A new seasonal wind brought in a storm.

Many fishing boats fishing in the coastal areas had returned to the port of Mordor, and ships of marine products had been transported back, many of which would be made into salted fish and sold elsewhere. The profit of salted fish was not great; more often, salted fish was sold as a substitute for sea salt, because the weight of these salted fish was quite awesome.

There were some dark clouds coming close.

Probably heavy rain would be coming soon; many merchants were busy packing things, and the fleet also stopped at the port. Sailors and workers shouted to speed up the cargo handling; as they became familiar with the weather here, they also knew that the rainstorm would come faster than they thought. The shops moved in the goods, but the tavern next door was still busy. Many pirates still lived a life of intoxication.

The tavern had the best wine and prostitutes from the south coast.

There were also some civilians in Mordor port. Most of them were craftsmen with skills. They could come and go freely and live the life they wanted. But there were few people who really wanted to leave at this time because it was said that many places along the south coast were full of violent wars. People knew that many wars had been breaking out in the mainland.

A cargo ship slowly docked.

A middle-aged official walked toward the ship, and behind him was a ten-year-old boy.

“Foreign middle-sized ship. Docking fee 5 silver Derahls a day.”

The official smiled and nodded, then stretched out his palm, and soon the captain threw a small purse toward him. The official smiled and quickly recorded, “Ten silver Derahls, docking for two days.”

The boy behind him looked curiously. He only followed the official around, sometimes helping here and there.

Every day the boy got 5 copper Derahls; if he was lucky, he could get some bonuses.

Soon, the official left because a rainstorm was coming soon.

He was more or less a dignified official in port Mordor. He was responsible for collecting the fees for the berthing of commercial ships. If he was drenched like a drowned rat, he would lose face.

The sailors on the ship began to unload the cargo.

Right then, two figures with black cloak came down from the deck. They gave a nod towards the captain and left.

“Is this Mordor?”

A slightly childish male voice was heard, and the silver armor under the black cloak could be seen faintly. He looked around carefully and murmured, “it’s not the same as what I imagined! I thought it would be the another City of Riches! ”

The two looked around.

An old man glanced around and said slowly, “it’s really different from what we thought. The legendary pirate king Soran is a murderer, a chaotic son of Fear, and a dictator!… ”

“However, on our way here.”

“Whether its Shipwreck Bay, Port Tylon, Raging Sand Island, or the city of Mordor, Some of the things we have seen were very orderly. I thought the rule of pirates would be brutal and chaotic. I never thought all the things I saw along the way would be orderly and lawful. And it seems that the people under his rule, whether civilians or merchants are better than other places! ”

They had also witnessed what would happen to the people that broke the law.

Along the way, they had seen prosperity.

While the other places were filled with war and famine, the whole south coast was still normal, and people were not affected by the unrest for the time being. The civilians in these places all lived well.

In a dark corner, some figures were watching the two men on the cargo ship. One of them said slowly, “Who are they? Do we need to report this? Many strange people have come to port Mordor recently! ”

Rogues hidden in the shadows watched on.

The leader of the two observed for some time and replied, “They are paladins.”

“They pose no threat to us. They’ll move on after some time.”

Paladins were no threat to them.

The two paladins observed everything here.

The legend of Soran had been spread all over the continent, and there were all kinds of rumors about him. As the power to protect the world’s justice and goodness, the paladins also noticed the legend of the rising evil pirate king.

The evil lord Soran!

There were many rumors about him, but these rumors did not seem to match what they saw here.

Because before they came to Mordor, they thought that Soran would be a great evil, and countless people died under his hands. He controlled the south coast with cruel rule and violence, forcing others to submit to him. Before they came here, they heard a lot of rumors about him. In addition to Soran’s power, there were also rumors about his extravagance and obscenity; cruelty, and cunning ways.

Thus, they became extremely angry when they heard these rumors!

As the guardians of justice, they hoped they could kill this evil character.

However, as they got close to the south coast, the rumors they heard were different.

The evil Lord Soran had become a hero-like figure, unifying pirates by means of an iron fist, and then taking this opportunity to rise rapidly, and becoming the most powerful pirate king ever! It seemed that people still said that he was ruthless, but it seems that he was not described as a devil anymore.

When they got to Port Tylon, their views changed once more. The evil lord Soran had become an idol of worship. The people there believed that it was lord Soran who had brought about the wealth of the entire coast. Now in the eyes of the people in Tylon, Soran was a great ruler.

Even though they were still talking of his ruthless ways, the other rumors about Soran were nowhere to be heard.

Everything was like a play!

Finally, when the two paladins came to see the legendary city of Mordor, the rising “miracle city” of the outer islands. In a very short time, the city had gathered a lot of wealth and influenced the trade structure of the whole south coast.

Mordor, Mordor.

The city of Mordor was not a city of fear or evil.

The son of Slaughter?

The son of Fear?

A heartless ruler?

Evil and fallen?

In this place called Mordor, they saw the prosperity of civilians living and trading. They saw the strict law and orderly rule. They saw a city of unprecedented civilization. Here, they couldn’t see the filth and chaos of other cities or the poor refugees living in the streets. Even the lowest laborers wore complete clothes and had a healthy blush on their faces.

There were voices of women and children. The sound of merchants bargaining and patrols roaming the streets.

Here, they actually saw something more prosperous, energetic, and hopeful than the territory under the control of the Glory temple. And all of this was because of an evil lord?

How ironic!