Abyss Domination

Chapter 490 - Busy Life

It was now night.

The town hall gave them only a small amount of lamp oil. Many people were reluctant to light oil lamps. In the dark, women were getting water to wash their clothes. His elder sister coaxed her child to sleep while George came back from the well outside with a bucket of water. When he saw his sister beckoning him to wash his clothes, he just found a corner and showered as well. The daily necessities they could use were all in public. It was a bit troublesome for four or five people to use them. George still had some money in his hand, so he planned to buy some daily necessities in two days.

There was some noise from the other side.

George took a glance at his nephew and wanted to go out to take a look.

There was a curfew in Mordor, but people only couldn’t go on the street at night. It was fine to walk back and forth around your residence.

He heard the prayers and worship of believers.

Although the first day to Mordor city was very busy, for many civilians who had just escaped from the war, this kind of busy and peaceful life was worthy of gratitude.

They never thought of getting free things. They just hoped to have a better life with their hard work.


“Peter! Congratulations on your migration!”

“Come, drink.”

“I wish you all the best!”

George could hear many people talking in their houses. Sometimes guards would come by, but they didn’t care that much.

There were quite a few people in the yard, some of which George recognized.

Among the people, there was a man called Peter. Peter was a forty-year-old blacksmith; George had seen him before in Autumnfall city and even got some equipment from him.

What’s going on?

George saw a table in the yard. There was wine, meat, and some daily necessities on it. Peter was thanking the person who congratulated him. When he saw George, he immediately pulled him over and insisted on inviting him to have a drink. Peter boasted about George’s fighting capabilities to the people there, saying that he had killed a fierce wolf. George did not hold back; he picked up the wine and drank it.

Peter was a blacksmith and was pretty good at it.

He had been forging for decades. Since he was a child, he began to learn how to forge. His ancestors were all born blacksmiths. Just on the first day of him arriving in Mordor, he was put into use by the ordnance department. On the first day, he was assigned a house and received a settlement fee. Today was his farewell to the others. Tomorrow, he would take his family to an independent house three blocks away. His status now was higher than the others now; probably in two years he would be able to get his own land.


George looked with admiration; it seemed that skills were definitely better.

From their words, George learned that there seemed to be a lot of people like old Peter here. Some of them were assigned to the armory, some to the brick factory, and some of them were educated and literate. These people who were selected for their crafts were immediately given priority. Immediately the day after, they were allocated to new small courtyards to settle down, and they were paid much more than others. George couldn’t help but admire them, because he too wanted his sister and nephew to have a better life.

The crowd went away after some time.

After a day of hard work, many were off to bed.

George also went back to rest soon. His sister was reluctant to light the oil lamp, so she was sewing clothes for him in the yard; sometimes, she would say a few words to the woman living in the next room.

The weather in may was good. George slept in the courtyard, and the biggest difference tonight was that George could sleep safely.

To him, there was no more battle.

Morning soon came.

As soon as he got up the next day, George hurried to work. Although the city hall had sent some relief materials, they could not last long. No one thought that the city hall had given them very little. On the contrary, many people were very grateful. For George, as long as he had a job, he could support himself and his family; many thought like him.

Three days went by.

In just three days, George’s yard had changed a lot. He had all the pots and pans. He bought some cloth to make his nephew some new clothes. Now, what he wanted to do most was to have a small courtyard of his own. The house for refugees was too crowded, and there was no private space at all. His sister still had to hide in the room if she wanted to take a bath. It’s obviously very difficult to get a house by working as a coolie. That was why George was still going to find a way to join the army. In terms of his Strength, he believed that he was no worse than the guards here.

A person could accommodate very well.

In just a few days, many people have adapted to the life of Mordor city. They work day by day and rest at night. Their lives were very regular and orderly. As long as the people participated in work, they would get meals, they were often full and had meat to eat. In the beginning, people changed job points for food, but gradually many people began to save their points, expecting to save enough for a house or land one day.

It was said that the lands further away were much cheaper, thus many thought to buy land there.

George was born as a commoner, so he had no problems cultivating the land. As an advanced fighter, he had enough Strength too. Thus if possible, he hopes to have some land by next year.

Even though he had nothing of his own now, he was hopeful of his future!

A week had gone by.

George seemed to have already gotten used to life in Mordor. This city was fast-paced and would expand daily.

Hundreds of meters of roads had been built in the east, while some flowers and plants had been planted near the square. Lands had been reclaimed in the south, and ditches had been drugged. The wood in the southwest has been cut down mostly. Now they needed to walk more to carry the wood. Anyway, this was all trivial, but everyone here seemed to be very busy. Even the officials and foremen were tired every day. The laws and regulations here were very strict, even officials who failed to complete their task would be punished. Occasionally he could see some slaves who lived in a much worse environment than them.

He heard yesterday that a slave gained his freedom; this was also something very interesting.

That was because, in the outside world, slaves were always slaves.

From time to time.

George would see the Quetzalcoatlus hoover high above the city. Sometimes it would fly out to the sea and only come back at night.

Maybe because they had gotten used to it, most people were not afraid anymore.

Since they have never heard of the Quetzalcoatlus attacking anyone, after the initial fear, many people felt happy and excited to see it; they even thought it was a symbol of luck. But no one was allowed to approach it. George heard that it was the pet of the “little princess” in Mordor city. No one had seen the little princess, but they heard that she was a very powerful spellcaster. Occasionally, a mysterious witch could be seen in Mordor city. She was the lady of Mordor city. Every time she appeared, the time was very short and she only gave new assignments to the city officials.

From the beginning, Mordor had never stopped expanding.

George had seen this mysterious witch once; she was a beautiful and noble lady and seldom appeared in front of normal civilians.

George’s life was still around her sister and his one-year-old nephew.

As the only man in the family, he had the responsibility to make the only sister he had live better in a strange environment. As an advanced fighter, his Strength was far beyond ordinary people and this finally got the attention of others. Finally, he got the chance to become a city guard. George decided to seize this opportunity, thus he trained after he got back from work. There were many strong-looking guys in Mordor, but George had his own advantages. He was only 20 years old this year, and there was a lot of room for growth in the future.

Around the evening.

George came back to his house with a piece of linen. It’s time for his sister to get a new dress. Because his shirt was also torn when he worked, it was best for him to get a new one too.

From a high place of Mordor city, he saw the busy Mordor port.

It seemed that the port and the city were two different worlds. Some looked forward to the prosperity of the port, but George preferred the peaceful and orderly life in the city.

On the second day.

More half-elves arrived in Mordor. George met them in the morning and saw a bit of panic in their eyes. However, George believed that they would get used to life here in no time.

That was because they were all civilians.

They were born knowing how to support themselves, while Mordor gave them a better life.

George looked at the houses on another street.

Compared with the crowded environment here, that place was much cleaner. George couldn’t help clenching his fist. If he could join the army through the examination, he would be able to move his sister into an independent house in a short time.

Even though it wasn’t a big house.

It would still be a new home to them, a new hope.

This was the city of Mordor.

A place full of vitality and hope. Although they had just arrived here, George already had a sense of identity here.