Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1124: Witch of the Cao Clan

Chapter 1124: Witch of the Cao Clan

Ten clusters of different-colored flames transformed into ferocious fire beasts that slowly rose into the sky. Various-colored glows landed on the stunned expressions of everyone below as they did so, causing the scene to appear exceptionally comical.

The ten types of flames along with the earlier Green Lotus Core Flame formed a total of eleven flames. Xiao Yan was able to control eleven flames with his own strength!

The courtyard was silent as everyone watched this shocking scene. It was a moment later before some noises from the inhalation of cold air slowly appeared…

Each time one controlled an additional flame, it would impose a harsh toll on one’s Spiritual Strength. With Cao Dan’s ability, he was at the most able to control four types of flames. Moreover, this had already allowed him to reach the point where he could hardly find any opponent within the Cao clan, yet the current Xiao Yan allowed him to understand what was meant by there was always someone better out there…

Eleven types of flames. Even if Cao Dan were to use all of his Spiritual Strength, it was likely that he would be unable to completely control them, much less transforming them into beast forms to fight with others.

Fierce flames rose into the air. The high temperature that spread down caused Cao Dan’s mouth to dry. His already somewhat pale face became even paler. Xiao Yan’s ability was a very big blow to him.

“How is it possible?”

Cao Dan softly muttered in his mouth. His eyes were filled with disbelief. Xiao Yan appeared much younger than him. How was it possible for him to control eleven types of flames? This level was something that even his sister, who was regarded as a witch in his clan, was unable to do…


Cao Dan’s eyes had become much redder after he muttered that word. He appeared just like a gambling addict about to lose all of his fortune. He let out a furious roar as a thought passed through his heart. The four fire beasts in the sky emitted low, deep roars as they charged at Xiao Yan’s multicolored fire beasts.

Xiao Yan watched Cao Dan, who was going all out, with an indifferent expression. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile. He randomly waved his sleeves and the eleven fire beasts in the sky appeared like ferocious tigers descending from a mountain as they collided with Cao Dan’s four fire beasts. After which, they began to tear and bite at each other in a crazy manner. Clusters of flames continued to scatter…

Cao Dan’s four fire beasts descended into an outnumbered situation in the face of Xiao Yan’s terrifying numbers. They did not endure for long before the flames on their bodies were gradually torn apart. After which, they slowly disappeared one after another in front of the many eyes in the front yard…

By the time Cao Dan’s last fire beast disappeared, nine out of eleven fire beasts belonging to Xiao Yan still survived…

Cao Dan’s body shook when the final fire beast disappeared. His feet immediately took two steps back in panic. A groan was emitted from his throat at the same time. Those fire beasts contained some of his remnant Spiritual Strength. Hence, the disappearance of those fire beasts caused some damage to his Spiritual Strength.

Cao Dan, who was pulling back, was hurriedly supported by the two elders behind him. His eyes stared at the nine fire beasts in the sky, and his face alternated between white and green. He had never expected the bet, he had thought he was going to win, would end up with him being defeated in such a miserable manner by Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan glanced at Cao Dan. He widened his mouth and the fire wolf transformed into a wisp of green-colored flames. The flame shot down before entering Xiao Yan’s mouth. Those eight other fire beasts gradually turned into nothing within a short moment…

These flames, that had yet to be refined into a flame seed, could only be used once. After a single usage, they would scatter if the energy within them was not replenished.

“Young master Cao Dan, please leave…”

Xiao Yan withdrew the Green Lotus Core Flame. His expression was much better when compared to Cao Dan. He had practiced the Flame Creation Skill and was extremely familiar with flame manipulation. Moreover, the strength of his Spiritual Strength was far from what the likes of Cao Dan could compare with.

Cao Dan’s expression became much uglier when he heard his command. He had lost to Xiao Yan in front of so many people. Moreover, he had lost in flame manipulation, his specialization. This was undoubtedly equivalent to giving him a ruthless slap.

“Alright… no wonder Ye Zhong would place his hopes on you. You do indeed possess some skill. I have underestimated you…” Cao Dan inhaled a couple of breaths of deep air. He suppressed the fury, that arose from embarrassment, rising in his heart as he spoke in a dark voice.

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. Cao Dan might say that he was a tier 7 alchemist, but from the way Xiao Yan saw it, Cao Dan would, at the very most, be at the low grade seventh tier. He could not be considered a great opponent. It would not be troublesome if Xiao Yan were to meet him at the Pill Gathering in the future…

“I have lost today. Rest assured that I will keep my word. My Cao clan will not come and find trouble for a period of time…” Cao Dan’s dark and ferocious eyes suddenly turned to Ye Zhong’s group after he spoke. He then continued in a dense, cold manner, “However, it is merely the ravings of a lunatic if your Ye clan wishes to regain an Elder’s Seat. My Cao clan will be unwilling to see such a thing occurring. There is still less than a month before the test begins. I want to see whether your Ye clan can rely on him to squeeze into the top three spots!”

Ye Zhong’s expression slightly changed. He coldly said, “There is no need for you to worry about this matter on behalf of the Ye clan.”

Cao Dan frostily smiled. His gaze immediately swung to Xiao Yan as he said, “Xiao Yan, you are indeed very strong. However, I believe sooner or later, you will end up regretting offending the Cao clan!”

“Have you finished saying all that you need to? If you have, please…” Xiao Yan crossed his fingers and faintly commanded without giving Cao Dan an additional look.

Cao Dan was filled with fury because of Xiao Yan’s indifferent attitude. If two elite Dou Zuns were not backing Xiao Yan up, it was likely that he would be unable to control himself and get Ku Yi zun-zhe to attack, giving this hateful fellow a vicious lesson.

“You are an alchemist. I think that you will also participate in the Pill Gathering. At that time, there will naturally be someone from my Cao clan who will take care of you… let’s go!”

Cao Dan’s eyes glared at Xiao Yan in a dangerous manner. A moment later, he tossed out some ruthless words before suddenly turning around. With a wave of his hand, he left this yard with a great unwillingness while carrying a body filled with fury. All the experts from the Cao clan behind him faced each other before letting out a quiet sigh and hurriedly followed.

The members of the Ye clan sighed in relief when they saw the people from the Cao clan leaving in a dispirited manner. Cheers sounded as a result. The respect in their eyes as they looked at Xiao Yan also became more prevalent.

“Big brother Xiao Yan, thank you!” Xin Lan sighed in relief in her heart. Her pretty eyes looked at Xiao Yan as she spoke with some joy.

Xiao Yan waved his hand and said, “Since I have promised you, I will protect the Ye clan. At the very least, until I have fulfilled my promise…”

“Mister Xiao Yan, everyone in the Ye clan will never forget the great favors you have done for the Ye clan. Please feel free to ask if there is anything you need my Ye clan to do in the future. Even though there are some things that we are unable to do, my Ye clan will try its best!” Ye Zhong cupped his hands together and bowed to Xiao Yan as he spoke in an unusually serious manner.

“I am unworthy of such a solemn and respectful ceremony from Elder Ye Zhong. Please do not continue.” Xiao Yan slightly leaned his body forward as he replied with a smile.

Ye Zhong smiled when he heard his words. His eyes wandered in the direction Cao Dan had disappeared. However, there was some worry in his eyes as he sighed, “From the words that Cao Dan uttered earlier, I think that that witch from the Cao clan has likely returned…”

“Witch?” Xiao Yan raised his head upon hearing this, feeling a little uncertain as he did so.

Ye Zhong bitterly laughed when he saw Xiao Yan’s uncertainty. He asked, “Mister Xiao Yan, what do you think of Cao Dan?”

“His character is nothing great, but he does have some skill in terms of flame control. Moreover, he is able to reach the level of a tier 7 alchemist at such a young age. His talent is worthy of being described as a genius…” Xiao Yan voiced his thoughts. Although Cao Dan was arrogant, he did possess decent ability.

“This Cao Dan is unable to show even the slightest bit of arrogance in front of the witch of the Cao clan…” Ye Zhong softly explained. His tone contained an exceptional bitterness. If his Ye clan could produce such a person, would he still need to worry about their strength? This kind of witch was a terrifying character where she alone could be relied on to support the entire clan.

“Oh?” surprise flashed across his eyes. The Cao clan had such a person?

“This witch is called Cao Ying. Her entire life has been filled with a legendary hue. When she was born, she already displayed a Spiritual Strength that shocked others. Her mother was nearly killed by the Spiritual Strength that spread from her. When she was seven years old, she had formally become an alchemist. At fifteen, she caught the eye of the Pill Tower and an exception was made to take her in as core disciple of the Pill Tower. She has trained quietly in the Pill Tower for five years. At twenty, she became the youngest tier 7 alchemist in the Cao clan. Currently, she is twenty-two…” Ye Zhong’s soft voice lingered over the yard, causing all the members of the Ye clan to lower their heads in shame upon hearing this. Compared to Cao Ying, they were merely useless people just waiting to die…

Of course, they were not the only ones who reacted like this. Even Xiao Yan’s face displayed a solemn expression. The Central Plains region was indeed filled with many hidden talents. If the reason he possessed the current achievement was due to a combination of both talent and effort, this Cao Ying was likely really a little witch blessed by the Heavens…

“Reaching tier 7 at twenty years old. During these two years, she would definitely have advanced. I guess the current her…” Ye Zhong paused when he spoke until this point. His face was filled with bitterness, “The current her should be at least at the peak of the tier 7 level…”

The entire yard was completely silent. A twenty-two-year-old peak tier 7 alchemist. This achievement would likely enter the top ten even when compared with the thousand years of alchemist history.

“Cao Ying will definitely participate in this Pill Gathering. According to tradition, if one wishes to slowly advance to be one of the giant heads of the Pill Tower, one must be the champion of a Pill Gathering…” Ye Zhong sighed. “This Cao Ying is quite ambitious. Therefore, she will definitely not give up this Pill Gathering.”

Ye Zhong’s eyes turned to the grave face of Xiao Yan and slowly said, “This girl will be a great opponent of yours in the Pill Gathering!”