Soran’s return did not stir many people.

Now that Modor attracted the attention of many outsiders, they were either disguised as businessmen or sailors, all secretly observing this place and secretly guessing Soran. The emergence of a new God was no small matter. If it was not for the chaos on the mainland, Modor City would become the center of the whole world and would have attracted the attention of all forces. But even if the chaos had begun to spread, there were more and more people secretly spying on Modor, but no one dared to stand out first.

After all, gods were still gods!

When Soran returned to Modor, the first thing was to go to his Temple. Looking at the statue in the center of the temple, Soran felt a strange feeling. From a mortal to god, this wonderful state made him have a kind of feeling of standing in the clouds and overlooking all living beings. If he has survived the Avatar Crisis safely, in the future, as long as Soran does not die, he would be able to stand in the river of history to see the flowers bloom, and the clouds were falling and rising. The immortal nature of the gods enabled him to protect the important people in his heart and enjoy a long life.

No one would feel that they would not want to live!

No living thing wanted to die out completely. The existence of gods would not be a boring tool. Otherwise, the Lord of Glory would not reproduce the present Grain Goddess with the Earthmother. In fact, if it was not for the outbreak of the Avatar Crisis, many hedonistic gods, such as the Lady of Love, the Lady of Joy, the Lady of Dancing, etc., began a new enjoyment after they answered the prayers of the believers, or sent an avatar to find new things and explore the mysteries of the multiverse.

Of course, most of these gods had patrons. They belonged to a certain God system and had no great ambitions to expand their Divine Titles. Therefore, the joy of life was to pursue things that made them happy. Unless there was a god’s war with a certain God, or there were any big actions in the God system where they were, their actual life would be very leisurely, and they would waste their endless time. Of course, there were some wonderful weirdos in the gods occasionally. They were too lazy to even respond to the prayers of the believers. There was no need to say much about the fate of such wonderful weirdos.

The Lady of Dancing had a fallen time.

She was addicted to forbidden happiness and even rarely responded to her believers. If she was not forcefully straightened by the other friendly gods, she would have been completely ruined by the Mistress of the Night.

This was the world of the gods.

There were conscientious gods, such as the Lord of Glory, the God of Justice, the God of Observation, and so on. There were also leisurely gods, such as the Lady of Love, the Lady of Dance, the Lady of Happiness, and so on. There was also the God of Exploration and the God of Travelling who were bored and liked to run around, and the God of Literacy who was immersed with the ocean of knowledge and enjoyed preserving all kinds of civilizations’ information. At the same time, one would also mention the evil gods who were busy with all sorts of plots. The gods of the Chaotic Alignment with their own mischievous attitudes, plus the Goddess of Good Fortune and the Maid of Misfortune, who were idle all day and happy go lucky.

Finally, these two Destiny Geminis were the ideal easy-going people who even responded to the prayers of believers haphazardly!

They strolled along the long river of time. From time to time, the two sisters each made trouble for each other. Occasionally, they would appear in the eyes of the world but only care for what they were interested in.

When the gods reached the level of the Destiny Geminis, they seemed to be very free.

It seemed that no one would provoke them as if they were blind, and even the mighty main Gods with strong divine power would respect them.

Soran also needed to complete the last step of his Godly Temple.

That was to inject a trace of his divine consciousness into the statue in front of him. If a God was not in the mortal world, it required a huge prayer ceremony, and finally, there would be an incarnation of God, and then the whole process of opening the temple would be completed. Soran himself was still in the material plane, so he could only come in person and integrate part of his divine consciousness into the temple. From now on, as long as he wanted, he could know everything in the temple at any time. Of course, that needed to consume divine power.

On the statue, a light radiance of divine power emerged, and finally, it seemed to be alive. The eyes of the sculpture were surrounded by divine power.

This was the “Palace” of gods in the mortal world.

If Soran returned to the Kingdom of God in the future, as long as he did not worry about consuming his divine power, he could come to the temple at any time.

The Investiture Ceremony was almost ready.

Now the last thing was the holy emblem of the temple, which also represented the emblem of Soran. The high priest dared not make his own decision, and finally still had Soran make his own decision.

The emblem of the gods had special meaning!

But it could not be too complicated to the extent people could not recognize as it would not be convenient for believers to walk in the world, but it could not be unintelligent either. It was better to recognize the insignia at first glance and that it was imperceptibly fierce and had a strong demeanor.

“The emblem?”

Soran could not help thinking about what kind of emblem he should use to represent himself.

Abyss. Shadow. Slaughter.

Half-Elves, Rogues, Pirates.

Soran had seen many emblems, but when it came to making one for himself, it inevitably turned a little difficult for him.

But he was not a man who liked to be tangled, so he soon had a plan.

The black land, mixed with the dark red tone, represented the breath of the abyss, the gray shadow, moving forward during the slaughter, he walked in the turbulent year of chaos.

Soran looked up at the statue in front of him and soon found inspiration.

Under the influence of divine power, he directly changed the material and quickly formed a badge.

On the black and barren land with mottled blood, there was a gray shadow around. The figure of a Rogue was shrouded in the cloak. His eyes were calmly looking at the distance as if he was looking at the future as if he was guarding something.

A very simple badge.

At one glance, one would also be impressed. It was easily recognizable, and there was also a kind of unidentified and fierce demeanor.

The only drawback was that it could not be seen that it had a very obvious relationship with the Half-Elven Divine Title, but Soran did not seem to care much about this, because he made the emblem on behalf of himself. For him, the half-elves were just his Divine Title, but they could not represent all of him. Moreover, from the perspective of a figure, Soran himself could easily recognize the characteristics of half-elves.

If someone carefully observed this emblem, it was easy to see that Soran’s ambition was not on the half-elves.

Shadows, Slaughter, the breath of death.

The whole emblem gave people a feeling of suppression as if they were looking at the future and seeing some terrifying scenes, like guardians keeping watch while walking in the shadows and slaughterings.

Soran completed the emblem with his divine power and finally injected his own power. After a careful look, he nodded with satisfaction.

The expression of the high priest nearby was rather strange, and the corners of his mouth were drawn a little.

There were few gods who directly used themselves as emblems. In the past, there was one, ‘the Dark Maiden’. Her emblem was the drow maidens who were naked and wielding silver swords under the full moon. Now that she has already fallen, and the emblem made by Soran could not help but remind the high priest of that god, so she could not help twitching at the corners of her mouth.

The Dark Maiden was a kind yet tragic God.

But the owner was the existence of the Evil Order. The emblem he chose might have a special meaning.

A week passed in a flash.

When the Half-Elves Temple was completed, the time for Soran to become a God was coming!

The whole Modor City was in intense preparation, and countless eyes were looking at the Outer Islands. A large number of believers began to gather. They held a prayer ceremony every day to let the power of faith gather in the temple. The priests put on new robes and quietly bathed and changed, waiting for the moment when Mi-Lord Soran became God!

They would be baptized again.

Soran would bestow them Divine Spells after the ascension into a God. At that time, the traces of the original “God of Half-Elves and Rogues” left on them would be completely erased!

They served only one master, a god of faith.

That was Soran!

The light of the morning fell.

The regular sound of prayers reverberated over the Modor City. Tens of thousands of half-elves gathered near the square, surrounded the temple, and waited for the holy moment to come!

This day.

Lord Soran had the throne up high ready for the investiture!!!