There were a large number of Gnoll corpses left on the ground, and they did not get close to the target. Finally, the morale of these fierce Gnolls had collapsed. With the retreat of the leading giant Gnoll, Eugene did not hesitate to stomp his foot to awaken the elements, shaking Soran back, forcing him to retreat towards the back in an instant. When the Hero Souls were killed, and he could not break through Soran’s defense line. Eugene’s goal became to contain Soran, hoping the Gnolls would have a breakthrough.

However, he was thoroughly disappointed!

Many Gnolls had died which showed how incompitant they were.

The enemy had retreated.

Behind Soran came a roar of cheers. The priests headed by Milan knelt down, looking in awe at the battlefield to pray and praise. The scope of damage caused by the legendary level war was quite amazing. The energy emitted in the battle between Soran and Eugene was enough to kill anyone that came close. Every time they collided with each other, they left holes on the ground. Fortunately, they were in the wilderness. Otherwise, if they fought in the city, the city walls would be broken by them.

Soran did not keep attacking him.

The reason was simple!

Until now, Soran had not really hit Eugene once. He had not even forced out the elemental defense of the opponent. However, Eugene also did not really hit Soran; it seemed that both of them had similar powers.

If they both tried hard, they both would suffer greatly.

This was something Soran didn’t want to see.

Soran needed to do a lot of things. At present, the most important thing was to bring the half-elves to the outer islands, and Eugene’s presence was very important for this. Because as long as Eugene was still alive, the crisis in Autumnfall city would not be lifted. However, there must be a certain level of threat so that the people in Autumnfall would want to relocate; if the orc army retreated, even if Soran relied on the influence of the temple to convey the message that there may be a greater disaster in the future, many ordinary people may not be willing to leave their homes.

That was because to ordinary people, they could only see what was in front of them!

Soran was not a kind person.

However, in order to achieve his goal, even if it was the enemy, he would let them survive for some time.

“Get on board!”

Soran glanced at his man and said, “Prepare to retreat! The first fleet, get ready. Others help the civilians.”

Finally, Soran came to the side of the psychic butterfly and whispered, “Follow the civilians yourself, send them to the sea, and then come back. You can’t let pirates harass these civilians.”

With the half-elf first mate around, Soran was not afraid that anyone would defy his orders.

The psionic warlock nodded and replied, “Understood.”

These believers were the foundation, and there were many children among them. After what happened today, these children would have deep memories in their hearts; with a little cultivation in their future, they would become a solid foundation. Even if the adults were successfully converted, most of them would only become average believers. However, many devout believers could be raised in these children. Some fanatics may even be cultivated. This was very important for Soran’s future plan.

Finally, Soran came to the priests. Even though the civilians could go now, the priests had to stay back.

After making this move, Soran would not only bring so little people back!

“Tomorrow, you all will bring food and weapons back.”

Soran looked at the kneeling priests and said in a deep voice, “I will send someone to meet you in secret. When the fleet comes back, we will send off the second batch of civilians.”

The priests there heard him, all nodded and said, “My lord don’t worry! We know what to do!”

Soran showed a smile and said, “Good.”


“Come with me.”

The little divine priest stood up and went with Soran to the captain’s quarters.

“My lord.”

The little girl bowed her head and said, “What would my lord have me do?”

Soran looked at her, then asked, “Why are the orcs focusing on you? Just now, they were risking their lives trying to kill you!”

Milan was shocked, shook her head, and replied, “I…I do not know why, my lord!”

“That’s right!…”

“Could it be this?!…”

As if thinking of something, the little girl quickly took out a dark green flail and handed it to Soran. She said, “this is a treasure in the church. It is said that it came from a very powerful artifact! Because the weapon I chose was a flail, the high priest gave it to me temporarily. I have just learned combat skills, so I was prepared to present it to my Lord! ”

A flail?

Soran frowned, took it, and felt shivers all over.

[Flail of Ages*Poison]!


Eugene targeted Milan not because of hatred, but for this artifact component.

“Item Type: [Flail of Ages*Poison] (Lacking)

Item Grade: [Artifact (Grade 1)]

Description: This is a part of a legendary artifact. Due to the power of the other four parts, the strength it can play may not be as good as legendary equipment. However, its potential is amazing. As one of the most powerful artifacts in the whole material plane, if anyone could gather the five heads of the flail, he can have the terrifying capability of killing gods and demon lords! This weapon was stained with the blood of gods, and there is a residual smell of slaughter on it.

Requirements: Strength above 14 [Strength +2]

Equipment effect: Divine characteristics, divine blood, poison damage, armor breaking, +3 Sharpness, +5 Tenacity, +10 Armor Piercing, +5 Bone Breaking.

Weapon effect: [Artifact Characteristics], this weapon is a legendary artifact. It can’t be destroyed by conventional means. It’s also immune to cracks. Only a legendary spell Dispell has a 1% chance to destroy this artifact.

Weapon effect: [Divine blood], this weapon has been soaked with the blood of countless high-grade demons, demigods, false gods, and even true gods in the long years. Some powerful beings who once coveted to kill the clergy also died under its hands.

Weapon effect: [Poison Damage], this is the poison head in the legendary flail. Since only one-fifth of the parts have been repaired, this weapon can only play a weak force, causing additional 5 points of poison damage to the target when contacting any enemy.

Weapon effect: [Armor Breaking], as a five head flail, the legendary flail has a terrifying armor breaking ability. Even with only one head, it can easily break most of the armor. In the case of hitting the enemy, the flail can directly ignore all armor below the rare level, including full armor. When the five heads of this legendary flail are completely combined, its armor breaking characteristics will be further improved; legendary armor will also be broken!

Weapon special effect: [Crippled], the weapon has great lethality. It has a certain chance to directly cripple the target when attacking the enemy. When the target is hit, it must make a saving roll. Otherwise, it will reduce movement speed and attack speed because of the cripple. The number of heads determines the power of this ability. ”

Flail of Ages!

It was that artifact.

Soran held the artifact in his hand, and felt a familiar aura in his heart; it was the power of the blood of gods. This weapon had killed powerful existences that once ruled the universe!

The blood of gods had infused into this weapon.

As a well-known weapon, many had died to it compared to the weapon Holy Avengers!

There were five heads connected to the flail. They were fire, acid, ice, poison, and electricity. If any flail head touches the person in battle, all five attributes will take effect. It was almost impossible to describe the pain it causes! More importantly, as one of the most powerful heavy weapons, the Flail of Ages had a certain chance to directly cripple the enemy. Even if a high-grade demon was touched by it, they might be instantly crippled. This was a weapon in the material plane that easily crippled its enemies!

“This is too dangerous for you.”

Soran held the flail and said, “The Lord of Gnolls may be looking for it, so I’ll keep it for now.”

Milan nodded obediently and replied, “Yes, my lord.”

Soran looked at the little girl in front of her. She was very beautiful in appearance. Her body was slim. Although she had not fully developed, she would be a real beauty in the future.

This was something strange to Soran!

It seemed that the women in this world were very good at fighting; they were also good at using weapons.

Not only the little girl in front of him.

In Soran’s memory, the lady priest in Amber City also used a flail, a dangerous weapon with great lethality.

Why did girls like weapons like these?