arc Dance!”

When the long spear began moving, Xiao Li called out softly. Instantly, three snake shaped lightning arcs abruptly appeared on the spear. The lightning arcs flickered as they crossed each other. Amidst a ‘chi chi’ sound, they each carried a very strong energy that no one dared to underestimate.

“Triple Lightning Arc Dance?”

“Ugh… It hasn’t been that long but the Second Company Leader has already used the ‘Triple Lightning Arc Dance’?” Seeing Xiao Li’s attack, numerous surprised voices sounded below the battleground. This ‘Triple Lightning Arc Dance’ was a killer move of Xiao Li. It was unexpected that he had actually displayed it after only exchanging blows for a short while. Was he trying to end the fight quickly?

“Ke ke, looks like Brother Xiao Yan is going to suffer. This ‘Triple Lightning Arc Dance’ of the Second Company Leader is a Low Xuan class Dou Technique. With the paralyzing effect of the Lightning type Dou Qi, even a four star Dou Shi would not easily dare to take it head on. Tsk tsk, they had only just started exchanging blows, but the Second Company Leader has already used it. Looks like Brother Xiao Yan is fairly strong.” One of the members of the Desert Metal Mercenary Company upper echelon on the tall platform could not help but laugh.

“This guy really knows how to bully people. It’s fine that his level is slightly higher than Xiao Yan’s, but he actually used a Xuan Class Dou Techniques…” Xue Lan rubbed her lips together and defended Xiao Yan from the injustice as she said.

“haha, the lightning type Dou Qi of Second Brother belongs to the type that rushes out in one go. If the fight were to drag out, it would be to his disadvantage. Thus, no matter who he fights with, he must choose the fastest method to determine the victor. Otherwise, once his strength weakens, he would find himself in a bad situation.” Xiao Ding smiled, shook his head and mused.

Hearing this, everyone smiled helplessly. They could only pray in their hearts that Xiao Yan could withstand this attack.

In the battleground, Xiao Yan was also a little shocked when Xiao Li displayed his Dou Technique. However, this one year of tough training had caused his mental strength to reach a level that his past self could not compare with. In an instant, he calmed down. A Purple Flame Dou Qi flowed out from the vortex in his body and covered the ruler’s body, preventing Xiao Li’s lightning type Dou Qi from using the ruler to enter his body and paralyze him.

After being entirely wrapped by the Purple Flame, the black Heavy Xuan Ruler, spurred on by Xiao Yan’s full strength, carried a pressuring wind as it viciously smashed at the long spear that was swiftly piercing toward him.

Under the anxious observation of everyone, the heavy ruler and the long spear clashed violently. An instant later, an explosion sounded and tiny cracks appeared on the rock flooring where their legs stood.

“Ding!” The tip of the spear quickly stabbed at the heavy ruler. A strip of electric arc threateningly and ferociously crashed against the ruler. The strong and violent force that it carried abruptly lifted the heavy ruler. In addition, the contact from the lightning arc also reduced the Purple Flame Dou Qi on the Heavy Xuan Ruler by half. “Hee hee.” Seeing that Xiao Yan was forced to take a step back while carrying the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand, Xiao Li laughed. However, he did not hold anything back. As Xiao Yan was being pushed back, the long spear violently pierced at the Heavy Xuan Ruler which did not have the time to react as it was being pushed back.

“Ding!” Another clear sound echoed. The Purple Flame Dou Qi on the heavy ruler had totally vanished.

“Ding!” After banishing the Purple Flame, Xiao Li’s long spear continued its lightning like piercing. At the same time, the last electric energy also violently sprang from the spear and knocked heavily on the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Following a loud sound, the Heavy Xuan Ruler left Xiao Yan’s hand and flipped over ten times before it fell on the ground.

“Little boy, the battle is over.” Holding the long spear in his hand, Xiao Li smiled at Xiao Yan.

“Hiss…” Seeing Xiao Yan’s weapon leaving his hand, waves of hissing sounded around the battleground. In this kind of fight, losing one’s weapon was basically taking a step into the side of defeat.

Under normal circumstances, that was logically the case. However, for Xiao Yan, this situation was totally the opposite. The Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand could indeed raise some of his offensive strength. However, it was more of a restraint on Xiao Yan. With the Heavy Xuan Ruler on his body, not only was Xiao Yan’s speed terribly suppressed but the Dou Qi in his body must be stimulated with all his strength in order to handle a battle of this level. However, with the Heavy Xuan Ruler leaving his hand, the last bond that suppressed Xiao Yan’s strength was totally removed.

The Xiao Yan after losing the burden of the Heavy Xuan Ruler was at his peak form!

TL: This isn’t even my final form!

Thus, when he heard Xiao Li’s words, Xiao Yan noncommittally shrugged his shoulders, “That may not be true.”

Seeing that Xiao Yan’s face was still calmly smiling, Xiao Li was a little stunned. Immediately, the long spear in his hand lightly shot toward Xiao Yan’s shoulders.

“Explosive Steps!”

Raising his face, Xiao Yan gave a brilliant smile. As his voice called out, his feet violently stomped on the ground. With the sound of an energy explosion, his body shot out and appeared beside Xiao Li in an instant.

Within the battleground, everyone who saw Xiao Yan’s speed could not help but let out a surprised cry. Clearly, they could not understand how, in such a situation, Xiao Yan’s speed could rise so explosively as though he had eaten some medicine.

The sudden appearance of Xiao Yan beside Xiao Li caused a look of shock to flash across Xiao Li’s face. His palm which was tightly holding the long spear suddenly pulled backwards. The spear moved along his waist and spun quickly like a windmill. While spinning, threads of electric light leaped and flickered.

Lightly stepping onto the tip of the spear, Xiao Yan’s figure once again exceeded everyone’s expectations and explosively retreated.

When Xiao Yan was shooting backwards, his palm suddenly extended out and immediately clenched tightly. Immediately, a vicious suction force flowed out from his palm. A short distance away, Xiao Li did not have the time to block it. His body was unsteady and the windmill like long spear was pulled in all directions. The attack could no longer be completed.

With the suction force from his palm, Xiao Yan’s body which was flying backwards had strangely came to a stop. He lifted his head, watched Xiao Li who was being sucked over and smiled. His feet once again stepped violently on the ground. Following an explosive sound, his body appeared in front of Xiao Li like lightning.

“Second Brother, that ruler isn’t my weapon. What I specialize in, is still… close combat!” Xiao Yan suddenly laughed softly as the two pairs of eyes came into close distance contact. Under Xiao Li’s tightly shrunken eyes, Xiao Yan’s hand immediately tightened into a fist. Then, swinging his hand so that his body could borrow the strength and rotate halfway, Xiao Yan strangely fell backwards into Xiao Li’s chest.

With his back facing Xiao Li, Xiao Yan’s elbow paused for a moment before it carried a sharp air sound that seemed to have broken the wind resistance as it violently smashed toward Xiao Li’s chest.

Feeling the frightening force that Xiao Yan’s elbow possessed, Xiao Li’s expression abruptly changed. A serious glint swiftly flashed across his eyes. The right fist that was by his chest suddenly fell heavily.

As Xiao Li’s fist fell, a piercing silver light was emitted from his chest and finally formed a small silver shield the size of a washbasin around half an inch from his chest.

“Tsk tsk… Second Brother must have been pushed to the extreme. He even used this life-protecting ‘Silver Lightning Shield’…” Seeing the small silver colored shield on Xiao Li’s chest, Xiao Ding shook his head and whispered.

“I knew it. Xiao-Yan-Zi would always have his own hidden card. Judging his strength from the surface is an extremely foolish move.” Xiao Ding’s gaze swept across that huge Heavy Xuan Ruler in the battle ground and smiled. “Everyone, have you all not noticed that since the ruler left him, Xiao-Yan-Zi’s speed and strength had rose by about thirty to forty percent?”

Hearing this, surprise and amazement surfaced on the faces of Xue Lan and the others by the side.

Within the battleground, Xiao Yan felt the energy fluctuations behind him. However, the force on his elbow was not reduced. An instant later, it heavily smashed onto the small silver colored shield.

“Bang!” Following a loud sound, everyone could see with their eyes that a cluster of shapeless energy ripples suddenly spread out from between both bodies. It extended over a radius of ten meters before it gradually dissipated.

In the battleground, Xiao Yan and Xiao Li’s bodies both came to a sudden stop. Everyone could see that at the point the elbow and the silver shield came into contact, the silver shield was violently releasing one ripple after another.

The ripples swiftly spread. A moment later, they gradually ceased. The two bodies also shot backwards as if they had received an electric shock.

“Boy, I did not expect that you still knew this kind of high level physical Dou Technique. Hee hee, but the difference in our strength is too great. It isn’t sufficient to break my ‘Silver Lightning Shield’…” Xiao Li suddenly said as his body was swiftly retreating.

“Ke ke… that may not be certain.” With a faint smile, Xiao Yan’s fist suddenly tightened and he softly cried, “Explode!”

“Bang!” As Xiao Yan’s voice fell, a soft muffled sound was suddenly emitted from within Xiao Li, who was falling backwards. Instantly, Xiao Li appeared to have been struck by lightning as his body quivered intensely for a few moments. His face had suddenly became much paler.

Xiao Li’s body also started to shoot backwards even more. Each time his feet stepped on the ground, it would leave a deep footprint.

After retreating for around twenty steps, Xiao Li finally stabilized his body. At this moment, however, a human figure flashed in front of him and the sharp tip of a spear was held at his throat.

“Second Brother, you have underestimated your opponent…” Xiao Yan smiled and said softly as he pointed the sharp tip of the spear at Xiao Li.