Chapter 1216: All Prepared

Xiao Yan was

seated cross-legged on the bed within his room. His finger was rubbing a

blood-red Storage Ring in his hand. It was the ring he had forcefully

snatched from Yi Chen’s hand. This fellow possessed a high position

within the Profound Sky Sect. It was likely that the things within the

ring would not be too lousy.

“This is interest…”

Xiao Yan

softly laughed. A thought passed through his mind and a trace of

Spiritual Strength spread from between his brows. After which, it

invaded the blood-red Storage Ring. However, the Spiritual Strength had

just made contact with the ring when it was repelled by a force.

“A spiritual imprint has been placed on it, huh…”


Yan raised his eyebrows when his Spiritual Strength was repelled. The

strength of that Yi Chen was quite great. However, if they were to

compare his strength in terms of Spiritual Strength, it was likely that

even ten Yi Chen were unable to surpass Xiao Yan. This kind of spiritual

imprint appeared to be without any defensive properties from Xiao Yan’s

point of view.

Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed over the blood-red

Storage Ring. A vast and mighty strength surged out like floodwaters.

One could hear a slight cracking sound as the spiritual imprint within

the Storage Ring was forcefully removed by Xiao Yan.

After easily

removing the spiritual imprint on the Storage Ring, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual

Strength finally entered it without any obstacles. He briefly searched

it and a blood-red scroll appeared in his hand with a flash.

“Blood Evil Skill.”


Yan swept his eyes over the scroll. After which, they paused on the

three blood-red words at the top. A wave of a dense bloody scent

immediately poured out of it.

Xiao Yan carefully opened the

scroll. He briefly glanced at the introduction to this Qi Method within

the scroll, and his brows were involuntarily knit. A moment later, he

softly said, “It is indeed bloody. This kind of Qi Method is far to evil

and also far too cruel. Swallowing the flesh and blood of others to

absorb the other party’s Dou Qi. This kind of tactic is really vicious.”


so-called Blood Evil Skill could be considered a top level Qi Method

even within the Profound Sky Sect. This was something that could be

observed from how Yi Chen managed to rely on it to reach the peak of the

Dou Zong class when he was only around thirty years old. Although there

were other reasons like his outstanding talent, most of it was due to

the unusual process of this Blood Evil Skill.

“However, this kind

of tactic that relies on absorbing the strength of others to become

stronger is not considered an excellent one. If one absorbs too much Dou

Qi, one’s own Dou Qi will have difficulty becoming pure. After reaching

a certain level, one would have difficulty advancing even an inch

forward. Unless one scatters one’s power and retrains, one would even

gradually suffer a backlash from the impure Dou Qi.”

After briefly

reading this so-called Blood Evil Skill, Xiao Yan also managed to find

some of the drawbacks of this Qi Method. This thing would allow one to

swiftly grow strong, but the sequelae was really too great. Moreover,

the process was also extremely cruel and bloody. Unless it was someone

who was naturally cold and indifferent, one would not be able to

practice this kind of Qi Method.

“Profound Sky Sect… what an evil sect.”


Yan shook his head and randomly stored this Blood Evil Skill into his

Storage Ring. No matter how one put it, this could barely be considered a

Di class high level Qi Method. If he took it out to be auctioned in the

future, he would definitely be able to exchange it for some extremely

valuable items.

After Xiao Yan took the Blood Evil Skill, he

searched for a while, but he did not find anything else that could

interest him. Just when he planned on giving up, his sweeping Spiritual

Strength suddenly stopped in a certain part of the Storage Ring. There

was an inconspicuous, gray scroll. Xiao Yan could vaguely sense a faint

killing intent seeping out of the scroll.

“This is…”


Yan narrowed his eyes. This kind of killing aura was something that he

was familiar with. After recalling this familiarity, he finally

discovered that it seemed to be powerful Dou Skill that Yi Chen had used

near the end of their match. It contained a murderous aura that seemed

to snatch the mind of another.

Xiao Yan clenched his hand. A

gray-colored scroll appeared in it. He flicked his finger and pulled it

open. A couple of ordinary words, permeated with killing intent,

appeared in his sight.

“Heaven Offering Demon Hand…”


Yan softly mumbled those words. A glint flashed across his eyes at the

same time. This thing was indeed the final attack that Yi Chen had

displayed earlier.

When they had fought earlier, Xiao Yan had

personally experienced the strength of this so-called Heaven Offering

Demon Hand. That sharp killing intent was indeed extremely strong.

Fortunately, Yi Chen had clearly yet to master it to its peak. His

killing aura had been significantly diluted, perhaps because the Bloody

Qi in his body was overly dense.

This Heaven Offering Demon Hand

required an unhesitating desire to kill. Such a killing desire was born

from one’s thoughts. It was not something that could be supplemented by

relying on Blood Qi.

“This thing could be considered one of the

ultimate skills of the Profound Sky Sect. Its strength is definitely

beyond what Yi Chen had displayed. That fellow is far too arrogant. This

caused him to be unable to understand the true meaning of the Heaven

Offering Demon Hand…” Xiao Yan carefully studied this scroll before

exhaling a deep breath and speaking with some interest.

Based on

Xiao Yan’s guess, if this Heaven Offering Demon Hand were to be fully

unleashed, its might would likely only be able surpassed if one learned

the fifth seal of the God Seal Skill. This thing was indeed unique for

it to become an ultimate skill within the Profound Sky Sect.


Yan’s hand gently rubbed the scroll. The smile on his face became more

dense. It was unexpected that Yi Chen would deliver such a treasure this

time around. If Xiao Yan was able to learn this Heaven Offering Demon

Hand, his fighting strength would definitely rise. He would also possess

an additional fighting technique when battling with others in the


Moreover, they would begin their operation to rescue Yao

Lao very soon. By having this Heaven Offering Demon Hand delivered to

him, it must be said that Yi Chen was just like a timely downpour…


to the need to wait for the arrival of Feng zun-zhe, Xiao Yan’s group

still had time to prepare. Though, such a dangerous operation would

appear rushed no matter how long one had to prepare. Hence, Xiao Yan had

once again chosen to undertake a retreat after having obtained the

information from the three great heads.

During this retreat, Xiao

Yan not only needed to help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine the Fungus Green

Pill before Feng zun-zhe arrived, but he would also need to find some

time to familiarize and practice the Heaven Offering Demon Hand. One

additional skill would mean an additional net of safety. Similarly, it

would also mean that his confidence to succeed would increase.

Regardless of whether this would be insignificant or not, it would be

better prepare more in order to rescue Yao Lao.

The Little Fairy

Doctor and the others were helpless in the face of Xiao Yan’s somewhat

crazy retreat. After having followed Xiao Yan around for so many years,

she was aware of just how much effort Xiao Yan had put in to rescue his

teacher. Now that everything was falling into place, he would naturally

not dare to relax even a little.

Being influenced by Xiao Yan, the

Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe did not leave during this

period of time. They understood the importance of this operation to Xiao

Yan. Therefore, they tried to increase their strength a little in order

to boost their likelihood of success.

The insane training of

these people caused Xuan Kong Zi and the rest to feel a little helpless.

However, they could empathize with them. Hence, they issued the order

not to disturb Xiao Yan’s group. Moreover, they had even dispatched some

female servants there. If Xiao Yan lacked something during his pill

refinement, the Pill Tower would swiftly deliver it to him.

Half a year quietly passed while Xiao Yan undertook a retreat where he forgot to eat or sleep.


this half a month, the Pill Tower was faced with a commotion. This

commotion was due to a thundercloud suddenly appearing in the sky above

the Pill Tower. Moreover, there were two faint colors in the

thundercloud. The thundercloud was surprisingly a two-colored Pill

Lightning. From the looks of it, it was obvious that some alchemist guru

within the Pill Tower had refined a tier 8 medicinal pill.


they felt surprised at the Pill Lightning lingering in the sky, a golden

light was suddenly emitted from the Pill Tower. After which, the light

floated in the sky and received the violent strike from the two-colored

Pill Lightning in front of a countless number of speechless people.

Next, the light landed without being hurt and disappeared in a flash.


people from the Pill Tower were familiar with this scene. When the

golden-colored figure appeared, all of them understood knew was refining

a tier 8 medicinal pill, the champion of this Pill Gathering—Xiao Yan.


filled quite a number of alchemists when they figured out who was

refining this pill. Tier 8 medicinal pills were too far for them to

reach. However, it appeared as though those pills were readily available

to the hands of Xiao Yan, who appeared even younger than them. This

kind of comparison caused them to feel embarrassed. One should really

not compare two different people.

Two days after the Pill

Lightning ended, Xiao Yan finally left his half-a-month-long retreat.

However, his disheveled appearance appeared quite miserable.


Xiao Yan looked miserable, it did not hinder the excitement on his

face. After failing three times, he had finally successfully refined the

Fungus Green Pill.

Tian Huo zun-zhe, who had been guarding Xiao

Yan’s room outside, revealed a stunned expression when he saw Xiao Yan’s

miserable appearance. However, when Xiao Yan tossed him a deep-green,

round medicinal pill with a strong spiritual aura, he was instantly

excited. Without saying anything unnecessary, he grabbed the medicinal

pill and entered another chamber.

Watching how quickly he left,

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed. During this retreat, he had not only

managed to successfully refine the Fungus Green Pill, he had also gained

a basic understanding of the Heaven Offering Demon Hand. On the whole,

he had acquired a lot…

Xiao Yan finally rested after having left

his retreat and having prepared everything he needed to. He calmly

recuperated for two days before his condition returned to its peak. The

only thing that he needed to do was to wait Feng zun-zhe to arrive.

After which… they would leave and rescue Yao Lao!

Xiao Yan wait

did not last very long. On the fifth day after he had left his retreat,

Xiao Yan was practicing the Heaven Offering Demon Hand, but he suddenly

stood up from his chair. He sensed a familiar, mighty aura appearing

within his area of perception at this moment.

Feng zun-zhe had arrived.