Chapter 1208: Fire Lightning Bead

When Xiao Yan clenched his fist, a terrifying suction force immediately surged out in all directions. Finally, one could see wave after wave of majestic purple-black flames transforming into numerous fire pillars that whizzed to Xiao Yan’s palm.


Xiao Yan’s eyes hardened as he softly cried out while he observed the majestic flame that had gathered in his hand.

His cry sounded and the energy above Xiao Yan’s palm suddenly began to rotate at a high speed. A fire swirl, a hundred feet large, was formed above Xiao Yan’s palm. Numerous fire pillars continued to pour into this swirl.

The swirl rotated at an increasingly terrifying rate. In the end, it transformed into a purple-black light. A deep rumbling sound continued to spread, causing the space to form waves of fluctuations.

When the swirl’s rotating speed had reached a certain level, the hundred-foot-large fire swirl also began to shrink. After half an hour or so, the swirl was only the size of a palm. However, this was not what Xiao Yan required. His hand was clenched and the swirl once again increased its rotation speed.

“Zoom zoom”

A terrifying ripple spread from the fire swirl. The fire glow suddenly erupted into a wave of dazzling light a moment later. Immediately, a wave of zoom sounds appeared. The light scattered, and a baby-fist-sized purple-black bead appeared in Xiao Yan’s palm.

This bead was purple-black in color with some vague, strange lines on its surface. There was a fierce flame burning and churning in this somewhat transparent bead.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief as he looked at the purple-black bead that had formed. Cold perspiration appeared on his forehead. From the looks of it, the formation of this thing was not as easy as one imagined it to be.

This kind of bead formed from the agglomeration of flames was called Fire Lightning Bead. Xiao Yan had discovered it in some of the scrolls Yao Lao had left behind. This thing could be considered quite unique. A special technique was required to compress a flame to the extreme. Finally, it would form this bead shape.

The creation of this thing had an extremely harsh requirement on one’s spiritual control because if one failed find an equilibrium when suppressing it, the flame would explode. The backlash at that time would be quite severe. If Xiao Yan’s strength had not suddenly soared, it was likely that he would not have dared to have attempted to create this so-called Fire Lightning Bead.

Although this Fire Lightning Bead was a little troublesome and dangerous to create, its strength was something that need not be doubted. The strength of this thing was determined by the quality of the ingredients that were used to create it. The might of the Three Thousand Burning Flame was something that was needless to say. Currently, these flames had agglomerated from the vast and mighty strength of the stars. It was the perfect ingredient to be used to create the Fire Lightning Bead.

Based on Xiao Yan’s guess, the Fire Lightning Bead that he had created with the Three Thousand Burning Flame could blast even an elite Dou Zun into an extremely miserable state, if it caught him by surprise and he could not defend in time. If Xiao Yan were to suddenly use this attack when exchanging blows with others in the future, it would definitely end up with a surprising effect.

Xiao Yan took out a wooden box from his Storage Ring after having successfully created this Fire Lightning Bead. After which, he carefully placed it into the box. This thing could not be stored in a jade box. Otherwise, the Cold Qi emitted from a jade box would destroy its equilibrium. At that time, it might end up exploding in his hand before he could throw it. That would be a little comical.

Xiao Yan did not stop after having successfully refined a Fire Lightning Bead. The purple-black flames were perfect to refine. It was extremely rare to find a flame that contained the majestic strength of the stars in the outside world. Xiao Yan would naturally only stop after refining all that he could. At that time, even if he were to meet an elite Dou Zun, even someone of Old Mu Gu’s strength would likely be blasted into a horrible state if he were to throw over a dozen Fire Lightning Beads.

Xiao Yan quietly laughed after having made up his mind in his heart. He clenched his hand and a powerful suction force once again surged out!

When Xiao Yan halted this wild absorption, this Star Region, that had been dead quiet for a long time, once again became lively. Firestorms whistled around. A terrifying ripple caused even space itself to form some dark-black lines.

Due to the powerful strength of the Fire Lightning Beads created from the Three Thousand Burning Flame, Xiao Yan continuously refined them in a happy and tireless manner. This creation of Fire Lightning Beads was exhausting. Even with Xiao Yan’s strength, his energy was exhausted after creating around eighteen of them, and he was no longer able to continue forming them.

Xiao Yan immediately sat down and trained upon sensing the situation. Half an hour later, most of the Dou Qi within his exhausted body had been recovered.

While Xiao Yan Dou Qi was recovering, he was surprised to discover the the current Flame Mantra had reached the Di class high level. Its ability to absorb and refine energy had also soared. In the past, Xiao Yan required half a day in order to recover his Dou Qi. However, he only required less than an hour now. This was part of the benefits shared by the evolution of the Flame Mantra.

Moreover, with the uniqueness of Flame Mantra, an ordinary Di class high level Qi Method was far inferior to it. Based on Xiao Yan’s guess, the current Flame Mantra could be considered the best Qi Method below the Tian class. Of course, it would be a different story when it came to the inherited Qi Methods of some ancient factions or clans. One example was the so-called Gu clan of Xun Er. After having been passed down for so many years, it was likely that no one would believe that it did not possess some Qi Methods or Dou Skills that could deter others.

Nevertheless, the current Flame Mantra had gradually revealed its towering strength. The Dou Qi that had been refined from the Flame Mantra and the strengthening of the Heavenly Flames would be extremely powerful. Just by relying on this alone without any other Dou Skills, it was likely that even other experts at the peak of the Dou Zong class would be no match against Xiao Yan in a head-on attack.

Xiao Yan involuntarily recalled First Elder Tian She from the Ice River Valley when he thought of this. Back then, Xiao Yan had to use all of his tactics in order to face such an expert. However, if they were to meet again, Xiao Yan guaranteed that First Elder Tian She would not even have the opportunity to attack.

Xiao Yan felt intoxicated in his heart for a moment before he once again stood up. He wanted to create some more Fire Lightning Beads only to be stunned to discover that there was no longer much strength within the remaining purple-black flames. The Fire Lightning Beads created by this kind of flame would not only be a lot weaker, but they could also not be preserved for long. When the time was up, they would automatically disappear. Thus, they did not possess much value.

After seeing this, Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head. He abandoned the thought in his heart of wanting to refine a hundred of them. His eyes swept over the interior of the star region before walking to the area where the spatial door was located. It was time to leave.

While Xiao Yan was refining the Fire Lightning Beads, he was unaware that his actions had caused the current Pill Tower to descend into an anxious state.

Almost all of the experts from the Pill Tower had already stepped out at this moment. Numerous grave and anxious eyes were gathered on the sky. An intense distortion had appeared there. There was a vague heat spreading from it, causing the temperature around the Pill Tower to rise

The people from the Pill Tower were clearly aware what place in the sky this was. It was the Star Region that had become forbidden grounds of the Pill Tower. Everyone still remembered the miserable manner of Xuan Kong Zi when he had fled from it half a year ago. Even with his strength, he was unable to remain inside the Star Region for long. Even less need to be said about other people.

Moreover, if the flame within the Star Region were to completely erupt, Holy Pill City would likely be turned into a ruined city of death in an instant.

However, this Star Region, which did not have display any activity for half a year, suddenly began to show signs of erupting. Even the seal appeared as though it was unable to endure any longer. This caused everyone within Holy Pill City to be terribly frightened.

“Everyone below the level of a Dou Huang, withdraw. The remaining experts should prepare to form a formation to protect Holy Pill City.”

Xuan Kong Zi’s trio stood in the sky. Their expressions were solemn as they issued orders. They could sense that the Star Region had become unusually violent today. If it were to erupt at such a time, it would cause a great disaster. This kind of disaster was something that even the Pill Tower would not be able to endure.

“Xuan Yu, Tian Lei Zi, let’s strengthen the seal!”

After issuing the order, Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes solemnly looked at the two others beside him as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Xuan Yu and Tian Lei Zi nodded with grave faces. They clearly understood the destructive strength that would rain down should the Star Region erupt.

“Little Fairy Doctor, do we need to leave?” Tian Huo zun-zhe on one of the tops of a building around the Pill Tower looked at the distorted space with a slight frown. He asked the Little Fairy Doctor a question.

The current Little Fairy Doctor still wore a white dress. However, her face appeared much skinnier compared to before.

The Little Fairy Doctor shook her head upon hearing Tian Huo zun-zhe’s question. She softly replied, “I want to wait for him,”


Tian Huo zun-zhe softly sighed. He glanced at Zi Yan by the side, who was rubbing her head in distress. Zi Yan was continuously grabbing a thread of hair and playing with the golden light seal in her hand. She muttered, “There is still no problem with the dragon seal. Xiao Yan definitely… should be fine, but why has there been no news of him after such a long time…”

She secretly glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor by her side while she uttered these words. The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were firmly fixed on the rippling space in the sky.

“Strengthen the seal!”

Xuan Kong Zi sternly cried out as he stood in the sky. Three powerful glows rushed into the empty space. There was a circular, invisible ripple that quietly spread.

With Xuan Kong Zi’s trio unleashing all of their strength, the rippling space began to gradually stabilized. However, before they could sigh in relief, they suddenly saw the space at the exit of the star region suddenly fluctuate in a strange manner. Immediately, a ten-foot-large crack slowly appeared in front of the dull expressions of Xuan Kong Zi’s group.

“It’s over…”

The expressions of Xuan Kong Zi’s trio instantly became unusually ugly as they watched this spatial line strangely form.


His voice had just sounded when the crack suddenly trembled. A monstrous purple-black flame swept out like a storm. Holy Pill City descended into panic at this moment.

“Establish the great formation!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s face was green as he furiously cried out.


The many experts from the Pill Tower cried out in unison. Numerous powerful Dou Qis shot toward the sky like pillars of light at this moment.

“Cough, cough, this damn flame. Return.”

Just when the experts from the Pill Tower were preparing to form a formation, a skinny figure slowly appeared amid the monstrous purple-black flame. Even a faint curse was emitted.

Even though this voice was not loud, Xuan Kong Zi’s trio in the sky as well as the Little Fairy Doctor’s group on the buildings instantly stiffened.