Abyss Domination

Chapter 509 - [True God] – Soran!

What was the most important thing in the investiture ceremony?

Advancing oneself into a Godly State? Learning how to turn the power of faith into divine power? Mastering how to bestow divine spells onto believers? Or establishing a kingdom that belonged to God?

No, no, no!

These were not the most important. The most important thing was to enter the legendary ——- [Pantheon]!

Raise the throne! Rise to the sky!

The soul that belonged to Soran was directly transformed into the godly incarnation of pure energy state, rising towards the sky like a bright star amongst the praying voices of tens of thousands of believers! Time and space were not distances. The soul had crossed the boundary of the material plane as if it had passed through a solid crystal wall and stood in the starry void.

But, this was not the point. A sacred gate opened in front of Soran.

The radiance of holiness came forth.

An angel’s figure appeared in front of him, a black and a white figure came out of the void, holy sacred angel, and an evil fallen angel.

They were the most ancient group of angels!

There were also the most powerful Godly creations that had survived for a long time. Now that they had not been involved in other things in the universe for a long time, their only task now was to guard [Pantheon], r

The two ancient angels were silent. They looked at Soran with their eyes, then leaned slightly to pay homage to a True God, and then opened a gate through the void.

It was a huge temple that could not be described by words!

It was the core of the multiverse.

It was a more mysterious place than the legendary ‘Sigil’ because only gods had the right to enter this place.

This was the ruling core of the whole multiverse!

Soran nodded a little, then stepped into the front door. When he entered the Pantheon, the knowledge that countless gods should have, poured into his mind, which was the power of the most ancient law imprinting. No one knew when the Pantheon was born, but in the knowledge of the gods, from the birth of the oldest gods, the [Pantheon] already existed. Like the most ancient memory of Obyrith, they were awakened in chaos and descended onto the present multiverse.

The Pantheon was very quiet.

This was a huge space. All the things one saw in front of them was covered with a curtain of light, which the gods could not see through.

One by one, each throne was placed in the Pantheon.

Soran could see a lot of figures in his eyes. They sat quietly in the same place and paid no attention to his coming.

These were the incarnations of the gods.

It was also a part of their soul. Any True God would send a part of his soul to the Pantheon. As long as they did not completely fall, the throne belonging to them in the Pantheon would remain. Not many ancient gods would pay attention to a new God who was just born, much less a [Minor Divine Power] new god. They would remain on their thrones, fight against the coming crisis.

Natural God System.

Elemental God System.

Human God System.

Elven God System.

Dwarven God System.

Half-Human God System.

Drow God System.

Order Alignment.

Neutral Alignment.

Chaotic Alignment.

Good Alignment.

Evil Alignment.

The distribution of the Pantheon seemed to have a law that he did not know. Through the induction in the dark, Soran found his position in a moment.

It was at the back of the gap between the human god system and the elven god system.

Near the far left corner of the Pantheon, there was a seat belonging to Soran, which was engraved with his emblem and showed the divine power that he possessed.

——[Minor Divine Power]!

One of the weakest gods in the whole Pantheon!

There was no god system, and the half-elf race only had one God, and no definite allies, because only when one became a God could they formally form an alliance. So, Soran had an independent place, an independent space, even if he was in the corner of the Pantheon. But if he chose to join one of the gods, then his throne would move to another space. These separated curtains of light were actually spaced one by one, which was larger than what the eyes could see. The position of the gods was not always the same. They maintained the normal operations of the whole multiverse. In fact, there would be slight changes in these thrones every 1000 years or so.

There were gods falling and gods rising.

But most of the changes appeared at the back of the Pantheon, belonging to the Elemental God System, the Natural God System, and the position of many main gods, which has not changed for a long time.

Last time, there was a dramatic change!

The throne, which belonged to spider God, appeared directly in the front of the Pantheon. Her throne has been moved to the row of main gods of god systems. It was unknown whether it was intentional or unintentional. Sitting opposite her was her former husband, the ruler of the Elven God System [Elven Lord].

This couple really had bad luck!

Soran sat on his own throne, and in a moment, the space around him began to expand into a large half-plane.

It was empty.

Because Soran did not have any allies, nor belonged to any god systems.


Soran felt three gazes, and they expressed their goodwill towards him, which were from the Sea Goddess, the Lady of Riches, and the Maid of Misfortune.

These three gods witnessed his investiture!

Naturally, when Soran entered the Pantheon, they noticed him for the first time. If it was any other time, the appearance of a new God might attract the eyes of many gods. But now, the prelude of the Avatar’s Crisis was about to break out, there were not many gods who would turn their attention to such small matters.

Soran took his seat!

A curtain of light rose around him, and a corporal figure appeared in the Pantheon, which seemed to be no different from other gods sitting on their thrones.

The power of law flowed into the body!

In the dark, Soran seemed to have understood some power belonging to the rules of the universe, but he seemed to be unable to fully understand it.

The investiture was completed!

When Soran’s soul settled in [Pantheon], all the priests felt a sense in their hearts, because they suddenly regained their divine spells. Although they only recovered to the third grade of divine spells, it was of special significance to them! Mi-Lord Soran has just completed the investiture ceremony, and his accumulated divine power was not large enough. However, as long as they could pass this period of time, Mi-Lord Soran would be able to bestow higher-level divine spells.

Their power was recovering!

Soran slowly opened his eyes, and the stars in the sky representing the half Elven kingdom were dim again. At the time when the Avatar’s Crisis was about to break out, Soran could not and did not have the ability to return to the godly kingdom, but he had a connection with the godly kingdom because it was the half-elf kingdom.

Although it has been very weak, almost crumbling, but it still retained a part of its foundations!

The godly kingdom gave quite Soran quite a bit of divine power.

Otherwise, if he wanted to raise his throne to the sky, it would definitely not be as easy as now.

The investiture ceremony was completed.

The figure of the Maid of Misfortune gradually disappeared in the sky, leaving only a faint laugh. The Lady of Riches looked at Soran, then she nodded to Soran, and then turned into a golden light and slowly dissipated. The god with [Great Divine Power] was not very powerful. She was not willing to waste too much of her divine power when the coming of the Avatar’s Crisis was nearing.

The only one left in the sky was the Sea Goddess!

The evil goddess smiled at Soran, then raised her Trident and pointed to the Sea Temple. Since the establishment of Port Modor, all the great divine powers gathered have been crazily operating and even extracted the power from some other places in the sea.

She looked down at everything in front of her eyes and said in a majestic voice: “This city will have three years’ worth of fish harvest!”


Divine Words!

The holy voice reverberated over the City of Modor. At last, a huge divine power erupted, and even the surrounding space trembled, all the way to the deep sea.

The figure of the Sea Goddess disappeared slowly!

Soran’s figure stayed in the mid-air and bowed slightly towards her disappearing position to express his respect and thanks!

This was the goodwill of the gods.

The Sea Goddess expressed her goodwill and told Soran that she was more generous and willing to cooperate with him than the other two goddesses.

Maybe it was because Soran expanded her faith, or maybe it was because Soran had the Pirate Domain.

Or maybe it was because they both belonged to the evil alignment!

It was hard to guess what the gods thought, but her actions deserved respect and gratitude.

Soran’s figure slowly descended.

At the last step of the investiture ceremony, the figure of the high priest appeared in front of the statue. She knelt down in front of the statue and humbly expressed her respect and love. Soran put his hand gently on her head, and then a powerful divine power burst out. Then he took out a scepter that symbolized the supreme power of the half-elf temple, poured his own divine power into it continuously, and finally handed it into the hands of the high priest.

Divine Right of Kings!

From now on, the high priest was the supreme ruler of the half-elf temple!

As God, Soran would gradually live in the background, many of his things needed to be handled by his spokesman in the world, because this was the hidden rule of the gods.

Soran’s figure gradually disappeared!

There was a divine light over the statue as if he was looking at everything.

Before the temple, t

“Glory to Mi-Lord!”

“And we shall be reborn in the holy kingdom!”

The cheers echoed all over the world!

In order to celebrate the ascension of Mi-Lord Soran, the City of Modor would hold a seven-day celebration of joy. This city also had its first festival of its own.