Abyss Domination

Chapter 499 - Blood Giant

“Whirlwind Slash!”

Another blade appeared in his other hand, and immediately, he used Whirlwind Slash.

The so-called “big whirlwind attack” was the amazing speed of at least ten slashes per second. This ultimate speed would not affect the power and accuracy of many attacks. With the mastering of dual-wielding weapons, the attack speed could be doubled again. Soran would not achieve this at all in his normal state; only relying on the effect of “Greater Haste” could he barely reach the standard. After assassinating the old shaman in a flash, Soran quickly cleaned up the soldiers nearby and rushed to another shaman wearing a mask.

That shaman had some aura which Soran did not like, some very chaotic power!

Countless bodies fell to the ground.

In the vicinity of the altar, some terrible force was gathering rapidly, and then blood flowed like a river converging near the altar stones, not only the blood from the first sacrifices but also the blood from the target’s Soran killed.

The wildlings that woke up picked up their weapons!

But at this time, the elite pirates had rushed in, and one by one, the half-elf archers had stepped on the roof, shooting at the enemies in front of them.

“Take the high ground!”

“Archers suppress the targets! Watch out for spellcasters!”

These half-elf longbowmen were not fighters, but they were professional archers. They mastered a few skills of rangers, but they had little training in close-quarter combat. As an intelligent creature with elven lineage, half-elves knew how to give full play to their own advantages. As long as a half-elf’s elven lineage was high, they would receive the training of archers.

There weren’t many archers, but their effects were obvious on the battlefield!

That was because their shooting speed was quite fast; one of them was a relatively old half-elf, and he had six arrows in one hand. Although he couldn’t shoot multiple arrows at once, he could continuously shoot arrows faster; shooting out six to seven arrows in seconds! This extraordinary skill was not attainable by ordinary training! Only the ones with talent could achieve this.

The explosive power of these archers was amazing. More than two-thirds of them would have three arrows in their hands at the same time, which meant that they all had the expertise of continuous shooting.

If not for the high requirement of the Arcane Archer, this bunch could be trained in the future!

There were no more wildlings in front of Soran.

When the fresh blood gathered in the altar, the wildlings ran away in fear as though they had seen something horrible.

They were afraid of the god they worshipped!

At last, the rich blood gradually coagulated and turned into a twisted and indescribable monster. It looked like a kind of slime monster, but in the center, there was a vaguely humanoid form.

“Blood Worm?”

The monster in front of him stunned Soran for a moment. It seemed that he had seen something similar in the Abyss, but it was not so terrible. It seemed that it was the offspring of a worm-like demon lord. Familiar divine energy emerged, and Soran was sure that the distorted monster in front of him was an Underlords incarnation. However, it was Soran’s first time encountering an enemy of such form.

“Shadow Strike!”

“Sword Form [Horizontal Slash]!”

Soran disappeared and immediately appeared in front of the enemy to attack.

The monster did not move away.

The monster stopped to let Soran attack it. As if cutting into jelly, the sword was not slicing through anything. But in the next moment, the blood that became jelly-like came up and attacked Soran’s body as weird tentacles.

“Immune to physical attacks?”

Soran retreated rapidly, and his expression became serious. Just now, he had cut into the monster more than three meters deep, but the monster was not injured at all. Instead, the wound was easily healed. Soran dealt little to no physical damage to the monster. The enemy’s regeneration and recovery ability were quite amazing because its body had been absorbing the blood nearby.

“What the hell is this?”

Soran suddenly jumped up as the blood flowing below his feet moved to attack him.

There was even a corrosive effect.

The corrosive blood was only affecting flesh. The corpses in front of him were completely eroded by blood, but the soil and rocks were not affected at all.

Soran slashed at it again!

This time, with all his strength, directly cutting the monster in half. However, something strange happened again; these cut bodies automatically moved towards the body and then fused again.

“It’s something like the slime monsters!”

Soran’s two exploratory attacks had cleared up the characteristics of the enemy. He then murmured, “that means physical attacks would be useless against him?”

“Power Word: Jolt!”


When more and more flesh and blood were corroded, the body of the twisted monster became larger and larger. Suddenly, its body begins to change. From a pool of blood, it stretched out its hands, feet, head, and became a blood Giant.

It had no eyes, no heart, and no critical points.

On the surface of its body was a slow-flowing blood jelly. There was only a vague outline of its head. It cast a spell at Soran and then swung its fist toward him.

“Able to change form and cast spells!”

Soran immediately disappeared and pulled away, muttering, “It looks like it’s a demigod!”

“Blasphemous Language!”


A strange demonic voice was heard in Soran’s head.

Unfortunately, such an attack was useless. Soran’s long-accumulated resistance would make him immune to such weak attacks.

The blood Giant rushed toward Soran.


Even though it was only jelly-like, it still smashed the ground when it moved.

Soran flew by from the side of the enemy. With a cold slash, he cut an amazing wound in the enemy again. However, the enemy’s body recovered quickly.

“The fresh blood is like a protective layer! Attacking this outside layer is useless!”

“But I can’t touch the blood because it is corrosive. If I get stuck, it’ll be troublesome.”

The enemy’s form had changed again. The blood Giant’s body was distorting. It was originally humanoid form, but now it has become ape-like. In an instant, its explosive strength had increased dramatically, and it rushed toward Soran at an amazing speed.

Form changing.

It seemed that this monster could naturally change its form!

This was the legendary ability [Alter Self] as his attributes could change according to its form.

In the face of this kind of enemy with high physical attack resistance, Soran was finding it hard to deal with; however, he was not completely helpless. He quickly pulled away some distance, and fireballs appeared in his palm.

“Melf’s Minute Meteors [Empower Spell]!”

The jumping flames appeared in his palm. With his high moving speed, a trail of flame was seen.


A loud bang was heard when Soran threw the fireballs out toward the jelly-like monster!

Blood splattered everywhere.

An obvious pit was formed.

Soran did not stop at all; one after another, meteors roared out. In the deafening explosion, the blood Giant in front of him was getting smaller and smaller. The entire monster had been blasted by Soran!

“Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximize Spell]!”

After a round of powerful Melf’s Minute Meteors, Soran seemed to think that the lethality was not enough, and quickly cast more Melf’s Minute Meteors.

Now the explosive power was rather shocking!

Although Melf’s Minute Meteors does not cause much damage directly, it has a strong ability of penetration; otherwise, it would not be called a god slaying spell.

In the past, many adventurers used it to break the energy fields of many Saints!


Soran could only use it to kill the enemy in front of him. Since the speed of the enemy was not as fast as he was, Soran had no rush to take the enemy head-on. Instead, he could just use range spells to deal with it first.

After rounds of Melf’s Minute Meteors, the Blood Giant’s body was getting smaller and smaller, and its regeneration speed had completely failed to keep up. The accumulated spell damage had become great.

Flaming balls appeared in Soran’s palm once again. As a half baked wizard, he actually mastered far fewer spells than others; however, such a thing seemed to have its benefits, that was, Soran had enough spell slots to remember more “Melf’s Minute Meteors.” He did not have to reserve a life-saving spell like the other wizards.

Round after round.

Soran did not care if he could blast the enemy to its death; he only cared about blasting it first.