Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancement

Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancement

The entire stadium was in an uproar when everyone saw Xiao Yan suddenly insert his hands into the light pillar in front of him. Numerous surprised gazes shot onto his body. From the looks of him, it seemed that he was unwilling to give up so easily.

However, the medicinal pill had already been formed. Did Xiao Yan still have some method to turn the situation around? There was no time left was for him to refine a medicinal pill of a higher tier.

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage were slightly startled upon seeing his movements. Clearly, they felt some surprise at what Xiao Yan did. They could not figure what Xiao Yan could do at this moment.

“This person is not reckless. He might really have a method…”

The pretty woman’s eyes gathered on the skinny figure on the distant stone platform. She spoke with some hesitation.

“This… hopefully.”

Xuan Kong Zi and the dark-skinned elder also hesitated before speaking. They naturally wished for a miracle to appear if it could. However, right now, they were really unable to think of where the miracle would come from.

Cao Ying in the distance stared at Xiao Yan with unblinking, pretty eyes. For some unknown reason, she had felt an unknown confidence appear. Perhaps it was because she had never witnessed this young man, who was around her age, reveal the slightest feeling of panic…

The focus of her attention caused some jealousy to rise within Song Qing’s heart a short distance away. However, there was nothing he could do. Compared to the current Xiao Yan, his title as the youngest Elder of the Pill Tower did not appear to hold any weight.

“Hmph, putting on an act!”

Old Mu Gu was also surprised by Xiao Yan’s actions. However, a ridicule rose on his face as he laughed in a faint cold voice. He was unable to imagine just what kind of ability Xiao Yan possessed to reverse this situation, which had already become a foregone conclusion!

Being the person involved, Xiao Yan was not distracted by the various gazes of surprise from all around him. The medicinal pill might have been formed, but it did not mean that he had lost his final qualification to compete!

A tier 8 medicinal pill was no longer something that an ordinary pill could compare with. A medicinal pill of this tier already possessed a spirituality. It was due to this spirituality that caused the tier 8 medicinal pills to be so precious. A medicinal pill that possessed a greater amount of spirituality would have a greater grade. This was a law in the alchemist world.

In other words, at the level of a tier 8 medicinal pill, the advantages and disadvantages of the light pillar energy was no longer the most important aspect of the pill. Raising the spirituality of the medicinal pill was the most important thing now!

When some medicinal pills’ spirituality had reached a certain level, they would even be able to absorb pure energy from nature to supplement themselves. Hence, spirituality was a key factor in determining the quality of a tier 8 medicinal pill!

Although the medicinal pill had already formed, its spirituality had yet to stabilize. At this moment, there was still room for the medicinal pill to be enhanced. As long as the spirituality increased, the quality of the medicinal pill would make a final leap!

Of course, this was something that was easy to say, but very difficult to do. With the medicinal pill having formed, the various pure medicinal strengths within had already been forced into an equilibrium. If one wished to add something else, one might disturb this equilibrium if one were careless. Damaging the medicinal pill was a small matter, but if it ended up exploding, the effects would be terrible to bear.

Hence, there were extremely few people who would dare to forcefully raise the grade of a medicinal pill after it had formed. Even some alchemist gurus with great abilities would not attempt it.

However, other people might not dare to, but Xiao Yan did because he had obtained the inheritance of Yao Lao!

Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed over a dark-black ring. Among the large collection that Yao Lao had left behind, there was an ultimate pill refinement skill that he was extremely proud of. This ability was something that even Han Feng had never come into contact with because he did not possess the level or ability…

This so-called ultimate pill refinement skill was called Spiritual Enhancement.

“Teacher, protect me…”

Xiao Yan slightly shut his eyes. He inhaled a deep breath of air before suddenly reopening them. His hands in the light pillar were suddenly clenched. A shocking energy ripple rolled out. Xiao Yan’s hand was slowly withdrawn in front of the countless number of gazes focusing on him. A thumb-sized dim-red medicinal pill immediately appeared in front of the gazes of everyone present.

The medicinal pill was dark-red with a sleek. Moreover, the thing that greatly shocked others was the faint fog that was lingering over the medicinal pill. This fog appeared to possess some intelligence, and it would occasionally agglomerate into various shapes. It lingered around the medicinal pill and was exceptionally mysterious.

Xiao Yan took the medicinal pill out of the light pillar. His expression was exceptionally solemn. This so-called spiritual enhancement method could be considered the best work of Yao Lao, something he was extremely satisfied with. However, even the creator of this method seldom used it because this method of spiritual enhancement was overly harsh on the user.

If Xiao Yan had not advanced to the eighth tier, it was likely that even he would not dare to even think about using this pill refinement method.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the dark-red medicinal pill in his hand. A moment later, he pulled his hand back. The medicinal pill was slowly suspended in front of him, gently leaping in a mischievous manner.

Xiao Yan suddenly clenched his hand after having released the medicinal pill. The jade-green Glazed Lotus Heart Flame appeared in his hand. After which, he flicked his finger and the dark-black ring on his finger shook. A dense-white flame was suddenly emitted…

“Bone Chilling Flame!”

Xuan Kong Zi’s group, Old Mu Gu, and old demon Qing Hua softly muttered to themselves. They were all startled when the white flame appeared.

“It is unexpected that Yao Chen has even handed him the Bone Chilling Flame. Looks like he really views Xiao Yan as his true disciple.” The pretty woman’s eyes was startled when she saw the dense-white flame. It was a moment later before she softly spoke. Her eyes were looking at Xiao Yan appeared to grow more gentle.

Countless numbers of gazes looked at the three flames lingering around Xiao Yan. Some of the people who knew their stuff immediately inhaled a violent gasp of cool air. The eyes of some alchemists revealed a hunger…


Before the expressions of desire from these fellows spread, a thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s mind. Three types of flames rushed out. They violently collided together in front of the many shocked gazes.

With collision of the three types of flames, an annihilation-like aura quietly appeared. Before it could spread, a vast and mighty spiritual pressure surged from between Xiao Yan’s eyebrows. After which, Spiritual Strength was just like a dragnet as it surrounded the flames before rapidly beginning to rotate.

Xiao Yan was already extremely familiar with merging these flames. This action might appear extremely crazy in the eyes of others, but it was commonplace to him. Merging the Extermination Fire Lotus was far more difficult than merging these flames together.

While his Spiritual Strength rapidly rotated, the three clusters of flames swiftly calmed down in front of numerous shocked eyes. Around a couple of minutes later, a wisp of a fist-sized brown-green flame suddenly appeared…

Xiao Yan waved his sleeve after the flame appeared. This wisp of brown-green flame swiftly rushed out. After which, it wrapped around the dark-red medicinal pill, naughtily leaping in front of him.

“This fellow is crazy!”

“Does he intend to destroy the medicinal pill?”

Xiao Yan’s actions immediately stirred a commotion across the entire plaza. Countless numbers of people were looking at Xiao Yan. Was this fellow attempting to destroy the medicinal pill?

The brows of Old Mu Gu in the distance suddenly twitched when he saw what Xiao Yan was doing. He vaguely felt an uneasiness appearing…


Xuan Kong Zi’s group on the tall stage also displayed stunned faces. A moment later, the pretty woman was the first to recover. Her eyes flickered. After a short while, she softly explained, “Do you all still remember that crazy thing Yao Chen did after refining a tier 8 medicinal pill back then?”

Xuan Kong Zi and the other elder trembled upon hearing the pretty woman’s words. They exclaimed, “You mean… Yao Chen’s spiritual enhancement method?”

The pretty woman slowly nodded. Her eyes returned to Xiao Yan, who was on a distant stone platform. She said, “Looks like this disciple of Yao Chen has really learned all of his skills… Xuan Kong, you might have to thank him this time around.”

Xuan Kong Zi let out a deep breath. An excitement that was hidden deeply flashed across his eyes. If Xiao Yan were able to succeed, he might… really be able to turn this situation, which seemed to be a foregone conclusion, around!

The dark-red medicinal pill, that had been surrounded by the brown-green-colored flame in front of the countless number of gazes present, suddenly shook. Immediately, everyone watched as the sleek round surface of the medicinal pill became a little uneven. Wave after wave of a faint spiritual fog spread from the interior of the medicinal pill. However, it was unable to escape due since it had been ensnared by the brown-green flame.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were unblinking as he stared at the surface of the medicinal pill, which was becoming drier. The spiritual aura within it was completely removed at this moment. He suddenly flicked his finger and two tiny pieces of flickering dust suddenly rushed out of his Storage Ring, entering the flame.

This flickering dust was naturally the Spirit Nourishment Powder that Xiao Yan had obtained back then. This mysterious item contained a spiritual aura. It would enable one to obtain double the effect with half the effort when used at such a moment.

The dust had just entered the flame when it swiftly scattered and became invisible. However, experts with strong perception would be able to sense the spiritual aura within the flame become unusually dense.

Spiritual aura surged while Xiao Yan’s expression became more solemn at this moment. A mighty Spiritual Strength surged out without being held back. After which, it swarmed into the flame before it controlled the flame with unmatched precision. With an extremely slow speed, his Spiritual Strength compressed the spiritual aura in the medicinal pill!

If an alchemist who could use his or her Spiritual Strength to scan the medicinal pill at such close proximity, he or she would discover that the medicinal pills surface, which had become uneven, was filled with tons of densely packed, tiny holes at this moment. There were many extremely faint spiritual auras that were just like ropes, pulling in the spiritual aura surrounding it…


Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn. He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out and slowly scattered before spilling into the flames.

“Blood offering, Spiritual return!”

The blood fog scattered. A faint paleness also surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. His mouth suddenly emitted a low cry that spread over the spiritual fog. Immediately, the fog appeared like bees returning to their hive as the spiritual fog was pulled into the medicinal pills through all the extremely tiny holes on the pill’s surface…

When the final trace of fog entered the medicinal pill, everyone was stunned. Its somewhat uneven surface swiftly became round at a speed visible to the naked eye…

The three-colored thundercloud in the distant sky appeared to be dragged by something when the surface of the medicinal pill once again became sleek and round. It suddenly began to churn once again…

This scene was just like a bomb. With a ‘bang’, it caused the entire square to descend into a sea of shock.