The fleet near the agate river was ready. The breeze along the bank of the river brought along the scent of mud. Voices of the sailors chanting their slogan resounded from the back. Soran looked towards the Autumnfall in the distance, shook his head and sighed, then slowly said: “Let’s set sail.”

It was over.

It was all over here.

After nearly a month’s delay, he finally sent all the believers he needed back to the City of Modor. As for those who were still adamant about staying in Autumnfall, it was not worth wasting his time. As for their fate in the future, Soran was not interested in paying too much attention either. After all, because of his arrival, the half beastmen army has been hit twice in a row. Under the pressure of Soran, Eugene had to slow down his pace, which indirectly gave Autumnfall some breathing space. As for who was the real winner, in the end, Soran had no interest in knowing.

Because he knew that the turbulent year was coming!

“My Lord.”

An old man in a bishop’s dress came to Soran. He was one of the few surviving bishops in the Temple. He was a high-grade priest with a professional level of more than 16. He bowed his head humbly and said: “All the believers have been sent away. But there are still many people in the Autumnfall. If we tried harder, maybe we can still persuade them to leave. ”

Soran turned to look at him, then shook his head and replied: “No need.”

“The power of the nobility will not wait for us to take away the others. Moreover, a greater disaster is coming. I foresee that the gods would descend onto the mortal realms, and then we will face even greater challenges.”

The gods descending onto the mortal realm?

After he heard that, Bishop Felwood’s whole body trembled and murmured: “How can it be?!…”

Soran watched him silently. By this time, there was no problem in disclosing the Avatar’s Crisis in advance. Because there have been gods with minor divinity appearing in succession. It was estimated that many powerful legends have already guessed a little. The impact of gods descending onto the material plane in the face of mortals was quite huge. After looking at Soran’s ability now, one would have known. He was just barely reaching the standard of a minor god. He already had a terrifying power of slaughtering an entire city by himself.

When the Avatar’s Crisis really broke out, the gods, devils, demons, and ancient evil things would all come out!

If there was a conflict between them, it would affect the whole plane.

“You may go.”

Soran waved gently and disappeared in a flash. The gods could not get in touch with the believers too much, as they would not be mysterious enough if they did. Although the priest in front of him was a servant who helped him gather the believers, Soran was not prepared to tell them too much. After all, Soran could not bless them with divine spells at present. Strictly speaking, he was still in the stage of “False-God.”

As for the Temple, it was still left to the Psionic Warlock – Die to deal with. With her abilities, it would be easy for her to manage a Temple.


Soran took a final look at the direction of Autumnfall, then shook his head slightly and went: “Since the artifact has fallen into my hands, would the Gnolls turn against the Beastmen?”

“Regardless of what happens, I just hope this city will still be able to survive!”

As someone from the Evil Order,

This time, more than 20,000 people have been transported from Autumnfall. Compared with the number of half-elves in the millions, this was only a small part. However, the population of Autumnfall was only roughly 100,000. The distribution of half-elves was very common on the roads. The population that a city can hold was also limited. If it was not for the large number of civilians who fled the city, the population that the city normally maintained would be in the tens of thousands. In this case, those who were willing to go with Soran were basically Temple believers. In order to evacuate them, Soran had spent a lot of human and material resources.

But it was all worth it!

Because with the coming of the Avatar’s Crisis, Soran’s prestige may be greatly damaged. If the Sea Goddess appeared in the mortal world, he dare not say that he was the King of the Seas. The mobilization ability of pirates was certainly not as good as it was now. After all, the Sea Goddess was the actual master of the sea. The terrifying upheaval and crisis would affect the whole material plane. The usage of financial resources would be far less impactful than that of the present. The influence of Soran would just gradually worsen towards the later parts of the crisis. It would be much more difficult to get such a big scene.

This was actually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Because now, Soran was only watched by the other forces no matter how he played. But in the future, if Soran dared to play like this, he would be watched by the other ‘Gods.’

This concept was totally different!

A fleet of warships sailed to the sea along the Agate River. The dragon head warship under the command of the half-elven chief officer has returned to Raging Sand Island. It was estimated that the first batch of believers to be sent away arrived at Modor City.


The veiled figure of the Psionic Warlock appeared at Soran’s side. She bowed her head slightly to show respect. Then she said slowly: “All the believers have been settled.”

“The Psionic Suggestion has been planted. They will be very quiet all the way.”

“The priests have also all been arranged properly. The first batch of priests that have been sent to Modor City will help manage these ordinary people. Some of the other priests will stay on Raging Sand Island and then head back with us. ”


“Although these priests are very obedient now, it’s only temporary. If you continuously can’t bestow divine spells, I’m afraid their faith will be shaken.”

“What would Master do next?”

Soran turned and looked at her.

As for the future chief priestess of his Temple, he had nothing to hide. He said slowly: “Although the prayers of the believers have given me some divine power, it seems that I haven’t fully met the standards of the gods. Maybe it’s because I can’t connect to the kingdom of the original gods. Under normal circumstances, I should also master the legendary level priest abilities as a God. ”

“But, in fact, I can’t cast divine spells now either!”

No matter in any profession, even if it is an ascended pure fighter, they could also have the priest’s abilities above the legendary level.

However, the priest’s abilities acquired in this way would not consume the divine spell slot but directly consumed divine power. If one had a priest level god, one would have two sets of divine spell consumption systems: one was the divine spell slots brought by their professional levels, and the other was the divine power that their own power could exert. Soran had accumulated 3 divine power points, but he has not gained any divine spell abilities. It was unknown why. But it might be because he did not formally ascend into godhood.

The Psionic Warlock nodded at his words, and then said slowly: “Maybe our Lord should hold his ascension ceremony as soon as possible.”

“Without a formal ascension, there is no power to master the rules!”

“In fact, my Lord, now you are not even a false-god, because many false-gods can also give a small number of believers divine spells. You are now ruling the temple on the basis of your powerful combat prowess and your own forces. But after all, divine spells are still the foundation of the temple. It is still possible for priests who lost their divine spells to join other gods’ temples.”

Soran nodded and went: “I know.”


“It might not be my problem. It might be that I have chosen an incorrect time. Didn’t you notice that these priests were not too surprised by the loss of their divine spells? I’m afraid more and more priests are losing their ability to use divine spells! ”

“The stars in the sky are getting dimmer and dimmer.”

“The gods are rarely responding to the prayers of mortals too.”

“I’m afraid there are only some devout priests left who can use divine spells now. I have a hunch that something important will happen soon.”

Soran looked up into the sky.

It was unknown when it started. The moon in the sky seemed to have dimmed a lot. It seemed that as the first batch of stars that had lost their luster, the high moon also became weaker.

“High Lady of Silvermoon!…”

There was a strange expression on Soran’s face. He turned around and looked at the Psionic Warlock behind him. He said slowly: “Maybe I can’t bestow divine spells now, but if I want to hold the ascension ceremony, I must directly become a [True God]!”

“That’s the only way.”

“We will not cause others to be hostile to us.”

True God!

When the Psionic Warlock heard this, she trembled for a moment. Then she bowed and said: “My Lord. Are you qualified to be a [True God] yet?”

Soran shook his head and said: “Not yet.”

“But I’m only a little short!”

Divinity, Divine Title, Shard of Divinity.

When all these three elements were sufficient, the time to become a [True God] would be arriving.

Strictly speaking, Soran could ascend into a God at any time, but if he ascended into a God in the current state, then he would be the standard [False-God] because he did not have the abilities of a [Minor Shard of Divinity]. The power of the gods was a boundary, and the two standards between a [True God] and a [False-God] were different. One was the existence that was truly qualified to exercise the authority and powers of the gods, while the other was a half suspended forced up shell company. The former was able to fulfill the responsibility of the gods, while the latter was likely to cheat and suppress the believers completely.

For example, there was no way to attract the souls of believers.

The Demigod Vampire was the standard of the [False-God]. His shard of divinity was not up to the standard. He took the “God of Half-Elves and Rogues” as his goal, but he wanted to advance into the realm of the [True God]. It was precisely because of his status as a [False-God] that his temple was totally neglected, and justice regarded him as an enemy, while the evil regarded him as a rebel.

This was a very serious matter!

Because once he was labeled as a [False-God], it was very difficult to remove it in the future.

This was a stain that both the justice and the evil valued!

The prayers of the believers were a huge amount of information. If the priest’s divine spell was added to the prayer, the burden on the gods would be even greater.

Only when the three elements of divinity, divine title, and shard of divinity were all up to the standard, only then could the gods really deal with all these things. If they failed to meet the standard, they would become like Soran who first started to have contact with the prayers, or even directly turned crazy or even had their minds twisted!

A false-god was still a false-god.

It was like forcefully flying a plane without a pilot’s license. This kind of behavior was very disgusting amongst the understanding of the gods, and the consequences were much more serious than flying without a license. Most of the false-gods would be twisted due to a lack of foundation. Even if they succeeded in advancing to the realms of the [True Gods] in the future, this stain would remain on them because they have violated the rules of the gods.

This was the question of timing.

When all the conditions to ascend were up to the standard, only then would you become a [True God]. Everything would go according to the rules of order. First, one must have the abilities of a god, and then one must get the qualification of the gods. And if one could not wait, if any of the criteria failed to meet the standards of the gods, and then they wanted to ascend to become a god in a hurry, then they were in violation of the rules of the gods, and would be labeled as [False-God].

Once they were labeled as [False-God].

No matter the justice or the evil gods, they would not like it. They would remember who had challenged the rules of the gods. Even in the future, if they were to become a [True God], this sense would remain in the influence of many gods.

Because they would think that:

“Look! That’s the guy! Under the scenario of not meeting the standards of the gods, he forcefully tried to pretend and ascended!”

Soran would not choose the path of a [False-God].

This was a fundamental issue related to the credibility of gods, and it was also the first impression one gave to the other gods when one entered the realm of gods. Because as long as the first impression they left was not a [False-God], even the gods of the enemy alignment would admit your identity.

They would say that you were evil, but they would not say that you were fake, because you had the right to be equal to them!