Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer

Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer

The sky was dry and hot. It was as though all the moisture in had been vaporized in an instant. The entire mountain appeared to be lethargic under this high temperature. Even the lush-green color that filled the area had become much dimmer.

No one paid any attention to the changes of the surroundings. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the enormous cauldron at the mouth of the volcano.

A skinny figure was seated in front of the large cauldron in front of many eyes. Following the change in the seal formed by his hands, it appeared as though the temperature was controlled by him. The temperature was occasionally high and occasionally low. An ordinary person would have difficulty enduring such a drastic change in temperature.

Elder Zhu Li was suspended in the sky. Both of his hands were placed behind him. His eyes were focused on the large cauldron, and his expression was completely solemn.

“Zhu Li, do you really think that he can refine the Dragon Phoenix crystal?”

An elderly voice suddenly sounded from behind. Elder Zhu Li tilted his head, only to see a old man with black and white hair standing behind him. This elder was dressed simply. His quietness and lack of a smile caused him to appear exceptionally stern.

“There is definitely some desirable aspects in him to be able to become the champion of the Pill Gathering. Although he is young, he appears extremely experienced from what I’ve learned about him during these two days. He has great perseverance and is unlike any young person his age.” Elder Zhu Li’s eyes returned to the skinny figure in front of the large cauldron as he replied.

“You should be aware just what Zi Yan means to our Eastern Dragon Island…” The stern and quiet elder was silent for a moment before speaking again.

“Elder Qi You, there is no need to be overly worried. Although Xiao Yan is not the only one on the continent who possesses a Heavenly Flame ranked in the top ten, the current condition of our Ancient Void Dragon tribe is not suitable to invite those fellows to come and help us.” Elder Zhu Li shook his head and softly said, “Also, Zi Yan asked that Xiao Yan be brought to help before she fell unconscious. Although this girl is young, she will not joke with her own life. Since she is able to say this, it is likely that she is very confident in Xiao Yan…”

“Hopefully, Zi Yan is currently the only person within the Ancient Void Dragon tribe to possess a complete royal bloodline. If anything happens to her, it is likely that our Ancient Void Dragon tribe will never be able to unite again.”

That old man called Qi You nodded. He said, “Plus, the First Elder and the Second Elder are all undertaking a complete retreat. No one knows just when they will come out. Without the two of them, our Eastern Dragon Island does not have an advantage among the four islands in terms of strength…”

Zhu Li softly sighed. He said, “It is pointless to think about this now. We should wait for the refinement to complete first. Additionally, the caution level must remain high. If the other three islands were to gain news, one cannot guarantee that they will not dispatch some experts over to probe. Those three islands’ chiefs are all people with great ambition. They will definitely not allow someone with a true royal bloodline to appear. Otherwise, even if they could endure the pressure from the royal bloodline, the other tribe members will be completely united under the royal bloodline…”


Qi You quietly nodded. He gave Xiao Yan, who still seated in front of the large cauldron, a deep look. His body moved and slowly disappeared. At the same time, quite a number of auras from the hidden experts started disappearing.

Zhu Li turned back to Xiao Yan after Qi You disappeared. He softly said, “Xiao Yan, the fate of the future Ancient Void Dragon tribe will be determined by you…”

Xiao Yan, who was beside the cauldron at the mouth of the volcano, appeared to hear Zhu Li’s mutter. His eyebrows trembled and an unusually searing hot air was slowly spat out of his throat.


A soft voice was emitted from his throat along with his breath. The fire dragon within the large cauldron shook. It began to tremble. Everyone saw that the color of the fire dragon was beginning to turn from a whitish-purple-brown into a mysterious dark-purple.


The fire dragon, which had transformed into a dark-purple color had also shrunk in size. However, the flame temperature within its body had suddenly soared. The frightening temperature was caused some members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe to change their facial expressions.


A dark-purple flame was continuously spat from the large mouth of the fire dragon. It ruthlessly adhered to the Dragon Phoenix crystal on Zi Yan’s body. The two made contact and waves of sizzling sounds immediately erupted. Under this kind of intense collision, that incomparably hard energy crystal finally revealed a drop of purple-gold liquid in front of many joyous eyes…

“The Dragon Phoenix crystal has started to melt!”

Although that drop of purple-gold liquid was extremely tiny, it still did not escape the experienced eyes of the many experts. Numerous suppressed voices of joy rang out.


Elder Zhu Li also quietly sighed in relief at this moment. His tightly clenched fists were slowly relaxed. Although this was only the first step, it at the very least indicated that Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame was able to melt the Dragon Phoenix crystal. This beginning was already quite a joyous one. Subsequently, as long as Xiao Yan was able to endure, he would sooner or later completely melt the entire Dragon Phoenix crystal.

Of course, Elder Zhu Li also understood that attempting to melt the Dragon Phoenix crystal would require a lot of time. However, one must eat things a mouthful at a time. No one could expect something like this to succeed immediately.

With a good beginning, all they needed to do was wait quietly until the Dragon Phoenix crystal completely melted!

Ten days flew by in the blink of an eye amid the wait.

Xiao Yan did not rest even a little during these ten days. The Dou Qi within his body had been completely exhausted twice, but he did not use the Ancient Dragon essence blood that Elder Zhu Li had given him during these two instances. Instead, he relied on the Flame Mantra, which had evolved to the Quasi-Tian class Qi Method, to forcefully absorb the surrounding energy. Although this kind of absorption could not be compared with the rate at which his Dou Qi was exhausted, he was still able to endure by relying on some other Dou Qi recovery pills.

During the ten days, the Dou Qi within his body did not cease circulating for even a moment. This kind of determination caused even some tribe members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe to involuntarily feel some admiration…

However, it was obvious that this could not continue on by simply relying on ordinary methods. Hence, on the fifteenth day, Xiao Yan was unable to endure this kind of exhaustion. Only then did he take out a drop of the Ancient Dragon essence blood that Elder Zhu Li had given him and swallowed it.


A bright golden light was immediately emitted from Xiao Yan’s skin when the Ancient Dragon essence blood entered his body. A vast and mighty energy swept through his body like a storm. His originally exhausted veins once again rapidly filled with a gushing amount of Dou Qi in an instant.

When this kind of energy storm streaked through, Xiao Yan could sense that his bones, muscles and veins were vaguely emitting a kind of unusual itchiness and soreness. Under this kind of feeling, it appeared as though his bones, muscles, etc. were all slowly becoming firmer and more powerful…

Some marvel involuntarily appeared in Xiao Yan’s heart when he sensed the changes within his body. This kind of energy could basically be compared with some high tier medicinal pills. The Ancient Void Dragon was indeed worthy of being an existence at the peak of the Magical Beast world. Just the strength of this essence blood possessed such a mysterious effect.

“Since this is the case… let’s continue!”

Xiao Yan tightened his hand. His somewhat tired face revealed a faint smile. His eyes focused on the interior of the large cauldron. The Dragon Phoenix crystal on the surface of Zi Yan’s body appeared to have completely vanished, but its disappearance did not represent the end because the interior of Zi Yan’s body was still occupied by the solidified Dragon Phoenix crystal. Only after refining each crystal layer would Zi Yan be able to awaken!

After continuing the refinement, one month swiftly flowed by like sand between one’s fingers…

During this one month, all the tribe members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe were pleasantly surprised to see the Dragon Phoenix crystal on Zi Yan’s body become thinner. In the end, it completely vanished.

With this pleasant change, a joyous atmosphere began to spread across the Ancient Dragon Island. According to this speed, it was likely that the Dragon Phoenix crystal layers within Zi Yan’s body would be refined soon. At that time, an existence that possessed the true royal bloodline of the Magical Beast world would be born once again!

A figure was seated in a haggard fashion in front of the enormous cauldron. By looking through the air around the figure, one could see a pair of eyes filled with traces of blood. Those eyes contained a tiredness and a frightening tenacity…

Numerous gazes from around the mountain contained some respect as they focused on the skinny figure. During this one month, this figure had revealed a shocking perseverance that subdued the many naturally haughty Ancient Void Dragon tribe members.

Zhu Li slowly fondled his beard as he studied the back of the figure. The figure was still able to control the Heavenly Flame within the cauldron with great familiarity despite not having slept for a month. A moment later, Zhu Li softly sighed. There was a hint of envy in his voice.

Elder Zhu Li was just about to open his mouth to issue an instruction after sighing when a furious cry suddenly resounded over this empty realm in a thunderbolt-like fashion.

“Xia Ao, all of you are very bold. You actually dare to barge into my Eastern Dragon Island!”

Zhu Li’s expression turned gloomy upon hearing this furious cry. He slowly raised his head and looked toward the empty space outside.

“Are they finally here…”