Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1011: Breakthrough! Dou Zong!

Chapter 1011: Breakthrough! Dou Zong!

A wild gale raged outside of the volcano’s mouth, whistling repeatedly as it did so. Two old figures were standing with their hands behind them in a rock pavilion not far from the mouth of the volcano.

“It has already been two and a half months…” Jin Shi knit his brows and looked to the mouth of the volcano. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool at that spot had already fallen from its filled condition back then to an extremely shallow level. Moreover, the blood color within the liquid had become much paler. At a glance, it did not appear much different from ordinary lake water. The energy within it had also paled to a level that was impossible to absorb.

Jin Gu by the side also bitterly laughed when he heard this. He immediately said with some hesitation, “Could something have happened? The Heaven Mountain Fire Poison below is overly dense. Even I do not dare to proceed too deep…”

“That should not be the case. Although the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison is extremely fierce, it does not pose much of a threat to a ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Jin Shi shook his head and spoke in a deep voice. For some unknown reason, however, his tone did not appear very confident when he said this. Xiao Yan had already entered the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool for two and a half months. This period of time was indeed a little too long. The fire poison at the bottom of the Blood Pool was extremely dense. Even he did not dare to stay for such a long time. Although Xiao Yan possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ his strength was ultimately only that of a nine star Dou Huang…

Jin Gu helplessly sighed when he saw Jin Shi’s appearance. During these two and a half months, the energy tide of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range had gradually calmed down. Feng Qing Er and the others had remained in the Blood Pool for five days before leaving the pool. After a brief goodbye, they swiftly left this place. From the looks of it, it seemed that they had benefited from soaking in the Blood Pool this time around. They might even be able to successfully breakthrough the Dou Huang class once they returned.

Nalan Yanran, on the other hand, had only remained in the Blood Pool for three days. This was because the energy within her body had already reached saturation, and she had little choice but to leave. After which, she waited for Xiao Yan on the Heaven Eye Mountain Range for nearly two months before finally having no choice but to leave. In other words, it was likely that Xiao Yan was the only one in the Heaven Eye Mountain no one had any news of.

“If there is still no news today, I will enter the Blood Pool and see just what has happened…”

After musing for a while, Jin Shi finally grit his teeth. He still required Xiao Yan’s help to expel the fire poison from his body. Hence, even though he knew that he could not just enter the bottom of the Blood Pool as he wished, he had no choice but to go and take a look.

Jin Gu also helplessly nodded when he heard this. They had no other choice left but to do so.


The surroundings of the mouth of the volcano suddenly emitted a loud rumbling sound when Jin Gu had just nodded his head. All the energy around them suddenly began to fluctuate.

Following the appearance of this rumbling sound, one could see that the surrounding natural energy seemed to have met with a drag force and began to crazily gather around the mouth of the volcano. Jin Shi and Jin Gu fixed their eyes onto the spot where the energy had gathered. It was surprisingly the location where the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was located!

“What has happened?”

The sudden unexpected change caused Jin Gu to be startled as he hurriedly questioned.

Jin Shi also frowned. His eyes firmly stared at the interior of the Blood Pool. A whirlpool that was a couple of dozen feet in size had appeared at that spot. The middle of the whirlpool was a dark-black hole. The surrounding natural energy was all flowing wildly through it.

“The interior of the Blood Pool seems to have something that is crazily absorbing energy. If I have guessed correctly, this should have been created by Xiao Yan.” Jin Shi slowly inferred.

“How could he stir the natural energy until it shakes given his Dou Huang strength?” Jin Gu spoke with a surprised voice. He suddenly recalled something and his eyes widened. There was a shocked expression on his face as he turned to Jin Gu. “This fellow… could it be that he is about to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class?”

A strange look also flashed across Jin Shi’s eyes. A moment later, he nodded and said, “It is likely the case. This fellow… has really done it. Although the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool does indeed possess some effect to help one breakthrough the bottleneck, this is also the first time that I have seen someone breakthrough with the help of the Blood Pool… if news of this were to spread, it is likely that the attraction of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool would continue to soar.”

“No wonder he has remained for such a long time in the bottom of the Blood Pool. He is actually thinking of breaking through to the Dou Zong class in one go. However, it is likely that this method can only be used by people like him who possess a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ The Heaven Mountain Fire Poison below is really a little too frightening.”

“But the activity that this fellow creates when he is breaking through is really incredible. This place has been shaken until this manner. It is likely that some elite Dou Zong within a five hundred kilometer radius will sense something…” Jin Gu smacked his mouth as he lamented.

Jin Shi nodded. His eyes focused intently on the Blood Pool and his heart also sighed in relief. As long as nothing happened to Xiao Yan, the fire poison within his body should not be a problem.

While these two were conversing, the fluctuation of the natural energy in this place also became more and more intense. Wave after wave of dense energy seeped from the surroundings. After which, the energy flowed toward the whirlpool within the Blood Pool. Looking from a distance, it seemed as though the entire Heaven Eye Mountain was wrapped within a somewhat colorful, violent energy storm, giving it a spectacular appearance.

The sudden unexpected change naturally attracted the attention of the entire Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe in the Heaven Eye Mountain. Innumerable stunned gazes shot to the source of the commotion. They looked at the substance-like energy while the energy pressure that vaguely seeped from it caused quite a number of weaker Gold Swallowing Mice to feel their hearts tremble with fear.

The change in the surroundings not only did not reduce with the flow of time, but instead became more severe. In the end, it seemed as though there were a countless number of colorful pillars falling from the sky…

As an increasing amount of energy poured into the Blood Pool, a majestic aura, similar to that of an enormous dragon waking up, slowly seeped out of the bottom of the Blood Pool. That aura was extremely strong. Even Jin Shi and Jin Gu expressions changed slightly.

“This aura… does not seem like the level of someone who has just advanced to the Dou Zong class.” Jin Gu muttered somewhat doubtfully.

“Yes, this aura alone is not inferior to that of an ordinary one star Dou Zong. However, one cannot rule out the explanation of one’s aura reaching the peak when breaking through. Perhaps it will gradually be reduced after the breakthrough is completed.” Jin Shi nodded as he replied.

The permeating aura swiftly spread. Within a short period of time, it covered the entire Heaven Eye Mountain. Under such a mighty aura, everyone, with the exception of a certain strong individuals like Jin Shi, felt a fear seeping out of their hearts. Quite a number of Gold Swallowing Mice, that had yet to evolve, let out a panicked screech.

Following the massive activity within the Heaven Eye Mountain and the increasingly strong aura that was spreading from the bottom of the Blood Pool, quite a number of experts within a five hundred kilometer radius of the Heaven Eye Mountain sensed something. In an instant, numerous gazes were thrown in the direction of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.

“This aura… is another person about to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class? From this direction, it seems to be from the Heaven Eye Mountain Range? Is it another member of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe?”

“These fellows are really lucky. Therefore, the strength of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe will increase again.”

“The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool is really good stuff. Looks like I should get the disciples in the sect to try their luck next time.”


Energy whistled around the sky of the Heaven Eye Mountain peak. The rotating speed of the whirlpool in the Blood Pool also became crazier as waves splashed into the surrounding rock walls, emitting deafening bangs.

Perhaps it was because of the fluctuation of the surrounding natural energy, but quite a number of dark clouds gathered in the sky above the peak of the mountain. In an instant, the originally bright weather was covered by dark clouds.

Jin Shi and Jin Gu were unconcerned about the change in the sky. Their gazes were firmly locked onto the Blood Pool. Base on their senses, the suction from the bottom of the Blood Pool seemed to have reached a peak…

“He is about to come out…”

Jin Shi stared at the frightening rotation speed of the water surface before he suddenly spoke in a deep voice.

Jin Shi’s voice had just sounded when the surface of the water appeared as though a bomb had been dropped into it. It exploded and a countless number of water pillars shot into the sky. The water pillars burst apart, and it seemed as though rain had descended on the Heaven Eye Mountain.

The Blood Pool’s water pillars spat out in all directions. A short while later, a crane-like cry, from the bottom of the Blood Pool, suddenly broke through the surface of the water and shot to the clouds while carrying a mighty Dou Qi with it!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

A clear roar seemed to have stirred the shaking of the sky and land. Space was distorted while the water pillars shot out. The entire Heaven Eye Mountain Range had begun to tremble at this instant. Numerous cracks began to swiftly spread like spiderwebs around the mouth of the volcano while a deafening sound resounded over the mountain.


The movement of the mountain peak had just stopped when a large water pillar, that seemed to cover all of the Blood Pool, violently shot out like a volcanic eruption. It forcefully blasted away the whirlpool on the surface!

The water pillar was a couple of dozens meters in height. When it reached its highest point, the water pillar suddenly collapsed. Enormous clusters of water fell from the sky, like rain had formed between the sky and the land.

The rain violently smashed onto the rocks below, resulting in a clear pitter-patter sound being formed. All the gazes within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range were focused intently on the sky.

The rain that spread over the sky seemed to have been torn apart by an invisible hand, opening a path to the sky.

A skinny figure slowly appeared in the part of the sky where the rain had been separated. The figure’s legs were stepping on the empty air while his body stood extremely straight. The majestic aura that spread from his body appeared just like a sword that could split open the endless sky above his head!

“Dou Zong…”

Numerous respectful and envious voices sounded throughout the entire Heaven Eye Mountain Range when everyone present sensed the great strength of this aura.