Autumnfall city.

When the first group of believers was sent away safely, and the priests of the half-elf temple returned to the deciduous city with a lot of food, a new atmosphere was brewing in the trapped city. The priests brought back a lot of food; in addition to the high-quality wheat from the south, there were also a lot of bacon, dried meat, and salted fish. Many civilians had been allocated some fish; this was the first time they had tasted meat in such a long time.

Soran did not lack fish.

The location of Mordor city was close to a fish migration route. If anyone had seen fish migration, they would know how spectacular it was. As for salt, that was also not a problem. This kind of simple thing could not stop Soran. If there was no salt when they were around the sea, it would be a big joke. Originally, Soren wanted to make food similar to fish meat floss, but because things were too busy and there was no energy and technology, he had to put it aside temporarily.

As time went on, the mood in Autumnfall city started to shift; more and more people now wanted to leave this dangerous place.

That was because there was little food in the city.

If the orcs don’t retreat, they won’t be able to labor. If the family of an ordinary civilian thought about it, it would be very difficult for them to last through this. Once they were affected by the war, they would basically get destroyed.

At the same time, the believers were increasing.

The priests encouraged people to leave and many were accepting the idea.

Inside a luxurious hall.

Many people dressed in noble clothes gathered here. There were already many people who couldn’t fill their stomachs, but in this hall, there was good food and fine wine.

The nobles and the civilians were in two different worlds.

“Did they really push back the orcs?”

At the front of the meeting hall was a man with a stern face. He looked at the other people in front of him and said slowly, “I can’t imagine they pushed Eugene back! If this goes on, I’m afraid those civilians would be easily bewitched! ”

An old man looked at him and said, “Would we be able to get them to beat the orcs?”

One of the middle-aged men shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that would be hard.”

“Since they intend to move the believers, it is obvious that they intend to give up this city. Otherwisem they wouldn’t so easily give up the temple. It’s unlikely that they will be tempted to fight the orcs. ”

The temples, too, had their own wealth.

Farmland, temples, properties; if the half-elf temple could give it up so easily, that meant that they had no plans to stay here.

“Should we stop them?” one of them said.

The old man turned and glared at him. He said angrily, “Fool! Are you going to incite a war in the city? What’s more, most of the people they took away were civilians, many of them were old, weak, women and children, and they had no combat effectiveness at all. ”

“The army is still in our hands.”

“With the army in hand, we will still be in control. Those civilians are just dead weight consuming our food stock.”

“We must retain the army!”

“They can take the women and children, but the army must not go.”

The room went quiet.

They couldn’t fight against the temple or stop them. After all, there was a deity standing behind them. The situation in Autumnfall city couldn’t allow them to get angry with the deities anymore. They had their hands tied and could only do some small movements secretly. Although the priests of the temple still could use divine power, they were still high-ranking fighters without divinity. Since they had a very high influence in the city, it would be bad for the nobles to target them.

Right then.

A middle-aged man, obviously dressed as a druid, stood up and said slowly, “if it is only to send civilians to a safe place, maybe it is not a bad thing. After all, it’s hard for us to defeat the orcs in a short time. Fall will be coming soon. We’ve lost a lot of lands, so these civilians will increase our burden if we stay here. ”

“If they left, the remaining food would be enough for our soldiers!”

“His Majesty Earth Walker had given us an answer. If we can last for 6 months, his Majesty would send reinforcements!”

Earth Walker?

After hearing the druids news, the nobles were extremely excited.


“His Majesty Earth Walker is willing to help us?”

“That’s good news!”

The middle-aged Druid glanced at the others and nodded, “Some time ago, Lord Earth Walker led the Druid order to find something important. Now he is coming back. This gentleman is a kind and generous elder. He will certainly not sit and watch the orcs ravage our land. As long as you are willing to fight, we can defeat Eugene’s Orc army. ”

Earth Walker.

The most knowledgeable druid!

No one was sure what profession he was, but he had entered the legendary realm hundreds of years ago.

He was the leader of the Druids, who lived in seclusion in the depths of the forest of elves and seldom took part in the affairs of ordinary people. However, the current situation of the Autumnfall city seemed to worry him. There were many Druids among the half-elves, and they also had their own voice in the Druid cult. It seems that the elves do not intend to send troops to help them, but if the druids were willing to help them, they would be better than the elven army!

The days went by.

The first batch of believers had been sent off, and the pirate ships were back to Autumnfall.

Soran’s plan went on in an orderly way. He only cared about taking his followers away and had no intention to interfere in other matters. The first group of believers was about 5000, and the second group of believers was even more. According to the latest statistics of the temple, about 20000 civilians were willing to follow them to leave; these were the people who believed in the temple. Those who chose to stay were those who did not want to leave their hometown; most of them were rich people who owned land.

The civilians had nothing to lose.

But these people were not willing to give up their land. Even though the orc army had surrounded them, they would regain everything once they defeated the orcs.

The nobles through the temple requested some food from Soran. After some thinking, Soran accepted their request.

A month had passed.

It was getting closer and closer to the Time of Troubles. He had only seven months left. After that, the Avatar Crisis would break out. Soran did not want to waste too much time here. The believers were sent off in three groups. The ships Soran mobilized were sufficient; with Raging Sand island as a transit point, there was no problem in transporting so many people back.

A gentle sea breeze blew by.

Ships docked at Raging Sand Island, and crowds of people came down. There were soldiers on the island maintaining order.

“Sister! Careful!”

George helped a young woman down from the deck while she held a baby in her arms. The little guy was very brave and stared around with wide black eyes, without any fear at all.

They were finally on land.

Many people around showed a happy smile. The voice of the priests came to their ears, telling them to stay here first and to rest before continuing their journey. They didn’t know where they were going, but they didn’t feel panic about the future. It was like there was an invisible force to calm their hearts and make them hopeful about the future. There were also some priests in the temple who left with them. Although there was still no way to use divinity, the medical knowledge of the priests could solve many problems.

They saw many fierce pirates, but none of them would disturb them.

The half-elves were like a group of tourists, and they would not stay here too long. On the way, they could see a lot of law enforcement teams to maintain order, which was composed of very fierce pirates. Occasionally, some bold guy would want to flirt with them, but they were directly hanged and severely whipped for more than ten times.

There was an area for camping on Raging Sand island.

A lot of them rested here for about two days or so, then after that, they left.

By then, t

They really were ships from the chamber of commerce.

George tried to chat with the convoy and easily got their history. They were a fleet of merchants from the Shipwreck Bay. They usually ran for the ocean trade of the outer islands. This time, they were called up by his excellency Soran to transport the refugees to the city of Mordor. As long as these merchants helped a group of people, they would get a one-year ‘tax’ exemption. That was why many merchants from the south coast mobilized fleets to come here; some even planned to get three years of tax-free status.

His excellency Soran always meant what he said!

The trip to send people back and forth would delay their time. However, it did not cost them anything; thus, they were very interested.

On their way back.

The merchant guard would take care of the half-elves. When someone got sick they would treat them. That was because they needed to take responsibility for them.

George asked more about the city of Mordor.

When the guards talked about this place, his face was full of envy. He said that it was a very rich place, with an endless stream of merchant ships and much better public security than other places. There was a lot of news about it. For example, there was a kind of magic fertilizer there. Even the priests of the Grain Goddess were attracted to the island. Slaves could get their freedom if they worked hard, while some of the slaves had even been given land because of their hard work.

Days went by as they sailed on.

There were many like George, curious about the place!