“Shadow Leap!”

Soran’s figure disappeared in an instant, across a distance of nearly 100 meters, directly appearing behind Milan, pushing her away; at the same time, he disappeared again and appeared five meters away. Fortunately, after advancing, his Shadow Leap distance had been increased to 200 meters. Otherwise, with his previous Shadow Leap distance of 100 meters, he would not have been able to save the little girl.


The ground trembled for a moment.

The spear that Eugene threw out was like an anti-aircraft gun. The ground was blown up 10 meters deep in a flash. If Soran was hit, he would have been pierced for sure. Soran was not sure what the battle shaman was, but he could roughly judge that the battle shaman was a special profession similar to Stormlord based on his rich combat experience and knowledge. Stormlord was a special legendary profession that could be achieved by the priests of the God of Storms; the battle shaman similarly was a profession that could be achieved by the shamans of their totem belief.

This kind of profession was not good at spellcasting but was good at combat!

“Such explosive power!”

Soran turned to make sure that the little girl was not hurt, and then he turned his eyes to the war shaman Eugene who had a profession level of 27. Just then, Soran was slightly shocked by the spear that the enemy threw. He thought to himself: “it seems that the weapon is a spear or javelin. The hit just now was very similar to the Stormlord’s!”

“The battle shaman must also be very explosive!”

Soran had encountered Stormlords previously.

Eugene’s white bone spear had many similarities with the Stormlord in attacking. Stormlord’s were a very violent legendary advanced profession. They had a very powerful hand to hand combat ability and also retained some divine abilities. Although their divine abilities were not comparable with pure priests, their combat prowess was enough to easily overwhelm any priest.

His first strike had missed!

Eugene gasped a little, but the expression on his face did not change at all. He just knelt down on the ground with his head down and on one knee; he pressed his rough and heavy palm on the ground, and said in a deep voice, “the spirit of ancestors! Even the earth trembles! ”

“Heroes never die!”

“My race will prevail!”

The ancient orc language reverberated around the whole area.

As Eugene did that, something strange happened behind Soran!


The spear which Eugene threw out began to shake. Then it was pulled out of the ground in a flash. A ghostly figure appeared beside the spear; it roared and clenched the spear with both hands thrusting it toward Soran’s heart.

A gust of wind blew out!

The white spear was like lightning crossing the sky. Even with Soran’s speed, it was difficult for him to evade it.

Soran’s figure moved ten meters away in a flash. The ghostly figure had failed to hit Soran; it roared and waved the white bone spear. In an instant, 7 to 8 priests were swept away.

“Everyone back off!”

Soran had a serious expression and ordered, “Block the Gnolls! Do not let them get close!”

Astral Celestial?

Ascended believer?

Or? Should they be called Hero Souls?

Eugene, the [Ascend], had touched the realm of the gods. The ghostly creature standing in front of Soran obviously came from other planes. Even if they were not the ascended believers, they were souls of the orc heroes that died in battle! Since the orcs had no gods, and Eugene was still able to summon these ghostly figures, he must be in contact with the realm of god!


With another angry roar, the ghostly figure rushed toward Soran again.

This kind of Hero spirit was created with legendary strength. Many of them were previously powerful heroes who had been famous in the world before they died. The ghostly figure that Eugene had summoned was at least at a profession level of 24.

Things were not good.

When the Hero Soul was summoned, Eugene immediately charged forward toward Milan.

Soran did not know why he hated the little girl so much that he wanted her to die!

She must not die!

The divine priest, Milan must not die!

Soran’s pupils turned bloody red in an instant. For Eugene’s blatant attempt to kill his first divine priest, Soran’s heart surged with rage. He activated his Slaughter form in an instant, and his figure broke through the air and rushed out toward Eugene.

“Elemental Legion!”

When Soran flew out, an elemental portal opened up.

A wave of heat propagated.

The figure of a Fire Elemental appeared, which made the nearby temperature rise sharply; the ground was scorched black, and at the same time, everything within a radius of 1200 meters was illuminated.

A gust of wind blew by.

The figure of a Wind Elemental appeared; it swiftly threw away a Gnoll that was leaping toward Milan.

Heavy steps were heard.

The huge Earth Elemental came out slowly, swinging its millstone sized fist toward the ghostly figure immediately.

The portal slowly closed.

What had come out were a legendary Elder Fire Elemental, and two monster level 18 Giant Elemental.

Soran was covered by an aura of evil!

This was the first time he had changed to the Slayer form after killing the deformed demon. When he activated this ability, some unknown changes also took place.


Soran’s body was obviously oozing out a demonic aura, this was something that high-grade demon lords had!

A row of data appeared:

“Transform into Slaughter form!…”

“An unknown change has occurred!… The Slaughter form has become more powerful!… Divine power has integrated with the Slaughter form!…”

“In the Slaughter form!…”

“Your attributes have been comprehensively improved. Strength + 7, Dexterity + 3, Constitution + 3, Wisdom + 3. Your combat ability is equivalent to that of a fighter of the same level. Your resistance to any abnormal state has been increased by 15 points.”

“You have gained one extra ability [The Will of Slaughter] and the ability [Murderous Intent]!…”

“Divine power integrated!…”

“In the Slaughter form!…the ability [Fear Aura] would be activated passively!…”

“Any enemy who is 100 meters to you must be forced to pass a test of fear!… The difficulty of it depends on your divinity!… If the enemy fails, they will receive the same effect as the ability Fear!… ”

“Unknown change to [The Desire of Slaughter]!…”

“Mortals shall not satisfy the desire for slaughter!… Recalculating the number of enemies required for satisfaction!…”

“In the current state, please kill at least one legendary enemy or become crazy.”

An aura of fear expanded.

All the Gnolls within 100 meters of Soran were shivering, some of them howled with fear, turned around, and ran for their lives in the dark.

The divinity of Fear!

After killing the deformed demon, it seemed that some unknown changes had occurred to him. It seems that the divinity of Fear had also been integrated, allowing to possess the ability [Fear Aura] directly.

His attributes were also strengthened.

Soran was now completely pissed at the fact that Eugene wanted to kill his divine priest so badly. Even with Soran’s temper, he was infuriated by the enemy. He let out an angry roar, and his figure came out directly. He turned into a shadowy figure and rushed to the enemy in front of him. His curved sword Icingdeath was like a meteor in the sky; it seemed that even space was going to be broken, as he slashed toward Eugene’s neck!


A loud sound of metal colliding was heard.

Another spear appeared in Eugene’s palm. It was a gray-black spear made of bone but felt more like metal.

Great power exploded outward!

As the two collided, invisible energy expanded.

“Your spirit lives on!”

Eugene’s old face was stern. He clenched his spear and stuck it on the ground. In an instant, two ghostly figures appeared around his body.

Hero souls!

The kingdom of heroes worshiped by the orcs was like a small kingdom built on the gray wilderness, and Eugene was the only one from their tribe that could freely connect to this kingdom.

He was no god.

But in certain aspects, he was one!

That was because he was dying.

The powers of the battle shaman could not greatly extend his life. Eugene had now reached the brink of death. His life span was only a few years, and he had felt the call of the spirit of his ancestors.

A hero’s kingdom built in the grey wilderness.

His soul was being summoned because he qualified to enter this kingdom!

Summoning was equivalent.

When death approached, and he felt the call of his ancestors, Eugene himself was also like a god connected to the kingdom where the orc clan had sacrificed for thousands of years.

His life was coming to an end!