Principality of Rossad, king’s city.

As the night approached, everything in the palace fell silent. Since the red dragon duchess took control of this place, many of the original nobles were deprived of their posts and sent to a farm in their hometown. Now, all the powerful factions in the whole country were her confidants. Although there were many people who were dissatisfied with her in secret, no one dared to stand up against her openly because of her powers. Especially in the period before the beginning of the Avatar Crisis, even the temples were not willing to interfere too much. After all, the red dragon duchess had not done anything outrageous.

On the contrary!

Under her rule, the country had grown in military strength suppressing the neighboring kingdoms.

The Duchess was very popular in the army, either because of her amazing charm or because of her powers.

Of course, if she had not suffered a defeat from Soran, her name in the army would be even higher.

Since taking power, the Duchess had won three major victories in a row. Unfortunately, these three victories were ended by Soran in the battle of Raging Sand Island, and the navy of the Principality of Rossad was almost annihilated.

There were no guards in the silent hall. Only the red dragon duchess was there.


A strange and frivolous laugh sounded, then a hazy figure appeared; finally, the figure turned into a charming and seductive woman.

From her appearance, she was almost the most beautiful woman in the world, as tempting as a succubus.

However, upon closer inspection!

She was not a succubus but a devil from the Nine Hells of Baator.

A high-grade Pleasure Devil!

They evolved from Erinyes; having the blood of angels, they were the core power in the Hells of Baator.

These Pleasure Devils persist in luring mortals to become fallen; equivalent to the simple and rough methods of the demons, devils paid more attention to the fall of a person’s soul. They would wait for a long time and then harvest the fruits at the last moment.

“My dear Karina!”

An enchanting smile appeared on the Pleasure Devil’s face; her red lips gently opened and said, “we haven’t seen each other for a long time! I miss the taste of you!… ”

Saying this, she licked her lips seductively.

The Duchess was not in a good mood. She looked at the Pleasure Devil in front of her coldly and said in a deep voice, “Enough! I have provided you with enough souls. Don’t try Mr, or I’ll be merciless! ”

“Hehe!” the devil laughed out, the Pleasure Devil approached with cat-like grace. She put her bright red lips on the Duchess’s ear and slowly said, “Don’t be so desperate! I still miss the happy times I spent with you! ”

“Weren’t you happy too?”

The Duchess’s face was a little red, but she still had a stern look, and she said, “Tell me! What do you want? ”

The Pleasure Devil put out her tongue and licked the earlobe of the Duchess. Then she giggled and said softly, “Don’t be so cold.”

“I heard you’ve encountered some problems lately and have come to help you.”

The Duchess’s body shivered slightly when the Pleasure Devil licked her earlobe but she soon became calm and asked, “Help me? What do you want?”

There was no free food in this world.

Devils would only give if they had something to gain.


The Pleasure Devil looked at the Duchess with her head askew while her eyes were full of charm. As the most attractive devil in Bator, a woman wouldn’t even be able to resist her. The Pleasure Devil giggled and said: “better souls.”

“Although you have provided a lot of them, they are all humble males. The males in your family have been brainwashed by us for some time now. Although they have good talents, they are too fragile, just like the flowers in the greenhouse.”

“They are from ** family.”

“That fallen ** even shocked the devils! Do all sorcerer families play this way?”

The Duchess said angrily, “Enough!”


Invisible energy expanded, and a pair of blood-red dragon wings appeared behind her.


A scared expression appeared on the devil’s face. However, she still went close slowly and said in a seductive way, “My dear Karina, don’t be mad.”

“Didn’t I help you control this family?”

“You can do whatever you want, isn’t it? Those guys have a good bloodline, don’t they? What a bunch of stupid mortals! Wanting to rely on the blood of close relatives to breed excellent offsprings. They just do not understand that only nature can cultivate the powerful! ”

“Alright, alright!”

“Don’t be mad. I’ve come with a gift this time. Maybe you’ll like it!”

“As for my reward.”

“I can wait for it. But you won’t mind talking with me tonight, right?”

The Pleasure Devil reached out her tongue and licked her lips. A strange smile appeared on her seductive face. The Duchess shivered a little, turned around, and looked at the devil sternly.

Devils loved to play with people’s minds.

They would never be as simple and straightforward as the demons. The Pleasure Devil went behind the Duchess, placed her voluptuous breast against the Duchess’s back, and rubbed them gently. A tiny white hand then stretched under the wizard robe of the duchess. In an instant, the Duchess trembled, and her face was glowing red.

The Pleasant Devil’s voice was like the voice from hell. Her delicate body twisted gently, toying the earlobe of the Duchess with her tongue. The devil then whispered in a seductive voice, “You say no, but your body is very honest!”

“My dear Karina.”

“Remember those pleasurable times we had together?”

Treasure Island.

Soran looked at the tribe in front of him. Sacrificing to their god with blood was like drinking poison to quench the thirst—the more sacrifice they did, the greater the god’s desire for more blood. In the end, the entire tribe would be dragged into the mire. Gods like these were basically Underlords; their lust for blood had destroyed their minds.


With his divine perception, Soran ordered, “Kill all the warriors!”

He needed slaves and not fighters.

Fighters were hard to control, so wiping them out was the simplest method!

Following his orders, countless figures moved in, and he himself also disappeared into the darkness.


Bodies dropped on the floor.

Soran’s figure moved like a ghost. Every time he appeared, he would take the lives of several wildling warriors. The guard towers were soon cleared out, and there was no resistance at all.


The gate was opened by the rogues, letting the elite pirates swiftly charge in.

The wildlings were shouting frantically. All the wildlings were addicted to some kind of aura they were in.


The Underlord that the wildlings were worshipping felt something, another divine energy.

Both divine beings sensed each other.

At the moment Soran took action, the other party also noticed him. However, as an Underlord born of spirits, he was more limited than Soran in many aspects.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Greater Haste!”

Soran’s figure leaped at an amazing speed as he activated his Lich Ring + 5. He then appeared near the altar and stabbed the shaman.


With a stream of blood gushing out, the old shaman became stiff and looked at the blade penetrating his heart.

Right then,

The wildlings that were oblivious became aware of what was going on, as though they had just woken up from a dream!