Abyss Domination

Chapter 484 - Chapter 19 War of Gods!

Soran, who transformed into the Slaughter form, seemed to be in a state of rampage. If he allowed Eugene to behead his first and only divine priest in front of his eyes, under the witness of many priests and believers, he would lose face becoming a god!

This was something absolutely shameful!

A shameful thing that may even affect his chances to become a deity!


This absolutely could not happen!

Soran’s figure turned into a passing remnant. When he landed on his toes, there were cracks in the ground. There was no holding back; Soran completely let go of the restriction and had burst out in power. The curved sword in his hand seemed to have broken through space. After killing many powerful enemies, the legendary curved sword also recovered some spirit. Unexpectedly, the curved sword even unleashed a cold aura,

“Tang! Tang! Tang!”

Soran dual wield and faced three enemies; Eugene the [Ascend] and two Hero Souls.

He was, of course, not at a disadvantage in the Slaughter form!

That was because his speed was too fast.

Soran’s Dexterity under the condition of changing into the Slaughter form was now above 30 points. With his abilities, Legendary Evasion, Epic Prowess, Epic Dexterity, Reflex Evasion Proficiency, Danger Sense Proficiency, Dodge Roll, Mobile Movement, and so on, his whole person was like a ghost. Even the enemies at the legendary level would find it hard to touch him!

All the fights he had been through.

All of it was to be able to deal with such a situation one day. When facing the attack of many legendary enemies at the same time, he could still match their power!

One or three evasive abilities may be ignored.

However, when four, five, and six evasive abilities, including legendary powers were all added together, the added effect was still dramatic. Even in the face of siege from multiple legendary enemies, he would not fall!

Right now,

Soran felt like he was at his previous peak; even though he was still weak in certain aspects, he felt he had 80 percent of his previous power.

“Whirlwind Slash!”

Eugene dodged Soran’s attack, but the two legendary ghostly figures were unable to. Their bodies were left with frost as it seemed that the aura of Icingdeath was effective against them.

“Arcane Missile x 6!”

Arcane missiles shot out. Soran’s goal was not Eugene, but the ghostly figures around him. It was not realistic to directly kill Eugene with this skill; a profession level 27 battle shaman had a great life force, but Soran had the confidence to kill the two ghostly figures.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”


Soran’s figure disappeared in an instant; he appeared behind one of the ghostly figures and unleashed a fury of attacks.

The Giant Earth Elemental guarded in front of Milan.

The legendary Fire Elemental blocked the other ghostly figure holding the white bone spear.

The Giant Wind Elemental approached at an amazing speed. With a gust of wind, it affected Eugene.

Many Gnolls appeared from the darkness, but the elite pirates were ready.

Scarface got one of them, while Giant, holding his anchor, went against a Gnoll holding a three-headed flail; this enemy was probably a legendary figure.

Among all the pirate leaders, probably only Giant could face this kind of enemy!

The psionic warlock stayed in place.

However, her eyes were glowing slightly. It was as though she had locked on to someone, waiting for an opportunity.

“Sword form [Waist Chop]!”

With a slash, Soran directly cut the ghostly figure from the middle into two parts. On the other hand, the huge Wind Elemental with amazing and troublesome speed attracted Eugene’s attention. He wanted to kill the Wind Elemental that could fly around first. The speed of the wind was quite fast and it was the only creature on the scene that could fly freely at extremely fast speed. Soran wanted to kill a ghostly figure while Eugene naturally wanted to kill a high-level Elemental and weaken the enemy’s combat effectiveness.

A row of data appeared in front of him:

“Killed Hero Soul!…”

“Extract soul energy!… You’ve gained 27000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Target is a divine creature!…”

“Extracting targets divine power!… Extraction failed!… Target is not in the current plane!… Shard of Divinity activated!… Forceful extraction of divine power!…”

“Extraction successful!… You’ve gained 3 divinity!…”

The ghostly figure gradually dissipated into small lights and went with the wind.

At the same time.

In a plane called the “Gray Waste of Hades”, in a temple on the open and desolate plain, suddenly there was a violent energy fluctuation. In the world next to the “Bleak Eternity of Gehenna”, a very slight energy fluctuation suddenly occurred. A power belonging to the gods directly broke through space and fell into the ancient temple.


In the ancient temple, there was a sound of fragmentation. This force split the altar in the center of the temple like lightning. In an instant, it completely smashed one of the heroes.

It was one of the ancestral orcs that were worshiped for thousands of years!

Although there were many heroes who could return to the land of their ancestors, those who could have statues of themselves were at least legendary when they were alive.

However, right now.

The statue was shaking, and the energy in it was dissipating.


The entire statue fell and shattered into pieces.


One of the Hero Souls had fallen.

They were like astral beings; even if they died in mortal wars, they would not really die. The only way to really kill them was to kill them once in the [Gray Waste of Hades], or if a god killed it!

Somewhere far from the temple.

In a desolate plain, there was a huge ancient altar. In the center of the altar, there was a figure holding a skull. He silently looked at the distance, felt a tremendous power, and murmured: “A god war?”

“The gods are already fighting in the mortal realm?”

Only god-level battles could affect other planes, and only the power of gods could cross the plane to destroy the souls here!


Soran’s figure fell back, and Eugene also had blood coming out from his mouth.

Soran slowly stood up, looked at the shaman, and once again turned into a shadow! However, his target was not Eugene, but the first Hero Soul who was behind Eugene!

The psionic warlock had finished her preparation.

As a psionic warlock who previously had a professional level of 30, even if the curse of the Queen of Spiders was on her, she was still powerful!


Seeing what Soran was about to do, Eugene rushed up without hesitation, blocking him with his spear.

An invisible force field expanded out.

The two sides went into a stalemate once more; Soran could not kill Eugene, and Eugene wasn’t sure if he could kill Soran.

Even after Soran was in Slaughter form, he could only match Eugene’s power.

Eugene had a serious expression.

Or in other words, he had a ghastly expression!

Since he was close to dying, he gradually had the power to connect with the spirits of his ancestors. But when Soran killed one of the Hero Souls, he suddenly lost part of the connection with his ancestors. No matter what Eugene did, he could not perceive the existence of that Hero’s soul.

It had completely disappeared!

The ancestors of the orcs, almost all the heroes who could incarnate into spirits were legendary and powerful. In the past ten million years, there were so many souls and spirits formed by the sacrifice of the orcs. They were another kind of deity, a weakened version of most deities. If any of them could become a deity, then these spirits would become Planetars!

It had disappeared, completely gone!

This was a war of gods!

Perhaps Soran didn’t realize this, but when Eugene summoned the spirits of the heroes to the material plane, and Soran himself joined the battle as the god of half-elves.

This would be considered a gods war.

Even if two minor deities fought each other, it would still qualify as a war of gods.

When a war of gods happened!

The Petitioners, Hero Souls, Planetars, would truly die if they were killed in battle!