Chapter 1160: Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa

In desolate plains, the land was a yellowish color. Occasionally, there were some green decorations around, emitting a little life force.

There would sometimes be some small Magical Beasts rushing around the plains. They produced a wisp of yellow smoke before disappearing into the distance.

The desolate plains’ silence continued for a period of time before the empty space suddenly shook. Immediately, a figure rushed out of the space…

The figure which had just rushed out from the space was naturally Xiao Yan, who had entered the spatial tunnel. Xiao Yan’s eyes were slightly startled when the desolate scene in front of him appeared within his eyes. A thought passed through his mind and his body remained suspended in the sky. He did not recklessly land on the ground.

“This is the Pill Realm, huh…”

Xiao Yan raised his eyes and looked around him. This place was exceptionally full of energy. However, there seemed to be a violent seed within this energy. Could it be that this was due to the Pill Realm being damaged? Xiao Yan’s hand grabbed at the empty space in front of him as he pondered the problem. Creating a realm was a godly strength that only elite Dou Shengs possessed. Of course, even if one managed to successfully create a realm, it would require one to constantly maintain it. Otherwise, the realm would gradually decline…

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before tossing aside the thought in his heart. He clenched his hand and a goat skin appeared in it. This was the medicinal list that the old man riding the turtle shell had given him before he had entered the tunnel. He needed to gather all of the natural treasure recorded on it in order to successfully passed this hurdle.

“This tactic of the Pill Tower is not bad… they have turned all of the competitors into their laborers to search of medicinal ingredients.”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. His eyes returned to the goatskin paper. A moment later, his eyebrows were involuntarily knit together.

There were not many natural treasures written on the goatskin. Only three things were written on it. However, these three types of medicinal ingredients caused him to feel the onset of a headache.

“Dragon Core Nine Leaves Mushroom, Demon Blood Spiritual Fruit Pulp, Ascending Immortal Grass.”

Xiao Yan muttered the names of the three natural treasures in his mouth. Xiao Yan’s head involuntarily swelled a little. He had heard of these names because they were all quite famous. It was likely that no alchemist was unaware of how precious these things were.

“This Pill Tower is really a little too ruthless. The size of the Pill Realm is likely quite vast. It is easier said than done to find these three extremely rare treasures within it…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He waved his hand and took out the map of the Pill Realm. He flipped the map open and saw three red circles drawn at three different locations on the map.

“This… could they be the locations where the three things exist?” Xiao Yan was startled upon seeing the areas encircled by the red marks. He immediately fell deep into thought. Things would be easier if this was really the case.

Swoosh swoosh!

While Xiao Yan was thinking about what the circles meant, waves of distortion once again appeared in the space above these plains. Immediately, over a dozen figures rushed out of the space at the same time and landed on the ground.


The feet of these people had just landed on the ground when a thousand-foot-long python suddenly rushed out of sand-dune-like surface. Its savage mouth bit toward the head of an alchemist.

This sudden unexpected change caused the alchemist to be slightly shocked. However, he did not panic. With a cold cry, a powerful Dou Qi pillar shot out and violently struck the enormous python’s head. That mighty force caused a ‘bang’ to appear on the head of the giant python before causing it to explode.

That alchemist revealed a proud expression on his face after killing the enormous python. However, before he could sigh in relief, his eyes suddenly narrowed. A ferocious laugh sounded beside his ear, “Brat, seeing that you have some skill, it is better for you to get lost…”

The heart of that alchemist was shocked when the ferocious laughter started. Before he could recover, a steel rod ruthlessly landed on his chest. A terrifying force sent him flying away like a cannonball. After which, he rubbed across the ground for nearly a hundred meters before coming to a slow stop.

That alchemist had just stabilized his body when a white glow was emitted from his palm. The space around him became distorted before absorbing him into it. From the looks of it, the spatial stone in his hand had been shattered…

This sudden change had caused quite a number of people present to be shocked. Immediately, numerous gazes looked at the person who had attacked them.

The one who had attacked them was a large man in alchemist robes. His face was filled with flesh. At a glance, he did not appear to be a good person. There was a ten-foot-long steel rod across his shoulders. Some fresh blood adhered to the surface of the metal rod.

“Hee hee, he has fled quick.” The large man carrying a metal rod watched the spot where the alchemist had disappeared from earlier, and he involuntarily parted his mouth into a smile. After which, a fierce glint flashed across his eyes as he once again turned to the others.

Seeing this fellow with strong flesh all over his face staring over, some of the other competitors expressions changed. A caution rose within their hearts. Some of them even took out their weapons. In this place, they clearly understood that all the other participants were their competitors. They would gain an additional chance if they could finish even one of them off.

That large man lifted his mouth in disdain when he saw them pull out their weapons. The metal rod containing traces of blood in his hand was violently waved. After which, he sent the enormous python flying. When that enormous python was sent away, a depression immediately appeared under the sand dunes. A deep-yellow rhizome, the size of a child’s head, appeared in the depression in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa?”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw the deep-yellow rhizome deep underground. This Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa was a kind of rare medicinal ingredient that was formed by gathering the strength of the land. If one’s energy started a violent uprising when one was training, this Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa as well as some additional medicinal ingredients could be refined into a pill with the ability to suppress the uprising.

Xiao Yan’s eyes paused on the deep hole as surprise flashed through them. He appeared to be contemplating the ingredient.

A hundred-year-old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa was only the size of a fist. Moreover, it was an extremely rare existence. It was unexpected that the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa within this Pill Realm had grown to such an extent. It was really surprising. This thing had likely aged for a thousand years. If this thing was brought to the outside world, it would likely attract many eyes.

“This person might appear rash, but he is extremely observant. He could tell that this place possessed the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa likely because he had recognized that Ground Yellow Python…” Xiao Yan glanced at the enormous python. Any area where the Ground Yellow Python appeared would have the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa. However, this Ground Yellow Python was not much different from an ordinary python. If one was inexperienced, one would likely find it difficult to identify it.

A wild joy flashed across the eyes of the large man when he saw the size of that Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa. He grabbed it and pulled it out. After which, he parted his mouth into a smile. His gaze swept over the people with heated eyes, and his face sank. He coldly cried out, “Get lost if you do not wish to die!”

The remaining dozen plus alchemists’ expressions changed when they heard his cold cry. However, after witnessing the fierceness of the large man earlier, they did not dare to say anything more. The ruthlessness of this person’s attack was deeply imprinted in their minds.

After hesitating for a moment, the remaining alchemists finally chose to withdraw. Although the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa was rare, it would not be worthwhile to lose their right to compete because of it.

The disdain on the face of the large man became even denser as he watched these people withdraw as they were told. Among these people, there were at least two who were only a little weaker than his strength at the peak of the Dou Huang class. However, they did not possess a fierceness or boldness like him. Therefore, these cowardly mice could only leave empty-handed.

The world was always a place where the strong ate the weak. If one did not possess any courage, how would one be able to succeed and stand above others?

“A group of trash…”

The large man curled his mouth. After which, a bloodthirsty expression flashed across the face of the large man. He was just about to store the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa into his Storage Ring when a suction force suddenly appeared and snatched the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa away.

“Dammit, who dares to touch the things that belong to this father of yours!”

A tyrannical expression immediately flashed across the face of the large man when the Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa left his hand. He suddenly raised his head, only to see a young figure suspended in the air without support.

“Get lost.”

Xiao Yan in the sky indifferently glanced at the large man. He was not the least bit courteous. The tactics of this person allowed Xiao Yan to understand that he was not a good person. One must use vicious tactics when dealing with an evil person. Hence, Xiao Yan’s words left no room for discussion.

The expression of the large man changed when he saw that Xiao Yan was able to remain in the air without any support. He clearly understood just what kind of being was able to stay afloat in the air. This meant that this young fellow was at the very least an elite Dou Zong. An expert of this level was not someone the large man could afford to offend.

He grit his teeth while feeling a great unwillingness within his heart. However, this large man was not someone who did not recognize the situation. He was able to snatch things from others and others would naturally be able to snatch his things. If one were act kindly in this Pill Realm, it was likely that one would be defrauded to the point where one would not even be left with one’s clothes.

The large man furiously stared at Xiao Yan, but did not dare to say much. His eyes paused on the Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa in Xiao Yan’s hands. He carried a stomach full of anger as he transformed into a blurry shadow, rushing to the distant mountain range…

Xiao Yan’s face did not reveal any ripple as he watched the large man go. He randomly put this Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa in his Storage Ring after the man had disappeared into the distance. His body slowly landed in the deep hole in the ground. His eyes contained some anticipation as he looked at the bottom of the deep pit.

Although the Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa was precious, it was not great enough to get Xiao Yan to pay too much attention to it. The thing that truly interested him was something that lay even deeper underground…