Chapter 1204: Erupt


The enormous body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame in the Star Region was rapidly swelling. Numerous thousand-foot-large purple-black flames surged out in all directions from under the dragon scales. In the blink of an eye, they swept over a portion of the empty space. Moreover, from the looks of it, the eruption was far from over.

This large scale fire eruption caused even Xuan Kong Zi’s expression to slightly change. He sensed that the Three Thousand Burning Flame seemed to have released all of the flames that it had absorbed over many years at this moment…

“What happened?”

Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes flashed. He suddenly turned to where Xiao Yan was located, only to see that he and the Three Thousand Burning Flame had descended into silence. An instant later, Xuan Kong Zi seemed to have understood something. His expression gradually became grave as he exclaimed in a deep voice, “It is a soul battle… this fellow is really too bold.”


A portion of the body belonging to the enormous dragon exploded while Xuan Kong Yi mused. An unusually terrifying, purple-black flame wave swept through like lightning manner. The sky-burning temperature caused the interior of the Star Region to become a sea of flames.

The purple-black fire sea split apart when it had reached a ten-foot-radius around the body of Xiao Yan and the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s essence flame. It left behind an flame-free area at that spot before rushing into the distance.

“Qiu Ling, bring them and leave first!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s expression had become a lot more serious as he sensed the terrifying temperature within the Star Region. The Three Thousand Burning Flame has absorbed so many years of flames. The might that it unleashed was mind-boggling. Even he did not dare to stay in this kind of place for too long. Regardless of how strong one’s Dou Qi was, it would be extremely difficult to protect against the temperature of the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

Qiu Ling nodded his head with a grave expression when he heard Xuan Kong Li’s command. He waved his sleeves at Cao Ying’s trio, and a gentle breeze lifted the three of them before swiftly rushing them in the direction of the star region’s exit.

“Teacher, there’s still Xiao Yan!”

Cao Ying, who was being forcefully pulled away, hurriedly yelled.

Xuan Kong Zi tightly frowned. His focused on Xiao Yan, who was within the purple-black flames. The surrounding flames appeared cautious and did not surge toward him. However, if one were to remain in this place for too long, the temperature was high enough that an elite Dou Zun would not be able to last long.

“I should forcefully bring him away…”

Xuan Kong Zi finally clenched his teeth after his heart hesitated for a moment. Although breaking the condition Xiao Yan was in would cause him harm, there was no other choice. With Xiao Yan’s strength, he would not be able to hold out against such a burning temperature for long.

Xuan Kong Zi’s body moved while this thought flashed across his heart. After which, he rushed toward Xiao Yan. He appeared above Xiao Yan, and he was just about to act when a golden light rushed over. It ruthlessly smashed at his head.

This sudden attack caused Xuan Kong Zi to knit his eyebrows. He waved his sleeves and collided with the golden light figure. After which, he forced back the figure. He glanced over and saw the figure was the puppet that had helped Xiao Yan receive many Pill Lightnings.


Looking at the situation, it was obvious that the Sky Demon Puppet had treated him as an enemy. With Xiao Yan’s orders, the low intelligence of the Sky Demon Puppet only knew how to stubbornly execute its task of protecting Xiao Yan. Any actions that would harm Xiao Yan would be viewed as an enemy act.

Although the Sky Demon Puppet was unable to block Xuan Kong Zi, the attack earlier had caused him to lose his last chance because the enormous dragon body had emitted another ‘bang’ at this moment…

“Bang bang!”

A section of the dragon’s body exploded, and terrifying purple-black flames immediately swept toward Xuan Kong Zi from all directions, like the roar of a dragon.

Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes were tightly knit upon sensing just how terrifying the sea of fire was. His eyes were hesitant as he glanced at Xiao Yan below. If he were to leave at this moment, it was likely that Xiao Yan would end up dying.

“Why aren’t you leaving quickly? You will only be waiting for your death if you stay. That little fellow looks a little strange. It is likely that nothing untoward will happen to him.”

Old demon Qing Hua was unable to withstand the high temperature while Xuan Kong Zi was hesitating. His body hurriedly rushed away to get out of the Star Region. He did not forget to urge Xuan Kong Zi to leave when he passed him by.

Soon after the words of old demon Qing Hua sounded, a jade-green-colored flame suddenly poured out of Xiao Yan’s body, like a cover. It slowly spread and coincidentally wrapped around him.

“Heavenly Flame huh…”

Xuan Kong Zi only relaxed upon seeing this. He glanced at the purple-black flame. It rumbled as it swept over while accompanying a line of fire that stretched endlessly. Finally, he ceased hesitating. From the looks of it, Xiao Yan clearly had his own plans. Xuan Kong Zi felt a little reassured. At the very least, Xiao Yan did not appear to be someone reckless while Xuan Kong Zi had observed him.

“Ugh, little fellow, since you insist on choosing this, you can only seek your own blessing…”

Xuan Kong Zi softly sighed. After which, he ceased remaining any longer as he turned around and rushed to the exit of the Star Region. His body flashed a couple of times as he glanced at the two experts from the Hall of Souls who had managed to get into the top ten. These two people did not possess a precious spatial jade plate like Old Mu Gu and the others. Hence, they could only quietly flee for their lives.


Due to the chaos that had been created by the Hall of Souls, Xuan Kong Zi was filled with fury. He saw these two people sneaking around and immediately let out a cold snort. He waved his sleeves and a majestic force surged out. It wrapped around the both of them before throwing them into the purple-black sea of fire.


The unlucky Hall of Souls experts had just fallen into a sea of fire when they emitted sharp, miserable cries. Dou Qi within their body erupted with all their might. However, within ten seconds, the Dou Qi was completely swallowed by the flames. The bodies of the two of them were turned into ashes that scattered within the blink of an eye.

“How ruthless…”

Old demon Qing Hua immediately raised his thumb to Xuan Kong Zi upon seeing what he did. However, after his words had just sounded, he sensed a fiery heat all over his body. He immediately let out a strange cry and no longer dared delay any longer. He went all out and shot to the exit of the Star Region.

Xuan Kong Zi turned his head and looked at the purple-black sea of fire that had spread over the entire Star Region. A circular, green-colored light rippled like a tree leaf in a large sea. No one knew just when it would sink.

“Ugh, little fellow, whatever happens next will depend on your good fortune…”

Xuan Kong Zi sighed in his heart. He looked at the continuous line of fire that was surging over. His body moved, and he rushed to the exit of the Star Region. After a flash, he fled from it.

After the final person had escaped from the Star Region, the region had become dead quiet. Purple-black flames spread over every part of the Star Region like a sea of fire. The terrifying temperature caused even space itself to distort…


Currently, it was possible to see some rubble within Holy Pill City. Clearly, this place had experienced a big battle earlier.

The silver spatial door fluctuated in the sky above the Pill Tower. Immediately, numerous human figures fled miserably from it. There was even hot, purple-black flames spitting out the door, causing those watching to feel stunned.

“Close the Star Region!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s body flashed, and he sprang from the large spatial door. His eyes glanced into it, only to see the purple-black sea of flames swiftly moving closer. His expression sank as he cried out.

Xuan Yi and Tian Lei Zi by the side were startled when they heard his cry. However, upon seeing the grave expression on his face, they did not manage to say anything else. Their hand seals changed and waves of spatial ripples erupted. That large, silver door swiftly disappeared.

A wave of purple-black flames spluttered out when the silver spatial door was about to disappear. It burned some of the experts from the Pill Tower until they withdrew. Miserable cries were emitted from their mouths.

Xuan Yi and the other great head hurriedly asked. Their expressions had changed when they witnessed this scene.

“The body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame exploded and all of the flames it had absorbed over the many years scattered. Currently, the Star Region is likely a sea of fire. We need to strengthen the seal. Otherwise, if the Star Region breaks, Holy Pill City will be almost instantly annihilated.” Xuan Kong Zi solemnly replied.

Xuan Yi and Tian Lei Zi’s expressions changed upon hearing his explanation. The Three Thousand Burning Flame had absorbed the strength of the stars for a countless number of years in order to form such an enormous body. Now that it had completely erupted, its might was such that even they would have to temporarily seek shelter.

“That’s right, where is Xiao Yan?”

Xuan Yi’s eyes swept around before suddenly asking.

Xuan Kong Zi hesitated for a moment before replying, “He’s still in the Star Region.”

“What? Why didn’t you bring him out?” Xuan Yi’s expression drastically changed as she cried out furiously.

“He is engaging in a soul battle with the essence flame of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Clearly, he intends to use this opportunity to refine it. If I were to forcefully pull him away, I would likely have caused him great harm.” Xuan Kong Zi sighed.

“Causing him some harm is better than dying inside.” Xuan Yi’s face showed her fury. Xiao Yan was Yao Chen’s disciple. If Yao Chen was to escape from captivity in the future and learn that Xiao Yan had died within the Star Region of the Pill Tower, it was likely that Yao Chen would no longer interact with the Pill Tower given his character. He might even come and seek justice in his anger.

“There is no need for you to be this anxious. Although Xiao Yan was engaged in a soul battle, he was still able to sense the changes of the outside world. Since he did not choose to withdraw, it is likely that he has his own plans. He is not a reckless person…” Tian Lei Zi by the side comforted.

Xuan Kong Zi bitterly laughed and said, “Relax, that little fellow possesses a couple of Heavenly Flames. Even if the Three Thousand Burning Flame completely erupts, it will not be able to do anything to him within a short period of time. We will go in and bring him out once the Star Region become a little calmer.”

“Hopefully we will not see a pile of ashes when we enter at that time. It is not as though you do not understand Yao Chen’s character. What can he not do when he is angry?”

Xuan Yi looked at the spot where the Star Region had shut. She finally waved her sleeves, turned around, and walked to the Pill Tower with some fury. Xuan Kong Zi and Tian Lei Zi could only helplessly shake their heads when they saw her storm off.