It was said that the memory before death was the clearest.

It was a pity that Cridiana only remembered a vague shadow. As a new Glorious Nun, she did not care too much about her past. Now the Succubus’s natural control made her want to gain more power. The most important thing for her was to please her mother, the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut, because if she could not prove her value, she could become her mother’s plaything. The Queen of Succubus had always been indiscriminate towards a man or a woman. She had a near morbid pursuit of beautiful things.

To prove herself meant that she could gain power, status, and freedom because Mecanthut also regarded the Succubusses as her own children. She loved the Succubuses more than any other demons and allowed them to be naughty and unruly occasionally.

There was a passage written in this way:

“The most favorite servants of the Queen of Succubus were the Succubuses. Since becoming the Queen of Succubus, Mecanthut always had a special doting love for the Succubuses. Even if some Succubuses often disobeyed her wishes, her love did not change. For Mecanthut’s peculiar logical thinking, these “willful” Succubuses were just from their nature. Only some rare Succubuses, such as the Disgraced Lady living in Sigil, were really separated from the Queen of Succubus’s doting. If there was anything else in the multiverse that could make Mecanthut really sad, then there was no doubt that these lost children were. ”

It was interesting to say.

In the eyes of the mortals, those demon lords who were terrifying, evil, and chaotic were great and noble within their own race!

For example, the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, fought all his life for the rise of Gnolls, and successfully built a kingdom belonging to Gnolls in the abyss, getting rid of thousands of years of slavery. For example, the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut, had become a powerful ruling class from a kind of sex object in the abyss, which was completely supported by her alone. Her love for the Succubus was no less than the pity of other gods for their believers.

Without the rise of the Queen of Succubus, there would be no such place for the Succubuses in the abyss!

A slight noise interrupted Cridiana’s contemplation.

There was a scornful smile on the corner of her mouth, and an alluring expression appeared on her charming face. Only to see her figure disappear at the same time, and then she waved out the thorny whip with a metal barb in her hand.


With a shrill scream, a Gnoll Lurker was pulled out of the shadow by her.

——”Mind Gaze!”

——”Enchanting Beauty!”

As the daughter of the Queen of Succubus, she was gifted with the ability of [Profane Beauty], which permanently strengthened her charm. Mind Gaze could offer insight into the heart of her weaker enemies, and then cooperate with the [Enchanting Beauty] naturally gifted by being a Glorious Nun. Any enemy whose will could not pass the Test of Charm Immunity would directly fall into her control.

The expression of the Gnoll Lurker turned obsessive even though a cruel smile appeared at the corner of Cridiana’s mouth. She once again whipped him with the thorn whip.

The enemy in front of her was motionless!

It seemed that a whip with a metal barb could only bring great pleasure to it, so he stood in place without resistance and was wiped to death alive.

Once one’s power had reached the level of the Glorious Nuns. Their charm ability could directly deceive their target’s senses.

The pain would become pleasure.

Knowing the moment of death, all the accumulated pain would break out in an instant, and then the Gnolls who died under her whip would be obsessive, and finally, their faces would show a horrendously fearful expression.

“How dare you send such trash over!”

With a little shake of the whip, Cridiana turned it into a belt and wound it around her slender waist. As an advanced form [Dementor] of the high-grade Succubus, she was born with legendary level fighting power. In addition to all kinds of abilities possessed by the high-level Succubuses, the birth of Glorious Nun was a priest with a professional level of 9 or above. No one knew where their divine spells came from. It was either from the Queen of Succubus or it was from the power of the bottomless abyss.

A powerful Glorious Nun could even fight against a Demon Lord!

Because the Succubus Lord [Red Shroud] in the bottomless abyss was the daughter of the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut. From the perspective of potential, the Glorious Nuns were no less than that of high-grade Succubuses.

Demon lords liked pure souls because pure souls could make them draw strength directly to create powerful demons. This kind of demons might be at legendary strength from birth, which was far higher than other demons in both starting point and growth.

“Come on!”

Cridiana stood on the bloody earth, under her feet was a pile of corpses, and the metal boots were still stained with meat foam. A seemingly exposed metal armor would not weaken her protection ability at all. She looked at the distant Gnoll plain and murmured: “Let this be the first battle of my rise! I will prove to Mother that I will never be inferior to other sisters! ”

“I! Cridiana!”

“Will become a mighty Lord of the Bottomless Abyss!”

The black strait was completely dead silent.

Soran waved for the fleet to stop here and then called for something.

A huge shadow gradually rose from the bottom of the sea, and the huge body of the mutant Orca gradually approached from afar. Soran did not take other people with him this time because, in this stage of almost ascending to become a God, there were likely to be other people testing his nest, so Gloria and they must be allowed to stay in the base camp. Now, Soran was half a step away from the gods. Even if he was against the false gods, the chances of him winning were still higher. This time going to Treasure Island, and he alone was sufficient.

“You lot stay here!”

Soran slowly pulled out his Curves Sword Icingdeath. Then he descended onto the huge body of the mutant Orca. Standing on the head of the mutant Orca, he gently stroked the pet’s back. Then his whole body dived into the sea with the mutant Orca.

“Deep Sea Lurker [Mutant Sea Monster], [Ultra-Huge Physique] (Grade Five).”

“Challenge Rating 18, Creature Level 24, has spell-like abilities.”

“35 points for the highest attribute, 15 points for the lowest attribute, and 100-120 points for the total attribute points.”

“Special Abilities: Tentacle Entanglement, Multi-Strike, Ultra-Huge Physique, Mutant Sea Monster, Limb Regeneration, Swallow.”

“Challenge Difficulty: A +.”

Although there is no specific information about the giant octopus, Soran still remembered its general abilities.

The Multi-Strikes of tentacles, the regeneration ability of itself, the terrifying lifeforce brought by its Ultra-Huge Physique, and the ability to Swallow other mutants and enhance itself–t

The seawater vibrated.

The breath of the mutant Orcas belonging to the sea giants soon shocked the monsters in the deep straits. The territorial conflict of this sea giant was very fierce. The monsters lurking here would show up without hesitation, ready to teach the enemies who dared to break into its territory a lesson.


Soran’s figure disappeared in the sea, and the mutant Orca roared dully and rushed directly to the huge tentacles in the dark.

The seawater churned violently.

The battle between the two sea monsters caused waves on the sea. Fortunately, the fleet was not near here, or it would have been overturned.

——”Shadow Leap!”

Soran was diving into the deeper sea at full speed. The huge body of the mutant Orca completely covered up his tracks. The giant octopus only wanted to defeat the other sea monster in front of it.

Very soon.

In Soran’s sight, there was a huge lump of meat.

The seawater around him became turbid. One could see its terrifying teeth and fangs. Its frightening mouth was enough to swallow up a big ship. Although the monster in front of them was a little smaller than the ‘Son of Dagon’ that Soran had seen, it could not be that far from each other.

Soran was looking for its deadly point.

The mutant Orca was entwined by a huge tentacle. Although it was much stronger now, it still could not have an upper hand in dealing with such a huge sea monster.

“Here it is!”

Soran’s figure suddenly leaped out and then appeared over the head of the giant octopus.

——”Greater Haste!”

In an instant!

Countless cold blades of light appeared, and Soran’s figure, like a sharp sword, stabbed directly into the huge head of the octopus monster. Then his entire body broke through its muscles and bones and forcefully pierced into the enemy’s skull.


Giant tentacles fell powerlessly one by one as Soran leaped out of the supergiant octopus’s skull.

He gave a cold look at the sea beast in front of him, and ordered the mutant Orca beside him: “Eat it all up! Don’t leave any bits at all! ”

A spatter of flesh and blood.

The mutant Orca opened its mouth and began devouring it. The giant octopus was ten times bigger than it. It would take a rather long time to eat it clean.

Soran’s figure was flying towards the surface of the sea!

As an existence that was about to ascend into a god, he had no difficulty in dealing with such things.

Maybe there were many mortal beings who thought that gods were just like this. Powerful legendary Wizards could challenge gods and even compete with the weaker ones.

But in fact, that was just a human delusion.

Most of the time, they could not even defeat the incarnation of the gods, let alone the real body of the god.

The only one that was the most successful Godslayer was the most powerful Arcanist Karsus in the age of Thorium. Although he killed the first generation of the Goddess of Magic with the help of a spell, he was unable to bear the huge power and exploded himself. The glorious age of Thorium’s Arcanist was thus ended. The second generation of the Child of the Goddess of Magic resurrected in her daughter’s body. Just to kill a powerful God, she paid for it with the most powerful and talented Arcanist in history, and the brilliant Arcane civilization with a floating city.

The price was seriously too heavy!

Soran’s suppression of mortals was taking shape. When the divine power gathered further, there would be fewer and fewer mortals that could threaten him, even a legendary wizard was all the same.

Endless years!

The rise and fall of civilization had changed from time to time. It was unknown how many legendary powerful people had risen and fallen. The splendid Arcane civilization had only a few Liches left, but the gods were still high up.

Soran did not know what happened in history, but he knew that only the gods were eligible for the next contest!

The most chaotic time in the history of the multiverse was

When the unprecedented chaos was over, the era of order would come, and it would be hard to kill the gods at that time!

Soran’s figure returned to the warship.

He took a look at the blood-filled seawater in front of him. I’m afraid it would take a long time for the mutant Orca to swallow up this ultra-huge sea monster. So he directly ordered: “Keep sailing!”

The sea monster that had once trapped many people was easily killed by him.

Imperceptibly, Soran also stood at a higher starting point than in the past peak period. When he had such power, the Avatar’s Crisis had already ended, and the gods had returned to their own country. He had many powerful abilities, but he lost the chance because, at that time, the success rate of ordinary people challenging minor gods was also close to zero.

As long as the power of the kingdom of God could be used, even the weakest gods could fight against a group of legendaries.

Because behind him was a kingdom!

Soran was looking at the sea ahead. Now he was only one step away from the ascension into a God. Taking down the Treasure Island, he could directly enter the [Pantheon] as a [True God]!!!