Bottomless Abyss, Level 422.

In a desolate desert, a large number of Gnolls congregated along with many slaves that have fallen into the abyss. It was originally called ‘the Ruins of Azar.’ It used to be the territory of a powerful fallen angel, but he had already fallen by the hands of a Godslayer. Now the owner here was the King of Gnolls- Yeenoghu, who was the absolute ruler of the 422nd layer of the bottomless abyss. In this very vast abyss, the King of Gnolls ruled a large number of Gnoll servants and Ghoul slaves. He enslaved them to help him build a huge steel fortress.

Towards the East of this desert, one could see a huge body exposed on the surface.

That was a very ancient devil—the body of the Stormlord Obyrith – Bachard. The rise of Tanari demons killed the ancient devil and took its huge life force away from its drying up body. Now it had been thousands of years, and the pain from the death of this ancient devil has still continued. As an ancient demon born from the source of chaos, it has not really died, just like a stranded giant whale, part of its body stayed in this plane.

Although he was unable to speak, Bachard still kept some fragments of his once vast consciousness. If connected through telepathy. He would talk in a slow and melancholy tone about the rise and fall of the most ancient demons in an era before the birth of Tanari. And a trusted frequent visitor might even hear Bachard tell them that the devil did not originate from the abyss, but moved from some other place, after abandoning some evil creators that have long disappeared in the history.

The King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu was the most common visitor here!

No one knew what it got from the mouth of the most ancient Obyrith, but since it came to the bottomless abyss, the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, has been growing day by day.

It ruled a level of the bottomless abyss. It conquered the King of Ghouls. It was at war with the King of Beasts, Baphomet. It had a sinister relationship with the Queen of Succubus, Mecanthut.

All these seemed to have doomed him to make countless enemies in the bottomless abyss!

But in fact, the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu was still alive today, not falling into the conspiracies of other demon lords, and its territory was still expanding slowly.

The ancient devil’s body occasionally produced subtle changes, and its once terrifying power still interfered with this plane.

Occasionally, there would be dramatic weather changes here, which was the power that the powerful Obyrith once possessed!

In this plain, the remains of demonic bodies refused the other visitors. The King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu’s men would not let others easily get close to them. But occasionally, some powerful people from the bottomless abyss came here to pray for guidance for strength from the most ancient devils’ mouth. Unfortunately, they did not get anything at all, because recently, the consciousness left in this huge body was silent, and it began to not talk with anyone. Even the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, who ruled the 422nd layer of the bottomless abyss for a long time, could not get any response from it.

Along the plain road ahead, there was a huge steel fortress under the mountains.

This was the City of Yeenoghu.

The Gnolls were inside the most powerful steel fortress in the bottomless abyss. The native people here were only Gnolls. Other races were either slaves or rations. In the center was a high-rise palace. Yeenoghu spent less than half of the year here. More often, he was patrolling his territory. This was a demon lord who cared about his territory very much. He was familiar with every inch of his territory.

“Stupid! Incompetent! Trash! ”

The dull roar echoed over the steel fortress, and countless Gnolls and servants trembled under the roar. Yeenoghu’s huge figure stood in the palace, staring at the kneeling Gnolls with black sideburns, and roared: “You idiot! You can’t even do something this simple! ”

The leader of the fully black Gnolls knelt at the foot of Yeenoghu. It opened its mouth to explain the strength of the enemy, but he was greeted by a three headed flail with cold light.

Its blood and brain splashed, and the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, gave a cold look at the others and said slowly: “Trash can only be fed to pets!”

Two attendants in full armor appeared and dragged the body out of the hall.

“My Lord!”

An old Gnoll with a white bone staff appeared. It took a look at the blood on the ground and said slowly: “The army of the Queen of Succubus has attacked our border again.”

“Many of the people have died under the hands of the Glorious Nuns.”

The Glorious Nuns.

The King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu frowned. The battle between Yeenoghu and the Queen of Succubus had never stopped, and the border conflict broke out all the time.

It hated those goddamn Glorious Nuns because these Glorious Nuns were the creation of the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut. They were the commander-in-chief of the enchanted army, and they were also a headache as they were cunning opponents.

“Send the Ghoul army for reinforcements!”

The King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu glanced at the others and said slowly: “Let the Gnoll Executioner also go to the border.”

The old Gnoll bowed and retreated.

Soon, in this huge steel fortress, some closed gates were opened, and then the dark army of ghouls rushed out, led by some Gnolls with heavy flail.

There was no end to the war of demon lords!

As long as the Queen of Succubus did not appear in person, Yeenoghu would not go to the front easily, because the war was the theme of the bottomless abyss, but once the Abyss Lord participated in the war in person, the scale of the war would gather and increase.

A howling gale came forth.

Cridiana was playing with a thorn whip made of pure gold in her hand, she crushed the head of the Gnoll warrior on the ground with one foot, and the scarlet blood of its brain splashed on her black metal boots. She did not seem to care that it would affect her amazing charm. As a Glorious Nun who just woke up, Cridiana’s memory of her past life has been very vague. She only retained the instinct of being a high-level Succubus, as well as her loyalty and love to her mother, the Queen of Succubus, Mecanthut.

This was her first fight after waking up!

As the daughter created by the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut, the competition amongst the Glorious Nuns were also very fierce. What Cridiana wanted to do most now was to find a way to hit the King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, and to please her mother, the Queen of Succubus, and strive for a position far higher than the other nuns.

Behind her was a dark army of demons.

There were always demons in the abyss who liked to despise the Succubus, but these people would always pay the price.

The composition of the Succubus army was very complex because they had a strong attraction towards any demon. Within this demon army, less than one-third of them were Succubuses, and the rest were servants that the Succubuses have enslaved. Mecanthut controlled a large number of the other demons. Her charm could not even be resisted by the Eye of the Abyss.

Behind the demon army was a huge Beholder.

It was an Insight Beholder, the servant of the Queen of Succubus; the powerful beholder would not fight. It was only responsible for telling the Queen of Succubus what it saw.

Mecanthut’s sights were on this!

She was very interested in how her newly created daughter would defeat the army of Gnolls and please her own mother.

Demons breed very fast.

As one of the most powerful demon lords in the bottomless abyss, the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut did not care about expending her demon army. If she willed it, she could enslave a batch of such cannon fodder as soon as she wanted. The chaotic war was the theme of the bottomless abyss, and only through the cruel war could she cultivate the real elites.

This point.

Even her daughter was the same, the weak among the Glorious Nuns would only be eliminated.

In the distance from Cridiana was an old river.

It was the Styx River.

The Styx River flowed through many places of the bottomless abyss. Its branches were like tree trunks, which could help the devils reach many places.

But the people who were ferrying on the Styx River were not very pleasant to talk to!

Cridiana had very few memories. Her clearest memory was on the Styx River. She remembered that she had drifted in the Styx River for a long time. The turbid river permeated her soul, letting her forget so much, only leaving a tad bit of vague memories.