Chapter 1168: Pill Spirit Serum

Xiao Yan left the hill where Cao Ying’s group was situated and flew toward the vast and endless Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. After which, he moved back and forth over the sky for a moment before finally rushing toward the interior of the vast mountain range.

After rushing into the mountain range, the first thing that Xiao Yan sensed was the dense energy within this mountain range. No wonder it was called Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. With the natural energy of this place, it was not abnormal for it to grow many natural treasures that were difficult to find in the outside world.

The continuous roars of Magical Beasts could be heard across this mountain range. Perhaps it was because humans kept barging in recently but the roars seemed to have contain additional violent killing intent. After being infected by the wild, violent seed within this place, these Magical Beasts were far fiercer than those in the outside world.

Xiao Yan landed on a mountain top that appeared like a dagger. He knit his eyebrows as he swept his eyes all over the place. By relying on his exceptional Spiritual Perception, he could sense quite a number of unusually powerful auras in this mountain range. Among these auras, the most terrifying one was in the north-eastern direction.

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked to the north-east. It was partially visible under the cover of the energy fog. He slightly frowned as he talked to himself in a soft voice, “If I have guessed correctly, the aura in the north-eastern direction should be the strongest within this mountain range. It should be the ultimate beast of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range that Song Qing had mentioned…”

A Magical Beast with half a foot into the eighth rank. Such an existence was exceptionally powerful. Even some elite Dou Zuns would be somewhat humbled if they fought it. The fighting strength of a high rank Magical Beast was quite terrifying.

Moreover, a Magical Beast that could reach such a rank was definitely not an ordinary beast. It might even possess the bloodline of a fierce beast from ancient times. If this were the case, it would be many times more difficult to deal with. Magical Beasts with the bloodline of a fierce beast from ancient times were similar to the strange clans of humans that had been passed down since ancient times in that they possessed certain unique qualities…

Xiao Yan had deeply probed around during his journey here. Although he had seen quite a number of uncommon medicinal ingredients, he did not find one that truly attracted him. This outcome did not match the name of this Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range.

“Earlier, Song Qing mentioned that the fierce beast had taken the many precious treasures in this Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range into his cave. Now, all I can do is head over there and take a look…” Xiao Yan’s eyes looked to the north-eastern area as his face revealed an expression of deep thought. Since he had already entered this Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range, he would need to clearly probe it. After all, only this place possessed the items he had been tasked to find.

Xiao Yan did not hesitate after making up his mind. He identified the direction he needed to head before lowering his body and flying toward the north-eastern direction. There were many Magical Beasts in the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. If they were to end up pestering him, it would slow down his speed even if they were not too troublesome to deal with. Hence, Xiao Yan completely hid his aura along the way. He would purposefully make a detour when he meet some stronger Magical Beasts.

Thus, Xiao Yan’s entire journey was quite smooth one. This continued for around two hours or so before he finally entered the deepest parts of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range…

The deeper Xiao Yan ventured into the Ten Thousand Medicinal Range, the stronger the aura of the Magical Beasts present. He had even met a powerful Magical Beast that had reached rank 7 along the way. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan had been prepared and had not been detected.

Xiao Yan carefully traveled for another ten plus minutes before he quietly landed in a lush, green, giant tree. He raised his head. His eyes were grave as he looked at the perilous mountain peak in front of him.

The size of this mountain peak was extremely vast. It appeared just like a pillar supporting the sky as it inserted itself into the clouds. A rich energy fog covered the middle parts of the mountain, causing one to have difficulty probing what was happening within.

This mountain peak stood in the middle of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. Although Xiao Yan was some distance away, he was still shocked by the rich energy that seeped out of the mountain. If one were to train in such a place, one would definitely be able to obtain twice the effect with half the effort. Unfortunately, the energy of this place was mixed with a wild, violent seed. One needed to refine and remove this seed during absorption in order to successfully merge the energy into one’s body…

Of course, the richness of the energy in this place was not what had caused Xiao Yan’s face to appear grave. Instead, he had sensed at least three auras on this mountain that had reached the rank 7 level… in other words, there were a total of three Dou Zong class Magical Beasts on this mountain.

Moreover, other than these three fierce auras, Xiao Yan also sensed a concealed aura with a monstrous fierceness vaguely seeping down from the mountain. Clearly, the owner of this aura should be the leader of this mountain range, the ultimate fierce beast that Song Qing had spoken of.

“It is indeed very strong… moreover from the fierceness that is seeping out of its aura, it is clearly not a beast one should offend…”

Xiao Yan carefully withdrew his Spiritual Perception. He looked at the enormous mountain peak before musing for a moment. After which, his toes pressed onto the leaves, and his body quietly rushed into the mountains in a quiet fashion like a large bird.

Xiao Yan suddenly sensed a vague probing aura sweep over his body while he was rushing into the mountains. His heart tensed. His Spiritual Strength hurriedly surged out and wrapped around his body…

Xiao Yan was using his invisible Spiritual Strength to hide himself. The probing aura paused for a moment and returned to scan the area a couple of times before slowly leaving.

Xiao Yan only sighed in relief within his heart when he sensed the probing aura become distant. His body immediately moved, and it shot like an arrow that had been released from the string of a bow. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, he rushed into the forest and quietly leaped to the top of the mountain.

After flying over the forest for awhile, Xiao Yan was somewhat stunned to discover that there were no traces of other Magical Beasts. It was likely due to those powerful auras. It was not rare for a beast to occupy land and proclaim himself king within the Magical Beast world.

Xiao Yan’s speed was significantly increased without the presence of other Magical Beasts blocking him. When he was just about to reach the middle of the mountain, his flashing figure suddenly paused. His body subsequently moved and appeared on a tree branch. After which, he shut his eyes and inhaled a deep breath of the serene fragrance that was slowly scattering in the air…

“This is… the scent of Pill Soul Serum?”

Xiao Yan suddenly opened his eyes after taking a deep sniff. Joy flashed across his eyes. This Pill Soul Serum was one of the key medicinal ingredients he needed to mix with the Core Soul Marrow. This thing was extremely rare. It was unexpected that he was able to find it here. This Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range really lived up to its reputation.

This kind of treasure was something that Xiao Yan needed the most. He would naturally not give it up easily. His body immediately moved, and he quietly landed on the ground like an agile monkey. After which, he flashed and hurried away.

Xiao Yan rushed in the direction where the serene fragrance originated from. Around a couple of minutes later, he suddenly came to a stop. His eyes stared at the area in front of him.

There was a stream in front of Xiao Yan. The source of the stream was a ten meter or so large rock. That enormous rock was covered in green moss. At the center of the rock was a hole. One could vaguely see a jade-green, viscous liquid within it. The serene fragrance was being emitted from that spot.

“It is indeed Pill Soul Serum…”

The joy in Xiao Yan’s eyes became even more intense upon seeing what it was. However, he did not recklessly charge out. He was aware that such a treasure would be guarded by a Magical Beast. Those who could seize territory and become king was definitely not be an ordinary character. If one was careless, it would be normal to fall in the most unexpected place.

Xiao Yan’s eyes carefully swept around after shifting away from the hole in the rock. A moment later, he was surprised to discover that there was not the slightest trace of any Magical Beast.

Xiao Yan slightly knit his eyebrows. This matter was out of the ordinary. It was impossible for other Magical Beasts to completely ignore a treasure like Pill Soul Serum.

“It is definitely hiding here…”

Xiao Yan licked his mouth. He contemplated where it could be for a moment before he shifted his eyes. Suddenly, they paused on the lower part of the enormous rock. That spot was the source of the stream. It was a deep pool that was around a hundred feet in size.

The pool was extremely deep. One was unable to see its bottom with just a glance. The pool was also extremely calm. There was not even the slightest ripple. Everything appeared extremely silent and peaceful.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the deep pool. He was certain there was a Magical Beast hidden within that deep pool. However, the ability of this Magical Beast to conceal its aura was extremely great. He was unable to sense anything. However, the thing that he found troublesome to deal with was the fact that he was unaware of just what kind of Magical Beast it was. Hence, he was unable to find a solution at that moment. This place was essentially the base camp of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range’s Magical Beast. If any accident were to occur, he would not be able to endure the combined attacks of so many Magical Beasts regardless of how strong he was…


Xiao Yan hesitated when his gaze paused on some pale-blue-colored scales a short distance away. The scales were around the size of a palm. They were covered with many mysterious lines. The scales had randomly fallen around the place and some extended into the deep pool.

A glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He curled his hand and a slight suction force surged out. After which, he quietly sucked that scale into his palm.

The scale entered his hand and an cool feeling immediately appeared. Xiao Yan’s eyes looked at it as he pondered…

After musing for a while, Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. He had roamed all over the place during his training over the years. His experiences were many, and he had a clue as to the origins of these mysterious scales.

“The scales are blue in color. The lines on it them are just like the shape of snakes. Occasionally, a tiger pattern is mixed within it. If I have guessed correctly, the Magical Beast protecting this Pill Soul Serum should be an extremely rare water affinity Magical Beast, Mysterious Water Tiger Snake…”

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in relief in his heart after identifying the hidden Magical Beast. This Magical Beast might be fierce, but he had a way to deal with it…