Abyss Domination

Chapter 505 - Ceremony (3)

“Your excellency, high priest!”

The priests and believers on both sides of the road humbly lowered their heads and gave way to the high priest. The psionic warlock appeared in a black robe with gold and silver runes. There were mysterious rune marks on the cuff of her robe and complex nine-star array on her chest. She had taken off the veil on her face, revealing a beautiful but slightly strange face, showing her non-human characteristics.

The psionic warlock had a stern expression. She took a glance at the people around her and said, “Go, all of you.”

“Priests, follow me into the temple.”

As the high priest of the temple, she presided over the whole process from designing to completion of the temple. The temple was located on the side of the central square, which was the most striking place in the center of the deciduous city. Because of spells, the structure of the whole temple was quite stable. With the improvement of Soran’s power, Gloria’s position in the northern witch council also rose dramatically. The witch council wouldn’t deny the chance to befriend a god, so they helped build the temple according to the standard of a witch tower.

This temple was thus an impenetrable fortress!

As the most important place for worship, any temple that was still in operation must have the ability to fight against legendary figures.

Or else!

In the future, in case of conflict, the temple must have the ability to protect its believers and priests.

As the first and most important temple for Soran, the completion of the temple may require millions of Derahls, which may be more expensive than many wizard towers. But now, only the outline had been completed. Even though the structure of the building had been completed, the other things, such as the guidance of divinity, the writing of runes, the arrangement of arrays, and so on, had not been worked on yet. When the temple eventually completes, it’s aura would cover the entire island and even affect its weather.

This was an enormous architectural work!

Like the temple of Riches, finally, it would need divine priests to be stationed in them.

There were exquisite carvings on the walls around the temple, all of which displayed the great achievements of Soran. The half-elf craftsman carved Soran’s achievements into the walls. However, only a part of which had been completed at present, a lot of space had been reserved. In the near future, they would continue to engrave Soran’s achievements on the walls of the temple. Of course, other heroes related to the temple could also be carved onto the walls.

There were seventy-two white marble pillars that supported the temple’s structural framework. They had not yet been engraved with anything but seemed to have a special meaning.

The inside of the temple was spacious.

In the center was a beautiful, magnificent and lifelike statue. Soran was enveloped in his cloak. He held his curved swords in both hands and looked at the distance calmly as if he was looking at the future and guarding something.

The statue was only something normal right now.

There was a weak divine aura on it, but it had not been fully activated. Only when the ceremony began, would Soran bring his own divinity to the statue.

This statue would become the tool for Soran to accept people’s faith and strengthen the link between him and his believers.

Finally, Soran could use the statue to observe things.

The high priest came to the statue. As she slowly knelt down, many priests behind her also knelt down. Before the ceremony began, the statue needed to gather more power. It was difficult for ordinary mortals to provide enough power of belief. But these priests were different, because they were at least devout believers, and they had a firm faith. Although believers gave a lot of faith, the priests were more important.

If devout believers were like streams, then the priests would be like rivers!

“My lord Soran!”

“You’re the master of all half-elves!… You’re the master of Mordor!… The king of pirates!…”

“You’re the guardian of half-elves!… The pioneer shadows!… The maintainer of law and order!…”

“Your name will be holy among the half-elves!… You led us through the crisis!… You give us a stable and orderly life!… You are a wise ruler!… Slaughter will make you stronger !… The death of your enemies spreads your glory!… Your kingdom will protect our souls!… When death comes, your servant will be reborn in your kingdom!…”

“You will raise your kingdom!… Making it one of the stars in the skies!…”

With the weak prayers, the statue began to glow with divine power.

This prayer would also ring when Soran becomes a god, and it will tell the world about Soran. The first line was the most important part, representing the half-elves, Mordor, and pirates. The second line was the secondary part, representing the half-elves, the rogues, and order. The third part was the core of the faith, which respectively represented the half-elves, protection, order, slaughter, death, and so on.

In general, the term half-elves appeared three times in the entire prayer!

This also represented the core divine title of Soran.

Mordor and pirates were the foundation of his power, shadows were the extension of rogues, and order represented his alignment. Slaughter referred to his identity as “the son of Slaughter,” while death was the extension of slaughter. These were all the fields Soran himself had contact, but his core field was still the half-elves.

Gods had many fields.

He was of the lawful alignment, so gods that were lawful good and lawful evil would accept him.

In the future, he could maybe even accept the realm of lawful, or the divine title of lawful.

Lawful had great power.

The night was here.

The psionic warlock who officially became the “high priest” came to port Mordor in a cloak. Now everything in the temple was on the right track, and the ceremony was also in preparation. Soran was becoming a true god now; unlike when the demigod vampire became a god, Soran’s ceremony to become a god would be more proper.

That was why there was more preparation!

The vampire god slowly got his believers in the dark and didn’t even have a temple.

Soran would never do it like this. As Soran’s representative, the high priest would also not allow that.

That was why she had been busy lately.

And now there was another important thing waiting for her, that was, the holy emblem of the temple, representing the half-elves, representing his own divine title, which needed to be completed before the divine ceremony.

The high priest was waiting for Soran to return.