Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1002: Breaking Through the Checkpoint

Chapter 1002: Breaking Through the Checkpoint

The atmosphere on the platform became tense the moment Jin Shi uttered those words. The countless numbers of enormous gold-colored mice around the rock stairs suddenly emitted a strange glow. Numerous eyes stared intently at the entrance of the rock stairs. The gold-colored hair on their bodies also began to stand on end, appearing just like a hedgehog.

For an instant, no one dared to randomly charge in after seeing the army of Gold Swallowing Mouse solemnly waiting. The great number was one that no one was aware of. Moreover, most of the people present were clearly aware of just what the sonic wave attack of the Gold Swallowing Mouse consisted of. That was something which was extremely difficult to block against. During the fight for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool back then, these beasts had caused many experts to suffer.

“All of you only have one hour’s time. Those who fail to reach the mountain peak within an hour will be deemed to have failed.” Jin Shi did not press everyone when he saw that they were quiet. All he did was speak these words in an indifferent manner.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed upon hearing these words. A moment later, two figures finally could not wait any longer as they walked out from the crowd. They exchanged looks with one another before immediately cupping their hands to Jin Shi and saying, “Bone Transforming Gate, Hu Ya and Hu Cheng.”

Jin Shi nodded his head. The Bone Transforming Gate was not far from the Heaven Eye Mountain Range and was somewhat well-known. Of course, it was naturally inferior when compared to a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Moreover, the strength of these two people were coincidentally at that of a four star and five star Dou Huang. They might be outstanding in other places, but they could only be considered to be at the middle level in this place.

After greeting Jin Shi, a somewhat pale-white, powerful Dou Qi surged out of their bodies, immediately wrapping around both of them.

The two of them suddenly stomped onto the ground just after the Dou Qi surged. Their bodies shot out like a thunderbolt as they rushed up the rock stairs. From the way the two acted, it seemed they wished to charge through the so-called mouse tide sound array in one go.

The speed of these two was indeed quite fast. After a mere flash, they had charged over a hundred meters. It was also at this instant that the hair on the densely packed Gold Swallowing Mice around the rock stairs stood straight up. After which, they opened their mouths, which were filled with sharp teeth.

“Screech! Screech!”

A sharp cry, that seemed to be able to pierce through one’s soul carried an unusual ripple, like that of a demon’s tone, suddenly appeared. It immediately spread in all directions.

The two figures suddenly paused when the sonic wave appeared. Their faces swiftly became pale, but they were not immediately defeated. They endured the turmoil of the Dou Qi within their bodied as their toes pressed on the rock stairs and shot out.


They endured the sonic wave, that came from all directions, and advanced ten meters before the bodies of the two of them once again stiffened. Two mouthfuls of fresh blood were spat out. Their bodies seemed to have suffered a heavy blow as they flew backwards. Finally, they landed heavily on the stage in front of everyone’s gazes. Another mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.

Quite a number of people on the platform sighed regretfully upon seeing this. This damn sound array was indeed troublesome to deal with.

“Fail.” Jin Shi shook his head and slowly said.

The two people from the Bone Transforming Gate could only shake their heads after hearing this. They struggled to get up and stood by the side unwillingly. All they could do now was to hope that there would be less than eight people who could pass through this sound array. Thus, they might still have a chance.

“Who is next?” Jin Shi’s gaze swept around and once again asked.

The platform was once again silent when these words were uttered. Xiao Yan, Miss Feng, Tang Ying, and the others did not reply. Although they were pressed for time, there was no need for them to hurry now. One should not neglect sharpening one’s axe before chopping wood. If they were to observe the sound array, there might be an even greater chance for them to successfully pass through it.

Another four people stepped up amid this silence. From the looks of it, they seemed to be planning to using their numbers to forcefully break through.

Jin Shi involuntarily twitched his mouth when he saw four people charging together. There was a thread of ridicule on his face. Relying on numbers would not allow one to breakthrough this mouse tide sound array.

It was indeed just as Jin Shi had expected. Not long after these four people charged up the rock stairs, the two people in front were sent flying back by the strange soul-piercing sound before they had even covered half the journey. After which, they miserably landed on the platform. From the looks of their weary breathing, it was clear that they had suffered serious injuries.

“Failed, continue…”

Jin Shi raised his eyes, glanced at the people present, and lazily spoke.


Xiao Yan watched the people stepping forward to challenge the checkpoint only to end up returning in failure to the back of the platform. His eyes became slightly solemn as a result. The difficulty of this sound array seemed to be even more difficult than he had expected. Among the challengers earlier, there were also some people who knew sonic wave Dou Techniques. However, the sonic wave that they had unleashed not only failed to allow them to successfully charge through the checkpoint, but had instead ended up being shaken by the mouse tide sonic wave. They spat out a mouthful of blood and flew back after the two sound waves collided.

Although they had failed, one person had traveled the furthest among those who had attempted. If his sonic wave Dou Technique had been able to withstand the sonic wave emitted from so many Gold Swallowing Mouse, it was likely that he would have really successfully charged through.

While the challenge continuing, the people who participated increased. The time they managed to endure while facing the sound array became longer. This caused quite a number of people to feel somewhat excited. After all, even if they were not the ones who charged through, they were at least able to feel some hope.

Xiao Yan’s hand involuntarily fondled his chin after another person was defeated. The strength of this person was around that of a seven star Dou Huang or so, which was similar to Xiao Yan’s earlier strength. However, this person was still forced back by the sonic wave while he was still around a hundred meters from the top of the mountain.

Another wave of sighs sounded from the platform when they saw this person fail. Immediately, a colorful figure slowly stepped forward.

Being one of the focus points on the platform, the actions of Miss Feng naturally attracted the attention of everyone present. Quite a number of people immediately focused. With the strength of this woman, she was considered a top existence among everyone present. If even she was unable to breakthrough this sound array, it was likely that hardly anyone could successfully pass through it.

Jin Shi’s lazy face revealed an interested expression when he saw Miss Feng walking out. He had heard a little about here. By being able to become the most likely successor of a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion, it was likely that no one would believe that she did not have some ability. Jin Shi was very interested about her performance today.

“Feng Qing Er from the Wind Lightning Pavilion greets Jin Shi elder. Teacher has told me to represent him and send his greetings before I leave.” The colorfully clothed lady walked to the front of the rock stairs and smiled as she spoke to Jin Shi.

Jin Shi smiled faintly when he heard this. He said, “Help me thank Lei zun-zhe for his concern. I will head to the Wind Lightning Pavilion to meet him if there is a chance in the future.”

“Is Feng Qing Er her name? Lei zun-zhe… ugh, indeed. It is really impossible for the Wind Lightning Pavilion to possess such a position in the Central Plains if they did not possess a Dou Zun.” Xiao Yan sighed in his heart and muttered softly to himself after hearing the short conversation between Feng Qing Er and Jin Shi.

Feng Qing Er had a polite chat in front of the rock stairs before she ceased speaking. Her pretty eyes turned to the rock stairs that led to the mountain top. After which, she glanced at the densely packed Gold Swallowing Mice around. A solemness also surfaced on her face. A bright silver glow swiftly surged out from her body before it immediately wrapped around her.

“Begin.” Jin Shi waved his hand and said after seeing the silver glow appear on Feng Qing Er’s body.


His voice had just sounded when Feng Qing Er’s lovely body suddenly shook. She immediately transformed into a silver line that shot toward the top of the mountain with frightening speed.

From the looks of it, it seemed that she was planning to obtain victory using her speed. However, it must be said that this lady’s speed was indeed shockingly fast. Even Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed some surprise. This lady was indeed not a simple person.

Screech screech screech screech screech!

Sharp sonic waves transformed into ripples that spread out swiftly at this instant. When the sonic wave made contact with Feng Qing Er’s body, her body slightly trembled. Suddenly, her speed soared and a couple of afterimages appeared in the sky. These afterimages immediately crumbled under the spreading sonic wave.

This frightening speed caused quite a number of people on the platform to let out an exclamation. Looking from their angle, it seemed that even the sonic wave had difficulty catching up with Feng Qing Er. All it could do was closely follow behind and shatter the afterimages that appeared one after another.

Jin Shi narrowed his eyes as he looked at the figure that had transformed into a thunderbolt. He involuntarily nodded. This woman’s speed was indeed frightening. It was likely that she had already practiced the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s Three Thousand Lightning Movement to the highest level.


A rushing wind sound appeared on the distant end of the rock stairs. Immediately, Feng Qing Er’s lovely body leaped up and steadily landed on a rock. She looked down on everyone standing at the middle of the mountains from above. At this moment, a breeze blew past and her long hair drifted in it. She possessed the noble aura of a Queen.

“Feng Qing Er has successfully passed the checkpoint.”

Jin Shi withdrew his eyes. His calm voice finally contained a little fluctuation. This woman was someone whom even the most outstanding person among the younger generation in their Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe could not compare with. This Wind Lightning Pavilion did have a successor.

Feng Qing Er was the first to successfully pass the checkpoint. This had caused the people on the platform to turn into an uproar. This was especially the case for Tang Ying, Wang Chen, and Mu Qing Luan. Being the members of the four pavilions, they naturally did not wish to lose to the former in such a place.

Xiao Yan also smiled as he looked at the commotion of the place. His gaze looked at the distant mountain top and coincidentally met with that of Feng Qing Er. The provoking look in the other party’s eyes was completely absorbed in his sight.

“Just follow me. I will led you through it.”

Xiao Yan turned his head and smiled at Nalan Yanran. He did not wait for her to reply when he turned around and walked toward the rock stairs.

Nalan Yanran was startled when she saw the skinny back. She immediately grit her teeth and swiftly followed. Since Xiao Yan had opened his mouth, she should accompany him to give it a try even if she were to fail in the end. She possessed an unknown confidence in the former.