Close, very close.

The night wind seemed to bring water vapor. The sound of river water could be heard in front of them. After passing through a sparse forest, everything appeared in front of tired refugees. Countless huge warships, which many of them had never seen before; most of them had only seen medium-sized ships.

Block cannons aimed toward the land and the pirates on the ships were ready.

There were some torches on all sides. They couldn’t tell how many warships there were, but the entire area was filled with warships. There was a vague fog around it, and it seemed that the fog was dense in certain areas. No one could see what was in it clearly in the dark. However, it seemed that there was a dangerous monster; it was quietly watching everything in front of it and waiting for the master’s call!

It was a good thing the river was wide enough to host Soran’s ships.


A woman said something, and it passed into everyone’s ears like the wind.

Immediately, the crowd became quiet.

For some reason, even after experiencing slaughter and panic, the civilians remained calm after hearing a female voice; it seemed that they were comforted by a certain energy.

Divine priest, Milan looked ahead.

She saw a tall woman with a veil on her face. There was a familiar aura on her, a divine power given by her lord.

However, she was someone even more powerful!

Milan walked forward, bowed her head, and said respectfully, “Your Excellency high-priest!”

The veiled woman smiled slightly and nodded.

The other priests looked at each other and bowed their heads to show respect. Although they didn’t know who the masked woman was. She must be someone extraordinary as her voice could calm the crowd.

“Let the women and children come on board first.”

The veiled woman glanced at all the people in front of her and said slowly, “Men, stay in place to prepare. There is enough food on the bank, tell them to give it out.”

“Fleet 6 prepare for battle.”

“The enemy may come at any moment. Bring the civilians in and give the militia weapons after they eat.”

Her soft voice had strange magic.

The crowd in front of her moved according to her orders. Then the women and children were sent to the deck one by one and placed in the cabin of the warship. There were no old people in the crowd, as it was very difficult for old people to survive in a war. Most of them were women and children, and then the militia who believed in the half-elf god. During the siege, all adult men were recruited, and even teenage boys were forced to learn some combat skills.

“No pirate is to disturb the civilians.”

The masked woman turned to look at the pirate leader behind her and said coldly, “These are all believers of our Lord! You should know how Lord Soran would deal with those who violate his orders! ”

The pirate who had lost his left ear smiled and said, “No worries, your excellency priest!”

“Anyone tries anything funny. I’ll skin them!”

It was a cruel method of control.

Soran’s rule on the south coast was maintained by killing and order. Those who had no problem in their heads knew what would happen if they disobeyed his orders.

His excellency killed without blinking his eyes!

The steaming food was distributed, some of it was prepared in advance while the rest were dried meat and salted fish. The prepared food was full of meat, most of which were fish from the ocean. It was very satisfying to be able to fill your stomach at this time. The people even felt a bit happy because they could eat meat. Even in peacetime, as civilians, they could only have meats in festivals. In terms of the things in front of them, the food prepared by the reinforcements was abundant.

It seemed that their lord was very powerful.

At least very wealthy!

The old priest looked at the priests next to him then went on to gobble up the bowl of hot soup with dried meat and salted fish. Since the city of Autumnfall had been besieged for a long time, there was not much food in the city.

Everyone ate voraciously.

In times like this, there should be chaos because of hunger and war, but for some reason, when the voice of the woman was heard, everyone remained peaceful; they were quiet and orderly receiving food, and then they were ready to fight after filling their stomachs. The arrival of the reinforcement also raised the morale of the temple guards.

The temple was still capable.

Many of the priests who survived were close to high-grade. After the first round of siege, most of the priests who survived were grade 3 and above.

There were even some that were knights.

Or else, they wouldn’t have been able to resist the orc army for so long.

“Praise our Lord!”

When the fire of hope was rekindled, many people could not help kneeling on the ground to pray.

The veiled woman smiled a little as she watched the people pray!

It was as though she was the central figure. When anyone looked at her, a sense of relief would fall on them.

Soon, everyone was on the ship and there were pirates coming back.

Priests and temple guards boarded the ships, and civilians were placed in the cabin. The whole process was quite orderly, and there was no panic from the beginning to the end.

Soran’s figure appeared in the dark.

He looked at the veiled woman who was slightly smiling and said, “prepare for battle! Fill the cannons!”

“The orcs are almost here.”

Eugene’s army was moving fast.

The orc warriors had obvious physical advantages over humans. When all the civilians were placed in the cabin, the vast Orc army also appeared in the vision of the lookout.


Sea Dog looked ahead with his spyglass and muttered, “There’s so many of them! If they rush over, how many can our cannons kill?”

They were pirates.

Even though the coastal areas were controlled by the temples, the restrictions on alchemy were not so stringent.

Almost every warship had cannons. Although they used solid shells, they were still very powerful against ordinary soldiers. The disaster brought by the arcane empire made many temples strictly control the art of alchemy, but there were not so many restrictions on the pirates. Thus the artillery power Soran had was one of the greatest in the material plane. If it was on the sea, maybe it was not very destructive. However, on land, the cannon fire would destroy many things.

“Here, here!”

Scarface came out with a grim smile. He was wounded on his left arm by an orc sword saint. Fortunately, that orc had only advanced into that class; he also used his poisoned crossbow (the venom used by the wildlings), otherwise, he might have been killed by the enemy. Scarface, who was almost killed by an orc, grinned and took out two iron balls which were linked together by chains. Then he put them into the cannon and said with a strange smile, “put this in! This would be more fun!”

The enemy was getting closer and closer.

Because the pirates were busy helping the civilians, most would not have time to retreat back to the ships.

So after Soran’s orders were given, Giant immediately led the elite pirates to form a battle line on the riverbank, and then waited expectantly for the enemy to come.

Eugene stopped moving forward.

He looked at the countless ships ahead and was shocked.


He had traveled all over the mainland, so it was impossible for him to have no impression of the pirate warships. Although there was no pirate flag on the warships, he still recognized them at a glance.

Countless cannons.

Although Eugene himself sneered at the inferior alchemy weapon, and will not pay attention to them at all, he was also very clear about the damages it does to ordinary soldiers. Its clumsy artillery body and slow firing speed meant that they were nothing but scrap iron in many battles. However, in the current situation with so many cannons, their lethality was quite amazing!

Autumnfall also had cannons.

But the half-elves were proud of their excellent archers. The dozens of cannons on the city gate were just decorations, which was not at the same level as the black muzzles in front of them.

Cannons were standard to the pirates!

If the orcs attacked, they would definitely have to take at least one barrage of cannon fire!