It was the biggest difference to ascend into a [True God].

That was to be able to get the recognition of other gods, and even the incarnation of some gods might come forth to congratulate!

Like the Demigod Vampire, there were no gods that acknowledged him, and he even made a round of blood-red moon in the sky. Although he seemed to have the demeanor of a [True God], it was actually equivalent to forcefully punching his face till it was swollen to act as a fat man. This could be seen from the fact that as the master of ‘Night’, ‘Evil’ and ‘Child of Night’, the ‘Mistress of the Night’ with formidable divine power had also totally ignored him. If the Mistress of the Night said a word, I’m afraid no one would even dare to touch the Demigod Vampire easily.

If Soran were to ascend into a God, there would probably be an incarnation of a God appearing.

That would be the Sea Goddess.

Because she was the direct beneficiary of Soran’s rise, the expansion of the Sea Temple in the human world was completely caused by Soran’s influence alone. The second possible incarnation of the god to appear was the ‘Mistress of Riches’. From the Outer Islands to the South Coast, to the Eastern Kingdom, to Arendelle, the prosperity of trade had a great influence on the Mistress of Riches, and this prosperous trade was due to Soran’s rule. The Mistress might also come in an incarnation form to give face when Soran ascends.

Of course!

The premise of all this was that Soran could ascend into a [True God], and he could never be a [False-God].

In front of them was the boundless sea.

The trade of the eastern route was booming because of the trade winds from the Southern tropical rainforests. This was the best time of the year to go to the eastern sea area. As long as one set sail, one could reach the eastern kingdom all the way. Groups of fishes could be seen at the bottom of the sea swimming back. As the climate warms, these fishes would gradually return to their original sea areas. The blue sky made people feel relaxed and happy, and the boundless sea always made people feel its magnificence. At the same time, a fleet was also heading South, which was getting closer to Raging Sand Island.

“Your Excellency.”

The figure of the half-elven chief officer appeared in front of Soran, kneeling down on one knee and saying: “The materials you want have been prepared, and all the elites you needed are on standby in Snake Island.”

Soran turned around and nodded softly: “Very well.”

“Let them be ready to sail with me back to Modor City in three days, and then set out to look for Treasure Island.”

Treasure Island.

When he heard the name, the half-elven chief officer was obviously stunned.

He vaguely felt that the name was a little familiar, but there was no specific impression. It should be an island deep in the Outer Islands, but no one knew exactly where. In the legends of the pirates on the South Coast, there had always been a saying about Treasure Island, that is, there was a very valuable island in the territory of the indigenous people of the Outer Islands. To the left of the island was a huge silver mine, and to the right of the island was a huge gold mine.

This was the legend of the Treasure Island!

Throughout the ages, there have been many pirates looking for the location of Treasure Island, but no one had ever heard that anyone had found it.

The Outer Islands were always naturally rich in mineral resources.

The number of gold and silver deposits was obviously denser than that of the mainland. In places where there were large indigenous tribes, it was possible to find relatively small gold deposits.

That was why the aborigines were so rich!

Treasure Island was the most valuable island in the legends because there were two large mines there. Legends said that once this island was mined, it would even be enough to buy a country.

Unfortunately, it was unheard of that anyone has found it.

“Does your Excellency know where the real Treasure Island is?”

The half-elven chief officer was shocked, and then a wave of ecstasy surged up. It was a place that had an amazing wealth that could buy a kingdom. If they really took it, they would never have to worry about having no money to spend forever. As for the aborigines on Treasure Island, the half-elven chief officer was totally not worried at all. As long as he could determine the location of the island, no matter how many aborigines there were, they could mobilize the pirates to take it down!

Raging Sand Island.

Soran gazed silently at the nautical chart in front of him. His fingers moved gently in the unknown area, not marked on it as if looking for a general direction.

He had considered Treasure Island long ago when he started expediting overseas.

At that time, however, Treasure Island was a place that he could not takedown. Let alone the large aboriginal tribes that were on it and the demigods and false-gods that they served, the monsters on the route to Treasure Island were enough to wipe out the whole army of Soran. There was a dangerous channel on the route to Treasure Island, where there was the largest Octopus monster Soran has ever seen!

Just one tentacle was hundreds of meters.

At that time, it had cost a lot to kill it. This was the first ‘Ultra-Huge Physique’ level BOSS that the Adventurers have killed.

For Soran to go to Treasure Island, he must pass through that monster’s territory.

Wealth was one of the reasons why Soran would want to go to Treasure Island, but he was very rich now, especially after the pirates and their minions were ready to settle down in Modor City, a lot of their private savings has been handed over to Soran. In fact, another important reason for him to go to Treasure Island was to gain the power of both divinity and the shard of divinity. Soran’s current divine points were 27 points, and he could reach [Minor Divinity] within 3 points. Then he could have an overall attributes + 1 again.

This was a great ability improvement!

Then there were the demigods and false-gods of Treasure Island, which was the easiest way for Soran to obtain the divine points at present. It was at least easier to deal with the demigods and false-gods of these indigenous people than to challenge the true gods. Soran was currently 2 points short of his divine points. When he has gotten it, he could attain [Minor Shard of Divinity], which was the same as Minor Divinity, and he could attain overall attributes + 1 as well.

In this way. It was equivalent to Soran attaining overall attributes + 2 simultaneously!

At this time, he would have really entered the realm of gods, possessed the power of gods, and reached the standard of transforming into the form of Avatars.

Overall attributes + 2.

It was a huge attraction for Soran, and it was also the key for him to stand firm during the Avatar’s Crisis in the future!

As he continued to rise, I’m afraid he might have to challenge the other gods.


There was a slight sound of footsteps, and soon the tall figure of the Psionic Warlock appeared in front of Soran and leaned slightly and said: “My Lord. What you have arranged has been completed.”

“The next thing would only be the ascension ceremony and the military parade. I’m afraid it will take a month or two to prepare.”

“I don’t know what My Lord has planned?”

Soran withdrew his fingers from the chart; he then rolled it up gently and then looked up at the Psionic Warlock in front of him.

He was lost in thought.

Soran thought for a long time while tapping his fingers, and then said in a deep voice: “Low key ascension, high-key military parade!”

In an instant, the Psionic Warlock’s eyes were bright, and then she bowed down humbly and said, “My Lord is wise!”