Chapter 1252: Attracting the Pill Beast

“Medicinal Pill?”

Everyone were stunned upon hearing these vulgarities of Xiao Yan. It was a long while later before they gradually recovered. Their eyes were filled with disbelief as they watched the snow white little beast. At this moment, the latter was staring at them curiously with a pair of intelligent eyes. How did this appearance resemble a medicinal pill?

“How could there be such a big medicinal pill?” Little Fairy Doctor mumbled.

“I’m definitely right. I will not recognise that kind of medicinal pill scent wrongly. Earlier, I thought that it was being emitted from some of the remaining medicinal pills. After a detailed probe, however, I discover that the pill fragrance is being emitted from the body of this small beast.” Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with a fiery heat that was difficult to hide.

“There are indeed some high tier medicinal pills that are indeed able to change form and even possess some intelligence. This place is an ancient remains left behind by an elite Dou Sheng. It is not very strange for there to be something like this…” Tian Huo zun-zhe said. He immediately smiled bitterly. He had never been able to see a medicinal pill that could turn into the form of a beast in his lifetime. At the very most, he had only read about in from some ancient books.

“Could this little beast be the legendary tier 9 medicinal pill?” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Even if it is not a tier 9 medicinal pill, it is also almost there. Normally, as long as it is a medicinal pill that has experienced a seven or more coloured medicinal pill, it would possess the ability to transform into a beast shape. Moreover, its intelligence is also extremely great.” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the little beast and softly said, “If I guess correctly, this little beast original form should be a medicinal pill that has experienced an eight or even nine coloured Pill Lightning. It is within close proximity to the nine tier medicinal pill.”

“A tier 8 medicinal pill that has experienced an eight coloured Pill Lightning…”

Everyone looked at each other. Even within the entire current Dou Qi continent, the number of people who could refine a medicinal pill at this tier would likely not exceed one’s fingers. Even the current Xiao Yan was unable to refine it.

“If word of this was to spread, it is likely that the experts within this ancient remains would become crazy…” Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes blinked and spoke in a somewhat solemn manner. The allure of a medicinal pill of this tier was one that even some old demons were unable to block. If they became aware of it, they would definitely use all their means to snatch it.

It was extremely difficult to raise one strength within the Dou Zun class. If anyone could swallow this medicinal pill, his strength would end up advancing greatly. It could be equivalent to ten years or even a hundred years of training. How many people were immune to such an allure?

Xiao Yan’s group hurriedly recovered from their wild joy after hearing Little Fairy Doctor’s words. This thing was indeed a great treasure but it was also a scalding hot potato. If word of it was to spread, it was likely that everyone, who had entered this remains, would instantly become envious. At that time, they would really become the common enemy of everyone.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment. He turned his head and threw an expression towards Xiong Zhan. The latter also understood Xiao Yan after seeing this. He slowly took a couple of themes back and stood outside of the door. A fierce aura spread over his body as he guarded at the entrance like a strong being.

Although there are quite a number of experts on the third storey, few of them could surpass Xiong Zhan. With such a ferocious guard, even if others converted the thing inside, they would not dare to randomly barge in without being aware of the exact information. Moreover, this was the result that Xiao Yan’s group needed.

“Should we Capture this little fellow?” Zi Yan spoke with some excitement after seeing Xiong Zhan guarding the main entrance.

“Do not act rashly. This little fellow might not appear to possess any energy but it is not a nice party to offend. If it is frightened off, we will have difficulty finding it within such a large Pill Hall without its aura as a direction.” Xiao Yan shook his head. A smile surfaced on his face as he said, “Moreover, we need not use any brute force in order to capture this little fellow.”

“You have a method?” Little Fairy Doctor asked uncertainly.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He took a jade bottle from within his Storage Ring. The jade bottle contained a couple of tier 4 medicinal pills within it. He took out one of them from within it and tossed it towards that snow white little fellow in the distance.

The medicinal pill gently landed beside the snow white little beast. It rolled around. The latter pulled back some distance from shock before stepping forward to sniff it. However, it did not swallow it, an act that somewhat exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations. All it did was shake its head and pulled back. From it action, it was clear that it completely looked down on such a low grade medicinal pill.

An embarrassed expression appeared on Xiao Yan’s face when he saw this scene. Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan by the side involuntarily laughed. This little beast really did not give any face…

“Looks like it is being raised by those high tier medicinal pill…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He could only take out a tier 6 medicinal pill that he had refined from his Storage Ring. With a flick of his finger, it had landed beside the small beast. After sniffing it a little, some excitement flashed across its large spiritual eyes. Its pink tender tongue swept this medicinal pill into its mouth like beans and swallowed it with a gulping sound.

The little beast raised its head once again after eating a tier 6 medicinal pills. Its intelligent large eyes stared at Xiao Yan. That pink tender tongue was repeatedly extended and withdraw like a small dog. Clearly, it had yet to eat till it was satisfied.

A joy rose within Xiao Yan’s heart when he saw this. The ancient book record was right. This kind of pill beast ate medicinal pills. Using medicinal pills to tame these pill beasts was the best method.

Xiao Yan once again took out a couple of tier 6 medicinal pills. He flickered all of them beside the snow white little beast. The latter did not reject any of them that came its way as it swallowed all of them into his stomach. After over a dozen medicinal pills were swallowed into its stomach, the caution within those eyes that the little beast used to look at Xiao Yan was also gradually reduced.

“This is squandering too much, no?”

Tian Huo zun-zhe involuntarily felt some heartache as he saw Xiao Yan continuously throw out these tier 6 medicinal pills like beans. It was difficult to seek these medicinal pills in the outside world even if one had money. Yet, it was currently used as feed.

“There is no choice. This little fellow’s mouth is too selective. It refuses to eat any medicinal pills below tier 6…” Xiao Yan also felt somewhat helpless. He had underestimated the pickiness of this pill beast towards food.

Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed bitterly. He could only watch Xiao Yan throw out one pill after another. Fortunately, these medicinal pills were not thrown without receiving any gain. At the very least, that snow white little beast was no longer as resistive of them.

This feeding continued for ten minutes. After this ten minutes, Xiao Yan had threw over twenty tier 6 medicinal pills and eight tier 7 medicinal pills. This spending rate caused even him to feel his heart dripping with blood towards the end. Even with his current ability, he would at the very need require a couple of days in order to refine those medicinal pills. Yet, all of them had disappeared under the squeaking chewing sound of the pill beast.

Fortunately, this spending was not endless. While Xiao Yan began to feel a little numb, the snow white small beast raised its hind foot in satisfaction. Two furry claws patted its round tummy. Its eyes were filled with satisfaction.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing that he had finally fed this little fellow until it was full. He whistled towards the snow white small beast. Those intelligent eyes of the beast glanced at him. It appeared to be intending to walk over but there were many people on Xiao Yan’s side. This caused it to hesitate a little.

Xiao Yan, who saw this scene, was finally aware that it was time to use some ruthless tactic. As long as this fellow would walk over willingly, he would be temporarily considered the owner of this pill beast.

With a flick of his hand, a transparent jade bottle appeared within it. There was a round medicinal pill being contained inside. A pill fog that was filled with spirituality lingered within the jade bottle. That medicinal pill appeared to be in possession of a spirituality as it was suspended within the jade bottle while swaying left and right.

This medicinal pill was naturally the highest tier medicinal pill that Xiao Yan currently possessed. It was the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill that had summoned a five coloured Pill Lightning when he refined it back at the Pill Gathering.

The eyes of the little beast widened into a circle when this medicinal pill appeared. Immediately, its forelimbs sprung on the tabletop. Its round body drew an arc over the midair and charged over towards Xiao Yan in an anxious manner.

A brilliant smile surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face when he saw this. Little fellow, you have taken the bait…

The snow white little beast drew an arc over the midair. However, when it was about to collide into Xiao Yan’s embrace, its body suddenly stiffened. A sudden suction force surged and directly pulled its body away.

This sudden unexpected change caused Xiao Yan’s group to be startled. Xiao Yan was the fastest to react. His expression became gloomy almost instantly as his eyes swept upwards. A somewhat slim shadow figure flashed and grabbed the pill beast forcefully in its hands.

“Little fellow, I’ll see where you will run to this time around!”

The black shadow figure grabbed the pill beast, ignored its intense struggle and laughed.

“You are seeking death!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. His body flashed and he directly appeared in front of the black shadow. Purple-brown flame lingered over his palms and his palm violently slammed towards Xiao Yan.


That black shadow figure was unafraid in the face of this attack by Xiao Yan. He turned around and slammed backwards, colliding heavily with Xiao Yan’s hands.

Both hands crossed each other. Xiao Yan’s body trembled and the black shadow figure swiftly took a couple of steps back. Finally, it leaped onto a beam in a vigourous manner and looked down at everyone from above. He coldly said, “I have chased this pill beast for a long time. Are all of you intending to snatch with me?”

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His eyes stared at the ghost mask on the face of the black shadow figure. A cold glint flashed across them, “You again!”

The black shadow figure that had suddenly appeared was surprisingly the mysterious person that had attacked Zi Yan back then.

“You freaking woman who dares to attack this grandaunt. Are you tired of living?” Zi Yan had also recognised this person and she roared furiously,

“Damnit, this girl is really too evil. The old me became absent minded because of that green light of hers, allowing her to sneak in.” Xiong Zhan also charged in and cried furiously.

Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. He suppressed the fury within his heart and threw an expression towards Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. The both of them withdrew some distance away and sealed off the retreat path of this black shadow person.

“Hand the pill beast to us and we can choose not to pursue the previous matter. Otherwise, do not blame us for being vicious!”