Abyss Domination

Chapter 502 - Ancient Spirit (2)

A demonic flame danced.

A shaman priest wearing a bony mask mixed some black powder and sprinkled it on the flame. The rising flame burst instantly, and countless images could be seen vaguely. A special power expanded; it seemed that some existence was awakened. This power woke up with the ancient prayer, and then gradually integrated into the old shaman priest. Soon he closed his eyes tremblingly, as if he was connecting with some existence.

“Danger!…do not attack the enemy!… Outsider!… Very dangerous!…”

Vague messages had gone into his head. The shaman trembled, opened his eyes, and said, “The ancients had spoken to me!…”

“Do not attack the outsiders; they are dangerous!”

In front of the shaman was a totem; it seemed to be different from the tribe Soran annihilated. This spirit did not seem to be emitting an evil aura and even seemed to have some wisdom. When the spirit was awoken, it seemed to be neutral.

Everything was silent.

In front of the shaman priest were a group of wildling leaders, who were the most powerful fighters in the tribe; however, there was a sense of fear on their faces.

The combative tribe became silent.

They had found out about the other tribe’s destruction. Although their enemy had been destroyed, they did not feel joy. Rather, they felt fear.

After only one night!

The enemy tribe they had been fighting for years had been destroyed; even the evil god they worshipped had been destroyed.

Fear and danger.

After knowing this news, the oldest shaman priest decided to wake up the spirit of ancestors and ask him to give tribal guidance. Such a thing was truly scary for them; these outsiders could wipe out their enemies overnight.

However, the spirit gave them little information; in fact, the shaman even concealed some information.

That was, the spirit told him that the enemy was very strong and dangerous. In case of a conflict, even the spirit could not defeat the outsiders. The best way was to move the whole tribe to another island.

In that way, they would be able to avoid being destroyed!

This spirit was wise.

The shaman was fully conceived by the spirit! That was because the spirit they worshipped was not an evil one!

The inheritance of ancestral sacrifice made them more rational. Although this tribe was not as powerful as the other tribe, they were much more civilized. They had better defense facilities, special blacksmiths to forge weapons and equipment, and tried to domesticate the Raptors on the island. Thus even if the spirit couldn’t give them the power, they were still able to fight against their enemies for hundreds of years.

Now, a difficult choice had been placed in front of them.

That was the fact that an outsider had appeared!

To leave home would be to give up everything here and start again in a strange and dangerous environment. That was why the shaman didn’t tell anyone else, because if he told them that, the tribe would soon be panic-stricken. Now, the only thing they could do was wait and hope that these outsiders would not attack them.

The shaman looked somewhere far.

He heard children’s frolic and women’s shouting and scolding. These poor people did not know that an unprecedented disaster was coming.

The entire tribe was facing an unprecedented danger!

They were busy in the tribe.

With Soran’s memory, he quickly found the gold deposit. However, he still couldn’t mine it yet.

Soran needed to mobilize people and tools and must also act in secret because, until now, many of his people did not know what was on the island; they thought they were only coming to rob the wildlings. This matter could only be done with the people he trusted.

These wildlings were pretty ‘poor.’

Other than the gold, these wildlings had nothing else.

Even the most powerful shaman did not have rare equipment. Their civilization was not advanced and only inherited some witchcraft.

A week’s time passed by.

It took a lot of time for Soran to go back and forth, and he couldn’t stay in Treasure Island for long. That was why many things had to be done all at once.

Too bad, the half-elf first mate was in Raging Sand Island.

With him, Soran could just leave things to him as his ability to do things was still pretty strong.

The first batch of captives had been sent away.

Soran ordered the village to be reconstructed slightly and got the cargo down.

Half of the people stayed behind while

Soran spent three days, leaving a teleportation beacon here so that he could teleport to support if anything happened.

After the third batch of captives had been sent back.

Soran was now ready to go back to Mordor.

Nearly a thousand people and about two thousand captives were left on the island. When One-Eyed Jack came, the pirates under him became guards. The elite pirates couldn’t stay here forever.

It was now around June.

It was only about half a year before the Avatar Crisis. Soran didn’t know what was going on in Autumnfall. The biggest inconvenience of the outer island was a blockage of information. Port Mordor could still rely on the prosperous trade to collect much information, but in Treasure Island, that was not the case. Since the situation on the mainland was changing swiftly, Soran couldn’t stay here for long.

That was why after completing many tasks, Soran decided it was time for him to go back to Mordor.

Something important that would change his destiny would soon occur!