Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1099: Terrifying Clash

Chapter 1099: Terrifying Clash

The beautiful, five-colored flame swept across the sky. Its frighteningly high temperature caused the air to distort. One’s sight would appear a little blurry when one looked over.

Faced with this terrifying, five-colored flames, a countless number of people within Ye City experienced a change in their expressions. Even with the isolation of the fire curtain, they could still sense the wild strength that caused one to be scared. It was difficult to imagine just what it would be like if they were in the place of Tian She’s group?

This answer was something that those who had not experienced first hand could not clearly give. However, regardless of how stupid a person was, he would know that this kind of feeling would definitely not allow one to feel good.

Of course, it was just as everyone had expected. The expressions of Tian She’s group had become unusually ugly while they stood within the light formation. The destructive strength hidden within the brilliant flame was just like a poison needle hidden in the darkness, causing all of them to feel a continuous chill within their hearts.

“Old She, what should we do?” Bing Xuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His expression contained a little panic. That bright, five-colored sea of fire was really too frightening. If they were to allow themselves to fall into it, it was likely that the remaining two seven star Dou Zong’s would end up with a terrible fate. They were practitioners of icy-cold Dou Qi. Currently, the five-colored flame had coincidentally suppressed them. If they did not use some techniques, it was likely that they would perish in this place when the flame arrived.

“What is there to panic about?”

Tian She’s expression sank as he coldly reprimanded. He immediately continued in a deep tone, “He may have a formation, but so does our Ice River Valley. Form the Ice River formation. This brat’s explosive force is indeed very strong, but it will definitely be unable to last for long. Once the time limit of his Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is up, this great formation will naturally be broken. At that time, it would only be too easy to kill him.”

Tian She was indeed worthy of being an expert renowned throughout the Pill Region. Even in the face of such a situation, he did not reveal the slightest panic. Instead, he had identified the fatal weakness of Xiao Yan’s strength within a sentence.

Bing Xuan’s and Bing Hua’s old faces turned red when they heard Tian She reprimanding them. They immediately nodded. Both of them stepped forward and took a position of the formation. A bone-chilling aura surged out of their bodies!

Tian She’s expression was dark and solemn as he looked at Xiao Yan in the distance. The snake-shaped walking stick in his hand slammed heavily against the empty air. A vast, mighty, cold aura surged out of his body and merged with the cold aura from the other two. It solidified into a clear-white ice mirror that protected the three of them.

The snow-white ice mirror was completely formed form the mighty aura of these three people. Its defensive strength was extremely terrifying. It was likely that even an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class would have difficulty breaking it, even after using their entire strength.

When this ice mirror was formed, the five-colored sea of flames came pouncing over. After which, it drowned the cold ice mirror within a fierce, intense flame!

The five-colored flame had just made contact with the snow-white, cold ice mirror’s surface when it suddenly emitted a sizzling sound. Tons of white-colored, cold fog poured from the surface of the ice-cold mirror, wildly blocking the burning and grilling of the five-colored flames.

Chi chi…

Droplets of ice-cold water continuously appeared on the surface of the ice mirror. After which, they rolled down the smooth mirror and were swiftly vaporized by the churning five-colored flame into nothingness.

A brilliant sea of flames permeated the interior of the large light formation. A snow-white ice mirror surfaced in the middle of the sea of flame. One could vaguely see three blurry figures within it…

Xiao Yan’s eyes were cold and indifferent as he stared at the surface of the mirror that was melting. The corner of his mouth revealed a cold smile. The creation of the five types of flames created an overbearingness that even Xiao Yan himself was surprised about. Although there was indeed quite a big gap between Tian She and him, by relying on the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change and the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique, this gap had already shrunk until it was extremely small. Attempting to forcefully fight against this five-colored flame at this moment could only be described as seeking one’s own suffering…

The five-colored sea of flames fiercely burned. Its terrifying temperature caused the interior of the light formation to become extremely distorted. There were even some dark-black spatial scars appearing…

The thick crystal layer of the snow-white ice mirror, within the sea of flame, was melting. The melting speed caused Tian She’s group to involuntarily change their expressions. Due to the suppression of their affinity, this five-colored flame’s destructive strength could be described as having reached an extremely vivid state.

“Old She, if this continues, it will be too much of a drain on our Dou Qi. We might not even be able to endure until the time limit of that brat’s Secret Technique is up…” Bing Xuan’s palm was supporting the ice layer above his head. Cold Qi was following his arm and pouring into the ice layer. Even though this was the case, he was still able to sense an extremely wild and violent heat seeping in.

Tian She’s expression was volatile. He had underestimated the destructive strength of the five-colored flames…

“Transfer all of the Ice Zun Force within your bodies into mine when the ice mirror shatters. I will use the attack and kill that brat in one blow!”

Bing Xuan and Bing Hua hesitated for a moment after hearing Tian She’s dense, cold voice. Immediately, they could only emit a bitterness from their mouths and nod. If the interior of their bodies did not possess the protection of the Ice Zun Force, it was likely that they would suffer a ruthless searing pain in this terrifying sea of flames.

Tian She ignored their bitter smiles. His eyes were focused intently on a space outside of the ice mirror. There was a vague figure at that spot…


The five-colored flame crazily raged. Under its terrifyingly high temperature, the amount of water droplets on the tough ice mirror began to increase. The thick ice mirror gradually became thinner.

Quite a number of people within Ye City felt their heads become numb as they watched this exchange within the light formation. That young figure had given them a shock that they had difficulty imagining. Not only did he defeat a protector from the Hall of Souls, but he was currently relying on his own strength to trap the three great Elders of the Ice River Valley within the sea of flames, causing them to be unable to move. This battle result would cause some heated blood to boil by just hearing about it, much less personally witnessing it at this moment…

A slight sound was suddenly emitted from within the light formation while a countless number of gazes were focusing on it. Immediately, many eyes abruptly narrowed. One could see numerous tiny cracks beginning to spread over the tough ice mirror…

“What a terrifying sea of flames. Even the combined strength of the three Ice River Valley’s Elders could not block it…”

Countless numbers of exclamations were immediately emitted from within Ye City when they saw this scene.


The cracks spread at a faster speed. In the end, the ice mirror suddenly shook and blasted apart. Countless ice fragments shot in all directions as a shockingly cold aura spread out. For an instant, it even forced back this five-colored flame.

While the cold Qi spread, Bing Xuan and Bing Hua let out a furious cry as each of them placed a palm on Tian She’s back. A vast, mighty Dou Qi, that contained a tiny ice crumb, surged into Tian She’s body.

After the Ice Zun Force within Bing Xuan’s and Bing Hua’s bodies was inserted into Tian She’s body, one could hear a crack sound. Layer after layer of faint-blue ice was quietly emitted from under Tian She’s skin. In an instant, it formed a thin, pale-blue ice cloth on the surface of his body. A wave of extremely terrifying pale-blue-colored cold air suddenly surged out of Tian She’s body when this ice layer appeared!

In the face of this pale-blue coloured cold air, one could see the surrounding five-colored flame pushed over a hundred feet away. Waves of dense, white fog would erupt each time the flame pounced over!

Tian She sensed the terrifyingly high temperature that the five-colored flame radiated when the pale-blue ice layer appeared. Over half of it had actually disappeared. Immediately, a fierce glint flashed over both of his eyes. He raised his head and stared at the distant Xiao Yan in a dense manner. His voice contained an incomparable chill as it reverberated over the light formation.

“Brat, it ends here!”

The dense voice had just sounded when Tian She suddenly clenched his hand. Wave after wave of liquid, like faint-blue energy, surged out of his hand. This kind of faint-blue-colored energy still had some tiny ice fragments floating within it, emitting a strange luster.

Tian She’s hand grabbed this faint-blue-colored liquid. After which, he suddenly pulled. This cluster of liquid wiggled and formed a twenty-foot-large blue ice bow!

The cold air in this place suddenly surged after this ice bow appeared. After which, even the monstrous five-colored flame from earlier began to withdraw some distance away…

“Ice God Bow!”

Tian She’s expression was dark and cold. His hand pulled the bow string. A creaking sound was emitted as the bow was pulled until it was fully extended. The terrifying cold air gathered and a ten-foot-large blue-colored ice arrow slowly appeared on the bow’s string…

The appearance of the ice arrow caused Xiao Yan’s expression to sink. He could sense that even the permeating five-colored sea of fire had quietly parted to form a line for the target of the ice arrow.

“This Tian She is indeed worthy of being an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class. He is so difficult to finish off…”

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air. A fierceness flashed across his eyes. The seal formed by his hands suddenly changed!

Following the change in the seal formed by his hands, the five-colored flames that permeated the interior of the light formation began to churn. Immediately, the entire formation surged to Xiao Yan in all directions, gathering on his right hand!

Chi chi!

With an increasing amount of five-colored flames gathering on Xiao Yan’s arm, a hundred-foot-large five-colored flame hand slowly wiggled and appeared. It was worn over Xiao Yan’s hand. Looking at it from a distance, it appeared just like the arm of a fire god, possessing unrivaled power that could destroy the world!

“This arrow will take your life!”

The corner of Tian She’s eyes were lifted when he saw the enormous flame arm. A ferocious expression was immediately added on his face. With a cold cry, the fully extended bow in hands emitted a ‘bang’ as it was released!

“Ice God Arrow, sealing the world in ice!”

When his fingers were released, the ten-foot-large blue ice arrow emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it rushed out!

The cold air of nature surged wherever the arrow passed. Even the surrounding fire curtain turned unusually dim.

Xiao Yan’s expression was fierce. He looked at the blue line magnifying at a lightning-like speed. The fierceness in it flashed and his body became a little sluggish. After which, his foot stepped on the empty air in front of a countless number of shocked gazes. He waved his fire-god-like arm and violently slammed it toward the blue-colored arrow, that was being shot over with a fierce momentum that would frighten anyone looking at it!

Fire God Arm, destroying the world!