Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering

Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering

Xuan Kong Zi on the tall stage smiled at the entire stadium. Immediately, he took a step forward. His eyes slowly swept over the sky before pausing on a skinny figure.

“The old me shall not say any unnecessary words at this moment. The Pill Lightning has scattered. All the competitors, please take out the medicinal pills that you have refined.

The ten plus people still remaining on the stone platform hesitated for a moment upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s voice. Numerous round and shiny medicinal pills slowly flew from their hands. They floated in front of them.

The medicinal fragrances lingering in the plaza had become much denser when these medicinal pills appeared.

Innumerable gazes looked over. Nine night-pearl existences were present amid the floating medicinal pills. Although they were of good quality and were sought after tier 7 high grade medicinal pills, they were not eye-catching. This was because above these nine tier 7 medicinal pills were five medicinal pills with faint spiritual fogs encircling them.

Although the outer appearance of a tier 7 pill and a tier 8 pill were similar, even someone who knew nothing about pill refinement would be able to tell the difference between the two. This difference was the difference in spirituality.

The energy of a tier 7 medicinal pill was extremely dense. However, it was a dead pill. On the other hand, a tier 8 medicinal pill possessed its own spirituality. Only this kind of medicinal pill could be called a living pill, or a spiritual pill…

The five tier 8 medicinal pills had just appeared when tried to increase the distance between each other. Cao Ying’s and Dan Chen’s medicinal pills were the ones with the weakest spirituality among these five medicinal pills. A faint spiritual fog lingered around their medicinal pills, and the fog vaguely agglomerated into a fox and rabbit image.

A tier 8 medicinal pill already possessed some spirituality. This statement was true from the looks of it since the pill was able to form a shape.

Countless numbers of curious gazes looked at the five tier 8 medicinal pills in the air. This strange scene was witnessed by quite a number of people for the first time. Tier 8 medicinal pills were indeed extraordinary.

Not far beside the medicinal pills of Cao Ying and Dan Chen were three comparatively larger medicinal pills. Among them, the medicinal pill of old demon Qing Hua had formed a bear shape. However, it did not possess any fighting thoughts. It merely guarded its territory because it knew it would not be able to deal with those other two fierce existences.

While being surrounded by the four other tier 8 medicinal pills, the medicinal pill of Old Mu Gu, which had stirred a four-colored Pill Lightning, was filled with spiritual aura. It had formed a ferocious tiger shape that was repeatedly roaring at Xiao Yan’s Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. It appeared to be extremely dissatisfied that the other party had snatched the prestige that ought to belong to it.


Before the tiger roar could sound, a dense spiritual aura swiftly appeared around the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. Immediately, it transformed into a small half-a-meter dragon. It swung its tail and violently slammed it against the tiger-formed medicinal pill of Old Mu Gu. Old Mu Gu’s pill was beaten until it let out a miserable whimper. After which, it dejectedly flew some distance away. After having undergone the baptism of the five-colored Pill Lightning, the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was not something this grade 4 medicinal pill could deal with.

Following the forms of these medicinal pills, numerous light suddenly surged out of them. They were ranked like a golden pagoda. At the top of the golden pagoda was a small dragon that was filled with spirituality. It let out a long roar at the sky. Its bright light was just like a sun had exploded…

At this moment, everyone could clearly sense just what kind of pure, terrifying energy was contained in the interior of this small medicinal pill.

From the tall stage, Xuan Kong Zi looked at the unresisting medicinal pills that had been suppressed by the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. He involuntarily smiled. Immediately, he cried out in a loud voice, “Spirituality is honored in medicinal pills. Currently, the most honored medicinal pill of this Pill Gathering has been born. Its owner… is the final champion of this Pill Gathering… the champion is—Xiao Yan!”

Upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s short and powerful words, countless numbers of gazes immediately turned to the stone stage in a uniform manner. A moment later, a deafening cheer reverberated across the sky in an earth-shaking manner.

They had witnessed the occurrence of a miracle as well as the great pride in turning things around with one’s own strength!

This pride caused the hearts of a countless number of people turned chaotic. Their blood boiled as a result.

Xiao Yan overlooked the boiling stadium from the stone platform above. He involuntarily smiled. Immediately, his eyes looked to the sky while he softly muttered in his heart, “Teacher, this disciple did not cause you to lose face…”

Cao Ying and the rest revealed envious expressions in their eyes as they looked at Xiao Yan, who eas the center of attention for tens of thousands of people. At this moment, he was undoubtedly the most dazzling person on stage.

The champion of the Pill Gathering. This qualification was the representation of a peak expert because all Pill Gathering champions from previous generations eventually became top existences. This point was enough to cause the people around to understand just what kind of shocking potential this skinny, young man possessed.

Song Qing’s expression was complicated as he stared at Xiao Yan. His eyes were jealous, but still displayed a great amount of helplessness. Xiao Yan’s performance this time around had caused a defeated feeling to appear in his heart. He was didn’t even possess the thought of catching up to Xiao Yan.


The most furious person was naturally Old Mu Gu. The champion position that he was about to obtain had suddenly disappeared. Moreover, he had been ridiculed by Xiao Yan. How could this not cause this alchemist guru, who possessed quite a great reputation in the Central Plains, to be furious?

Although he was furious, he was unable to do anything at this moment. He could only watch as the ultimate glory of being the champion steadily landed on Xiao Yan’s shoulders.

“Brat, you should not be happy. The old me swears that I will deal with you personally!”

Old Mu Gu’s eyes were a little red. His words were accurately transmitted to Xiao Yan’s ears through the use of Dou Qi.

Xiao Yan faintly smiled upon hearing his threat. He glanced at the Sky Demon Puppet beside him and a dense chill flashed across his eyes. His heart was already filled with a killing intent for Old Mu Gu that was difficult to resolve. Once the matter of the Three Thousand Burning Flame was over, he would definitely let this old fellow know just who would deal with who!

Currently, the Earth Demon Puppet had evolved into the Sky Demon Puppet. Adding this to the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe, there were three elite Dou Zuns beside him. It would not be difficult to finish Old Mu Gu off with this kind of frightening lineup!

This soul-stirring, boiling applause continued for nearly a dozen minutes before it slowly faded away.

“Xiao Yan, you have already become the champion of the Pill Gathering. In the future, you will also become a potential candidate for the three great heads of the Pill Tower…” Xuan Kong Zi smiled and looked at Xiao Yan on the stone platform as he slowly spoke.

Countless numbers of envious and jealous eyes shot toward Xiao Yan when these words from Xuan Kong Zi sounded. A potential successor for the future three great heads of the Pill Tower. This title meant that Xiao Yan had the potential to become a great head of the Pill Tower in the future. This position really stood at the peak of the Dou Qi continent…

Everyone present was clearly aware of just what kind of authority the great heads of the Pill Tower had. They were the spiritual leaders in the hearts of a countless number of alchemists around the continent!

The Pill Tower had never really gone to war with anyone. However, no one on the continent doubted the terrifying strength that this ancient faction possessed.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded in front of those envious gazes. Regardless of whether or not he would truly become a great head of the Pill Tower in the future, there was, at the very least, no need to reject the title.

“Like I said earlier, you will obtain a scroll containing a soul training method from ancient times as the champion.” Xuan Kong Zi waved his hand. An ancient, goatskin scroll appeared in it. After which, his palm was pushed forward. This ancient scroll rushed to Xiao Yan at a lightning-like speed under a mixture of light.

A joyous expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s face upon hearing his words. He had advanced to the eighth tier. If he wanted to climb higher, he would need a soul training method. The word formula that he had obtained from the Spirit Nourishment Powder was too short even though it would occasionally be useful. However, it was impossible for it to help him advance again.

Therefore, this so-called soul training method from ancient times was too important to him.

Xiao Yan curled his hand and accurately grabbed the cluster of light. The glow disappeared and revealed an ancient, goatskin scroll. There was a unique feeling surging within his heart when his hand made contact with the goatskin.

“It is indeed a good thing.”

Xiao Yan quietly praised in his heart when he sensed this strange feeling. He immediately laughed. With this thing, he would be able to swiftly stabilize his soul.

Although Xiao Yan was quite curious about this soul training method, this moment was not the time to look at it. He flipped his hand and stored it into his Storage Ring in front of the many fiery hot eyes. After which, he turned to Xuan Kong Zi and cupped his hands together in thanks.

Xuan Kong Zi smiled as he looked at the satisfied expression on Xiao Yan’s face. Only when the applause that resounded over the sky slowly reduce did he say, “The champion has appeared. The star realm will open in two days. At that time, the top ten of this Pill Gathering will have the opportunity to enter it and subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s words had just sounded when Xiao Yan, who had calmed down a little, felt an uncontrollable surge of excitement. The reason he had put in so much effort was for the Three Thousand Burning Flames!

Soon, this legendary, undying flame could finally be captured.

Of course, not only Xiao Yan was excited at this moment, the eyes of the others, including Old Mu Gi, also became hot almost instantly. Clearly, the Three Thousand Burning Flame was an attractive thing to them.

Upon seeing the excited expressions on the faces of these people, everyone knew that the grand Pill Gathering had reached its end. However, the competitions had yet to end. The target of this struggle this time around was not to be the champion of the Pill Gathering. Instead, it was for the legendary, undying flame, the Three Thousand Burning Flame!

Just who would be able get their hands on such a unique object?

This question caused the hearts of those present to fill with anticipation and curiosity…