Waves were brewing under the calm sea waters.

From Black Canyon to Treasure Island, the danger becomes more obvious. This was a place where even other sea races wouldn’t easily get involved. With Soran’s current abilities, he could easily feel the energy fluctuation from the bottom of the sea, which was quite a wide range of energy radiation. It was possible to encounter whirlpools in this area. It was uncertain how they were formed, but sometimes there were huge whirlpools that would suck everything nearby into the deep sea.

As of now, no one knew what was inside these whirlpools. Even the gods did not know what was in them, only have a vague image of the bottom.

Around Treasure Island was a volcano.

Although the island had great wealth, its geographical environment was much worse than that of Mordor. Maybe only the NPCs there could live there happily. There was no sign of eruption at present, but it was not clear whether the volcano would erupt in the future. However, some adventurers had made a special study and determined that this may be an active volcano, which would erupt once in about 100 years.

Soran led the fleet through the route he recalled.

Soon enough, there appeared a huge Island, on which there were quite lush primeval forests. The area of this island was more than ten times larger than that of Mordor, about two-thirds that of Taiwan Island. Such large islands were distributed near the sea area, many of which were leftover from the land sinking period. The largest island area maybe about 200000 square kilometers.


Soran looked at the island in front and thought for a while.

He was now a conqueror when he came to the Treasure Island this time. Only by straightening out his mind would he not affect his next judgment. Because of the size of the island, Soran could only choose one location to land. There was no natural port here; in the past, small ports were built by the adventurers, so it was not convenient for the fleet to land directly.


There was the roar of some creature.

Some trees shook on the island; with only a glance, Soran roughly knew where he was.

This was the territory of the [Giant Apes]!

That’s right, other than the NPCs, spirits, and odd creatures; there were also these naturally powerful monsters.

Giant Apes were one of the most dangerous creatures on Treasure Island!

If you don’t provoke them, these terrifying silver-backed apes were easy to get along with. But if you accidentally provoke these giants, they were absolutely terrifying!

A Giant Ape could weigh more than two tons. They had a body of steel and iron, huge fists that could open mountains and stones with their bare hands. The changing environment of the outer islands made these horrible creatures further strengthened. Sometimes these creatures could even be seen fighting with spirits.

Bottomless Abyss, 90th layer.

Due to the peculiar environment of the Abyss, there were some good geomorphic environments occasionally. On the 90th layer of the bottomless Abyss was a layer similar to the tropical rainforest. The leader of the demon here was called [Barlgura], which was a huge and incomparable orangutan. The apes of Treasure Island had always been suspected to have some relationship with the demon lord because all the apes here had good wisdom.

The other dangerous creature in Treasure Island was Slime.

On the mainland, Slim had become very rare. It was not clear why, but there were only some traces of Slim in the outer islands. However, the Slim here were more troublesome. They were quite dangerous creatures because of their natural characteristic to mutate and integrate with other creatures—the more harsh the environment, the more amazing their power.

On one side of Treasure Island were demon Slimes.

They stayed in a swamp area, so it would not affect Soran. Here, the slimes served the demon lord of the 222th layer of the abyss [Juiblex, The Faceless Lord].

This layer was also called the [Slim Hell]!

The demon slimes which resided in the swamps worshipped this demon lord; The Faceless Lord had many believers in the material plane.


There were also plenty of wildlings on the island. They had tribes that were quite large and they worshipped demigod spirits.

Soran’s targets were these wildlings.

The servants of the Faceless Lord rarely left the swamp, while the giant apes were fine as long as Soran did not venture into their territory.

Other than these enemies.

There was not much danger on this island.


With the fleet docked nearby, Soran’s figure also flew up. When he reached hundreds of meters, Soran saw the figure of Quetzalcoatlus, which was distributed on many outer islands and could be found almost everywhere. However, the size of the groups was very small; there were only dozens of them, which was not a threat to Soran at all.

Below him was a lush forest.

He saw broken trees and the huge footprints left on the ground. It was easy to recognize the Giant Apes; their weight of nearly two tons made them shake the ground completely when they moved in groups. They were the overlords to the south of the island, and even the wildlings were reluctant to provoke them. Flying all the way along the coast, the ground gradually opened up, with very lush grassland. There were many Velociraptors living here. Dinosaur species had been active in the outer islands, and occasionally people would see figures similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

[Father of Dinosaurs] – Ubtao.

This powerful deity was once active in the material plane, but now people rarely see the trace of his followers. It was unknown whether it disappeared with time or went to some other plane.

The Velociraptors ran on the grassland like the wind.

They preyed on all the creatures they could kill. The wildlings were the most common prey, but occasionally they were tamed. A domesticated Velociraptor usually had a bird’s hair on its head. The wildling tribes saw them as a boost to combat, but the number of domestications had been small because these creatures consumed a lot of meat.

After passing through the endless forest, he saw a small swamp.

There was a supergiant Slime that had a challenge rating of 20. Because of its characteristics, this monster was hard to kill; even after the Avatar Crisis, no one could kill it.

There were many rivers on the island and the central river had piranhas.

There were huge electric eels near the southwest. These mutant creatures could emit great electrical currents, which were as powerful as level 6 spells. These were also creatures that no one dared provoked.

As for those mutant plants, they were quite common in the outer islands; they only needed to be careful.

The general condition of Treasure Island was like that.

In terms of environment, it was much worse than the city of Mordor; that was why it would take a long time for Soran to develop this island. The most important thing was to take those open-air gold mines first. About 50 kilometers from where they docked, there was a large-scale wildling tribe. There was a relatively small river beside the tribe, which had gold sands in it.

Half a day went by.

Soran had been flying on the island for a long time. He even encountered a Quetzalcoatlus which he scared away with his demigod aura.

Around the evening, a

He was never a rash person.

Rushing into the island relying only on his past memory would only lead to heavy casualties. The purpose of his flight was to map out the entire island.

Thanks to his Eidetic Memory.

Soran quickly drew an outline of the island, marked out the terrain of each area, and then noted the distribution of all kinds of creatures, including the tribes he saw. Then he marked out the convenient docking areas on the island and found the safest routes from the map that would not disturb other dangerous creatures or pass through their territory.

He began to think about the battle plan for tomorrow!

In these dangerous places, lack of planning would only lead to unnecessary casualties.

On the second day.

The fleet went ahead another 10 kilometers and then docked on a beach.

Groups of elite pirates came down from the deck, followed by the pirate leaders brought by Soran, namely Scarface, One Eye, and Giant.

This time Soran only brought two thousand men!

However, all of them were elite pirates. Their power and equipment were first-class. They were also the core combat group that Soran had accumulated for so long.

If he suffered heavy casualties here, it would be a huge headache for him!

“Get ready men!”

Soran looked at the assembled pirate elites and said in a deep voice, “Keep a team here. Rogues follow me out to explore the roads, while the rest of you prepare for battle”.

In terms of direct distance, t

This was a test of their power!

Defeating a wildling tribe was nothing, but to lower casualties was the harder part. What Soran wanted was not simply to destroy the enemy, but to capture as many slaves as possible. In the end, they still needed these people to mine the gold. Otherwise, it would be too much trouble to transport people all the way here.

To achieve this,

Soran had to use great power to utterly squash the wildling’s faith and morale!