Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1008: Entering the Blood Pool

Chapter 1008: Entering the Blood Pool

The sudden unexpected change in situation caused everyone present to become startled. By the time they had recovered, they only saw the white-clothed man on the ground. The hearts of everyone other than Feng Qing Er’s four person group felt a chill. Their gazes contained an additional fear when looking at Xiao Yan.

The white-clothed man’s body collapsed on an enormous rock. His body was covered with blood traces and was involuntarily twitching. The punch from Xiao Yan earlier might not have taken his life, but it had left him unable to move. With his strength as a seven star Dou Huang, it was impossible for him to forcefully endure a punch from Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept indifferently over this fellow. He slowly turned around and the coldness of his face swiftly melted. He grinned to everyone else and softly asked, “Isn’t there the right number of people now?”

Feng Qing Er’s gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s face. She coldly laughed, “You are extremely overbearing. It is likely that my Wind Lightning Pavilion cannot be compared with you when it comes to doing such things.”

Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of the ridicule in Feng Qing Er’s tone. He said, “It is merely the case of the weak being eaten. However, I don’t understand how I can be more overbearing than the Wind Lightning Pavilion since it has maneuvered a couple of elite Dou Zongs to surround me. One can hardly find many who possess such generosity.”

“If the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool wasn’t about to appear, I would really like to test you to see just what level you are in this Heaven Eye Mountain. A place external help, can’t reach.” A cold glint flashed through Feng Qing Er’s eyes as she challenged.

“If Miss Feng wishes to give it a try, she can do so anytime.” Xiao Yan gave a bland laugh. His completely indifferent manner caused Feng Qing Er to be infuriated. However, she could only suppress the fury in her heart when she glanced at the mouth of the volcano. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was about to appear. She needed to quickly enter it and absorb the strange energy within it as quickly as possible. There was a limited amount of energy within the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. If she could absorb a little more of it, this little more might be able to decide whether or not she would break through the Dou Huang class…

Xiao Yan ignored Feng Qing Er after seeing that she had become quiet. He slowly walked to Nalan Yanran’s side, and asked with a beaming look, “Are you alright?”

Nalan Yanran was startled when she saw Xiao Yan’s smiling face. Suddenly, she felt the tip of her nose become watery. This feeling of being protected by a man seemed to be a different than the feeling Yun Yun gave her. It was solid and safe. Behind this skinny back, she seemed to be able to completely relax her heart.

However, reasoning told her that this kind of calm enjoyment would only exist for a short while. Perhaps it would disappear after she left this Heaven Eye Mountain… the corner of Nalan Yanran’s mouth was involuntarily lifted in self-mockery when she thought of this. At one point, she could have enjoyed such a feeling for her entire life. However, it was ultimately destroyed by her…

“Is this considered reaping what I sow?” A soft, inaudible voice was gently emitted from Nalan Yanran’s mouth. However, it coincidentally entered Xiao Yan’s ears. His footsteps momentarily paused before he walked side by side with her to the top of the slope.

The back of Nalan Yanran’s teeth bit her lower red lip even harder when she sensed Xiao Yan walking by her. She slowly turned around and looked at the skinny back. When she was about to speak, however, a soul-stirring thunderous noise was suddenly transmitted from the sky.

The thunder sound that suddenly appeared also stunned everyone present. They raised their heads, only to see the colorful energy tide in the sky suddenly ceased spreading. An enormous colorful spiral appeared on the mouth of the volcano. While it slowly spun, Xiao Yan and the others could sense an extremely frightening majestic energy that was wildly gathering in the sky.

“Is the Blood Pool about to appear?”

Joy surfaced in the eyes of Xiao Yan’s group when they saw this unusual change in the sky.

Following the appearance of this enormous, colorful energy swirl in the sky, the energy around them began to fluctuate. Waves of energy poured into the swirl like colorful cloths, causing the spiraling speed to increase.

A hurricane also appeared out of nowhere, following the increase in the rotation speed of the spiral. Whistling noises were rampant on the mountain top as the hurricane cut through the mountain peak like the edge of a knife. It left behind some arm thick cracks on some enormous rocks amid waves of ‘chi chi’ sounds.

Powerful Dou Qi surged from the bodies of Xiao Yan’s group. Their bodies were just like rocks that stood without moving on the tall slope. Most people who arrived here were considered to be the top people from the younger generation in the northern region of the Central Plains. There was naturally no weaklings among them.

The energy spiral’s size became larger in the sky, and the energy contained within it also became increasingly frightening. At a certain instant, the spinning speed was finally reduced. Immediately, the spiral paused momentarily before a glaring light suddenly erupted from the middle of the spiral!


The sudden intense light basically covered the entire Heaven Eye Mountain Range. At this moment, the dense fog that permeated the mountain range had become thinner amid this light!

The energy spiral suddenly paused the instant the intense light appeared. Immediately, an energy pillar that was a hundreds of feet in size emitted a ‘bang’ like a cannonball. It blasted out of the spiral, its direction being the mouth of the volcano below.

The expressions of Xiao Yan and the others changed slightly in the face of this frightening energy light pillar. Their bodies swiftly withdrew.

The light pillar’s speed was extremely fast. Within a flash, it violently landed on the volcano’s mouth. Immediately, an enormous air wave swept out and the surrounding strange rocks were immediately blasted apart.

The feet of Xiao Yan and the others rubbed against the ground as they pulled back nearly ten plus meters. Only then did they slowly stabilize their bodies. They looked at the mountain top that had become empty in the blink of an eye, and involuntarily wiped off the cold sweat on their foreheads. Raising their eyes, they could see that the mouth of the volcano was permeated with a dense colorful light. A wave of powerful energy, which was astonishingly dense, was rippling within it.

“Now is the best time to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, please get moving!” Jin Shi’s figure drifted over from a distant place before finally landing. There were two large Gold Swallowing Mice behind him.

An excitement that was difficult to remove instantly flashed across the eyes of Feng Qing Er and the others when his words sounded. Their bodies moved and they swiftly unleashed their fastest speed, turning into a couple of light rays that flew toward the mouth of the volcano in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan glanced at Feng Qing Er and the others, who were wildly charging over. His heart involuntarily laughed. After grabbing Nalan Yanran’s wrist from behind him, his body moved and swiftly shot forward.

“Remember, do not go too deep into the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. You should quickly absorb the energy once you enter. This is an opportunity that is difficult to come by.” Xiao Yan quickly reminded Nalan Yanran while he flashed forward.

“Yes.” Nalan Yanran did not oppose Xiao Yan pulling her. Instead, she gently nodded her head.

“There is no need to wait for me after you have exited the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. I might need quite a long time.” Xiao Yan’s body moved and appeared on the mouth of the volcano. He randomly uttered some words as he did so. After which, his eyes swept at the mouth of the volcano and an amazement involuntarily surfaced.

At this moment, the enormous mouth of the volcano was filled with a dense, colorful energy. It appeared exceptionally gorgeous. Moreover, the most attractive thing was the eye-catching red pool in the middle of the volcano.

Even from a great distance, Xiao Yan’s group was still able to see that the interior of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was filled with an unusual red liquid. Xiao Yan could sense that it was full of rich energy.

“Is that the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool?”

A heated look appeared in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he stared at the unusual Blood Pool. After which, he glanced at Feng Qing Er and the rest, who were wildly rushing toward the Blood Pool. His toes pressed on the ground, and he rushed toward the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool while pulling Nalan Yanran along.

The size of this volcano’s mouth was extremely large. However, Xiao Yan managed to cover the distance within half a minute with his speed. By the time he had hurried over, however, he coincidentally managed to see Feng Qing Er and the others charge into the Blood Pool, emitting a splashing sound as they did so.

Xiao Yan felt somewhat helpless when he saw these fellows being so anxious. However, it was fortunate that his target was the bottom of the Blood Pool. Otherwise, it would really be fun if he had competed with these people in terms of craziness.

The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was around seventy to eighty feet or so, and could not be considered too large. However, it was more than sufficient to accommodate Xiao Yan and the others. Looking at the Blood Pool from close up, Xiao Yan felt that the unusual feeling had become even denser. The red-colored energy did not appear to be much different than fresh blood. It was viscous and red. Some blood-like bubbles would also repeatedly appear on the surface of the Blood Pool. A wave of dense blood-colored energy was slowly being emitted like smoke.

“It is indeed worthy of being a mysterious place that can aid one in breaking through the bottleneck. The shocking amount of energy gathered is at a level that I am seeing for the first time…” Xiao Yan sighed in his heart. He turned his head to Nalan Yanran and smiled as he said, “You should enter. Although you have not reached the peak of the Dou Huang class, soaking in it will still be beneficial to you.”

Nalan Yanran nodded slightly. She placed the white fox in her hands down gently beside the Blood Pool. After which, her pretty eyes paused on Xiao Yan’s face while she whispered, “Thank you very much… you… if you wish to find teacher in the future, you can perhaps head to the Flower Sect.”

Nalan Yanran did not wait for Xiao Yan to question her for more details after she spoke. Her body moved and she plunged into the Blood Pool like a mermaid.

“Flower Sect? One of the so-called two sects?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw Nalan Yanran’s back disappear within the Blood Pool. However, he did not have the time to ponder about how Yun Yun managed to interact with such a faction. Nevertheless, he remembered this in his heart. His body leaped forward and landed into the Blood Pool with a smashing noise.

The mouth of the volcano gradually became calm following the group’s entrance into the Blood Pool. Only the wild wind continued to rage crazily, forming whistling storms in the process…