Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1005: The Whereabouts of Feng Zun-zhe

Chapter 1005: The Whereabouts of Feng Zun-zhe

The mouse tide sonic wave that came from all directions completely scattered. Finally, they spread all over the place in a chaotic fashion. In an instant, the forest around the rock stairs suffered. The sonic wave were just like blades which completely cut the many trees right through the middle amid ‘swash swash’ sounds.

Xiao Yan looked at the mouse tide sonic wave that faced a total defeat from the sky. He was also a little stunned. His heart clearly understood that the reason he was able to achieve such an effect was likely because of the thread of dragon aura he had obtained from the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill. Otherwise, with just the level of the Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar, it was definitely impossible to achieve such a shocking effect even if it could fight against such a great sonic wave.

“I have never discovered such a benefit during my fight with humans. This dragon aura seems to pose greater harm to Magical Beasts.” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the surroundings of the rock stairs. He had begun to tremble upon discovering the countless numbers of Gold Swallowing Mouse. The fierceness from earlier had completely disappeared. Clearly, that roar had caused them significant harm.

Xiao Yan hugged Nalan Yanran’s narrow waist. He hesitated for a moment before finally moving. After which, he rushed to the top of the mountain without any hinderance. Only then did he gently set her down.

At this moment, the platform and the mountain top were completely silent. No one expected that Xiao Yan would choose the fiercest method to breakthrough the checkpoint. Moreover, the thing that really caused everyone to be speechless was that he had actually really managed to successfully destroy that mouse tide sound array that was formed by a countless number of Gold Swallowing Mouse. It was likely that very few people present could achieve this.

“This fellow is indeed an abnormal being…” Quite a number of people muttered in their hearts as a strange look appeared in their eyes.

“*Cough*…” Beside the rock stairs, Jin Shi, who was stunned for a moment, had finally recovered. He looked at the weary Gold Swallowing Mouse and involuntarily laughed. It was unexpected that this fellow possessed such a technique. Now that he had done this, the strength of the mouse tide sound array would definitely have been reduced. This will end up giving those after him an advantage.

Jin Shi sighed helplessly. He waved his hand and said, “The challenge is a success. Next. You have less than half an hour.”

A human figure hurriedly walked forward upon hearing Jin Shi’s words. After which, he swiftly walked to the rock stairs…


On the mountain top, Xiao Yan took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring, handed it to Nalan Yanran and inquired, “Are you alright?”

Nalan Yanran shook her head gently after receiving the medicinal pill. She softly replied, “I’m fine… thank you.”

Xiao Yan smiled. Only then did he turn his gaze and sweep it across the top of the mountain. This Heaven Eye Mountain’s peak was quite large. Moreover, it was filled with potholes. Rocks were scattered all over it. The spot where the four others were located was coincidentally a flat stone platform that was cut from an enormous rock. However, he did not see the Heaven Eye Blood Pool. It was likely located in some other place.

Xiao Yan made a brief observation of his surroundings before turning his gaze to Feng Qing Er and the three others. At this moment, these four people were also throwing their gazes to him. Tang Ying’s and Mu Qing Luan’s gazes were still alright. However, Feng Qing Er’s and Wang Chen’s gazes were somewhat unfriendly.

“Congratulations.” Tang Ying’s cold face revealed a smile as he cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan.

“Thank you.” Xiao Yan smiled. He did not have any ill feelings toward Tang Ying. Hence, he was quite courteous to him. He completely ignored Feng Qing Er and Wang Chen by the side. This kind of complete disregard also caused the chill in their eyes to become denser.

The eyes of Mu Qing Luan by the side looked toward the next challenger on the rock stairs before turning her gaze away after seeing that there was little suspense. She observed Xiao Yan with some interest and saucily asked, “What level of mastery has your Three Thousand Lightning Movement reached?”

Mu Qing Luan had actually asked such a question in front of Feng Qing Er. Clearly, Mu Qing Luan’s intention was to make her feel unhappy. As expected, Feng Qing Er’s face became even colder upon hearing these words. She faintly said, “Mu Qing Luan, taking the opportunity to gain advantage with your tongue now does not show that you have any ability. I will test and see if your strength has improved during these four years in the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting three months from now.”

Mu Qing Luan lifted the corner of her mouth and smiled as she replied, “I am rather looking forward to it. I wonder if the luck from the last round will appear on you again?”

“You know best in your heart whether it was good luck.” Feng Qing Er raised her pretty eyes gently. Her calm voice had a kind of provoking aura.

Xiao Yan was also stunned when he saw the two clashing. It seemed that the four pavilions were not as harmonious as he had thought. However, he also felt quite pleased at being able to see Feng Qing Er suffer a loss. Perhaps it was due to her identity, but this woman gave him a terrible impression right from the start.

“Miss Mu, may I know if I can have a private word with you?” Xiao Yan asked. He did not wish to intervene in the mutual criticism between these two women. However, the current him was anxiously wishing to obtain some news.

Mu Qing Luan was also startled when she heard this. This was the first time she had met Xiao Yan, and they could not be considered to be familiar with one another. However, thinking about how Xiao Yan had caused the Wind Lightning Pavilion to lose a great amount of face during this period of time had caused her to have quite a good impression of him. She did not reject him. Instead, her heart contained a little doubt as she nodded her head and gently drifted to one side.

“Don’t move around randomly. Wait for me.” Xiao Yan instructed Nalan Yanran. After which, he swiftly rushed away and slowly landed beside Mu Qing Luan.

“Is there a matter?” Mu Qing Luan’s delicate hand parted the black hair on her forehead as she turned around and laughed with a hand over her mouth.

Looking at Mu Qing Luan from a close proximity, she appeared to be an extremely young girl. However, Xiao Yan knew that this girl was strong. He hesitated for a moment before finally inquiring, “May I inquire if Feng zun-zhe is Miss Mu’s teacher?”

“Yes. Quite a number of people know about this. Don’t tell me that you want to ask this?” Mu Qing Luan raised her thin eyebrows gently as she replied.

“In that case, does Miss Mu know about the whereabouts of elder Feng?” Xiao Yan courteously asked.

“Who exactly are you? Why are you searching for teacher?” Mu Qing Luan narrowed her eyes as she spoke with some caution.

Xiao Yan could only bitterly laugh when he saw the cautious manner of Mu Qing Luan. He hesitated for a moment before relying, “A disciple of an old friend. On orders from my teacher, I have come to look for elder Feng.”

“A disciple of an old friend? Which old friend?” Mu Qing Luan was startled when she heard this. Her gaze carefully observed Xiao Yan before asking.

“This… Miss Feng will be aware of this in the future. However, it is not convenient to talk about it now.” Xiao Yan shook his head and spoke somewhat apologetically. He had never met Feng zun-zhe and was unaware of what his strength was like. Although he had absolute trust in what Yao Lao had said, he was currently no longer that naive little fellow from back then. Acting cautiously was something that had long been deeply imprinted in his bones.

Mu Qing Luan involuntarily curled her mouth when she heard this. Feng zun-zhe had a wide social circle and many friends. This reason was clearly insufficient. However, she did not want to make things even more difficult. With Feng zun-zhe’s strength, it was likely that Xiao Yan would be able to accomplish nothing even if he held ill intent within his heart. Mu Qing Luan immediately waved her hand and said, “Teacher loves to travel. It is difficult to meet him on an ordinary day. However, if you really wish to look for him, you can head to the Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion three months from now.”

“Wind Lightning Pavilion?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard these words. His face was immediately covered with a bitter smile. His relationship with the Wind Lightning Pavilion had already turned to such a state. How could he head to their headquarters? Just a single Fei Tian had already managed to chase him until such a manner. The Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion was where the headquarters were located. There would definitely be many experts there. It was likely that he would not be able to return after heading there.

“The location of the Four Pavilions Grand Meeting three months from now will be held at the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Being one of the parties participating in it, my Falling Star Pavilion will naturally be present. At that time, teacher will also head there. If you wish to find him, you can only do so at that time. It is not that I am purposefully playing with you.” Mu Qing Luan spoke in a lovely voice. She covered her mouth and laughed when she saw the bitter smile on Xiao Yan’s face.

“Three months later huh…”

Xiao Yan fell into deep thought after he let out a bitter smile. He finally nodded and said, “Thank you for your information Miss Feng.”

“You aren’t really planning on heading there, are you? Not only will Fei Tian be present in the Four Pavilions Grand Meeting. Even the other two pavilion chiefs will be present. Moreover, there is also the eastern pavilion chief Lei zun-zhe there. You are really seeking death if you head there.” Mu Qing Luan widened her beautiful watery eyes as she stared at Xiao Yan. That appearance was as though she was looking at a fool. From the way she saw it, this action of Xiao Yan was no different from allowing himself to be caught.

“Ke ke, I know my limits.” Xiao Yan grinned and replied. If it was really as Yao Lao had said, Feng zun-zhe would definitely be able to provide him with quite a great amount of help. Should he lend a hand, the chances of successfully rescuing Yao Lao would be much higher. After all, he really did not have many people that could help in the Central Plains.

Mu Qing Luan did not say anything more when she saw Xiao Yan’s insistence. She waved her hands and said, “Since you persist on going, you should not blame me. However, if it is really as you say and you are a disciple of teacher’s old friend, his elderly self might help plead on your behalf and get the Wind Lightning Pavilion to let you off. Even that Lei zun-zhe must give him some face.”

Xiao Yan beamed and nodded. He once again thanked Mu Qing Luan. Immediately, he heard some noise being emitted from the rock platform. He lifted his eyes and saw that there were another two figures who had successfully broke through the mouse tide sonic wave.

“Let’s go, the time is about to be up.” Mu Qing Luan swept over the rock platform before waving her hand. She had just turned around when she hesitated for a moment. Finally, she said, “That’s right. I’ll give you a reminder. Be careful of Feng Qing Er and Wang Chen.”

Mu Qing Luan’s toes pressed gently on the ground after her words sounded. After which, her body gently drifted forward before landing on a rock.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he looked at Mu Qing Luan’s figure. His gaze immediately flickered over Feng Qing Er and Wang Chen without leaving any trace. There was a faint cold glint flashing within his eyes. It would be fine if they did not meddle with him. Should they really choose to be foolish, he would let them know that he, Xiao Yan, was not someone whom others could randomly manipulate!