The wildlings all cried.

The elite pirates cut off the wildling warrior heads without any expression and ended those wounded but not dead wildling warriors. More than two thousand pirates had occupied every corner of the wildling tribe. Although there were still scattered battles, they were cleared up soon. There was a strong smell of blood over the whole tribe. The pirates were used to it, but the half-elves were pale. These half-elves had not experienced many battles, compared to the pirates who had gone through countless battles.

Soran thought about something as he stood there.

After a while, the Scarface appeared in front of Soran, leaned over, and said, “Your Excellency! All the rebels have been cleaned up. ”

“Good,” Soran turned and asked, “What about casualties?”

Scarface replied, “78 died and 300 injured. I’ve arranged for the injured to be treated.”

Injuries were still fine.

Soran nodded after hearing the report. No matter how powerful his personal strength was, the pirates under his command could not avoid casualties. However, this level of casualties was still within his range, but it would affect his next plan.

“All according to plan!”

Soran took a look at the enslaved wildlings and said in a deep voice, “First, scout out the terrain nearby and set up a defensive line outside. There should be other tribes nearby. We should be careful of a raid in the night.”

Scarface replied, “Understood.”

Just now, there were obviously wildlings of different groups in the sacrificial ceremony. There were differences between the wildling oil paints, which seemed to belong to another tribe. Soran was not in a hurry to attack them but wanted ready to stabilize the area first. The population of the native tribe was close to 89000. Soran could not deal with all these captives at once, so he was going to send all the dangerous ones to Mordor first. Because their evil god died under Soran’s hand, many warriors of the tribe also gave up resistance.

These warriors could not remain here because if they had the chance, they would be a threat to his pirates.

They had to be sent to Mordor as coolies as they were too difficult to control. Some would be sold to the mainland as they liked these wildling warriors as gladiators.

Treasure Island was filled with many minerals, but because there was no trade, the natives made the gold into various simple decorations. Soran’s purpose here was to further increase his wealth. With the trade he had now, he could still support his ever-growing fleet. In the future, when the Avatar Crisis broke out, all trade would be severely damaged. At that time, most of the income from trade would be lost, and these troops could only be supported by the resources of Treasure Island.

This was also why Soran was so charitable toward the merchants that helped ship the half-elves.

The reason was simple.

The Avatar Crisis would last for two years!

It was not until the end of the Time of Troubles that the world slowly recovered. Basically, all chambers of commerce could only make money this year, and it would be very difficult for them to carry out trade in the future.

Recently, with the increase in Mordor’s population, the material need in Mordor also became larger! On the one hand, the merchants were busy delivering goods to Soran, trying to become friendly toward the pirate king. On the other hand, they bought materials from all over the world and sold them to Mordor.

Soran’s reserve of funds was flowing out!

In addition to grain and other important materials, other materials that could be stored were also delivered to Mordor. By next year, it was estimated that money would not be able to buy much.

The chaos in the future would disrupt the production line.

Their preparation now was for a chaotic future.


Large amounts of silverware and goldware were brought out.


Scarface spat on the ground and said, “Can’t believe these wildlings would have so much gold! My lord, shall we attack another tribe?”

Soran gave him a glance, shook his head, and said, “No rush. The important thing now is to bring these captives back.”

“There are gold mines here.”

“Soon, you will stay here to manage the manpower for mining this gold; I will let Giant stay, in case of anything. Be careful of the other tribes on this island, and never act carelessly! ”

As Scarface previously lost at Snake Island, he nodded vigilantly and replied, “Understood. Please rest assured.”

“I will not commit the same mistake twice.”

Although Giant was the dumbest of many pirate leaders, he was powerful. Although he hasn’t reached the legendary realm, his blood of Giant gave him legendary fighting power. He had a good relationship with Scarface; thus staying here could frighten the other forces.

After all, there were also other legendary creatures on the island!

A day passed quickly, and the next day Soran arranged for some of the captives to be taken back. There was no need to leave too many people here as there were enough people to mine the gold. However, the strength of the garrison was still strong because there were too many dangerous creatures on the island. It was possible to encounter monsters on the route to and from Mordor Island and Treasure Island. Soran was not ready to go back to Mordor, but he would use the mutant killer whale to escort them back. In the future, he would use the mutant killer whale to control this territory, so as to push back other sea giants.

Sea giants wouldn’t simply go into the territory of other sea creatures!