“Milord Soran!”

“You are the master of half-elves!…. You are the master of Modor!…. You are the king of pirates!… ”

“You are the patron of the half-elves!…. You are the forerunner in the shadows!…. You are the keeper of order!…. ”

“Your name will be holy among the half-elves!… You have led us through the crisis!…. You gave us a stable and orderly life!…. You are a wise ruler!…. Slaughtering will make you stronger!…. The death of enemies spreads your glory!…. Your kingdom will protect our souls!….. When death comes, your servants will be reborn in your kingdom!…. ”

“You will belong to your kingdom high up!… To be the stars in the sky!….. ”

The orderly sound of prayers reverberated over the Modor City. Tens of thousands of believers gathered around the temple. There were countless prying eyes in the dark. As long as they were not close to the core area of Modor City, the hidden guards would not expel them. At this moment, the sky was still dark. It was not long before dawn. Soran’s chosen timing surprised many people. He did not choose the afternoon, evening, or dusk. He did not like to live in the dark like other evil gods.

The time he chose to ascend into a god was —- [Daybreak]!

The last darkness before dawn.

No one knew why Soran chose this timing. Maybe only he had the answer in his heart.

The second prayer sounded.

With the faint divine brilliance, the priests knelt down in the temple one by one, and then countless believers knelt down under the black pressure. The vast sea of people knelt down at his feet. The high priest stood in front of Soran’s statue and looked down at everything. A strange brilliance appeared in her eyes. In a moment, a powerful spiritual energy field shrouded the whole square and connected the hearts of countless people.

Psionic Energy Field!

Every sentence of the prayer turned into a torrent, connecting the hearts of all people. Devout faith shook the hearts of others. At this moment, even some wavering believers were fully integrated into it. At this moment, the power of the Psionics converged. They felt the heart of others, the power of faith, the sustenance of spirit, and the sense of security after being protected.

“Mi-Lord Soran!”

The third prayer sounded.

Intangibly, in the beginning, some uneven voices gradually integrated into a whole. If the first prayer was a messy movement, then the second prayer was a melody directed by people. When the third prayer sounded, tens of thousands of people turned into a whole, all the voices were unified, tens of thousands of hearts were integrated by faith, religion and spiritual power, and a very strong force of faith broke out in an instant, and every word they uttered became full of power. The powerful [Divine Words] resounded over the island of Modor; even the space nearby was trembling.

The last touch of darkness disappeared, and the morning light appeared in the sky.

It was the light of dawn!

There was dazzling holy light in the sky of Modor City. At this moment, the whole temple erupted with powerful divine power. A light column rose from the statue and pierced the space into the sky in an instant!

Stars appeared.

At the last moment of darkness, a dim star suddenly burst into a glorious brilliance. Its light fell over the Modor City, enveloping the whole city in the light. The hearts of countless people were peaceful as if they felt an eternal peaceful kingdom. Their hearts were shrouded by force, and the unprecedented shock spread into everyone’s hearts.

The same sounds came from the sky.

It was like the echo of tens of thousands of believers in Modor City, but it was coming from the bright sky over Modor City as if it came from the clouds from the other worlds.

Arendelle, Royal Palace.

The figure of the Elder Princess appeared on the tower in an instant. She seemed to have just woken up, wearing crystal blue pajamas. The Elder Princess looked at the Outer Islands with solemn eyes. In the last dark moments before the dawn, a star in the distance suddenly became as dazzling as the moon, illuminating a corner of the sky and spreading its brightness in a certain place.

“An Investiture?!…”

The Chang Princess slowly closed her eyes, and she could hear countless prayers, echoing in the sky again and again, and it was spreading throughout the entire material plane.

This was a sign of the birth of a True God!

North Tower.

The most powerful witch in the legends, the Eye of the North, has been standing on the astrological platform for a long time. She looked at the dazzling stars in the distance. Her pale pupils seemed to have seen everything and saw what had happened in Modor City.

A True God was about to be born.

Every time the prayer resounded, it was all to accumulate strength for him. When the strength of this faith was strong enough, it would be the moment when he raised the throne high up in the sky!

Prayers were still echoing.

Soran’s entire body was undergoing dramatic changes. Countless forces of faith were pouring into his body, and countless complex data were emerging.

God’s template was forming!

But his power was not enough. He needed more prayers, more faith, more divine power!

With the time of the investiture arriving.

His prayers spread all over the world, and also into the ears of other gods. At this moment, in countless planes, in the whole multiverse, many high beings have turned their eyes to this place, to an island that was not noticeable in the material plane.

A True God was about to be born!

From the gods in Heaven to the Hells of Baator, the Bottomless Abyss, the gods, demons, devils, under lords, elementals, demigod liches, the countless powerful people all felt the emergence of a new God.

This was the power of a True God!

No matter what, it could not be covered up because this was a True God that was recognized by the multiverse.