Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1284: Saint Yao, Yao Chen

Chapter 1284: Saint Yao, Yao Chen

Ban Sheng!

These two simple words were undoubtedly like a furious thunder that suddenly blasted violently beside the ears of ninth Tianzun and eighth Tianzun. At this moment, it appeared as though the Dou Qi within their bodies had ceased circulating. They widened their mouths. Their faces were dull as they looked at the old man in the distance, who had stopped the enormous ice ball with a single hand.

Ban Sheng. Perhaps other people might find this level extremely unfamiliar. However, ninth and eighth Tianzun were quite familiar with it. This was because this level was called an abyss of despair by many experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class. Most of the experts in this world who had reached the peak of the Dou Zun class ended up halting at the edge of this Ban Sheng class. Regardless of how they trained, they were unable to truly stepped into this so called Ban Sheng class.

Only by stepping into the Ban Sheng class would one be able to possess the qualification to step into the Dou Sheng class!

One could even say that Ban Sheng was the most important foundation stone before one stepped into the Dou Sheng class. If one was unable to enter the Ban Sheng level, one could forget about ever becoming a genuine elite Dou Sheng!

While Dou Di was gradually becoming a legend that existed only in history, the simple ‘Sheng’ word represented the peak of this entire world.

An elite Dou Zun could be considered to be top experts of this continent. However, the top ultimately did not represent the peak. The peak of this world belonged to those experts of an even higher class…

Similarly, this so called Ban Sheng level was also a state that ninth and eighth Tianzuns had dreamed about. However, their hearts understood just how difficult it was to reach this level. Perhaps they might not be truly able to reach it even if they were to use their entire lifetime.

They had never expect that Yao Lao was able to step into that class. From the way they thought of it, even if Yao Lao had regained a new body, it was already extremely difficult for him to recover to his peak strength, much less breakthrough the peak of the Dou Zun class and advance to a Ban Sheng.

Although they had never expected it, reality was extremely cruel. The situation that they had least expect had appeared in front of them as reality.

“Ban Sheng…”

All the eyes within the star realm gathered onto that elderly figure in the sky. Compared to that incomparably large ice ball, this figure appeared exceptionally tiny. However, at this moment, the pressure that was emitted from this small figure caused even the frightening energy that spread from within the icy ball to tremble a little.

“Ban Sheng… this old fellow… has actually advanced into that stage.”

Feng zun-zhe and the others were stunned as they watched the figure. It was a long time later before a wild joy finally surged into their hearts. Ban Sheng. Although there was a ‘Ban’ (Half) word, it was still related to the ‘Sheng’ word, which represented the peak. This was a transforming leap!

“The Falling Star Pavilion is about to prosper…”

Those many experts, who were originally fleeing, had also come to a halt because of the scene in the sky. Some of the knowledgeable experts felt their mouths become dry. The Falling Star Pavilion had produced a Ban Sheng. This seemingly explosive news would likely sweep throughout the entire Central Plains like a hurricane. The reputation and strength of the Falling Star Pavilion in the future would likely soar in a frightening manner within a short period of time.

The Hall of Soul might be frightening but the Falling Star Pavilion in the future was no longer something that they could destroy just because they wanted to. An expert at the Ban Sheng class was someone that even the Hall of Soul must treat seriously. Most importantly, this elite Ban Sheng was also the top alchemist in the continent. His reputation and influence was likely something that no one could compare with.

Hence, at this moment, everyone understood that the Falling Star Pavilion was going to prosper.

Xiao Yan had a joyous face as he stood on the mountain top. Yao Lao’s breakthrough from the peak of the Dou Zun class and advancement to the Ban Sheng level had far exceeded his expectations. Although the ingredients that he had chosen to refine Yao Lao’s body with this time around were all of top quality and that he had even added a Dou Sheng arm at the end, he did not expect that it could eventually allow Yao Lao to breakthrough.

Originally, based on his expectations, Yao Lao’s ability to recover his peak strength was already an extremely joyous matter. As for breaking through the Dou Zun class… that kind of matter was something that was not given much thought. This was because the difficulty of breaking through the Dou Zun class was something that he also understood well. Although there were fewer elite Dou Zuns on this continent, their numbers were far from the point of being as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn. On the other hand, the legendary Dou Sheng… even with Xiao Yan’s experience, he had merely just seen a Dou Sheng skeleton with a remanent soul imprint once. Of course, the currently Yao Lao could likely only be considered an elite Ban Sheng. Although Ban Sheng had a ‘Ban’ (Half) word, it was at the very least a ‘Sheng’!

Yao Lao was suspended in the distant sky. His gaze was calm as he glanced at ninth Tianzun duo far away. His hand, which was touching the ice ball, was slowly clenched.


After Yao Lao clenched his hand, the surface of the ice ball that contained a terrifying energy suddenly became distorted. That appearance was as though there was an incomparably large hand violently pinching it.


The surface of the ice ball became increasingly distorted. A moment later, it finally emitted a crack sound amidst Yao Lao’s faint voice and suddenly burst apart!

When the ice ball burst apart, the terrifying energy storm immediately swept apart like a hurricane. However, these storm came to an abrupt halt after spreading to a certain distance. It was quietly destroyed.


Countless number of people violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva as they looked at the ice chips that slowly scattered down from the sky. That frightening attack, which could annihilate this entire mountain range was actually resolved so easily. Yao Lao’s sleeve did not even move a little…

“Is this the strength of an elite Ban Sheng…”

Many experts exchanged glances with another. They could see a deep shocked from the other party’s eyes. Such a strength had already far exceeded the Dou Zun class. It was indeed worthy of being a true peak strength…


Ninth and eighth Tianzun were affected when the ice ball was destroyed. Their bodies shook and a muffled moan was emitted from their throats. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of their mouths at the same time. Even their aura had become a little chaotic. Clearly, Yao Lao had not only shattered the ice ball but had even directly caused quite a great amount of damage to their bodies.

Eighth Tianzun wiped off the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. His eyes stared intently at Yao Lao in the distance. Those eyes were filled with terror and unwillingness. Back then, he had once been defeated in Yao Lao’s hands. It was unexpected that in this first meeting of theirs after that time, he would actually be defeated in Yao Lao’s hands once again. Moreover, it was a truly miserable defeat!

Ninth Tianzun clenched his teeth. The envy in his eyes was basically about to be raised to a frenzy level. However, he was not an ordinary person. A moment later, he forcefully suppressed the emotion within his heart. A grayish-white expression surged onto his face. After having discovered Yao Lao’s current level, he understood that the mission today could be considered to have truly failed.

If Yao Lao was still at the peak of the Dou Zun class, ninth Tianzun might find it troublesome to deal with but would not feel helpless and despair. However… no one could expect that Yao Lao had not only recovered his peak strength but had even broken through the barrier that was regarded by most experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class to be an abyss of despair and finally advanced into the Ban Sheng stage!

This was a class that was completely different from that of a Dou Zun. Although it was only Ban (Half) Sheng, but even the combined strength of two experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class would have difficulty defeating him. There was an enormous gap between the two that one would have difficulty attempting to make up for.

“Eighth, less go!”

Ninth Tianzun inhaled a deep breath of air. He decisively cried out to eighth Tianzun in a deep voice.

Hearing the cry of ninth Tianzun, the fist of eighth Tianzun immediately tightened. His face was filled with an unwillingness.

“He has currently already advanced to a Ban Sheng. Even if the both of us were to join hands, we will not be a match for him. If you wish to remain behind and seek your own death, I will not join you!” Ninth Tianzun’s expression sunk when he saw this. He chided furiously.

“Let’s go!”

Fortunately, this eighth Tianzun was also not a reckless person. He also understood that there was no longer any chance to turn things around for this mission today. All he could do was to nod his head. He waved his hand and the space beside him was swiftly torn into a spatial crack line. Their bodies flashed and they rushed into this crack line.

“Since you have come, you should at least leave something…”

Yao Lao in the distant sky smiled faintly when he saw this situation. He extended his hand and violently clenched it while aiming at the spatial crack line across the distance.


After Yao Lao clenched his hand, that spatial crack line immediately collapsed. An incomparable frightening wind directly penetrated through the space and rushed into the spatial crack line. Two low and deep muffled sound were vaguely emitted.


Two bright red blood arrows shot out from the crack line after the muffled sound appeared. After which, it rushed towards Yao Lao with a swift lightning like speed. However, they automatically turned into a cluster of bloody fog that scattered away when they reached a thousand feet from Yao Lao.

“Yao zun-zhe, just you wait. My Hall of Soul will not simply take this lying down!”

While blood arrow scattered, the distant spatial crack line also slowly disappeared. However, the furious roar of ninth Tianzun penetrated through the air and reverberated over this place. The pain contained within the roar indicated that Yao Lao’s earlier palm had hurt him quite badly.

Yao Lao smiled slightly in a non-committal manner in the face of this roar. Having advanced into the Ban Sheng stage, he could be considered to have stepped into the peak level of the continent. The current him was no longer the Yao zun-zhe from back then. Perhaps… the current him could have another form of address like…

Saint (Sheng) Yao, Yao Chen!