Abyss Domination

Chapter 508 - Raise the Throne!

Rows of data were popping up in front of his eyes:

“The God’s Template is being transformed!…”

“Extracting the power of faith!…. Connecting the faith kingdom!…. Drawing the power of the Kingdom of God!….. The power of faith is resonating simultaneously!….. ”

“God’s Template has been launched!…. Assembling the faith connections!… ”

“Conversion of the power of faith!… Divine Power injection!….. The power of the Kingdom of God is injecting at the same time!….. Temporary access to Divine Form!… ”

“Connected to the Kingdom of Gods!”

“Transforming yourself into [Divine Form]!…”

In front of Soran’s eyes, there were countless data streaming. If it was in the past, I’m afraid his brain would have exploded before, but now he could easily bear all of this and quickly completed the whole transforming process. A strange brilliance emerged from his body, his entire body was automatically suspended in mid-air, and the surrounding space was assimilated by him, just like the power of the law where his body was located has been mastered by him. This was the true power of the gods and the reason why most of them could only stay in their kingdom.

The Divine Form was the embodiment of the power of law!

At this moment, Soran felt the unprecedented power, which was the power of twisting the space just by waving his hands. His figure appeared directly in the sky of the temple, without any actions of casting.

A great power enveloped the whole island of Modor.

The people that were spying in the dark trembled involuntarily. This was the pressure of a True God, which shocked one’s soul more than the dragon power of an ancient dragon.

“God is gracious! The power of God is like a prison! ”

Everything was under the control of Soran. None of the rats peeping in the dark could escape his sight.

This moment he was the True God!

At this moment, as a God, it seemed that he could kill anything at will.

But, precious divine power should not be wasted here. The power from the tens of thousands of believers that were praying was diminishing, and the power to connect to the Kingdom of God to feedback divine power was getting weaker. Soran must accomplish the most important thing at this moment.

The brilliance of the morning had already appeared.

But Soran’s figure descended over the temple. He stood in the white light rising from the statue, and his entire body was covered by a divine light.

The darkness behind him was about to disappear, and the light of dawn was rising.

At this moment, Soran’s back burst out an overwhelming brilliance from thin air, a God’s light was illuminating the sky as if for a moment, it was the noon sun where light was everywhere!

It was like an important signal.

The high priest appeared on the platform of the temple in an instant, and a cohesive storm of psionics spread, enveloping all believers in front of him and gathering all the power of the psionics to form brilliant support at Soran’s feet.

“Mi-Lord Soran!”

“You will belong to your throne high up!… Rise to the sky!….. ”

After all the prayers, it was left with this last one.

The power of the whole temple, the prayers of countless believers, the feedback from the Kingdom of God, all the power has been gathered on Soran. At this moment, he was as dazzling as the stars. With the [Divine Words of the Prayer] that even made space tremble, a part of a soul appeared in Soran’s body. All the power has been gathered on this part of the soul. In a moment, he was like a star lit by people, directly across the night and rising towards the sky!

Raise the throne! Rise to the sky!

At this most important moment, a huge power emerged from the Sea Temple in Port Modor.

Then the sea near the port suddenly formed a whirlpool. With the violent waves of the sea, a goddess holding a trident appeared on the sea.

——Sea Goddess!

The sea priest, who had been watching Soran’s investiture coldly, was shocked to death. Then they knelt down on the ground one by one, and the believers belonging to the Sea Temple knelt down on the ground under the pressure of darkness, devoutly greeting the incarnation of the Sea Goddess. But the Sea Goddess did not care about the believers at all. She did not even look at them.

Her figure soared directly into the sky.

The incarnation of the Sea Goddess, holding a trident, presided over the City of Modor. Standing in the clouds, she looked at all this as if she was witnessing Soran’s investiture, and as if she was intimidating some enemies for him.

The first one to witness Soran’s investiture had appeared with a god’s incarnation!


A star appeared in the sky.

Some kind of light could be seen rising in the distance. For the rest of the world, tonight was just simply having a star that was very bright.

It was not as shocking as the night when the Demigod Vampire’s ascension when he dyed the moon red!

But for some other powerful beings in the world, what they saw on this day was more shocking than what the Demigod Vampire had done!

Soran was very low-key.

The sacred and spectacular view of Modor City only appeared in Modor City. Unless someone used a powerful spell to observe this place, the people in other places could only see a bright star in the sky.

That was it!

The divine prayer shook the space and could be heard and felt by any legendary level existences, so many powerful spellcasters soon turned their sights over.

A new God had appeared!

It seemed that there were opportunities for them.

However, they soon saw a terrifying existence that made people’s heart thump, and their hands tremble.

——Sea Goddess [Greater Divine Power]!

Many people have heard so much about the deeds of this evil goddess! Her moodiness, her evilness **, her destructive anger, everything about this evil goddess, were as unpredictable as the sea. Although the Sea Goddess gradually integrated the soft and broadside of the sea, and integrated more of the characteristics of the sea into herself, and even wanted to touch the life domain, her alignment gradually shifted from [Chaotic Evil] to [Neutral Evil].

But, there was no doubt that she was still a powerful evil god that many people were absolutely unwilling to provoke!

The Sea Goddess’s sight locked onto Soran.

But she was also looking at the Amazonian rainforest, where a storm seemed to be brewing in the sky as if some equally powerful presence had accidentally discovered a new God next door after a nap. Although it was only recently that she has advanced to the [Greater Divine Power], for the Sea Goddess who held onto the powerful fields such as [Destruction], [Sea] and [Evil], other gods who had already possessed the [Greater Divine Power] did not make her feel any fear.

Because she was the embodiment of the sea!

Her anger could make waves! Directly submerge any kingdom on the mainland!

The storm gradually calmed down.

The distant Amazonian rainforest has been restored to its original state as if the storm clouds had never appeared before.

Soran’s soul was rising in the air!

All his spiritual consciousness was in the soul, which was separated. He had a more important mission to complete!

A golden radiance emerged.

Built over the Temple of Riches in the most prosperous area of Port of Modor, the statue of the Lady of Riches showed a dazzling brilliance, and then a corporal figure stood up. She was wearing a gorgeous long skirt, and her cloak emitted a brilliant golden brilliance. Her entire body looked golden and had a kind of beauty and luxury that people could not look at directly.

Her holy breath spread.

With a thump in his heart, Jin Priest quickly led the believers to kneel down to welcome the incarnation of the Goddess of Riches.

The figure of the Lady of Riches rose into the air.

She stood on the other side of Modor City with a golden scepter in her hand. Her figure stood in the clouds and stared at everything. She was far away from the Sea Goddess. When the two Goddesses looked at each other, they seemed to have flashed the sparks of collision.

The second one to witness Soran’s investiture had appeared with a god’s incarnation!

—— Goddess of Riches [Great Divine Power]!

The spying eyes in the dark suddenly thumped again. The Goddess of Riches might not be the most powerful God, but she was definitely the wealthiest God.

For such a super golden thigh, it was good for anyone to even hug it!

This time, many people’s hearts have been beating to retreat because the back-up of the new God seemed to be quite sturdy, one was a [Greater Divine Power], another was [Great Divine Power], one was [Evil and Wilful], the other was [Quite Rich]!

Regardless of how one looked on, he seemed to be a hard idea anyway.

However, at this time, all of a sudden, a strange light laugh emerged. In a faint way, it seemed that a black goddess’s incarnation had appeared. In a blink, both the Sea Goddess and the Lady of Riches turned their eyes to that direction. Then a little shock appeared on their faces. At the same time, the two goddesses bent slightly to show their respect for the mysterious existence.

The third one to witness Soran’s investiture had appeared with a god’s incarnation!

—— The Maid of Misfortune [Great Divine Power]!

Some people that were spying at Modor in the dark were almost scared till they peed for a moment!

Some of the casters were so scared till their hands trembled. The crystal balls as tools were smashed on the ground. Some of them were quite powerful, and might not be afraid of the Sea Goddess, and might not be afraid of the Lady of Riches, but they could never ignore the legendary [Maid of Misfortune]. The power of fate was so elusive. Even the gods above knew how to maintain respect for ‘Destiny Geminis’ on the surface.

Three incarnations of gods had appeared.

For anyone who has witnessed the existence of Soran, this moment had a very profound significance!

The divine brilliance rose.

Just like a dazzling meteor rising from the ground to the sky, countless people could see this brilliance, but for ordinary people, there were not many that knew what it really represented!