Abyss Domination

Chapter 485 - Divinity!

The opportunity was in front of him!

After a short fight, Soran also had a clear understanding of Eugene’s Strength. Shamans had all kinds of abilities like priests, but they specialized in the divinity of elements or souls. Eugene’s battle shaman class obviously was focused on souls. Seeing that he had summoned three legendary spirits. In terms of his own hand to hand combat, Eugene’s Strength was not much different from that of the legendary fighter, but its innate attributes seemed to be very high, and its long life made it master many powerful abilities.

Since he was an orc, his Strength would start at 18; in fact, Eugene probably had more legendary abilities then Soran.

The opportunity was fleeing!

Facing Eugene’s fighting capabilities, Soran did not hesitate to swiftly destroy one of the Hero Souls.

Gloria was not here, nor was Vivian, or the fallen witch.

Legend, after all, was a very difficult barrier to cross. Although Soran brought the psionic warlock, she had the curse of the Queen of Spiders. The only other person who was closest to the legendary realm was Giant with a poor brain. Thus Soran’s priority was to eliminate the Hero Souls first. Then, he would be able to slowly deal with Eugene! Furthermore, killing the Hero Souls gave him more divinity than the Sons of Fear.

“Greater Haste!”

Soran did not hesitate to reveal his trump card; he immediately activated his +5 Lich Ring. Soran’s speed suddenly increased to the point that the naked eye couldn’t catch, turning into a trail of shadows and continuing to rush toward the Hero Soul in the rear.

Eugene’s old body was shocked, and surprise appeared on his face. At last, he could not catch up with Soran’s speed. He could only watch Soran appear beside the Hero Soul in an instant. The legendary curved sword became streams of light slicing through the ghostly figure.

Eugene waved his spear and stabbed at the Giant Wind Element. He was shocked and said: “How could it be? How could a rogue master the ability of “Hurricane”

It seemed that he was not the first person to think so.

It was true that the effect of Greater Haste was very powerful, but he was still a long way away from the ability ‘Hurricane’. The reason why Soran seemed like the wind was because his hands were fast!

“Mind Blast!”

Die finally had the chance to act. She pointed her finger to somewhere far, and at the next moment, great psionic energy exploded out.

“A psionic warlock?”

Eugene showed a worried expression in an instant. Only now did he notice there was a powerful legend among the enemies and was a very dangerous psionic warlock. Their strange abilities were only clear to the people in the astral world, as people from the material plane seldom encountered them.

The ghostly figure stood still for a moment.

But a short moment of stun was enough for Soran. With his Slaughter form and Greater Haste activated, Soran was now like a Berserker in rage mode!

“Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

“Shadow Leap!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

“Shadow Strike!”

With the help of “Greater Haste”, a stormy attack burst out in an instant, and a blazing light covered the Hero Soul holding the white bone spear. The ghostly figure exploded into countless lights and disappeared in the wind.

A row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“Killed Hero Soul!…”

“Extract soul energy!… You’ve gained 36000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Target is a divine creature!…”

“Extracting targets divine power!… Extraction failed!… Target is not in the current plane!… Shard of Divinity activated!… Forceful extraction of divine power!…”

“Extraction successful!… You’ve gained 4 divinity!…”

Gray Waste of Hades.

The second strange energy exploded, and like lighting, it struck the temple.

After the first statue of the spirit disintegrated, statues that were erected in the core area immediately in the central position of the temple, the one on the far right also collapsed, and the divine power on it gradually dissipated. It seemed that this statue had a unique identity, and it also had a special power in this temple. When it also turned into rubble on the ground, a crack appeared on the altar!

On the other side of the desolate plain.

The person holding a skull locked on and muttered, “No doubt there’s a gods war!”

“A gods war so soon.”

“It seems that the times of chaos are coming, I should prepare as well.”

Two spirits gave him 7 divinity.

At that moment, even Soran became excited. These were unbelievable results!

Even if he killed tens of thousands of wildlings, he could not get so much divinity. However, now he only had to kill these spirits; right now, he even hoped that Eugene would summon more spirits since he had the spell Greater Haste activated!

These Hero Souls could only retain 80% of their power when they were summoned to the material plane.

To deal with them in the Gray Waste of Hades, they would truly be legendary professions above the profession level of 24!

“Cover me!”

Soran did not hesitate to rush to the last Hero Spirit while asking the psionic warlock to cover him.

At that moment!

Eugene was in a panic.

Even in the face of dragons, frost giants, and countless enemies, he had never been so flustered. But now in the face of Soran, who rushed toward the Hero Soul at an amazing speed, Eugene’s heart was in a panic. Soran had killed the spirit he summoned, and Eugene had lost part of his connection with his ancestors. No matter what he did, he could not summon the spirit he summoned before; it seemed to have disappeared completely.

Something is not right!

Even an idiot would notice that something was not right.

In the past, even if the spirits were killed, they were only weakened for a period of time; Eugene was still able to sense their existence. However, now he felt nothing at all as if they had fallen.

Unfortunately, Soran would not give them any chance.

Neither would he give the enemy any chance to get used to it!

With the second round of Mind Blast, Soran’s figure once again turned into a shadow and rushed toward a Hero Soul. In an instant, he slashed his sword, each of which was deadly to the enemy.

Since Eugene wanted to kill his only divine priest, Soran naturally wanted an eye for an eye and kill all of his summoned spirits!

The ghostly figure exploded like fireworks.

As the lights dimmed, a row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“Extract soul energy!… You’ve gained 21000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Extraction successful!… You’ve gained 2 divinity!…”

Three spirits, 9 divinity.

There was a great sense of achievement in Soran’s heart. The gains were out of his expectations!

Even though there were still some things he did not understand.

However, Soran knew that at this moment, the spirits that had been sacrificed and maintained by their ancestors for a long time would suffer huge losses. Most of the heroes who could become spirits of the orcs were living legends.

In this battle!

The orcs had lost at least hundreds of years of spirit power.

At that moment.

Eugene finally felt fear.

He was not afraid of fighting, nor death, but Soran’s strange ability. Any hero who died under his sword would lose contact with him completely.

There was a dark cloud covering his heart!

He was afraid of the outcome he expected. If that was the case, then they would pay an enormous price in this battle.

Hero Souls.

The orcs needed hundreds of years to train one legendary figure. With them spending so much to accumulate such spirit power, Eugene would become a failure if he allowed more Hero Souls to fall!

Eugene did not dare to summon more.

No matter if the spirits were really gone, Eugene dared not summon them in front of Soran.


If he didn’t summon these spirits, he would lose half of its powers. With only his own powers, it was impossible to defeat Soran.

The balance of war seemed to be favoring one side!