Abyss Domination

Chapter 493 - The Sinking City

A low-key ascension, a high-profile military parade–

The purpose of keeping a low profile was to avoid attracting too much attention from other gods and Temples and to suggest that as a new God, he did not have much ambition. This was a very important point because Soran’s prayers were completed by the Psionic Warlock, and the prayers of the Demigod Vampire were filled with huntings and fear, plus a round of blood-red moon, which could be said to be high-profile. At present, Soran intended to use only one [Half Elven] Divine Title, which basically had no conflict with other gods. In order to avoid attracting too many gods’ hostile eyes, Soran must be as low-key as possible before the Avatar’s Crisis.

When all the gods have descended and fought among themselves, Soran wanted to expand from the [Half Elven] Divine Title.

But in this case, if too many domains of Divine Titles were added, it was possible for some gods who coveted his power to directly fight against him once the Avatar’s Crisis broke out, existences such as the Shadow Lord. The divine title of the gods could be evolved from their power in their domain. Soran had the fear domain, so he could become a power source of other gods in the fear domain. If the words like ‘Hunting’, ‘Night’, ‘Fear’, and ‘Shadow’ were added to the prayers of the ascension, it was absolutely begging that you did not die fast enough.

As for the high-profile military parade, it was very simple.

The ascension could be kept a low profile, but it was necessary to keep a high profile when one displayed their strength!

This was the same as when Soran had ascended to a God, he would flex his fists and muscles to those, in the South Coast and Mainland, that was secretly spying on his people and to tell them that they were not easy to bully. If they wanted to do something, they would have to weigh themselves. At that time, when the real military parade would be held. It would not just be the pirates that would come out and stroll. Soran, Gloria, the Fallen Witch, a god-level Rogue, two legendary level Witches, three of them would stand on the stage as legends.

At the same time, Soran would also send an invitation to the eldest princess of Arendelle and the Honorable Eye of the North of the Northern Witch Council.

And invite the strong Monastery who controlled the Eastern Sea.

The military parade had never been a one-man play in his own house, even if it was forced, the elites under Soran’s command should be pulled out for a walk. The high-end combat prowess should also be highlighted, and powerful allies needed to be invited to come and hold up a front.

Only in this way could they really frighten potential enemies!

Now that Soran had given a general idea, then the other things could be left to be done by the Psionic Warlock.

It was roughly about five days later.

Soran led the fleet back to the Outer Islands, and the City of Modor was even livelier than before. Standing on the mast, one could see the City of Modor, which has been expanded more than twice as much as before. As for the planning of this city, Soran had set it up according to modern standards. From the underground drainage channel to the planning and distribution of various regions, a general model has been wanted long before the establishment of the city. Soran could not spend so much time just to build a village just to play. The final form of the City of Modor was a large city that could hold a population of roughly 200,000. Finally, with the expansion of the city, the City of Modor and Port Modor would be connected.

But that should be a long time later.

Now it was better to separate the City of Modor and Port Modor. Soran needed to maintain the atmosphere in the city.

With more than 20,000 migrants, the City of Modor suddenly became crowded. There were basically no problems with food and resources. Soran had been hoarding for a long time. Although he had the ability to feed all the half-elven refugees easily, he did not give it to them casually, but let all the civilian’s exchange work for it. This was a process of equal value exchange. The Half-elves naturally had some skills. Even if they had no skills, those with greater strength could cut trees, and those with lesser strength could reclaim the land.

No matter what one did in Modor City, if one was willing to do it, one would be able to fill their stomach and gradually accumulate a bit of money.

“My Lord.”

The Psionic Warlock came to Soran’s back then bowed slightly and went: “The plan of the Temple has been completed, and it would be near the central square. If we want to finish it before the military parade, we might need to recruit a lot of labor force, and at the same time, we need a lot of financial resources. There is no problem with the priests’ side. When all of them arrive in the City of Modor, they can start to prepare for the daily prayers ceremony. ”

The Temple was the most basic thing.

Most of the priests have not been to Modor until now, and the real formal prayers routine had to slowly progress.

Soran turned to look back at her and said slowly: “I will mobilize an army to give you, and the City Hall will give you 300,000 Gold Derahls. Regarding what should be done, you can make your own decisions.”

Soran was very rich now.

The specific amount could not be counted, because a large portion of them was illiquid, but with the cultivated farmland and houses sold out, the amount of his liquid wealth was also increasing rapidly. Soran never intended to give land directly. Military skills could be used as part of the land exchange. But most pirates used their private savings and military skills to exchange for dozens of acres of land directly. At present, only about a third of the land outside Modor was still in Soran’s hands. Some of the wastelands have been bought by the pirates below.

When these guys had money, they used it to either eat, drink, get prostitutes, gamble, or on something else. Now, it was a good thing that they have started home.

“Understood.” The Psionic Warlock nodded with a smile.

Soran took a look at her, got up, and walked towards the City of Modor. Once again, there was more spying that was in the dark. After all, Port Modor was a transit port. The City of Modor was the private territory of Soran. There was too many forces’ sight within the caravans. What has happened to the half-elves, they should have already known. As for the rise of a new God, many forces have also turned silent.

It was not that they did not want to move, but it was because they did not dare to.

Even the Red Dragon Duchess of the Principality of Rossard has been quite docile recently, and all other forces were naturally waiting for a change!

After such a long time, Soran finally got a new legend.

“Battle of Autumnfall [Epic Battle]: In the middle of May 1676 in the new moon era, you have taken part in the war between the half beastmen and the half-elves near Autumnfall. In this war, you have defeated the army of the Orcs Chief – Eugene twice, and thus reduced the threat of Autumnfall. The King of Gnolls – Yeenoghu, also suffered a hidden loss in your hands. Although it has greatly improved your reputation, it also brought you new threats. [Legend Rating + 8] ”

8 points of legend rating.

After everything in Autumnfall, Soran’s legend rating finally reached 100 points.

100 points of legend rating was an important dividing line because, in this case, Soran’s name has basically spread across the mainland. Now, the difficulty of obtaining a legend rating would increase in a straight line. If one wanted to continue to improve its legend rating, one would need to involve everything outside the plane. The higher the legend rating, the more difficult it would be to raise it. At the end of the day, I’m afraid one would have to let their existence spread throughout the multiverse. However, Soran’s current legend rating was barely able to meet the standard of ascending into a God, at least it was much higher than that of the Demigod Vampire at that time.

With the existence of the Psionic Warlock – Die. Soran only needed to roughly give his orders for a lot of things.

He first went to see Vivian. The divine power of the little girl was getting stronger and stronger. Now, with a lot of the Son of Fears that died and with the Avatar’s Crisis getting closer and closer, the time for the Dread Lord to revive was nearing. Soran also did not know how long she needed to sleep, but seeing Vivian’s power fluctuating now, I’m afraid nearly half of the power of the Dread Lord was converging onto her.

There was not much Soran could do now.

But if he were to ascend into a God, there were many things he could do!

The power of the gods allowed him to directly face the Dread Lord directly, and he could even personally go to the Bottomless Abyss to end it!

Night fell.

Soran came to Gloria’s lab, and the Tower’s research continued. It seemed that Silver Blade of Gith was about to succeed.

That was what Gloria had told him. It was only a little short.

Soran did not see the figure of the Fallen Witch. She should be staying in the shadow plane to research on the Wizard Tower. They still could not open the half plane of the Wizard Tower from the outside. Maybe Soran could rely on the power of the gods to find opportunities after he had ascended into a God. After all, the abilities of the Arcane Empire were far ahead of them, and some things were also hard for them to crack.

He only stayed in the City of Modor for a day.

The next day, Soran set sail with his fleet to the depths of the Outer Islands.

The news was strictly sealed.

No one knew where Soran intended to go, but seeing such a large-scale mobilization of the army still made many people feel uneasy. All forces near the South Coast were on guard.

In the distant was an endless sea!

Soran followed the route in his memory for three days and finally came to a dangerous area of the sea.

The blessing of the Sea Goddess has turned invalid!

From here on, the blessing of the Sea Goddess would not be able to disperse those deep-sea monsters, because they were all changed by the energy radiation from the bottom of the sea, and even the Sea Goddess would find it difficult to control these mutated sea monsters.

This was [the Sinking City].

The destruction of the Arcane Empire created a terrifying Death Desert and sank an entire part of the mainland to the bottom of the sea.

There was energy radiation everywhere.

Two of the most terrifying energy radiation pollution areas in the whole material plane. One was deep in the Death Desert, and the other was somewhere in this area of the sea.

The energy radiation was more serious than nuclear pollution, and it took nature thousands of years to repair it.

The fleet continued moving forth.

When Soran saw a black strait in his sights, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, because he finally found the right route towards the Treasure Island.

After a day’s sailing through there, one would finally reach the legendary Treasure Island.