Abyss Domination

Chapter 480 - Chasing an Artifact!

“We’re saved?”

George pushed the wolf that was on him and slowly got up.

Cough, cough.

He coughed violently for a while, feeling weak all over, it seemed that he had suffered a little internal injury. However, his achievements were also quite brilliant. As an ordinary man who had only received some training, he killed a wolf alone. The battle ahead was still going on, but there were more and more reinforcements from the dark. These were fierce fighters. They had more killing intent than the regular army of Autumnfall. At first sight, these figures were very experienced in fighting.

The reinforcement was here!

Against the fierce orc army, Soran’s men fearlessly charged forward.

His excellency would never lose!

Victory after victory made them brave in the face of any enemy. Even if an Abyss demon appeared, they would all have the courage to face it!

The brave elite pirates separated into two and surrounded the enemy; they were planning to swallow up the enemy in one go.

Why kill the orcs?

There was no need to think so much! Anyway, it was Soran’s orders! They only needed to care about killing the orcs in front of them!

“Demigod realm [Pirates]!”

With the elite pirates who finally arrived at the rear, Soran finally showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. He looked at the orc army in front and activated the [Pirate] realm without hesitation.

Invisible energy expanded.

In an instant, all pirates seemed to be in a craze. Their morale was explosively high. Each of them seemed to be possessed by the god of war, and they were fighting with supernatural powers. In an instant, a large number of enemies were cut down, and the orc army was divided into two parts from the middle!

Ugly Monkey felt somewhat strange!

He didn’t know what had happened to him. All of a sudden, his whole body seemed to have endless strength. His whole person was also very excited, and his pupils were slightly red while his heartbeat was much faster than before. His status was very wonderful, whether it was auditory, visual, tactile, or perception, every sense was enhanced.

Behind him was a dead orc. Without a doubt, all the orcs he killed were with one hit!

Ugly monkey felt that he was possessed by the soul of an assassin at this moment! His action, position, and attack were all well in his control. His excited emotion did not affect his reasoning at all, it had allowed him to unleash death.

The peers around him were also in similar conditions as if they had all received a shot of adrenaline!

The morale of the pirates increased.

It was equivalent to the level 6 spell, Greater Heroism. The effect it had on the battlefield was unimaginable!

The elite pirates crushed the orc army in an instant.

The battle was very one-sided, the orcs were utterly defeated.

Soran kept his elven war bow.

All the orc officers had been killed by him. The orc officers would not be able to survive as the one shooting them was a demigod.

“Your Excellency!”

Scarface appeared in front of Soran and said, “The orc army had been crushed? Shall we end them all?”

Soran replied, “No need. Transfer the civilians.”

“The real enemy is closing on us!”

“Tell the men to help the civilians. We must go back to the firing range of the warship cannons!”

Scarface nodded and answered, “yes, your excellency.”


There were people helping with the evacuation. Soran looked at somewhere far. He felt more enemies were approaching, and he was quite afraid of a certain existence.

Eugene, the [Ascend]!

Soon, shadowy figures were seen moving in. Soran saw them and said, “They are fast!”


The howl of wolves was heard.

However, these were not wolves, but a bunch of black-furred Gnolls.

Gnolls from the Abyss!

The servants of Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls.

These shadowy figures moved around the battle but did not move in.

These Gnolls were smart.

They knew they wouldn’t be able to defeat so many enemies!

“Looking to die!?”

Soran showed an intent to kill. He waved at the pirate leaders beside him and immediately went into the shadows.

These Gnolls.

They were dangerous and must be crushed first!

On another front,

The huge orc army was approaching. A huge Gnoll with dark green eyes was standing beside Eugene. He held a three-headed flail in his hand and said to Eugene, “we can’t let these mortals go!”

“You said part of the artifact [Flail of Ages] is in the hands of the half-elf temple!”

“That is our lord’s artifact!”

“Lose the artifact, and your tribe would suffer my lord’s wrath!”

Eugene looked ahead with a stern expression.

After some time, he replied in a deep voice, “what I promised will be done! The parts of the artifact will surely be handed over to your master! ”

“Haha,” the huge Gnoll leader looked at Eugene coldly and cruelly. A cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he said slowly, “Good!”

“To help you fight the half-elves, we have lost many Gnolls!”

“If we can’t get the artifact.”

“My lord will make you pay the ultimate price!”

Eugene did not say anything more.

As the demon lord of the Abyss, Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls, was not a being easy to deal with. Furthermore, Yeenoghu had conquered the King of Ghouls. The orc tribe would not be able to pay this price, so they must get the artifact.

“March faster!”

Eugene gave out the order, and the orc army hastened their march.

Eugene looked somewhere far ahead.

Eugene sensed that there was a dangerous being in front, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Soran, the [Half-Elf God]!

This unfamiliar name had left a deep impression on him; he felt that a great war was inevitable!

“We must get it!”

Eugene clenched his fist in silence. The Gnolls were fickle and suspicious of others. If the artifact was really gone, these fierce beasts would definitely turn them on.


Drops of blood dripped down.

Soran’s figure was hazy in the shadows. In front of him was the fallen body of a Gnoll. He looked at the corpses in front of him with cold eyes and directly reached out to lift the tallest one of them. He frowned and observed it.

“Abyss demons!”

Soran, with a stern expression said, “these Gnolls are not from the material plane!”


There were two modes of reproduction in the Abyss. One was that the abyssal worms were constantly advancing; demons had many mutations, and eventually, they evolved into various creatures. The second was demon reproduction and mixed-blood demons. Demons would usually mate with the same kind of demon, but sometimes they would mate with another type of demon to create a new type of demon.

There were also outsiders to the Abyss.

“Mixed blood demons.”

Soran threw away the body in front of him and whispered, “it seems that cracks in the planes are getting greater; otherwise the king of Gnolls would not be able to send so many Gnolls from the Abyss.”

“The demon invasion must not be long!”

There had already appeared some Gnolls from the Abyss previously; now there were even more.

If the numbers were few, there may be other reasons.

But if there were so many, Soran was sure that a tunnel had appeared between the material plane and the Abyss.

Soran looked into the distance with a worried face. Maybe he could defeat Eugene in Slaughter form. But if the King of Gnolls appeared, he would have almost no chance to win! Soran’s hope now was that the King of Gnolls had not appeared, because his base would become vulnerable!

If Yeenoghu appeared, t

Afterall, this demon lord was the enemy of the Queen of Succubus.

Yeenoghu not only regarded the Queen of Succubus as an enemy but also launched many attacks. At the same time, he was also the enemy of Baphomt, the Prince of Beasts. Many battles had taken place between the two sides. However, Yeenoghu did defeat the King of Ghouls and expanded his territory!

Soran wouldn’t take on any of the demon lords lightly.

Under the dark skies, the orc army was speeding up. Eugene’s figure suddenly stopped and looked in a certain direction. He immediately reached for the white bone spear behind him.

A great aura of killing intent had appeared!

Eugene was now in battle position, ready to fight anytime.

Someone was there!

Watching them from the darkness!

The enemy did not get close but only watched them from the darkness.